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She became the first woman to lead a prime time superhero TV series since Wonder Woman went off the air in The premiere was watched by She was reportedly the first actress looked at for the role. Benoist generally received positive reviews for her portrayal of Kara Zor-El. The series later moved to The CW before its second-season premiere. The actress made her directorial debut for one episode during season five. In June, it was announced that she was set to star in the comedy-drama film Sun Dogs.

Also in that month, the Human Rights Campaign released a video in tribute to the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting; in the video, Benoist and others told the stories of the people killed there. On May 7, , it was announced that Benoist would be playing the titular character in the Broadway show Beautiful: The Carole King Musical at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre, which marked her Broadway debut for a limited run from June 7 through August 4, During her first semester in college, when she was learning to ride a bike, a cab backed into her and left a visible scar above her eyebrows.

She also has a tattoo of a bicycle on her left foot. In , it was announced that she and her Glee co-star Blake Jenner were married. Benoist commented that they had been married "longer than anybody knows", with some sources claiming that the couple actually wed the same year of their engagement in In late December , she filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences". The divorce was finalized in December Also in , Benoist suffered an injury that tore her iris.

The incident caused one pupil to be enlarged. In November , in an Instagram video, Benoist revealed that the injury to her iris was due to an iPhone being thrown at her during a domestic dispute, in a relationship marked by repeated domestic violence. Previously, the injury had been said to have been caused when she tripped down stairs and fell into a potted plant. Benoist also stated in her video that she had experienced being slapped, punched, shoved into a wall, dragged by her hair, and choked during the relationship.

In October , Jenner wrote a lengthy Instagram post in which he admitted to causing the eye injury and stated that she had physically assaulted him at other times, resulting in a broken nose and a 'traumatic injury' in the shower. Benoist previously stated in her original video that she began fighting back in defense against Jenner's attacks during the relationship.

Despite the implications of Jenner's post, as of June , no proof or backing has been given that Benoist was an aggressor in the tumultuous relationship. In October , Benoist helped with Chris Wood's launch of his website "I Don't Mind" that works to put a stop to the stigma around mental health issues, admitting that she has struggled with depression and anxiety attacks since she was 13 years old.

She said that Wood's words enabled her to admit her own issues with depression to others. Benoist and Wood announced their engagement on February 10, , and married in September On March 4, , the couple announced on Instagram that they were expecting their first child. They announced the birth of their son on September 25, So I need a main Michael so badly. Tate, too, of course.

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But there also that kind of realization that I lost myself in that. Some knew him for a skinchanger too, but no one spoke of that. The 13 is really a pleasure to use, despite feeling a lot like a traditional notebook. I drive a 10 year old car that doesn do any of the fancy things that new cars do. The flakes of his flesh are joined together.

Jazz musician Chuck Redd used funding from a Snow grant to put together a group of accomplished singers who each have a strong background in teaching vocal workshops in response to a request from Keith Wharton, director of music at Kent County High School to create a workshop for aspiring vocalists at evro kalkulator the high school. Jazz andR performer Nancy Hines.. Yet twenty days had passed, and here they remained, still shipless.

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Has a reputation for being a air jordan aj4 well rounded, strong team everywhere. It's been a while since we left our sleepy town to go to the usual summer destinations, take a dip and relax under the sun. Carina thinks LA is dullsville and is only in town to steal a diamond. That how that went. So, I want to share a small glimpse, just a sample of what we delivered in Q3, and what you can expect going forward..

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I went the high school au route - it turned into something a little more interesting than I anticipated. Might follow this one up if you guys are interested! Tony grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone and nothing ever changes. Then a new kid comes to town and flips everything upside down. In Littleton, things still moved pretty slow. For most of the youth in the town, nightly hangouts met up at the record store and finished the night off at the arcade.

The older he got, the easier it was to ignore it — not being in the house was one of the best ways to do that. Because of that, the arcade quickly became a place that Tony could disappear into for hours on end. Whether he was meeting the guys there later in the evening or only had a couple of hours between school and football, Tony spent all of his free time there.

It astounded him, how long he could play on one quarter — how each of the games on his row had AES in the high scorer column. Regardless of the way his father felt about him, the arcade never let him down. The fact that a new family was moving into Littleton had the rumor mill running. Most of the families within it, including his own, were old and had rich roots in the businesses that kept the small community running. Stark Industries was over years old and stood as a looming reminder of the next disappointment he planned to add to the pile of shit his family already disliked about him.

