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The most extraordinary portmanteau in- vented. Day, patentee, and S Strand, London, W. The dinner for the day will be served at a minute's notice, between 6 and 9 o'clock, at a charge of seven shillings; this includes dessert and attendance.

All the French dishes will be dressed by a chef of great celcbrity, who has brought over the necessary assistants with liirn from Paris. English joints will be comprised in the bill of fare, and the result is a dinner of ex traordinary merit. In addition to the present list of wines used at the Wellington, there is a special list offering a small selection of the most curious and extraordinary wines as regards quality, age, and condition, which will be greatjy appreciated by the connoisseur.

Box, containing 14, for Is 9d, post free six stamps extra. Pound boxes, containing , 12s Gd. DRAKE has just received a first consignment. Importer of Havannah cigars. Schweppe's soda, magnesia, potass waters, and lemonade, are manufactured as usual. Every bottle is protected by a label with their signature. Schweppe and Co, manufacturers of soda, magnesia, and potass waters and lemonade. London, Liverpool, Bristol, and Derby.

It has been pronounced by her Majesty's laundress to be the finest starch she ever used. AH season tickets presented for the first time must bear the signa- ture of the owner. On and after Monday, the 18th May, Is for each person, except on Thursday in each week, when the charge will be 2s 6d for each person.

Season tickets are not transferable, and tr ust be signed by the pro- prietor before being presented at the entrance of the Palace, where a book will be kept in which the proprietor will be required to write his or her name whenever requested to do so by the officers of the committee.

Arrangements are being made with the various railway companies to enable visitors to coma direct from any part of the country to the Duild- ing. Offices, , Mosley- street. Arrive at Chester 2: 55 Express. Through trains between Chester and Paddington leave at 8: 10 a. The Ciip Dav is on Wednesday, the 6th of May.

Chester Races. Cup Day, Wednesday, 6th May. Return and single tickets issued for this train at ordinary fares. This unique botanical preparation allays all irritation aud tenderness of the skin, removes cutaneous'disfigurements, freckles, and tan, and im- parts a healthy and blooming appearance to the complexion, and a deli cacy and softness to the neck, hands, and arms.

Perseverance in its ap- plication promotes a free exercise of those important functions of the skin, so essential for the preservation of health, and attainment and continuance of a beautiful complexion. Price 4s 6d and 8s Gd per bottle. Rowland and Sons, in red ink at the foot. Sold at 20, Hatton- garden, London ; and by chemists and perfumers.

Prepared only by James Cockle, surgeon, 18, New Ormond- street, and may be had of all medicine vendors, in boxes at Is ljd, 2g 9U. From Wandsworth Common Station, at 7: 15 a. From Ep om Station, at 7 a. Fares to Brighton and back: First class, 7s Gd; second class, 5s Cd; third class, 3s 6d. Fares to Brighton and back : First class, Gs ; second class, 4s; third class, 2s. The above trains will arrive in Brighton about 9: 45 a. Children under twelve, half fares.

No luggage allowed. London Bridge Terminus, May lst, ; There will be no altera- tion in the present regulation, allowing return tickets issued on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, to return by any train of the same class up to the evening of the following Monday. These facilities are not extended to any excursion or cheap return tickets. London Bridge Terminus, April 21, Available also by the 7: 20 a.

New Express up Monday train. Third class must return not later than the 7 a. London Bridge Terminus, April 21, These tickets may be obtained previously at any time at the London Bridge terminus, and at the company's offices, 43, Regent- eircus, Piccadilly. London Bridge Terminus. By order. Waterloo Bridge Station, lst May, Return tickets, for distances exceeding 60 miles, will be available for the return journey up to the evening of the day succeeding that on which they are issued, or if issued on Friday, up to the evening of the following Monday.

Through return tickets are issued daily to Ryde, Isle of Wight, available for four days, These tickets are issued from London on Saturdays and Sundays, available to return up to Mon- day evening, for little more than a single fare. Family double journey tickets to Weymouth, and other stations on the sea side, at reduced rates, and for extended periods.

Cheap Sunday excursions from London to Isle of Wight and back, for 5s 6d; to Portsmouth, Salisbury, Southampton, Winchester, and Farn- borough for Aldershott and back, for 4s, in covered carriages. On Saturdays and Sundays return tickets are issued from London to all stations below Woking, and to Windsor, for little more than a single fare, available to return up to Monday evening. Waterloo Bridge Station. Her Majesty's Coast Guards are now making use of them as day and night glasses in preference to all others; they are also preferred for deer- stalking, and by sport.

