Zard in my arms tonight mp3 torrent

zard in my arms tonight mp3 torrent

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One was at the old airport in Wurzburg, in Germany. I played in one room, SvenVath in the other, Sunday night, 3, people. I just couldn't hack it any more - 1 had to leave before I passed out. Check this drink out. I'd have to say I had an okay time at Homelands. I went on after Underworld -and I had less sound than you've ever heard in your life.

They turned it right down. So I had to really fight for the energy in my room. I must have managed it cos some girl threw her bra at me, which I stuck on my head and got a cheer for! The End tent saved the festival for me. This month was also the London premiere for Human Traffic. Got to meet Howard Marks, who's an amazing geezer. I'm not a toker, but his sketch in the film is brilliant.

It was the first time I'd seen the full film and I've got to say, it's one of the most amazing British films ever. You've got to go and see it. Especially the bit when the sun comes up to the sound of Orbital's 'Belfast'. Basement Jaxx absolutely rocked it. I played more of a housey set and the atmosphere was great. Fantastic night. God, it was hard doing my slot on the Big Breakfast the next day. The Column Muzik Bedroom Bedlam winner. The night was such a success me and my mate ended up doing our comedy falls see past Muziks!

Nicolejoined us, and dislocated her thumb! No tears, though, even when we went to Guys Hospital so the doctor could pop it back into place. The next night was Charlie Chester's new club in Wolverhampton, Mezzanine. I was in The Red Zone playing deep house, though sadly I had the last set so all that was left on the dancefloor were the hardcore zombies. Then back up to London for the Ministry members party. I think I was the only person there who hadn't been to Homelands- everyone was wrecked, which meantan instant atmosphere.

We even managed to get Muzik's Ben Turner going for it. Great party. We played at Octopus, this open air club with the sea in the background. What a setting. Two lads even got a surfboard, jumped in the sea and started surfing and dancing while Darren and I were playing back to back. She got well pissed off when Darren asked her if she'd won the Eurovision Song Contest last year!

Even better, Darren's asked me to do a track with him for his Underwater label. I was with Darren Emerson again when we both went up to play Liverpool University. Ultra Nate did a nice PA after me. Incredibly, these girls asked me for my autograph at the end, which has never happened before. The next day I had my first ever TV interview, for a show called Heaven, telling them about what music I'm into, clubs, places etc. Bizarre, all this press stuff. Rulin' at the Ministry after that for a late-night session -Bam till Bam.

I loved it, because the people left were there for the music. Well, I'm off to Ibiza for a few weeks, so hopefully see you there. But lastly, thanks to Renaissance for giving me some dates at their new night at London's Cross, and to everyone who's supported me. But I still caught gonorrhoea twice. Fucking dickhead. Make yourself heard.

Pete Tong mixes together 30 minutes of Ibiza tunes as a sampler to his Essential Ibiza album. And it rocks. And it's ace. You will love it. I dreamt I gave birth to this baby boy. But every time I looked around, he'd grown up another two or four years. I think I had to pretend my name was John. What was the greatest D J set you ever did hear?

No one set. Who were you in a previous life? I've never actually been hypnotised, but I'd like to think I was Greta Garbo. Who plays you? Jim Carrey. In a blonde wig of course. Standing on a jelly fish when I was about two and my Dad carrying me to the road and not letting me stand on my feet because they were stinging. What was the last film you cried at? And walked out of? I cried at 'Beautiful Life'.

I 've never walked out of a movie, but I nearly walked out of 'Happiness' because it was so disturbing. I tried to walk out but I couldn't. You have a gun, one bullet, no comebacks. Who gets It? Michael FlatleyIRiverdance chap. He's not even Irish. You couldn't be that much of a wanker and be Irish. What was your nickname at school? Woolly - because I had curly hair and looked like a sheep.

Favourite boy band? Sack - they're this great Irish band, though they're more men than boys. Are they the next Boyzone? Last great record you bought? And the Lauryn Hill album. Take me to the opera. And make me laugh. But not in that order.

I've never actually been to the opera - nobody wants to take me. Ever been in troubie with the fuzz? No, I've never been arrested. What was your favourite period of history at school? It was the only thing that kept me interested in history.

What are you gonna flog from your personal collection? My shoes - my friends call me Lorraine De Marcos, I've got an absolute passion for shoes. It's metal-bashing performance art. It's high-wire acrobatics as performed by Gatecrasher's biggest gurners. De La Guarda, the Argentinean theatregroup, are all of these things and more. Adding a thoroughly modern twist to traditional circus acts like trapeze artists and clowns, the daredevil feats -including swinging unsuspecting members of the audience high above the crowd -are offset by stunning lighting effects.

One minute you're in a spooky Stephen King novel, the next you're under a starry sky in the South American jungle. No wonder they're already on every festival's wish-list. Everyone I know who is camp or gay has got one of those record collections.

And I've got one too. With a penchant for obscure cocktail loops and the odd vocoder swirl, the still unsigned Bent are a lo-fi take on the lush sound of Air and Kid Loco. There's certainly a Gallic flavour to their heady brew, but in fact. Bent are from Nottingham.

It was certainly good enough to find its way onto Muzik's 'State Of Independents' CD and into an unseemly record comply signing scrum. But I got bored of doing that. Time to get Bent. The label scramble commences. In the cloakroom are Princess Julia and Malcolm Duffy. On the decks is Tasty Tim. Meanwhile, news filters through of a new drug called ecstasy.

