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Practically all the other gen- res fell harder than the overall album downturn of 7. The alternative category which in- cludes metal dropped 8. Christian al- bums including gospel titles were off 8. Looking at the store sector, tra- ditional chains and independ- ents continued to lose market share to mass merchants and nontraditional outlets.

Mass- merchant account sales only dropped 2. Nontraditional outlets including online stores, concert venues and TV direct marketing garnered album sales of 48 million units and now ac- count for 7. Meanwhile, chains saw album sales drop The segment now ac- counts for Independent stores suffered the biggest decline, with album sales decreasing Through the new company, he will serve the magazine as managing director of Bill- board Latin sales. In his new capacity, Smith will drive Latin nrurketing and sales initiatives for Billboard and will be responsible for de- veloping new special feature projects In the Latin market.

He will continue to work on these efforts with Miami-based Latin American sales manager Mar- cia Clival. The move, which is effective Feb. Under his leadership, Bill- board's Latin ad business boomed. A Bigger Bang is more than halfway to Voodoo's total, with a summer of stadium dates to come.

In , the Stones sold 1. As big as they banged in North America, the Stones were second for the year world- wide to U2's Vertigo, which was the top- grossing trek of , according to figures from Billboard Boxscore Billboard, Dec. Impressive as the potential gross Is, U2's hold on the top tour trophy could be short lived, as the Stones have a slate of stadium dates awaiting in South America, Japan and Europe for this year and a higher ticket price than U2.

We went from doing 25,, [people] a night in the stadiums to doing 40,, That is incredible. The European swing— all the stops are sta- diums—begins May 27 in Barcelona and runs through the end of August. Before that, the band will play more North American dates, beginning Jan.

The Feb. The tour Is targeted to wrap Aug. Topping Voodoo Lounge does not seem to be a priority for Cohl. But I really don't know what the gross was, and it's kind of unfair. IHow do you com- pare something at a ticket price to something at a ticket price?

Voodoo played only stadiums, selling out of , and drew a remark- able 6. Not only does the company still face heat from attorneys general and the threat of addi- tional suits, but the fate of all copy-protection initiatives is now uncertain. The preliminary settlement deal is set for a Jan.

That court will likely put other class action suits around the country — which allege Sony BMG's copy protection compromised users' computers — on hold for at least 90 days, until the New York settlement can be vetted in a hearing.

Class actions have been filed in Oklahoma. California, and other states. The an. As- suming the settlement is ap- proved by the New York court, class members everywhere could either accept those terms or withdraw from the class and file individual suits. New suits could still spring up from users claiming actual damages to their computers.

The company also faces legal problems with Texas At- torney General Greg Abbott, and attorneys general in New York and Florida are investi- gating the issue. Those cases are not part of the settlement deal, though they could end in- quiries if satisfied with the re- sponse by consumers opting in to the settlement. Other state law agencies may also Texas action. Where copy-protection ini- tiatives from the major labels go from here remains to be seen.

Abbott is going forward with his case. The company, which has stead- fastly denied allegations that its copy-protection software monitors consumers, will also use an independent auditor for the next two years to ver- ify that claim. There is no word yet on whether EMI will introduce new protected discs this year, as originally scheduled. The Electronic Frontier Foundation released a Jan. Louis and Wash- ington, D. Louis will look very different from a country station in D.

AOL representatives say they serve roughly 3 mlllion-5 million music video streams daily. Yahoo Music head of artist and label relations Jay Frank places his company's number at "easily over 10 mil- lion per day. Clear Channel has not yet experienced such a water- shed moment, but its VOD ini- tiative follows a year in which the company dramatically in- creased its online offerings and traffic.

According to Harrison, the company began with stations streaming online and ended with more than , with average weekly lis- teners growing from , to Midyear, Clear Channel launched Stripped, its online-only concert series, on Web sites, as well as podcasts. The company has since served some 6. There's more than just Web traffic at stake. And, Frank says, the ad market for VOD is tremendous. And be- cause the eyeballs are atten- tive at that point, you can charge a premium.