Telescopes, Si inches long, by which a person's countenance may be clearly seen at Si miles, aud an object at 12 to 14 miles distance, and with an extra astronomical eye- piece Jupiter's Moons, Saturn's Ring, and the double stars are distinctly seen. All the above cau be had of larger and all sizes, with increasing powers, and are secured by her Majesty's royal letters patent. These stoves have been extensively adopted and approved by members of the various yacht clubs.

Descriptive drawings, with prices, sent per post free. Established A. The composing and other offices of this journal are admirably and economically lighted by the use of Leslie's Patents. Admission free. Price 35s. To be had of all respectable medicine vendors, and of Mr Major, vete- rinary surgeon; together with the pamphlet and testimonials, price Is.

Charing- cross. Agents wanted. Clubs, schools, and the trade supplied. A list of prices sent free on application. Foreign orders executed. Prize Medal of the Great Exhibition of Address, 2, New Co- ventry- street, Leicester- square, London. The largest and best stock in London may be seen at their manufactory, 62, Waterloo- road.

A list of prices forwarded, on application to 62, Waterloo- road. Post Office orders attended to. It never ble- mishes, may be applied duiing work, and horse will gnaw his legs after its application. Prepared only, and sold by Henry" R. Stevens veterinary surgeon, at his infirmary and shoeing forges, 8 A, Park- lane, London, in boxes, with a Treaties on Lameness, and full directions for use, 2s Gd, or 3s free by post; also, in 5s and 10s boxes. Sold also by Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon- street, and ail druggists.

Post Office orders to be made payable at 65, Piccadilly. Horses shod with Phipson and Warden's improved shoes, to prevent slipping on pavement. No horse will gnaw it. In pots Is 6d, 2s 9d, and 5s each. Half a pound 4s, Ilb7s6d, or 6s per dozen. Half a dozen 3s, one dozen 5s. All persons desirous of knowing themselves, or any friend in whom they are interested, must send a specimen of the writing, stating the sex and age, and inclosing IS penny postage stamps to Miss Coupelle, 09, Castle- street, Oxford- street, London, and they will receive a detail of the talents, tastes, virtues, and failings of the writer, with many things hitherto unsuspected.

Signed W. They have a pleasant taste. Price Is ljd, 2s 9d, and lis per box. Sold by all druggists. The most eminent members of the profession are of opinion that the necessary quality of a good truss is an efficient resisting power, without unnecessary pressure on the part affected, which desh- able object is alone obtained in a truss unencumbered with straps, spiral spring, or pad behind.

EGG and Co. Read " Cobbett's Legacy to Ruptured Persons"— gratis. Balls, Leg- guards, and every other article required i: i the game ; at the same time informs them thai he is the sole manufacturer of the Registered Handle Bat, which, from the peculiarity of its make, is warranted not to break, and to stand in any climate.

Register No. Page, cricket bat and ball manufacturer, No. The cane and treble whalebone handle bats, match and club bats, his celebrated cane leg- guards, warranted ; tubular india- rubber and wicket- keeping gloves, spike soles; ebony, brass ferruled, aad plain matcli stumps ; body- guards, the latest improved ; match balls, warranted, practice balls, yard measures, frames for marking grounds, and every article connected with cricket.

Regiments fitted out on the shortest notice. A great reduction to schools and clubs. Trade sup plied. List of prices post free. London agents: Charles Farlow, , Strand; Thos. Aldreds, , Oxford- street; J. Price: salmon size, 5s each ; pike, 5s each; large trout size, 3s ; small trout, 2s 6d ; perch size, 2s 6d. Angler3 and the trade punctually supplied, by post or railway, on receipt of cash to the amount. Artificial baits in every variety. Superior stout salmon and extra fine silkwora gut.

Flies dressed to Dr. Rods rspaired and made to order. Catalogues aratis. Sole agent in London for Pliiilips's Dublin hooks, and Brown's phantom minnows. For the perfect quality of liia goods, and the moderate prices of them, he fears no competitor. He invites the closest examina- tion of his sporting gear. Improved reels, lines, flexible baits for salmon, trout, and pike always ready. Rods repaired and made to order. Flies dressed to pattern, and sent by post to all parts of the country on the shortest notice and on reasonable terms.