The hot tickets in dance music are producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The pair are to produce the forthcoming Janet Jackson album, the acclaimed 'Control'. Annoyingly clever child prodigy Ruth Lawrence becomes the youngest person ever to gain a degree when she is awarded a Maths honours at the age of 1 3.

With the warehouse party scene in full swing and a pirate called Kiss broadcasting, most of the London action is in dodgy carpet warehouses in Acton rather than swanky clubs. July 1 3th sees the Live Aid concert send Bob Geldof on the road to a knighthood. Gobots are toy fad of the month. Where the arcade version had its own decks set into the cabinet, its home version will instead come with a special peripheral plugging straight into the front of your PlayStation.

Looking more like a professionally-mounted Jaffa cake than the business end of a set of Technics, that little gizmo will nevertheless let you be a Mixmaster Mike in your own home by scratching in samples and punching in vocal effects when the game tells you. Get good enough and the game'll even let you do your own freeform scratching. And even if the words "novelty" and "value" do immediately spring to mind, at least it makes a welcome change from Ridge Racer or your annoying mate who punches all the buttons at once in Tekken 3.

Beat Mania should be in shops sometime around September. But fear not. Muzik and Lynx Voodoo are coming to your rescue. To celebrate their new fragrance. Lynx have organised this year's most incredible party. The massive all-nighter culminates in the spectacular z: solar eclipse itself at 1 1. You won't be able to buy tickets for this party. Though you can try your luck on the Lynx Voodoo hotline - However, one winner of this competition is in for a unique treat, as Lynx take you and three of your mates, transport you all to London, then on down to Cornwall for the whole event, providing lots of top food and drink throughout it all.

A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. To enter, simply call our hour hotline and leave your name, address and daytime telephone number. The winner will be notified by August 6th. The phone lines dose at midnight on August 1st and winners will be notified by August 6th. Calls are charged at 60p per minute and last approximately one minute. The prize is non-transferable. And the editor's decision is blinded by the dark Freestylers wnoDOo r. Not also insists that he is the best DJ the world has ever seen.

There's a chapter on why drugs are evil "when you come down, you crash! Perhaps his publisher should take the hint. Not sure why big beat and trip hop are in this category, though. The Rough Guide To House is the better of the two. In- depth entries on the likes of Jesse Saunders say? If Howards Marks took a stroll to B The Beach, this would be the gloriously messy B outcome -Anthony Is a walking danger magnet and not even some serious coke psychosis can deterhim.

Perfectbeach fodder. He never pushed me into musicj just found it by accident. I used to be very selfish and only play deep house which is great for home listening but no good for the dancefloor. At the end of the day people just want to dance and so I play a lot harder now. Everyone says I'm the spitting image of him, both in personality and looks. But he's actually a good role model. He'll be the first to admit that he's made mistakes in life but I think I've learned from them.

He said, 'I think It's going to do well'. When Lewis first told me he wanted to be a D J, I thought it would be another of his fads- when he was young he wanted to be a Formula One racing driver. But he's stuck with it and is enthusiastic and determined. I'm just really glad he's doing something he enjoys. Fucking hell. He's all prim and proper round me but I bet when he's DJing a fucking freak! Sci-fi shopping trolleys. And Sand People.

Skill level: Dead easy. Far simpler to get the hang of than Wipeout and after the first course on Tatooine you get into some serious eye bleed. Fun level: Immense. You can't fail to get off on the enhanced N64 graphics. Loads of pods to choose from, nifty short cuts, and an upgrading angle.

Bit like Kwik Fit meets Buck Rogers. Thumbs up: It's incredibly fast and smooth with all the fun of the movie. Thumbs down: There's a sneaking suspicion than you won't be playing this non-stop for too long. It's very good but the gameplay is nothing new. New kid on the block Cutter Slade has to save the planet Adelpha from destruction. Bruce Willis style. Skill level: Surprisingly tricky. More difficult to run around than Lara Croft in this vast 3D world. Fun level: A fantastic variety of weird alien beings to interact with, loads of situations to cock up and more than enough opportunity to get yourself killed in interesting ways.

Thumbs up: A vast game with some blistering graphics. An awesome mixture of role play and shoot-errhup if that's your bag. Thumbs down: You'll need a spare lifetime to get into this. Take a Stephen King novel, add a dose of Resident Evil and keep the lights turned on bright. This'll scare you. Skill level: Not high. The difficulty is to remain cool stalking round a deserted hick town that looks like it stepped out of Evil Dead and set it's heart on giving you nightmares.

Fun level: Not so much fun as endurance. This is incredibly addictive and very unnerving. There's a whole town to explore, ghouls to deal with and an evil-in-the-world theme to rival the best horror movie. Thumbs up: All of it. It should definitely adorn your collection. Thumbs down: It is very similar to Resident Evil. West Germany. Seduction, Lincoln 7th , Glam, Ibiza 1 1 th. Cream, Ibiza 1 2th. BCM, Majorca 1 3th. When and where were you bom? I was born in London in When and how did you start DJing?