But Frank says online por- tals, by virtue of the demo- graphics they already pos- sess for users of their vast, respective networks, have a substantial advantage over Clear Channel's VOD efforts. I can go to a beer com- pany and tell them I can select only year-old males and give them a beer ad on Friday afternoon.

At press time, the band was scheduled to make its national TV debut an. The CD doubled its sales in the week ending Jan. Since its rere- lease. For its part. N BC was looking for an edgy song filled with hope and achievement, says Barbara Blangiardi, the network's VP of marketing and special projects. Perhaps more important, it de- sired a song that would resonate with the much-coveted to year-old demographic. In addition lo the TV spots. NBC hopes to reach its target audience through off-channel platforms, including the Inter- net and in-store play.

Interscope is using the "di- rector's cut" version of the spot as a tool to push the song and group at radio and retail. With N BC and the Olympics on its side. Seyler says he and his Interscope colleagues un- derstand that they must now connect the dots between Flip- syde.

Stay tuned. So why not music venues? The brand associations do not stop with the building's name. In addition to Nokia, Emerson Radio and Heineken are well-represented. In fact, AEG's brand partners helped design the theater. This offered innovative opportunities for each brand to connect with music fans. In addition to naming rights, primary partner Nokia created the Blue Lounge in the venue's main lobby.

Here, consumers can check out new Nokia gear. Emerson's kiosk in the main lobby area allows folks to interact with new products. Emerson also supplied the venue with its numerous plasma TV screens. As the exclusive beer of the venue, Heineken is the main sponsor of the theater's three bars. Additional brand exposure is delivered by way of the venue's foot-long LED marquee, which is an integral part of the Times Square landscape.

According to AEG VP of busi- ness development Todd Gold- stein, the venue's "founding partners" have multiyear agree- ments with renewal options. Especially real estate that encompasses a dig- ital studio. Brands like Nokia and Emer- son could, in essence, capture performances and then — with proper license deals in place — disseminate and leverage the content across other platforms.

At the same time, brand reps that man the kiosks are able to interact directly with con- sumers. I sat in Bob BarchtesPs car for more than four hours— without coffee. I heard a sound in my head: "Ka-chlrtg. Indeed, fighting piracy is an expensive undertaking. Protecting intellectual prop- erty is also a high priority with Presklent Bush's administration, Chris Israel says. He was ap- pointed in to the newly created position of U. It is the first time that any federal office has been es- tatrfished to focus full time on IP enforcement.

Israel's office works with— and coordinates the IP en- forcement efforts of— the U. China must re- spond under treaty obligations soon within this new year. Ac- cording to a Dec. Patent and Trademark Office. The Interna- tional Trade Administration also plays a leading role in making sure that countries are comply- ing with IP rules. Trademark laws often help in prosecuting pirates, RIAA in- vestigators say.

For example, record-company logos on coun- terfeit CDs add trademark in- fringement to other claims. The Justice Department's criminal division has stepped up its efforts to enforce IP rights. Attorney General Alberto Gon- zales proposed a legislative package in to toughen anti-piracy enforcement, im- plementing recommendations from the DOJ's Intellec- tual Property Task Force Re- port. Congressional leaders are expected to address the pro- posal early this year. The U. Embassy played a large part in gaining govern- ment support for the music in- dustry in Pakistan, says lain Grant IFPI head of enforcement That country's replication plants were flooding the market with counterfeit CDs, whkrh were also exported into Western Europe and the United States.

Israel looks forward to work- ing with all the IP industries. More dates will soon be announced on fall- outboyrock. The group just completed a fall headlining stint on the Nin- tendo Fusion tour, which grossed SI. The Nintendo tour mainly stopped at theaters, but also included a few arenas. Wentz says that the arena stops were a learning experience that the group will apply to its new tour. The things that came up the most were floor space and ticket price," Wentz says. Wentz adds that the band will also focus attention on fans in seats farthest from the stage.