A, also begs to inform them that he has introduced two new figures to his well- known cricket clasp, which he fe » ls confident need only be seen to be admired, the posi- tions being such that they cannot fail to give universal satisfaction. Prices as follow— Is Gd, 2s, 2s 6d, 3s Gd; electro- gilt, 4s 6d; post free eight stamps extra. Cricketing jackets from 7s 8d; caps, Is Gd, all colours. Electro- silver Spoons and Forks, fiddle pattern, full size.

Table knives Sis Od Dessert knives 23s Od Carvers per pair 9s 9d Messrs Mappin Brothers respectfully invite buyers to inspect their unprecedented display, which for beauty of design, exquisite workman- ship, and novelty, stauds unrivalled. Their illustrated catalogue, which is continually receiving additions of new designs, forwarded post free on application. Queen's Cutlery Works, Sheffield.

Sent by post on the receipt of 13 postage stamps, by Mr Clialfont, 99, Great Titchneld- street, Oxford- street, London. Leggings, riding and driving aprons, fishing stockings and boots, all sizes on hand. Portable folding boats for fishing and duck shooting, for one or more persons.

Terms, cash. The only house where every kind of garment for hunting, shooting, and ordinary wear, ca « be obtained in first- rate style, at lo'v prices. A Poem. The Last Days of Sebastopol. Our Late Social Revolution. The Hope of England. The May Fly. Chapters I. A Story of tt. Love and Prayer. Tiie Mountain Walk. Part I.

Paul Ferroll. Appendix— Sporting Intelligence. Dublin: Edward J. Milliken, 15, College Green. London: Simpkin, Marshall, anu Co. Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd. The best quality six for 42s. Detailed list of prices and mode of self- measurement sent free per post. Price 27s the half- dozen. GENTLEMEN will find it advantageous to pur- chase goods from MOORE and SON, 1S6, New Bond- street, Lon- don ; for, being old established, they conduct trade upon first- rate prin- ciples, and pay great attention to alterations required by their customers to GARMENTS, which may be cut in good style, and fit well, but not quite agree with the taste of the wearer, and their prices are now the same as the ordinary adverti3ing and ticketing shops, their object being to do trade for ready money at an extremely limited profit.

First rate stuff to stand the saddle, and no mis- take, well up in fork, easy stride, no drag when worn without straps, neat leg, and well shrunk, 28s; tough riding tweeds, Ac, any pattern, from 20s; hunting and racing leather ditto at very young prices. Odd legs made to look like pairs. Samuel Brothers continue to apply every improvement of art and skill to the manufacture of their justly celebrated Sydenham Trowsers, at 17s Gd, unequalled for quality, style, and fit.

Patterns, Ac, sent free. Samuel Brothers, 29, Ludgate- liill, E. II when every one expects novelties, and will have them where they are found to most advantage. The time when both tewn and coun- try changes appearance, and every one must follow the example. Ample opportunities of selecting the greatest novelties of the season, in mate- rials which comprise the best and most skilful introductions of all na- tions.

Every taste may therefore have the fullest gratification, and selecting to any extent is attended with the greatest facilities and satisfaction. Parents and guardians are reminded of the benefits derived from ordering and purchasing at the establishment and branches of which E. Moses and Son are proprietors, all arses required by young gentlemen being superior to any obtained in or out of London, having the greatest variety of styles, all novel and artistic, which render the fit of the gar- ments elegant and comfortable.

Fashion's highest triumph in fancy goods, and every article of personal and family use remarkably cheap. Moses and Son ; but the most superior and elegant articles are charged very economical priccs. Moses and Son beg to state that they have no con- nexion with any other house except their establishment and branches, as follow :— London : Aldgate and Minories, opposite to Aldgate Church. Country Branches: Sheffield and Bradford, Yorkshire.

Also, an Illustrated Almanack for Waterproof fishing coats, stockings, Ac. Life belts, travelling cushions, compressible sponging baths, por- table India- rubber boats, military camp beds, waterproof tents and ground sheets. Gentlemen waited en free at any time or distance. Parcels from the country, the utmost value immediately remitted by Post Office order, Established J. Curiosities of Animal Life. The Second Edition, thoroughly revised and improved. While seeking to amuse the reader, the author endeavours to draw from the subject lessons of instruction.