About 1 5 years ago, when I was at school, I listened to pirate radio like Jazzy M on the Jackin' Zone and got fanatical about jacking house and all that stuff on Trax and Nu Groove. Where was your first gig? Where do you buy your records? Mainly from Massive in Oxford, who send me records by mail order, and 3 Beat in Liverpool.

Which record never leaves your box? Only Scott Bond and me have got it. We cut it off CD but loads of DJs are trying to get hold of it now. Ha ha. Do you find DJing helps you with the females of the species? Not yet. I haven 't got any groupies that I know of.

How do you juggle your managing career with your DJing? If Pete Tong can run a label, do a radio show and DJ then he's setting the pace. Which three things do you save? My cat, my Dad's four Ivor Novello awards for composing and as many records as I could throw out of the window before I had to leave.

I used to be. I lived in New York for three years, just before the Sound Factory exploded. When it all kicked off 1 suggested to Junior that he remixed some of the big records he played. I suppose I helped break his remix career and we've remained mates ever since. So why does he call you Touch6 'Dirtle? How did you hearabout that? You can't put that in I He thought I looked like a turtle without a shell or a I rome.

How would you describe your sets? I play two different kinds. One is whereistart off the night which! And your mixing style? I try to beas smooth as possible with longrnixes. Each recordhas to go up to another level and build, I thinicthar'. All my sets have to have that same Fave labels? Hook and Whoop: That'll do. Fave DJs? What can we expect from Guy Ornadel In 1 ? S My first mixed CD is out which I did live.

To shave progressively closer in o single stroke. With MachJ, you experience less drag and pull for on extraordinarily comfortable shove. Signals when you're no Iqnger experiencing the optimal MachJ shove. C i- 9P! It's just crazy. I try to put this kind of sexual thing into what I'm doing and that's kind of like a spiritually sexual song - 1 can imagine screwing in the Sixties with incense and crazy ass candles and shit.

Kenny Dixon - but Sherard Ingram is the main person behind it. Sherard was the guy who introduced me to Kevin Saunderson and he also recorded for Planet E. But there are various ways I get demos - Recloose worked in a deli and gave me a demo between two pieces of bread, saying " here 's a demo on rye ". It's so spiritual. What she's doing is very black music but black in a way that sounds more like.

I hated the Fugees' version. He had a way of making records that was like no other. The guy is playing what sounds simple but is really a very complex piece of drumming and the way the vocals sit over it is. I don't think anyone knows much about who these guys are. These are the guys who programmed Stevie's synths.

Apparently they also invented something for him called the Stevietron. I was into 'Rock It' when I was a kid. The people back then who knew who Herbie was were like "what the fuck is he doing? There's something about witchcraft that can be a bit intriguing but scary as well.

I really appreciate what happens with the whole spiritual context of voodoo music and I think that's probably going to be where I can find another world that's out there. I would really love to go to Haiti or Cuba or somewhere like that. I saw the cover and it had a whole bunch of modulars on it and I said "wow, this is kind of interesting - let me hear what It sounds like! Is it a Papercl. Muchas gracias sehor! DJs with a social conscience? Whatever next? Sounds like things could get a bit messy.

Eight hours and one house party later, he called the promoter, begging him to send someone over to party with him. Some Essential Selection that, eh Pete? MRC The End head honcho and former Shamen rapper broke his arm recently after a drunken spree led to him chasing pigeons down the road and falling over in grand style. Perhaps he was coming on like a seventh sense "at the time. So how cool was it when he appeared on Channel 4 recently accompanied by subtitles?

If you missed our 50lh issue celebrations in conjunction with Bedrock at London's Heaven nightclub then you have our permission to cry. While Sasha and Digweed kept the main room humming, Groovender, Basement Jaxx and Carl Cox turned the Muzik room into a whirling, sweaty, fever pitched disco of the higliest quality. A thousand got turned away, we couldn't even get to the bar and no one eft before the end, Smug? Yes, Ready for another 50?

Come on then, let's have it! Flootfillers 1. For years we've been hearing about Angels Of Love parties, mainly from dance music's creators of deepness themselves, with the likes of Basement Jaxx and the Boys Own posse raving about their stylish shows. Using different venues for winter and summer to allow them to age their skin further, they have a loyal following who respond in their thousands to Angels of Love's every call.

Hence they own a thriving clothes boutique, a label and have a stamp of quality in Italian clubland which is as cool and aspirational as Prada itself. A poor city some 60 minutes away from the absurd decadence and beauty of Capri, Angels pull clubbers in from miles away, all driving like maniacs to wherever they place their dancefloor. It's 1 0pm and having barely seen a flyer or poster to promote the event, we're wondering if anyone will reach the beach.

Come midnight and 4, people and as many cars appear at once, taking over every area of the enclosed beach. They don't buy a drink and they don't stand around talking, they're flying already. Little Louie Vega chooses this club to celebrate his birthday. He admires it for its exclusivity and for the lengths Angels will go to put on a party.

The deal is this - Louie celebrates here, and he gets to choose the line-up. All his best friends are here Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales. Joe Claussell, Frankie Feliciano. A line-up which leaves our man in Ibiza, Rob Da Bank, green with envy.

Ibiza has nothing on this. To top it all, we spend most of the night with Louie's aunts, setting the pace as they dance until the sun rises. House music all night long Well, almost. But it's the main outdoor arena where it truly goes off as Claussell and Vega drop an inspirational selection of sparkling house music with no overuse of the EQs.