When Tony first heard about it, they were starting football training camp. They were a small 2A school, but the team and the 5 straight state titles the school brought home were important — so, most of the parents and friends of the people on the field were crowded around the sidelines. Ever since Tony could remember, practice was a social affair just as much as the athletic gathering that it should have been.

He and Clint were doing running drills when Steve ran over, a new sort of look on his face. Tony knew that Steve hated changed the most out of them all — always had. A new person brought something different and that was more intriguing than anything else — even the football being chucked at his head.

Tony turned just in time, his hands coming up to stop the ball from hitting him square in the face. Things between him and Steve were still newer, and Tony loved to give them shit for it. A throat clearing had Tony turning back to Clint and Steve, both of them looking a little worse for wear.

Last year, he started to get chatters from several different universities wanting to sign him to play football. Though his father wanted nothing to do with it, Maria took Tony to a couple of different overnight stays to see what the college athletics thing was all about; he fell in love with it instantly. The thought of getting to appreciate something shiny and new before heading off to whatever school he could convince to take him made his heart beat a little faster.

Littleton needed something to spark a little fire in the mundaneness of scheduled and unmoving life. Running a hand through his sweaty hair, Tony shrugged his shoulders. Practice went off without a hitch after that — Fury called them in for a huddle and they got to work. Luckily, Tony spent a bunch of time with the rest of the guys working out, so the drills and running felt like a piece of cake. It was good to be back to some semblance of a routine, even if that meant spending less time surrounded by his beloved video games.

And they were — still standing there when he walked into Munchies later that day. Most of his attention was usually spent on the dark screen with ships and missiles flying across it. Tony set down the lot of quarters on the ledge of the game by the player 2 joystick, one of them already in his hand to slip into the coin slot. Yet, he stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed the top score screen flash in front of him.

Sucking in a breath, Tony felt his hand clench into a fist. The very next day at practice, the collective was staring over at the far end of the field — the bespoken new kid was putting his cleats on; it was obvious that everyone was staring, so it looked like he was trying not to stare back.

When he looked up, Tony got the air knocked out of him. Whatever shit the other guys were saying completely blew past him. Getting up, Tony started over in his direction. Not only did he look well built, which would come in handy on the field, this new kid had pale skin that seemed to go on for miles.

His sleeveless shirt did nothing to hide the tight bundles of muscle covering his arms and upper chest. The longer bits in the front were pulled back by a gray headband to complete the look. More than anything, Tony instantly wanted to know more about the beautiful person confidently striding over to him.

Yet, his eyes glazed over a little bit when the guy started to jog, his muscles clenched with every step and the sway of his hair was slightly hypnotic. Tony forced himself to suck in a couple of gulps of air before the new guy was standing right in front of him, a smile on his face. He probably held on much longer than necessary before reining himself in. Nice to meet you, Pete. Want to warm up with me?

The ease in which Peter accepted brought a grin to his face — Tony caught Steve staring at him as the moved further onto the field, but he simply shot him the middle finger, put his head down, and jogged after Peter. Tony caught the ball a couple more times before turning his focus back to Peter.

Tony watched his eyes move passed his shoulder to the group that was still looking at the two of them intently. A laugh fell from his lips before he could stop it. Tony rested his hands on his hips and let the feeling wash over him. Peter threw the ball at Tony before responding — his hands were quick, the whole vision of it almost distracting enough to not put his own hands up in time. Yeah, I went when we got in last night.

I love all of those old games. Shaking his head, Tony let his fingers curl over the laces of the ball, the feeling comforting. You… beat my high score? How the hell did you get to be so good? I wondered who had the top dog spot.

My real talent is skee-ball. Chucking the ball back, Tony forced himself not to beam — this new kid was already an interesting addition to the masses, and he knew him for less than 20 minutes. He caught the ball one last time and closed the distance between them. Despite how enamored Tony felt with Peter and his presence, the rest of his friend group did not share the same opinion. His knowledge of the game became apparent when he took to the plays like he ran them constantly, not just once before.

Like everyone else feared — the new kid brought change, and not a single person around Littleton liked change. It was about time Tony saw the master in his element. Shaking his head, he turned his attention to getting the car on and into traffic before he thought to respond. I redid the engine, transmission, brake system — all the fun stuff under the hood. Peter shifted a little in his seat, Tony caught the movement out of the corner of his eye as he stopped at the light.