Diamond Edition, with Portrait, 32mo, 2s 6d; or bound in morocco, 4s. An Illustrated Edition, with 13 Plates, square crown 8vo, 21s; or bound in morocco. Sis Gd. Illustrated by D. Maclise, R. London : Longman, Brown. Green, Longman? The Fifth Edition, in one large volume, 8vo, with nearly 1, woodcuts, price 31s Gd, cloth. London: Longman, Brown. Green, Longmans, and Roberts.

London : Longman, Brown, and Co. Wright; H. Renshaw; aud H. Under the distinguished patronage of the Marylebone Club. CSO contains the laws latest , instructions, management of a match, duties of an umpire, rules to form a club, review of the season, batsmen's averages, and the season's bowling analysed.

Notes upon Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the public schools; important notice to gentlemen of England; remarks upon cricketers of England; cricket clubs and im- portant matches to be played during the season Price Is. Post free Is Id. Is Gd. Is 6d. Lists of the Parlout Library gratis, free by post. London : Thomas Hodgson, 13, Paternoster- row.

By ALEX. IN; or, Twenty Years After. Sequel to ditto. Lists of the Parlour Library gratis, and free by post. London : Thoma3 Hodgson, 13, Paternoster- row. William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London. Just published, Cheap Edition, one volume, crown octavo. Second Edition, 7s Gd. Two volumes, 15s.

London : John W. Parker and Son, West Strand. London: John Churchill. Malvern : Henry Lamb. In bottles, 3s 6d, 6a, and lis. Wholesale and retail, 13, Wellington- street North, Strand. Sold at 3s 6d; sent free for 54 stamps, the same day as ordered in a blank wrapper. Private rooms for ladies and gentlemen. Sold by all chemists. Sent free for 12 stamps.

A book sent to any part of the world on receipt of six stomps; or the author'wili apwly the treatment himself, at his resi- dence. Few sufferers will leave his house without being able to hear dis- tinctly and permanently. Full particulars to regain hearing, with the names and ad- dresses of deaf persona cured, just published, in a book, with directions, sent free oil receipt of six postage stamps, bv F. Hours of consultation, 11 to 4 daily. Deafness cured by one visit.

Moved by Matthew Forster, Esq, seconded bv P. Le Breton, Esq, and unanimously resolved— That this meeting is of opinion that " all toll gates and toll bars should be removed Irom Within six miles of the metropolis. That an Acting Committee be formed for carrying out such measures, and that the following gentlemen be members of such committee, with power to add to their number:— Matthew Forster, Esq, Bellsise, Hampstead. Esq Manor House, Hackney. Margetson, Esq, Islington.

Thomas Slater, Esq, High- street, Islington. Elm Tree- road, St John's Wood. John Da » : gerfield, Esq, 26, Craven- street, Strand. Moved bv Edmund Watkin, Esq, M. Moved by P, H. Le Breton, Esq, seconded bv W. Price 3s, r. Betting commissions executed to any amoaut. For particulars app'y as above. Post office orders payable at Holborn. In addition to a complete record of sport, from the lst of January down to the day of publication, lists of winning korses, Ac, it will contain a summary of the Chester Cup and Derby betting, showing the d fferent variations in the Turf market, the number of horses backed, Ac, and proving an invaluable guide to all persons who are interested in the decision of the two great events.

The monthly parts may be obtained separately, price 2d each. Wright, Fulwood's- rents, Holborn. Full particulars on receipt of a directed stamped envelope enclosed. Country correspondents may rely i upon always receiving the full market odds. All moneys forwarded the day after the race. Gentlemen in London waited upon at their residences. Gentle- men residing in the country may rely on obtaining the best price pos- i sible. All communication 8 must be by letter, addressed John Palmer, No.

Manchester, builders. Bentinck to te cot, v Lieut- Gen Sir R. Ciarges, K. Patersou to be eol- comaaandant, v Lieut- Gen T. Bun- bury, dec. Patten to be lieut y Magens. Loveden, gent, to be cor, v Peach, prom. Paget, C. Simpson, gent, to be cornet, vice Eehalaz, appointed to the 7th Dragoon Guards. Murray, who ex; Corn J. Fife to be adj, v Cnthbert, res the aujutantey. Murray, from 10th Lt Drags, to be capt, v V.