Italians do it better The night before, we visited a weekly outdoor club in the mountains which is as innocent as it is primitive. Even so, there are barbecues, incredible sound systems and sexy house music. Kenny and Louie partied on until 6am. Tonight the quality is just as splendid, made even more so by 4, bodies moving in unison from start to finish.

Life is a bitch. He was handed this in Miami and has used it as a weapon in every set since, playing it at Angels of Love in April as a teaser for this evening. Louie's aunts are raving about it all day Sunday and the response when it drops at sunrise is nothing if not emotional. The daylight acts as a catalyst for two hours of deranged dancing and insane behaviour as people strip naked and jump into the sea, have sex in the sand or dance until their feet bleed.

In such a serene setting, it's a lot to take In. The drive home Anyone who's been in a car with any Italian clubber will understand this. Even Robert Miles was inspired to write a song about it. Yes, the Italians drive like freight trains. Luckily ou r lift home comes courtesy of a year old coach driver who's slept all night and stops at red lights. It may be the night of Cream at Amnesia but this night will be the third adopted home of 'proper' house music. Time for tea? A spot of croquet on the lawn or perhaps a quick nap to sleep off luncheon?

Not if you're lucky enough to be in Ibiza on a Sunday, mate. Churches, roast dinners and the Hollyoaks omnibus can all go to hell as far as Home in Ibiza is concerned. With the fantastic Homelands festival, a Home club in Sydney. Australia and soon a Home club in London, the Ibizan Home experience is part of a bigger picture. Imagine: 5am; Arrive at Space from wherever you last got spangled, preferably so skew-eyed you're walking into doors and the bar staff look like exotic birds.

Only another 1 7 and three quarter hours to go. Jose De Divino rocks it anyway. People in Ibiza are dangerously beautiful or are they just elaborate face masks? Must get one. A summer anthem and only 10 hours to go. Everyone inside! Grown men with lightsticks glued to their arms gurn and gurgle like babies. Darren Hughes offers anyone who does the full 22 hour stint "their own aeroplane". So remember -dotry this at Home. Available on double unmixed CD, mixed CD and limited edition triple vinyl set.

Released 21st June The entire React back catalogue is no available to buy on line. Formed in East LA in as a community music project, for Ozomatli partying isa political gesture. Fromtheirmulti-racial line-up to their giddy deliyerf slick rhymes in a booming baritone, busting some loose- lirhbeci dance moves or tapping a cowbell, he's like independent hip hop's answer to Will Smith, only he can rap. But he's only one element ofthe Ozomatli experience, and though 'Cut Chem ist Suite', 'Superbowl Sundae' and a dazzling DJ solo spot speak to their hip hop roots; there's also salsa, merengue, samba and multiple vocalists.

Every band member grins like a goon throughout, including a bongo player who looks as if he's abouttofall pverand roll around giggling. It seems they've not been shy In enjoying Amsterdam's most famous crop. The multi-cultural festival sound ofthe summer?

Could be. Irate British consuja. Well; more accLi rately it starts In the car park of Space, the legendary dub with the even more legendary terrace. Because the thing about the real Ibiza is that It isn't handed to you on a plate. You won't see signposts saying 'This way for a Brit-free zone'. If you're respectful and appreciative, you'll discoverthatthere'sso much more.

You discover the island through the friends you meet. Although a bitfluoro-UV- got-any-Chakras-mate, it's still home to a wide range of authentic Ibicenco produce, psychedelic threads and a cool juice bar. Well, itisa hippy market after all. And the real bonus is that hardly anyoriB knows aboutit, The same can be said of Playa AugasBtanca White Water Beach a little f u rthor north up the coast.

The beachside bar is decked out whinpalm trees and you half expect a perma-tanned Ricardo Montablan to step out andsay "Welcome to Fantasy Island". Still, it's soprrapproaching 7pm and weVe got a date with the sunset aTBenirras. Benirras is horfflioiargu Blythe besisinsets on the island, far bettertharrthe view tarn Dal Mar. There s another White Island out there, a corporate-free zone of heavenly beaches, spiritual soundtracks and cosmopolitan clubbing.

An alternative Ibiza. As well as our new weekly Ibiza magazine. The Islander, a collaboration with top men's mag Loaded, lyiuzik is also hosting some parties on the island. Now he owns several shops all over the island, although this one was his first and remains the best. By eight the half dozen pavement tables are bustling with bedraggled podium queens, tanned Adonises and other interesting characters.

But be sure to also tty Can Font Just round the comer on Calle De Jose Verdera, a tiny gypsy bakery whose baguettes have to be tasted to be believed. And quite what he thinks of the pale-faced rave monkey next to him is beyond me. The club that opens at 8am on a Sunday and on Tuesdays too for post-Manumission orgies and has a block rocking outdoor ternice dancefloor. If s also die place to lind out about the free parties and full moon gatherings that take place throughout the season.

People come to this mixed bar to pick the brains of manager Mark Hattley. Zuka is cosmopolitan German, Italian, Swiss , classy and relaxed. When a couple of cop[ crs stroll in for a cheeky schnapps no one bats an eyelid.

