Blessthefall album torrent

blessthefall album torrent

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These boys have been at it for a decade, so you better believe they are delivering tight, well-worn classics along with their new, synth-ier tracks -- and they sound good, they sound like guys who have been playing together forever, and know how to build off each other. Live, you can really tell that Blessthefall enjoys what they do with the members energetically bouncing, screaming, head banging -- even some stage diving if you're lucky.

After a few summers doing Warped Tour, you're going to get pretty good at all that stuff! Do not be surprised if some sort of circle pit develops. This Canadian band has been walking the metalcore, screamo line since -- they are basically elder statesmen in the ever growing scene that caters to the loud and the young.

There's a reason they've been around for so long: Silverstein provides an iconic sound and live show that is a high water mark of the post hardcore genre. The five piece isn't afraid to try new things: in they released the "Short Songs" EP with 20 tracks, each under 90 seconds. Deep concepts seems to come naturally to Silverstein, with their latest work focusing on parallel storytelling Shel would be proud about how a life can change due a single event.

On stage Silverstein shines -- delivering well-crafted tunes without a hitch, even if numerous fans decide to jump on stage before diving back into the crowd. It's no surprise they have rabid fans, the band has earned it.

The Amity Affliction is Australia's answer to the worldwide siren song of post hardcore. With aggressive guitar, pounding drums, crunching bass, and two singers one for clean vocals, one for the must have guttural death screams , the band is sticking firmly to the sound that got them noticed while just dipping their toes into richer territory. The Amity Affliction's latest release explores a deeper, more personal place filled with anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and darkness -- mainly due to the primary songwriter's brush with death during a Warped Tour stop in Pittsburgh.

But don't think these Aussie's are downers. Live, the band is an energetic trip to a time when post hardcore was simply good songwriting mixed with great delivery, without the trendy stuff that comes and goes. Each member seems to pour heart and soul into their onstage craft, with all the sweat to prove it.

The Amity Affliction brings sing along moments, technical perfection, stage dives, and an overwhelming rock and roll spirit energy. Crowds thrive on that energy. Secrets, straight outta San Diego, is loud, aggressive, metalcore at its best. Featuring one clean singer and guitarist and one straight up scream growler, Secrets is making some finely tuned, catchy post hardcore songs. Although their new album is called "Fragile Figures," the music is anything but fragile.

The band delivers angst-driven melodies, poppy choruses, dark lyrics, unparalleled vocals, and exciting songs for fans of the scene, despite the fact that they changed unclean vocalists between their two records. Secrets' "Fragile Figures" even charted on the Billboard , which is a feat for any artist, let alone a post hardcore band in a world dominated by Disney soundtracks, country, sappy alt.

When Secrets hits the stage, the audience will be dominated by a flurry of long hair flying in unison, head banging, jumping also in unison! Post-hardcore metal band Heartist was only birthed about three and a half years ago, yet have amassed a slew of fans on the strength of one EP, with the promise of more songs this summer. Heartist was formed from the ashes of several other bands, and includes a former touring drummer for metalcore flag bearers Norma Jean.

To say that metalcore is over-saturated is a huge understatement. To Those Left Behind continues the sound that fans have become accustomed to from the get go. Opening track Decayer explodes into life with hard-hitting riffs and slick interplay of unclean and clean vocal exchanges.

The combined efforts of Beau Bokan and Jared Warth are very effective, with their diverse styles linking surprisingly well. Whilst the vocal performance on To Those Left Behind is certainly enjoyable, the overall sound on the record is painstakingly dull.

Riffs become very repetitive, with little to no experimentation with the song structure and breakdowns have no driving punch.

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