It's impor- tant to not skip steps in your career and make sure you lour in the right way. Simon and Wentz hope that the arena dates will reach fans who might not have made it to Nintendo Fusion or Fall Out Boy's other previ- ous concerts. Ar«nd, Glcndale, Ariz.. FedEx Forum, Memphis, Dec. The Nest Adventure Concert Productions infl. Mettwuma, D«c. Dec n Includes matii ' Frontier Touring Co. New Zealand. Orlando, Fla.. Dec 20 Frontier Touring Co. Dur- ing the past few years, Younossi has made a name for himself booking such Violator clients as Rhymes, ElHott and SO Cent into interna- tional markets well off the traditional hip-hop path.

Younossi calls Dubai one of the elite tourism cities in the world, with "seven-star hotels, world-class golf courses and a great night life, all surrounded by beautiful desert oasis scenery. It was the first rap double bill the city has hosted. According to Shah, the twin bill was "a definite innovative twist to the country. The spirit and aura of the arena was filled with excitement and excellent vibrations. It's not just about the money.

This is where all the key decision makers come to meet, talk and deal non stop for 5 full days. You can even register in Cannes during the market. To find out more and register now, go to www. The outing, launched in This year, the Mega Tour will make stops in April and May. Punk-pop band Yel- lowcard will headline the main stage, supported by rock group Mae.

Routing is still being set. The interactive village that comes along with the tour is just as crucial as the music. The village features giveaways like Virgin Recommends music samplers and activities like karaoke. Attendees can also see bands play on the Emerging Artist stage. For the first time, Vir- gin is enlisting local per- formers to play that stage instead of up-and-coming na- tional performers. Virgin Entertainment Group senior manager of partnerships and promotion Ann Egelhoff says VEG decided to feature local artists since the retailer wanted to support the college communities and showcase good talent.

Egelhoff says VEG seeks sponsors who have "the same thought processes as far as how great music is and utiliz- ing music" to bring a brand to the consumer. At press time. Yet there is more to Fontana's deal with Tompkins Square Records than the lovely instrumentals of "Imag- inational Anthem. A second "Anthem" album is in the works. Between the catalog, this other label and my label, I wanted a home that would have versatility. Pontiac decided to partner with VEG for similar reasons.

Advertising manager Dino Bemacchi says. They are really inextricably linked with what we're doing from an advertising and mar- keting perspective, especially when it pertains to music. It is also sponsoring the Virgin Recommends sampler. For Yellowcard. Bassist Pete Mosley says the group was looking for a spring tour to help promote the Capitol act's new album. The outing also provides fi- nancial backing that young bands might not oth- erwise have to en- hance their stage productions.

Plans have not been fi- nalized, but Yel- lowcard will likely bring some addi- tional musicians on the Mega Tour. NONSTOP: it's getting to the point where this column could simply document indie store closings and still not have enough space. In New York. NYCD closed its doors for good Dec.

The two say amazon. The two will operate out of what Sachs describes as a "large office" and will retain one other employee. Sachs says NYCD has lost money annually since He points to the high cost of CDs, digital sales and a changing neighborhood that outgrew the outlet "My father calls it being 'a piggyback entrepreneur,' " Sachs says, "since we're just riding on Amazon's coattails.

But if it makes us a living, that's great. By day. SXSW Music celebrates its 20tfi anniversary m www. Harrington previously wrote for Song Garden Publishing, an independent company owned by country Qberproducer By- ron Gallimore.

Nichols and Harring- ton will write for This Music. They plan to sign other writers in the future, although no sign- ings are immediately on the horizon. Harrington and Nichols are longtime collaborators. He describes her work ethic as "really strong" and says their collaboration is "a good fit. The runaway success of "Live Like You Were Dying" gave him the confidence and the finances to secure the agreement, which was inspired, in part, by the success of pal Wiseman's own Big Loud Shirt publish- ing company.