Wc press flesh with Kaleed, the una. Even in a haze of vodka and Red Bull it still takes the breath away. Wc blag our way onto the VIP stage where we can perch in special seats and ogle the backsides of the gyrating dancers. Defected A nursery-rhyme simple but oh-so-effective piano belter. Posltiva Big, cinematic trance. Hard Hands Anyone for a Guinness? Perfect for that little Pacha Funky Room. Yellorange Top notch garage song with a Masters At Work remix.

Bound to be big at Pacha. Essential Let's face it, it ain't gonna go away all summer. Sure, some are here for the big indoor dancefloor where Sasha is laying down hard, dark trance but the real stars of Space are the terrace residents. Daniel Klein and A1 fredo drop feelgood house and groovy Latin stomi ers for a hyper-enthusiastic cross section of inicniational disco disciples, who go even more ballistic when Gordon the trumpeter blows staccato riffs scat style over the top.

The nearby Bora Bora beach parties have, in two short years, achieved an almost legendary status. The trick is to get down there early in the aftenioon when resident DJ Gee tickles the sonic tastebuds with live or six hours of deep and groovy house. He spins 1 2 hours a day, seven days a week, not to mention numerous club guest spots.

We want it. When they started the daily parties two years ago, they had a hardcore following of or so souls. At the end of last season they were regularly pulling in over 1 , Jonathan Grey, who pursues a more leftfield music policy down the road at SaTrincha beach, is similariy enthusiastic. On our travels we heard about the spectacular Atlantis sands and the dramatic cliffbackdrojis of Moon Beach where full-on trance parties rage all night And of course there arc the dreamy soundtracks of Bruno Lepetre and Jose Padilla at classic chillsiops like Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mamho.

But for now places like that will have to wait. Manifesto Epic trancer currently being caned by Tall Paul. Deconstruction Can't waitto hear this in Amnesia, just after the smoke machines have gone off. Big at Space already, we hear. XL You already knowthese'll be in every DJ box all summer. The Jedis go all 'I Feel Love' fora big, wobbly podium moment. Defected THE love song of the last two years gets the big time remix treatment. It was my fi rst holiday away on my own, so you can imagine the apprehension and the excitement.

We arrived at night time and the first thing I became aware of was the scent of the island. Ibiza has a special scent with the pine trees, fresh air and with the airport being so close to the ocean. It's a magical smellto arrive to, and it gets me everytime. Wewereyoung boys outfora good time. We were unaware of the Ku club, but we could tell Ibiza was a vibrant island.

Thatfirst holiday had me hooked. I went back laterthat summer with the same friends. And then the next summer. And the summerafterthatl metNicky Holloway for the first time. I was aware of him as a DJ and we soon forged a friendship. I wentto his events and soon ended up working with him. It was a few yea rs befo re we discovered the truly amazing side to the nightlife.

We were still clubbing in clubs like Es Paradis but most guys weren't really into dancing. It wasn't the donething,butwe loved it. It also meant we hadfar more chance of meeting girls because we seemed to be more fun. And yes, they were queuing up! But I did have hairthen. I went to work and live in America for one year, and so it was some time before I went back to I biza.

By this time, Nicky was running hisSpecial Branch parties out there and they were a great alternative tothe regularclubscenein Ibiza. By nowwewere aware of Amnesia butthese clubs were out of our price range. I read an articleabout Amnesia, aboutthlsclub which never sleeps, and I was determined to check it out if I ever went backto Ibiza.

When I did, everything I had read was true. It was the first club we went to and I was captivated by the atmosphere. I'd never seen anything like it. I danced my ass off in front of the speakers. Coming from a funky soul scene Into this supercharged tribal energy was incredible.

I immediately noticed how positive and colourful thecrowd was and people weresharing their good times, obviously with the help of MDMA. Oakey disappeared tothe DJ booth for most of the night, Nicky wentto thebarand I just dancedand forged friendships with a few English travellers I spotted in the crowd. I was so Impressed by the communication in thisopen-airclub. At 6am the night ended with the sun coming up just as Alfredo played Cyndi Lauper.

We didn't want that n Ight to end. We did get to sleep, but it took some time. As soon as we woke up, we went straight backto Amnesia and did the same every night for the rest of our stay. We'd found the holy grail. My experiences In Ibiza inspired me to go home and give it my best shot at creating a version of Amnesia In London, which we did in a very different way. Obviously we didn't have an open-air club at Shoom, but we managed to create a similar volume of energy.

I realise nowthat Amnesia was really a continuation of the Studio 54 and Paradise Garage legacy. It wasthe European equivalent with many of the same people who frequented those clubs in New York. Ibiza has been wonderful to me. Hearing Alfredo gave me the inspiration to goforward and the music I've played in clubs forthe last lOyears is built around my passion and experiences from Ibiza.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the island but one always has to remember that there are a lot of people on the island with very broad imaginations! Thailand and America are also close to my heart, but Ibiza's nightlife has more to offer than any other European destination. I don't think my love affair with Ibiza will ever end.

I have made so many good friends on the island, who I look forward to seeing every year and clubs like Pacha and El DIvino affect me everytime I walk Into them because they reflect the true spirit of Ibiza. I still enjoy their intimacy. Ibiza, to me, is simply a creative source, a friend, a lover and a home.

Jen Marcini is resident and guests inclL te John D. Graeme Pari. Micnael Kilkie and Zammo July 29th. Brandon Block and Alex I ' lAugust 26th. One of Loncon's top nights out IS tak Fridays. Resident s Nancy Noise. Renaissance erEsParaois on on is 4.