When he looked over, he was facing Tony. He seemed relaxed, which made Tony feel at ease, too. The comfortability that existed in the small space between them was unlike anything Tony ever experienced. The family business is so far outside of that scope that I kind of keep it to myself. It lingered, the heat of it. Before Tony could stop it, a hearty laugh left his lips — Peter brought competition into everything and set out challenges for them both to overcome; even in the few short weeks of knowing him, Tony understood that.

It felt a different kind of good, being with him — he loved his friends, but like all things about Peter, his feelings towards him were completely unique. The snort he heard on the other side of the car made his heart pang — another point in the bank of things he liked about Peter. It was getting rather full, between his smarts and the quippy shit he had to say to any of the guys that ragged on him — it was hard to not be adding things to it on a daily basis. Instead, Tony drove them out of Littleton and across the miles of empty space between there and the next town over.

Tony learned about his uncle Ben and the unfortunate death that brought Peter and his aunt there to begin with. In return, Tony told him a little bit about growing up in a small town and the immense pressure that came with being a Stark when he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the name or anything that came with it.

When he talked about his dad, Peter let their fingers tangle together, the anchor of his touch making it a little easier to gush some of the details that he never thought to tell another soul. Tony let himself linger for a couple of minutes before pulling back, a shy smile slipping across his lips as he did.

Blinking, Tony shook his head — the haze of being with Peter overwhelming him, making him lose himself for a second. The sound of On Call hit his ears when he resurfaced — the music pulling him back down to where gravity had ahold of him again. Before pulling away from the curb, Tony ducked down to see Peter leaned up against the door frame, eyes on Tony. A goofy smile settled on his lips, the feeling of happiness settling in and taking hold.

The inevitable blow up Tony expected from day one finally happened right after the 1st game of the season. Despite Steve being the starting quarterback for 3 years, Fury trusted his gut and put Peter in. It paid off, too — between his throwing abilities and the collective talent of the offense, Littleton was up by 30 at the end of the first half.

Tony met Peter at the edge of the field when the last seconds of the 4th quarter trickled down, his arms wrapping around the large pads that covered both their shoulders. The chemistry between them extended to the field, Tony went for 4 touchdowns that night. Excitement was not the feeling that Tony walked into the locker room to, however — after Fury gave his post-game speech and hyped them up for post-game walk through the next day, the tangible tension came to a head.

Tony got out of his gear, into the shower, and changed as fast as he possibly could. We won — the team played great. During the last couple of weeks of practice, the reality of Peter starting started to sink in for everyone — including Steve, who already felt the need to keep the grudge he formed before ever even meeting Peter.

This is a small town. Steve and his family and all of the people that know his family have seen him play all game every game for the past 3 years. Getting to the car, Tony dropped his bag by the passenger side door and let his arm trap Peter between himself and the car. I like it, at least. Their lips met in a soft kiss, Peter leaning forward to seal their lips together. Tony made quick work of backing out and getting them on the road towards the arcade.

It was a little more crowded than usual, but it was a Friday night — the crowds were inevitable. Ticket after ticket came barreling out of the game. The thought of having the skee-ball machines turned off because of too much prize distribution was quickly becoming a reality.

Meeting in the middle, their lips met in a soft kiss — the shockingly familiar feeling of Peter against his front overtaking him. Deciding against that, Tony detached from Peter completely, his hands drifting to settle into the depths of his pockets. Steve settled in front of him, Bucky and Clint on his flanks. Steve, can you hear yourself? Peter is here living his life — which happens to include playing football on the same team that you do.

His friend looked taken aback for a second, the blue of his eyes darkening. My friendship with you should not depend on my relationship with Peter. Throughout their life, Steve had been known to speak with his hands before thinking it through. It still stung, though — the throb of the punch and the fact that Steve delivered it at all. His hand shot up to cradle his cheek, a bruise already starting to form there.

It looked like Peter was going to try and retaliate, so Tony moved in front of him quickly. He could do it, they both knew that; the sound of his voice must have reached something in him — Peter stopped in his tracks. Softening his voice, Tony spoke again. Despite the stupidity he just showed, Steve nodded stiffly and turned around to walk out the door. He shot a remorseful look over his shoulder, but Tony ignored it, his attention shifting back to Peter, instead.