Nichols says this kind of joint venture "seemed like the next step for me career-wise, beyond just another straight publishing deal. Dove Award-win- ning writer who has penned numerous Christian music hits. Apple Computer once again was the year's big winner. Strong demand for the iPod and iTunes helped its stock price more than double in the last 1 2 months. Shares in Apple ended at S7 1. U nderscoring Apple's growth was strong financial performance Through the first nine months of the year the company shipped al- most 18 million iPods, generating over J3 billion in revenue.

In the label business, Warner Music Group's initial pub- lic offering was the stock story of the year. Also a question: could digital revenue off- set slumping CD sales. WMG financials also showed improvement. In its fiscal year ended Sept. Big market-share gains at Universal Music Group did not do much for the stock price of parent Vivendi Universal.

Sony Corp. For the six months ended Sept. Broadcasters and live-entertainment specialists turned to re- structuring efforts to help revive their struggling businesses. At the end of Viacom split itself into two companies. The cable networks and movie division retained the Vi- acom name, while the broadcast radio and TV businesses were re- named CBS. Rival XM Satellite Radio also gave up ground in Music retail also reversed its gains, as CD sales sput- tered. Outside of Apple Computer, other companies trying to sell digital music services to consumers delivered mixed re- sults.

So welcome to the new year: a great opportunity to look forward, and to reflect. Let's start with the former, and the notion that will be the first year merchandisers will re- ally contend with digital distribution.

Until now, the digital world has largely affected the sales of physical music goods mainly through subtrac- tion, via unauthorized file-sharing, piracy and CD burning. In , about million digital tracks and 16 million digital albums were sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. But everyone knows by now that the i Pod was the must-have gift item of the holiday selling sea- son.

As one merchant puts it. In the week ending Dec. The following week ending Jan. For the first time since the mids, mer- chants must contend with a multiformat busi- ness. Many are closely watching how the majors handle this shift. A little history may be relevant. The cassette surpassed vinyl album sales in , moving million units versus million; the CD was also introduced that year. Vinyl albums were only able to remain a factor until , when 72 million were sold, and the format finally went below the 10 million mark in , according to the RI AA's shipment data.

But the cassette remained a fac- tor in album sales until , when 76 million units were sold. The format dipped below 10 million units in Will the majors treat the CD like they did the cassette in its decline? The cassette was nurtured , as the majors tried to get as much mileage as pos- sible out of the format, prolonging its life.

Or will the CD be treated like vinyl? Once the consumer had spoken and the end was in sight, the majors did everything they could to acceler- ate vinyl's decline. The difference this time will mean more than howtheformatshift will play out.

It also will have serious ramifications for the different retail chan- nels. And though the majors may think they are in a no-lose position, no matter how the format shift transpires, what happens at retail will cer- tainly have consequences for labels, whether they want to acknowledge it or not. But there was a little bit of excitement, particularly in Christmas week. That week the top 10 was fueled by three new releases, including Mary.

Blige's No. By its Dec. UMVD managed to get another That left most stores in good shape with stock in place through Dec. Sony BMG shipped The distribu- tor sent out another But by the Tuesday after Christmas, many stores were reporting outages again, which means that Sony BMG continued to chase the record. Retailers say that by the Fri- day before New Year's Eve, the title was restocked in most outlets.

While Sony BMG handled the challenges of a hit album, it had problems keeping up with demand for some boxed sets, including one from fohnny Cash, which got a lift from the "Walk the Line" biopic. When a movie hits, you don't think it will more than double sales, but it always does. Call Kelly Peppers for details But on Dec. House judiciary Committee, the bell rang on the latest round of an increa. On one side is an entertain- ment industry, still basking in ihe glow of a favorable Grokster Supreme Court ruling, now asking Congress to press for additional protections against copyright infringement.