Rob Tissera and :e, Dave Lambert and Up. Luke Nevil e ardTm I. Frankie Knuckle: Septemoer 1 1 thi and John Digv. Dc vi Bond September 2rd , Seb Fontaine. VU's and Lef IfiOid. Guests include; Danny R ii Heller. Rocky and Mark Wliki. Dark blue lebs glasses with pim franuM Katherine Hamnett.

They've been back every year si nee and have seen the island's progression from a cool post-hippy backwater to today's corporate clubbing behemoth. Our last album sounds nothing like the new one we're working on. You just can't take the Balearic out of us. It's so idyllic -you've got the sand, the sea, palm trees, beautiful women and guys.

What on earth would you want to swap it with? For an office job? You'd have to be barmy. We drove here Irom England with a trailer packed full of records - we had to leave behind the microwave, bed and sofa because there were so many! I'd sneak out to the clubs at night after she went to bed! I then returned in 1 with some friends and hitch-hiked round the is'and for 1 0 days.

I was delirious, having accidents and getting mugged. My friends had left my records in the car park of Sa Trincha. I went along and the resident DJ there hadn't turned up so they asked me to spin. I haven't looked back since. I started out selling croissants from a food cart at clubs all over the island. But people at clubs don't really like to eat- they prefer to dance and drink!

Nowadays we just serve at Amnesia. Our shop opens very early in the morning for the farmers and market traders. And we also get the clubbers coming out of the nightclubs. They need to eat after moving their bodies all night I We have a good reputation for our croissants because we use this special butter imported from France.

What I love is the mixture of people who come here. I learnt how to speak English just by talking to all these different people. Over the past few years the clubbing thing has certainly gotten more commercial and we've lost some freedoms. Not so long ago you could have a spliff right in the town centre and nobody would mind but the police have started to crack down. But I still feel very very lucky to be living liere.

Residents are Andy Mansion and Tom Antenucci. Lottie and special guest Septem. Malcolm Duffy and crew. All part. Bass that blowslyour mind. A few saucy ladies for good measure. And by the shell-shocked looks of the good citizens of W iai As amused, tanned muscle Marys cover their ears and old ladies in Warren cruises nonchalantly past in his Seventies Dodge Challenger, at out hundreds of decibels of pure sonic boom.

From his expression Richit I Sunday afternoon spin in Bognor, but the bass is so loud and proud you not even at half volume. Exotic girls and sunshine are a fading memory but the good bass vibrations still ling r. We could w 1te a hook on it now. Eerie tunnelling basslines, scattered breakbeats vhirling ofi into orbit, proto-harrlcoresynth stabs and hip hop breaks all feature in Fuel record! The reason the airg cs dull before thunder is infrasound muting the high frequencies in the air.

It's a massive medley of influences-classicalmusic,heavily electronic music like Warp and film music. What does bass mean to you? Laby rinthitus and yearsof being ill. It hurts. Bargecharge is more dubby and rough. I still stick on old dub recordsfor the bass vibe in them.

Muzik's Verdict: Keith prefers a slightly mellower, organic sound. Still likes the old bass and electro drops though. Breakbeat, that's the long and short of it. But I'll do anything as long as it's fun to make. Any dance record should have a solid bassline to kick you in the chest. Muzik's Verdict: lls' sound Is the most varied on Fuel, cutting between mellow and hard breaks. Nowthat's hardly going to get shownon The 0-Zone, isit?

So, whack some infrasound in all your tunes and people are going to have to move. Fuel stumbled across a car with a ludicrous sound system, fell in love with it and started making driving music. To show us why, Richie takes us "fora spin", jiossibly the most terrifying experience in the world and comparable to bungee jumping off the Empire State on a frayed elastic band.

Going for a spin with Richie has literally sent Tipper into one. Suffering from a rare syndrome called labyrinthitus, which affects his balance and makes him dizzy, Tij per has to spin around in a circle oi posite to the way he unlnaturally spins three times a day and perform tasks like throwing objects at Richie wil li one eye closed.

In one medical bonk 1 read, it asked if the patient had been near any explosions. So, any more practical plans for the future, Richie? But in deepest Yorkshire, 20 young dance devotees are preparing for their annual assault on Lotherton Hall in Leeds. Driven by Mitsubishis and adolescent enthusiasm, these areTlie Gatecrasher Kids, a wide-eyed, clean-cut collective that thrives on trance.

As we walk towards it. But for tliesc hardcore clubbers. Gatecrasher really is more than just a weekend activity. In five short years. Gatecrasher has gone from being a Bank Holiday knees-up in Binningham to the biggest club night in the countiy. In the back room, tlie promoters tried out fresh artists such as 4 Hero and Richard Fearless.

Everywhere you look, there are more signs of adoration. Gateerasher devotee Andy Bonner is 20 and studies multimedia technology in Bradford. He says the initial inspiration came from a visit to Cafe Mambo and Sundissential in Ibiza last year. Singer dons the 'Catman' make-up, ending the band's tradition of creating new make-up and personas for replacement members.