Baker, who ex. Mann to be aujt, v Greetham. Bryson, from tne late Transport Corps, to be paymaster; Quartermaster T. Green way, from h- p of the late Land Transport Corps, to be quarter- master, v Copfclaii'! Foot Guards: Ens and Lieut W. Sterling has been permitted to Ire- sign his commission.

Manclarke has been per- mitted to resign his commission. Lewis, irom the 25th Ft, to be lieutenant, v Kirwan, who exchanges — ltith: Lieut E. Wiiton has been permitted to retire from the service by the sale of his commission. Radcliffe to be capt, v Bathurst, who ret.

Thomas, from the 7lst Ft, to be ens, v Hill, who lias res. Kirwan, from the 7tli Ft, to ba lieut, v G. Lewis, who ex; Lieut G. Hallowes to be adjt, v H. Priestley, prom. It, Attwood to be lieut, v Baraardiston. Clay, gent, to be ensign, v Attwood. Brockman, from the 36th Ft, to be capt, v Biddle, who exchanges.

Stuart to be lieut, v Ferguson. Kippen to be instructor of musketry. Waters to be capt, v Hutciiinson, who ret; Ens J. Watson to be lieut, v Waters; Ens W, H. Moseley, from 82d, to be ens, v Orchard, prom. Couper to be lieut, v Wilkinson; W. Moseley, gent, to be ens, v H. Hancocks, gent, to be ens, v A. Dixon, app to 27th Ft. Jones, M. Raines, from h- p Unattached, to ba major, v D-. M'Auley to be heat, without pur, v East, dec; H.

Panter, gent, to be ens, wlth- v M'Auley. KClia Regt; Ens J. Tucker to be lieut, pur, v S. Page, dec; D. Tattersall's odds guaranteed, and all moneys forwarded the day a ter the race. List of prices and full particular! Post Office ord » rs payable at Charing Cross. Lists of prices obtainable until return of post, sent out daily to correspondents in town and country. Two postaee stamps for every list required. Commissions must in all cases be accompanied by cash or Post Office orders.

Money paid day after the rare. Derby: 8 to 1 Skirmisher, 19 Anton, from 15 to 50 others ; also first, second, third, one- third of the odds quoted. Address 5, Dorset- place, Vauxhall Bridge- road. Gentlemen mav rely upon receiving the best odds obtainable, and payment the following day. Gentlemen waited upon at their residences. All communications private and confi- dential.

At home from 10 to 12 daily. Post Office orders payable at Charing- cross. Address, 4, Bedford- street, Bedford- square, London. All business must be done by letter only. Investers who send good references need not forward cash in advance. All moneys promptly forwarded the day after the race. Peacock, 3, Weymoutii- street. Hackney- road. Doing business on all events at Chester and all races forthcoming. Post Office orders on the chief office.

Reference- London and Westminster Bank. They also advise on forthcoming events. Terms— three months, 1 guinea; to the31st October, 2 guineas; one meeting, 5s. Money forwarded day after the race. All business done by letter at their new residence, No. Post Office orders made payable Strand office. WR, H. Will likewise guarantee the payment of winnings, making a charge of 5 per cent commission. The best odds obtained, and information given to parties investing ; and we beg to direct attention to our usual circular of information.

Orders payable to Henry Howard, same place. He will therefore, send free, to an- y address, in a sealed envelope, on receipt of a directed envelope enclosing two stamps, a copy of the work, containing every information required. Address, G. Thomas, St. Tohn's- lane, Newcastle- upon- Tyne. Price lists forwarded on receipt of stamped envelope.

Chester Cup! Col T. Urban, whose period of staff service has expired. Irby, adjutant of the Royai Hospital, Chelsea, to have the honorary rank ot capt in the army. The underiiientioned cadet of the East India Company's service to have thelocal and temporary rank of ensign during the period ot his being placed under the command of Col Sandham, of theRoyal Enginters at Chat ham, for field instruction in the art of sapping and mining: J.

Moxon, gent The undermentioned promotions to take place consequent upon the de- cease of the following officers:— Lieut- Gen F. Hara- Clarges, K. Campbell, G. Wallace, Bart, K, C. South Brent, Devonshire, miller. JOHN H. For most kinds the demand has been far from active; nevertheless, that day's improvement in value is supported. Foreign Wheat, the imports of which have been extensive, has changed hands slowly, on former terms.