Soaking up the touch, Tony felt himself smiling. The key is to always be one step ahead. Peter let him go then, his eyes drifting towards the entrance. Without thought, Tony nodded, his eye throbbing as he did. If anyone ever wants to send flowers or visit for respects, here is what you need to know! Wie Away ist es vielleicht nicht mit den Geschichten vergleichbar, auf die es sich bezieht, aber es leuchtet mit seinem eigenen leuchtenden und strebenden Licht.

Komm weg, es hebt sich mehrmals vom Boden ab, aber es wird nie zu hoch; es scheint ein bisschen ohne Magie. Disponible sur demande. Ci sono momenti in cui la speculazione fanfic di "Come Away" sembra molto forzata e completamente assurda; la trama, probabilmente inevitabile, diventa abbozzata e lo stato quasi costante del pensiero magico troppo appiccicoso e dolce per le parole.

Come Away potrebbe non essere paragonabile alle storie a cui fa riferimento, ma risplende di una propria luce illuminante e aspirante. Disponibile su richiesta. Contiene forti elementi tematici maturi, un po 'di violenza, azione fantastica e immagini inquietanti. Brenda Chapman Prince of Egypt, Brave fa il suo debutto alla regia con questa commedia un po 'affascinante che guadagna molti punti per aver inserito attori non bianchi in ruoli tradizionalmente invertiti.

Come Away da non confondere con il recente Come Play immagina cosa sarebbe potuto succedere se Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie e Peter Pan fossero stati fratello e sorella. Amano la madre Rose Angelina Jolie e il padre Jack David Oyelowo , che si guadagna da vivere costruendo modellini di navi. Sfortunatamente, accade una tragedia, Rose inizia a bere e Jack inizia a giocare d'azzardo e perde un'importante vendita , e tocca ad Alice e Peter portare un cimelio di famiglia speciale a Londra per vendere e salvare la famiglia.

Barrie e Lewis Carroll, e i fan si divertiranno un mondo a collegare i puntini. Ma vale la pena dare un'occhiata e probabilmente meglio di Wendy di Benh Zeitlin all'inizio di quest'anno. Gugu Mbatha-Raw appare come l'adulta Alice in un dispositivo di inquadratura.

Peter Jordan A. Barrie e Lewis Carroll. More than ever, children witness innumerable, sometimes traumatizing, news events on TV. It seems that violent crime and bad news is unabating. Mz Bratt] Blue Pearl [Dream Remix] Stay Awake-Example2. Pitbull [R3hab Remix]3. Forever-Wolfgang Gartner Feat. Follow U-Yogi Feat. Float My Boat-Lazy Jay Amame-Intruder Feat.

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Amazon started its business in Luxembourg a decade ago, after securing a private tax ruling from the Grand Duchy. The company made huge sales, but posted comparatively low profits, which consequently resulted in light tax bills. The investigators claim that it was because of the royalty fees paid to another company, Amazon Europe Holding Technologies, also registered in Luxembourg.

The latter grants licensing rights for use of Amazon technologies, including its websites, and pays no tax at all because it is established in the form of the partnership, where only the partners themselves can be taxed, but they are in the United States.

As you can understand, hundreds of millions of euros of Amazon income remained completely untaxed and were lost in a mismatch of tax treatments between the United States and Luxembourg. In the meantime, Amazon points out that the method by which the partnership calculates royalties was sanctioned by a private tax ruling from Luxembourg.

Now European competition investigators challenge this ruling, saying that its terms are too generous to Amazon and may equal to illegal state aid. Another controversial aspect of that tax ruling a decade ago was an effective cap on the amount that could be earned by Amazon EU: only 0. Like any other online giant investigated by the European Commission, Amazon claimed that it received no special tax treatment from Luxembourg. The Luxembourg government, in its turn, also claimed that the allegations of state aid are unsubstantiated.

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Barely able to pay for food. He was so disgusted by the Mt. Dimitri finds out Italy won the Euro final Stefano Durden. Dimitri finds out he's adopted DrHusky. Dimitri finds out original B. Disaster Girl 9. Bad Luck Brian 7. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy 6. First World Problems Dimitri finds out Osama bin Laden died Dustin Bouwel. Dimitri finds out that it's Friday Robbie Morris.

Dimitri finds out they're taking the hobbits to Isengard comestoricks. Dimitri is happy after being told they finally got the Hobbits and they are taking them to Isengard. When you listen to Giorno's theme for the first time Moog.

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