Op- posing are technology compa- nies and Internet rights organizations, claiming gov- ernment-mandated digital- rights-management rules restrict innovation and harm the free market of ideas. Caught in the middle, as is often the case, is the consumer. The entertainment indus- try's strategy includes a multi- tiered legislative agenda backed by intense lobbying pressure designed to create laws to dic- tate how Internet networks and consumer electronic devices in- teract with digital media.

Specifically, the industry wants to require all digitally transmitted programming to be encrypted before broadcast so that only devices with the proper key can interpret it. It also wants to place limita- tions on what these receivers can do with such content, like restricting the length of record- ings and their transfer.

The bill seeks to require that any devices converting analog programming into digital files are capable of recognizing copyrighted content and sub- sequently restricting how that content is used. The Analog Hole bill and others like it have been met with strong resistance by tech- nology companies. Entertainment industry lobby- ists are now pressing Congress to revive the Broadcast Flag rule — a Federal Commu- nications Commission man- date that a U.

Essentially a Swiss Army knife of digital enter- tainment capabilities, the MediaREADY media cen- ter also includes a GB hard drive and func- tions as a digital video recorder with support for high-definition programming. If successful, it would require any device ca- pable of receiving digital TV signals to "actively thwart" piracy and block any modifica- tions by its owner.

Bainwol's fears are not un- ounded. Rhapsody and iTunes. If passed, the Analog Hole bill or the Broadcast Flag rule will certainly close off maior sources of pirated material flooding P2P networks and Bit- Torrent postings. But doing so will also severely restrict the ability to legally copy content for personal use.

VP of intellectual property for Warner Bros. We're all in the same business, and that's sellinp good ideas. HP will promote the Rhapsody service on select consumer desktop and lap- top PCs, as well as making the Rhapsody music player the default application for all audio files, replacing iTunes. Meanwhile, Cox will offer the Rhapsody service to Its high- speed Internet subscribers In , allowing them to add the cost of the service I to their monthly bill.

The company found that wireless subscribers with the Sanyo SCP phone buy more wireless content on average than those owning any other phone model. Motorola's popular RAZR phone came in second. In all, Motorola had five models In the top 10 phones most used to download mobile games, ringtones and other content. According to the Telematics Research Group, 28 million cars In the United States and 73 million cars worldwide will be equipped with some type of MP3 integration de- vice by Dance" lumps and is tn« week's highest -ranking rock title.

Simmons has acted in movies, starred in TV shows and produced a movie. Simmons makes his own telephone colls, creates his own brands and negotiates his own deals. How do branded entertainment initiatives benefit the talent? Are they being properly compensated?

Should they be? They will explain their position and offer examples of how brand- ed entertainment should and should not work in an exclusive interview vnth Robert 1 Dowling, The Hollywood Reporter. Notraval costs. For sponsorship information, please contact Cebele Marquez at cmarquez vnubusinessmedia.

Swedish artist lose Gonzalez becomes the first act to tap into the setup through a deal with his U. Primarily a marketing tool. Integral will offer financial assistance to take its projects for- ward. PIAS U. CEO Nick Hartley says. In November. Earlier, in September. Both aim at provid- ing indie labels a platform to exploit their repertoire. Vital Croup man- aging director Peter Thompson emphasizes, reflects labels' needs in the ever-challenging market place. He adds, "What we're trying to do is to provide something that will allow U.

Gonzalez's single "Heartbeats. Hart- ley says Integral will put up a "large por- tion" of the artist's marketing and recoup from sales. Based in London, Integral is helmed by Ian Dutt, who will combine the role with his position as labels director at Vital. A group of Swedish file sharers announced an. The putative party pub- lished its manifesto online at piratpartiet.

Spokesman Se- bastian Sjalin claims Pirat- partiet represents Sweden's ,plus active file shar- ers, who are "tired of being called criminals. Piratpartiet must present the authorities with 1. SjMin says it already has 4. Sjalin says a nominal membership fee of "a few Swedish kronor each" will fund the party if it becomes a recognized entity.