Floating cargoes of grain are held at very full prices. Fine malting Barley has sold reacliiy, other kinds slowly, at late prices. The trade has been tolerably firm, at late rates. Good sound Oats command extreme quotations, but damp parcels are dull. Beans, Peas, and Flour have sold to a moderate extent, on former terms. Barley— Malting, 37s to 42s; grinding aud distilling, 29s to 37s; Chevalier, 4is to « Ss. Oats— Essex and Suffolk 18 «. Rye, 35s to 37s. Beans— Mazagan, 32s to 31s: tick and harrow, to 38s; pigeon, 38s to 41s; long pod, 85s to Flour— Best oaarku, delivered, per sack, 50a to 52s: secondary and country ditto, 40a to 45s.

Barley— Malting, 39s to 42s; grindbigaud diatilling, to39s. Oats — Poland brew, 22s to 27s j i'ted, to 25s. Peas—' whiteboilors, 34sto 37 » ; yellow ditto, Sis to S63; ncn boilers, to 35s, Flour— Spanish, psr sack, — e to — a ; Canadian and American sour, 27s to 30s; sweet, 32s to Rapeseed brought as much money, with a fair demand.

Canaryseed brought 6s per qr more money, with a very brisk trade lor fine samples. The moderate imports of Foreign Clover- seed were met by a steady demand for small lots, at rather higher rates for choiee samples of red.

Tares sold irregularly, and in small parcels. The only complete edition issued in England. Upon this exciting narrative the opera," La Traviata," which has caused such a thrilling sensa'ion, is founded. Order immediately.

By post, 2d extra. Address, Henry Smith, No. A new catalogue of books, prints, tales, Ac, sent free for two stamps. Stamps taken as cash. Edward Dyer, 24, Princes- street, Leicester- square. Correspondents will receive full particulars upon application by letter, pre- paid. Price Is; sent from the office I for 13 stamA Order at once of any news agent or bookseller. Gentle- men corresponding will receive an immediate reply.

Circulars are now j ready for Chester Cup and Derby. Price Is, by post Is 6d. Sherwood, 23, Paternoster- row, and all booksellers; or from Dr Cul- verwell, 10, Argyll- place, Regent- street, who may be consulted from 10 till 5; evenings, 7 till 9. Full particulars , sent gratis on receipt of a directed stamped envelope. From F. Published by J. Allen, 20, Warwick- lane, Paternoster- row, and may he had of Mann, 39, Cornliill; Home, 19, Leicester- square; or from the author, who may be consulted daily, from 11 till 2, and 6 till 8, at his residence, 37, Bedford- square, London.

Former subscribers supplied on the , old terms. Just published, the 77,, with numerous plates, in a sealed envelope price Is. Gentlemen may fully rely upon always leceivingthe full market odds, and the prices obtained sent by return of pest. Gentlemen will do well by entrusting Mr A. Certain winners at long prices. Send directed en- velopes and receive A. Sold by J. Its action is purely balsamic; its power in re- invigorating the frame in all cases of debility arising from excesses, has been demonstrated by its unvarying success in thousands of cases.

Price lis per bottle, or four quantities in one for S3s, which saves rs. Its action is purely detersive, and its beneficial influence on the system is undeniable. Price lis and SSs per bottle, also a saving of lis. Price 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis per box. Edwards, 67, St Paul's Churchyard; J. Corre- spondents may always rely on receiving the best market prices. Address, Mr A. English Linseed— Sowing, 74s to 76s per qr; crushing, 58s to 68s.

Lamb3, Calves, and Pigs were dull. Sheep— Infer coarse Sheep, 4s Gd to 4s ; second quality, 53 Od to 5s 2d, prime coarse woolled, 5s - id to 5s 8d; prime South Down 5s lOd to 6s 2d. Pork— Large Hoge, 8s 8d to 4s 2d, neat small porkers 4a 4d to 5s 0a. Lambs 6s Od to 6s 10d. Foreign— Beasts were Sheep 70, Calves Inferior Mutton Ss 4d to 83 8d, middling ditto Ss lud to 4s 2d, prime ditto 4s 4d to 43 8d. Veal 3s Gd to ia lOd. Large Pork 3s lOd to 4a lad, small ditto 4s Gd to 5s 2d.