March 14 — The Court of Appeals in Rome finds Michael Jackson 'not guilty' of plagiarism, reversing a decision made in by a lower court. However, an artist on his Bad Boy Records label, Shyne, is convicted of two counts of assault as well as reckless endangerment and gun possession. March 26 — Gorillaz release their first studio album Gorillaz. The album reached number three in the UK, and was an unexpected hit in the US, hitting number 14 and selling over seven million copies worldwide by Their debut week sales are 3,, and 2,,, respectively, setting the world's 1 and 2 one-week album sales records.

Property that was allegedly damaged included a TV and two doors. According to hotel workers, the walls and carpets were also stained by alcohol. The hotel closed down the room for five days for repairs. April 4 — Original Zombies lead singer Colin Blunstone and keyboardist Rod Argent reunite for a two-part performance at London's Jazz Cafe, the first time the two had performed together in over 30 years.

April 14 — Janet Jackson's 'All for You' reaches number one on the Billboard Hot and remains atop the chart for seven non-consecutive weeks. It becomes the longest reigning hit of the year. April 24 — Janet Jackson releases her seventh studio album, All for You.

It becomes her fifth consecutive album to open at number one, with sales exceeding , copies. May 1 Huey Lewis and the News makes a comeback with their album Plan B , their first album of new material in a decade. The next time was in May 12 — Joey Fatone of 'N Sync injures his leg in a trap door during rehearsals for the new tour.

June 5 Radiohead releases their 5th studio album, 'Amnesiac' Drowning Pool releases their 1st studio album, 'Sinner'. This was the band's second successful album. Electric Light Orchestra release Zoom , their first album in 15 years. June 15 — Bad Religion drummer Bobby Schayer, who had been with the band since , is forced to give up music after experiencing a 'most unfortunate career-ending injury'.

This leads to his leaving Bad Religion for good; he is replaced by current dummer Brooks Wackerman. By this time, Bad Religion were dropped from Atlantic Records and had returned to their original label Epitaph, and founding guitarist Brett Gurewitz had just rejoined the band after a 7-year hiatus. Napster shuts down its entire network in order to comply with a court injunction ordering it to halt the trading of copyrighted files.

McLean to enter a rehabilitation facility to deal with alcoholism and depression. July 10 — Dream Street releases their debut album, Dream Street July 16 — Mariah Carey releases 'Loverboy'; it eventually became the best-selling song of July 17 — Aaliyah releases her third studio album 'Aaliyah'. July 19 — Ol' Dirty Bastard is sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison for drug possession. Carey had exhibited several incidents of bizarre behavior during the previous week, including performing a strange striptease during an unscheduled visit to MTV's Total Request Live and posting a rambling message on her website in which she wrote, 'I don't know what's going on with life'.

Later he releases the album on their website. August 15 — Wilco signs a buy-out deal with Reprise Records after the label rejects the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album and the band refuses to make any changes. Wilco leaves with the rights to the album in their possession. September [ edit ] September 4 — The second studio album from Armenian-American band System of a Down, Toxicity , is released worldwide. September 5 — A performance of John Cage's As Slow as Possible on a specially-built organ in Sankt-Burchardi-Church in Halberstadt, Germany, scheduled to last until the year begins with an month pause.

September 6 — At the MTV Video Music Awards, Britney Spears performs her new single I'm a Slave 4 U in a very revealing outfit and featuring a number of exotic animals including a white and live albino Burmese python on her shoulder, leading to a great deal of criticism from animal rights organisation PETA. September 10 — Blink start shooting a video for 'Stay Together for the Kids', featuring the band playing in a derelict house.

When they try to finish the video the following day, the 9—11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City occur, and the band abandon the attempt and decide to shoot a different video for the song. September 11 — Bob Dylan's Love and Theft album was released on this day. The September 11 attacks result in the cancellation or postponement of many musical events, due to the halting of many commercial flights and the somber mood of communities around the world.

Sting, who had planned to stream a performance in Italy on the Internet, reduces the Webcast to one song, 'Fragile'. Mariah Carey releases her infamous soundtrack Glitter accompanied by the unsuccessful movie. The soundtrack's lead single, Loverboy , reaches no. September 14 — Clear Channel Communications issues a controversial memorandum to its radio stations containing a list of songs considered 'lyrically questionable' in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. September 21 — America: A Tribute to Heroes airs uninterrupted on all major networks.

September 25 — XM Satellite Radio is launched. The marriage would end in June October [ edit ] October 6 Burton C. Bell gets into a fight with his bandmate Dino Cazares about a manager they fired. The event triggers the demise of Fear Factory.

Pop Idol premieres on ITV. October 10 — Heavy metal band Anthrax issues a press release in response to the anthrax attacks jokingly stating that they will be changing the name of the group to 'Basket Full of Puppies'. It concludes, 'we don't want to change the name of the band, not because it would be a pain in the ass, but because we hope that no further negative events will happen and it won't be necessary.

We hope and pray that this problem goes away quietly and we all grow old and fat together. October 16 — Michael Jackson releases special editions of his albums Off the Wall , Thriller , Bad and Dangerous , to celebrate his thirtieth anniversary as a solo musician. Incubus releases their third full-length major label album entitled Morning View.

It debuted on the Billboard Top at the 2 spot , copies were sold in its first week. This was the highest ever placement for Incubus. Quarashi perform seven songs from their upcoming album, Jinx. October 30 — Michael Jackson releases Invincible , his first studio album since and his tenth studio album overall. While the album debuts at number one, its success is limited due to a feud between Jackson and Sony Music Entertainment over the rights to his back-catalog, culminating in Jackson accusing the company of racial discrimination.