Now they will have to show their pretty faces. Canadian indies have tra- ditionally done little business In Japan, which is dominated by domestic repertoire and major label international stars. Keeler jokes. The next 12 months will see albums by Aussie rockers jet. Airboume and Wolfmother re- leased in America. Since the international breakthrough of Jet and the Vines, Aussie rock acts have received more attention from U. But rather than wait for these acts to prove themselves at home. GM of Austrade's Los Ange- les office.

It assists acts from Down Under in getting U. He adds that rock, pop and country — areas where Australian acts have previously enjoyed international suc- cess — are drawing attention from U. O'Donnell says that Aussie acts are particularly appealing because of their reputation for being "great live and not being shy of hard work.

The band will showcase in North America during March ahead of a U. Airbourne will cut its debut album for Capitol early this year and tour the Northern Hemisphere before the record drops globally later in the year. That leads some Canadian industry veterans with ex- perience in the territory to suggest the Japanese mar- ket's appetite for interna- tional repertoire is waning. That may bode ill for alter- native rockers, Vancouver- based artist manager Bruce Allen says.

Despite his misgivings, Japanese pro- moters and labels are en- thusiastic about the new wave of Canadian acts' prospects. Zaitsu says that FM radio opportunities for such acts are limited. Modular says the act's self- titled album has shipped Andrew Klippel. Another U. The duo's debut album, "The Secret Life of the Veron- icas. The benefits for Australian acts of tapping into an inter- national budget rather than a domestic one are clear.

Klippel says. Victory product is currently distributed in the U. According to Victory, new albums from Hawthorne Heights, Action Action and Waterdown will be among the the first releases under the new U. The ARIA charts show domestic acts accounted for a record 30 of the top albums in , up from 24 in ARIA is still compiling full-year shipment figures for Billboard has learned that La Falce resigned in late December, some 12 months before his contract was due to expire.

The resignation was effective immediately. Prior to that he had been president of MCA Italy. Jones enjoyed the first of nearly 50 U. The Queen hands out the accolades each Dec. The record industry operative sat in his car, the motor idling. Nearby, a dozen New York cops crowded together on benches in a Brooklyn police station, exchanging small talk.

All were waiting for a suspected music pirate to arrive at his storefront and begin burning CDs ofhit music. Five hours passed. Everyone shifted into high gear, taking positions around the suspected CD burning lab. But before reaching the stakeout, the suspect entered a nearby copy store. Mov- ing inside the burning lab, they executed their search warrant, seizing five CD-R towers with 43 burners, 6.

Sbc days earlier on Oct. The pirates are endangering lives, siphon- ing sales tax and income tax revenue from the public coffers and severely damaging the record industry. During the past four years, annual U.

He believes that the decline is directly related to piracy. As more law enforcement agencies have begun supporting the record industry's anti- state and local law enforcement officers simul- piracy efforts, they are finding creative ways to BIJSTI taneously raided 13 locations in California and Texas.

Their main target after a two-year un- dercover investigation was an underground repli- cation facility where CDs and DVDs were molded, manufactured and packaged to look like legitimate entertainment and software products. The raids cumulatively amounted to the largest seizure of counterfeit CDs in U. Five individuals were arrested. On any given day, the record industry's or so full-time investigators are directly in- volved with major investigations into the manufacture of illegitimate physical goods around the world, says Iain Grant, the former head of narcotics investigations in Hong Kong who runs the anti-piracy operations for the IFPl in London.

They often use these profits to fund other criminal enterprises, says Brad Buckles, former director of the Bureau of Alcohol. Experts say the criminal activities include nar- cotics, guns and terrorism. Organized crime is right in the middle of it. Still, they face a formidable foe — a shadow business — that continually shifts its strategies to take advantage of the industry's weaknesses and to benefit from its strengths.