The Colonial Wool sales commenced yesterday, at which tbe attendance was less numerous than at the previous series. The biddings were rather slow, and prices were fully lcl per lb lower. White- chapel— Meadow Hay 50s to 80s. Light butts, dressing hides, and prime bark- tanned kips have met a moderate demand at for- mer quotations.

A fair inquiry has prevailed for horse hides and light skins at late prices. There has been more done in offal and shoulders, at previous prices. The sale of other goods has been unimportant. Sperm is heavy, and lower to purchase. Fine Pr. In other Oils little is doing. Tur- pentine is Is dearer, with a good demand. Pitch— British 73 per cwt. Archangel 10s 6d per ewt, Stockholm, 12s per cwt.

Tar— American 18s to 18s 6d per barrel, Archangel 18s Gd per barrel, Stockholm — s to 17s 6d. Rough 10s 3d to 10s 6d per cwt. Questions submitted for answers must have some distinctive feature—" Constant Readers" and " Constant Subscribers" are so numerous that such signatures only produce cc- nf usion.

Questions if not sent early on Friday morning cannot be answered till the following week. Questions not answered must be repeated. Articles sent for insertion, if rejected, are not preserved. Moore— The yellow ball having been taken up by the player of red before it had stopped, it is EO miss, and yellow must play again.

No one but the striker has a right to stop the ball. Parthenon— A. Cox 1: Brown plays from baulk. C W H— Red loses a life, brown not, and plays from baulk. Amateur— Such things are to he procured; we believe they are of French manufacture. J M— Pool takes the precedence. Pendulum— A. Church Inn— The bet is off.

Jackson— The two who threw 10 are entitled to the pigs. Dr Syntax A correpondent, W. F J— You arc not entitled to yeur money back; it was a p. St Giles— Yes. Fox— Yes. Saddler— B. J B— Being neither veterinarians nor " quack doctors" we cannot advise you. Ifirwin— 1: It was so won by Wild Dayrell and Ellington. Bird's Eve— 1: A mile and a half. Ego— You must judge for yourself.

Williams- Yes, Bolton— No, to both questions. Kent— No. H B— Y JB, Shrewsbury— Eleanorin Peters— 1 and 2: Yes, in , W. Brown— John Hibbert— Yes, and you are en- titled to your money back which you paid upon Whaley.

Salisbury— No. W H C— We do not know. Bobbin Aronnd— Twelve. Egbert Hallwell— The conditions are so clear that a child might understand them. Of course he musticarry 13st. James Horner— You must search the Calendars. This will also an- swer Milford Hall. James Travis— Mr J. Peter Flat— You had better stay in London, and go there and back daily. X Y Z- Search the Calendars. C F— The same way. Barrington— No. Mansfield— Yes. Hindoo— Pounds of course. I J, Birmingham— He must make some distinction, in order for the judge to decide correctly.

Parketli— No. T P R— When Eleanor won, the whole eleven that started were placed. Thomas Jackssn— A colt. Inquirer— Yes. J B C— Yes to both questions. Telegraph— A. Sam Weller— Yes. Halifax- Walnut. W H B- Not at all. Justitia We cannot decide the point about Thornthorpe. Phillips— Refraction, the winner of the Oaks, was purchased by Mons.

Lupin from the Duke of Richmond to go to France. Parker— Yes. W G- No. Turbit— We never performed the " castorating" operation, there, fore cannot say. Thorney- By Sir William, 18 miles. Callow— Apply to an attorney. Reader, Hereford— 18 miles in the hour, by Sir William. True Blue— The race was not timed in W B— Henley Regatta will be found among the fixtures. Yachtsman— We do not know whe- ther Mr Hunt has published his yacht list this year. We have not seen it.

The Canon- bury play on a ground in the Seven Sisters'- road. G H C— We hear, at the Oval, but do not know for certain. B C- No. Kemp- He must call before playing. Anton— You must call before he leads. E— We cannot calculate odds at whist, as to the holding of a par- ticular number of cards.

Alpha— No. Captain Eyton He saves the double. Explorator— Tracks count before honours. Jackson— Lowest deals. Ace is lowest. Coiler— No. N J L— No; the cards remain down to be called.

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