The album would end up being Jackson's last, with later musical efforts being offset by a second series of child molestation allegations in , a trial over said allegations in , and his death on the eve of a comeback tour in The tour was accompanied by many extravagant special effect including a water screen that pumped two tons of water into the stage during the encore.

Within two weeks BMG announces they will re-issue the disc without the copy protection, due to complaints from consumers who were unable to play the CDs in their personal computers. December 4 — Gospel music singer Yolanda Adams releases her eighth studio album Believe. December 12 — Surviving Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl sue Courtney Love in an effort to oust her from the board controlling the management of the band's affairs, calling her 'irrational, mercurial, self-centered, unmanageable, inconsistent and unpredictable.

Sean Beasley joins Dying Fetus. Against Me! Experience Tha Liks - 9 4. Ronald Isley, aka Mr. Kelly Mr. Cheeks - Live in L. Serve Loud! Commissioned for the National Eisteddfod of Wales at Denbigh. It was the eighth longest run in Broadway musical history. The Producers — Broadway production opened at St. James Theatre on April 19 and ran for performances. The show won a record twelve Tony Awards.

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Kimiga Inai 4. Kokoro wo Hiraite 5. Good-bye My Loneliness 6. In My Arms Tonight 7. Ano Hohoemiwo Wasurenaide 8. Oh My Love 9. Haihiru Nugisutete Don't You See! Nemurenai Yoru wo Daite Konnani Aishitemo -Hold Me- Eien 2. My Baby Grand -nukumoriga hoshikute- 3.

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Anata wo Kanjiteitai 3. Iki Mo Dekinai 4. Ano Hohoemio Wasurenaide 6. Oh My Love 7. Sayonarawa Imamo Kono Muneni Imasu 8. Forever you Totsuzen Ameni Nurete I Still Remember Kokoro wo Hiraite 4. Sekai wa kitto Mirai no naka 6. Photograph 7. Nemurenai Yoru wo Daite 9. In My Arms Tonight Ano Hohoemi wo Wasurenaide Kono Aini Oyogi Tsukaretemo Tooi Hoshi wo Kazoete encore Makenaide encore.

Get U're Dream 2. Kono Namida Hoshini nare 3. Promised You with P-edition 4. Itai Kurai Kimiga Afurete Iruyo 5. Madono Sotowa Monochrome 6. Ashita moshi Kimiga Kowaretemo 8. Sekaiwa Kitto Mirai no naka another style 21 9. Hero Yureru omoi Gomi's New York Remix Makenaide Gomi's 10th Anniversary Special Mix Toki no Tsubasa Watashi Dake Mitsumete 2. Anatawo Kanjiteitai 3. Tasogareni My Lonely Heart 6. Boy 7. Stray Love 8. Take Me to Your Dream 9. Just for You Ready, Go!

Change My Mind Kanariya Dakishimeteite 2. Seven Rainbow 3. Hero 4. Futari no Toki omoide no album - Instrumental 5. Anata ni Au te Instrumental 6. Dakishimeteite Instrumental 7. Seven Rainbow Instrumental 8. Hero Instrumental Ashita wo Yume Mite 2. Tokino Tsubasa 3. Motto Chikaku de Kimino Yokogao Miteitai 4. Pray 5. Deai Soshite Wakare 6. Tomatte ita Tokei ga Ima Ugokidashita 7. Hitomi Tojite 8. Sawayaka na Kimi no Kimochi Album Version 9.

Aide Anata wo Sukuimashou Tenshi no Youna Egao de Kanashii Hodo Kyou wa Ame demo Shoujono Korono Modotta Mitaini da-ja mix 2. Good-bye My Loneliness jaffa remix 3. Makenaide Gomi's 10th Anniversary Special Mix 4. Can't take my eyes off of you special rare track 6. Tomatte ita Tokei ga Ima Ugokidashita new time mix 7.

Eien Till the end of time mix 8. Kono Aini Oyogi Tsukaretemo night clubbers mix 9. Ai ga Mienai M-oZ club mix edit Don't U see! P Classical Vocal mix radio edit My Friend HBK dp delight mix Get U're Dream hifloor breakin' mix Kazega Toori Nukeru Machi e White silver wind mix Get U're Dream Perry Geyer mix 2. Kazega Toori Nukeru Machi e White silver wind mix 3.

Ai ga Miena M-oZ club mix 4. Kono Aini Oyogi Tsukaretemo night clubbers mix 5. Eien Till the end of time mix 6. Zar-dub 7. Can't take my eyes off of you readymade wizard mix rare edit 8. Get U're Dream hifloor breakin' mix 9. Tomatte ita Tokei ga Ima Ugokidashita new time mix Makenaide Flute solo mix Kono Ai ni Oyogi tsukaretemo 3. Mou sukoshi Mou sukoshi Ano Hohoemi o wasurenaide 5. Sekai wa kitto mirai no naka 6. You and me and… 7. Motto chikaku de kimi no yokogao miteitai 8.

Asu wo yume mite 9. Hitomi tojite Anata wo kanjiteitai Ai ga mienai Today is another day Rainen no natsu mo My Baby Grand? Kimi ga inai Makenaide

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