Burners operating at 52x can now copy 40 minutes of music in less than one minute. Very little space is now needed to run a pirate operation. Pirates can burn on demand, keeping very low inventory. Robert Barchiesi, RIAA director of investigations for the Northeast region, says that raids on manufacturers once netted 30, 40, pieces. It also presents challenges in law enforcement. For example. With its in- creasing level of CD-R piracy — especially in cities like Madrid and Barcelona — and its inef- fective deterrence.

Spain is now on the IFPI's top 10 list of priority countries. When Benjamin visited the Mediterranean beachfront town of Alicante last year, his group counted 50 men selling pirate CDs on blankets. Authorized retailers were nowhere in sight, pre- sumably unable to compete with these pirates, none of whom were Spanish. In the last two years, all of those arrested in Spain for music piracy were illegal immigrants, says Antonio Guisasola, president of the Span- ish record industry trade group Promusicae.

When illegal immigrants are arrested, they give false names and do not have residence or work addresses. They are detained for a couple of days and then are set free to await trial. The alleged terrorists accused of bombing the trains in Madrid earlier last year are now on trial.

Grant says. Instead they rely on audio cassette sales. The IFPI reports that corruption is an unfortu- nate reality in this country. Frequent leaks to pi- rates result in unsuccessful raids. Preliminary IFPI figures confirm a trend to- ward burning. CD-R seizures nearly doubled to RIAA figures show U.

Piracy in molded goods — pressed through the same replication process as legitimate CDs — present different challenges for the record in- dustry and law enforcement. Since they can be mistaken for the real thing, counterfeit product is sold for much higher prices than burned CDs.

They can also confuse legitimate retailers and end up as credited returns to record companies. As a result, the record industry has made shut- ting off replication facilities dealing in counter- feit goods a major priority. There are two ways pirates enter this type of trade. One is by taking a master recording — made from a recorded CD — and giving it to a replicator that does not have a good anti-piracy screening program.

Rubenstein says. Another is to set up a factory — a replication facility — to make the pressed discs. Some of them are legitimate plants that produce pirate music on the side. Others are underground facilities thai do not handle any legitimate business. Some governments are no! In Russia, liberal licensing by the government ofreplication plants — currently at 48 — is a seriou. Since mid, the IFPI has forensically traced pirate product of more than 1, dif- ferent titles, which were seized or purchased in 27 countries, back to 21 of the 48 licensed Russ- ian plants.

Somewhere between nine and 18 of these plants are Restricted. It is an implication of complicity. Russia wants to join the World Trade Orga- nization. But intellectual property holders and many government officials say that I P reforms must take place first. China was admitted to the WTO before re- sponding to concerns over piracy. It is still the world's largest pirate market. There- is no deterrence. The IFPI is aware of at least 12 plants opening in Nigeria — where anti-piracy legislation and law enforcement are weak — by investors linked to Asia.

The record industry recognizes that it will take more than law enforcement to overcome piracy. I try to spend as much time — and give as much thought to — that commercial area. The metropolitan area of Guadalajara has a population of nearly 7 million. Licensed street vendors selling cheap, pirate CDs dominate the music market. If it weren't for the kind of goods they're selling, they would be model citizens. They formed a team to put pressure on landlords who harbor pirates and profit from rent they pay.

The city uses its resources ranging from build- ing inspectors checking for building code vio- lations to police ofiicers executing nuisance abatement and other civil orders to firemen enforcing fire codes. They seize any pirate or counterfeit products found. Buildings are sometimes closed down and landlords fined. First it convinced the government that the kind of goods the vendors sell is important.

Then it began working with the government to convert the vendors — on the threat of taking their ven- dors' licenses — to sell goods specially created for poor populations, Benjamin says. One step involved distribution. We took a holistic view of the problem and set up a distributor to serve as a co-op for the vendors so we could sell to them.

IFPI regional director for Latin America, says there are now two or three whole- salers working with vendors, offering them small credit lines. The industry has met with about 1 , vendors regarding the initiative. The threat of pulling vendors' licenses has proven effective, Vazquez says. However, their distributors often work out of high-rise buildings and present more of a chal- lenge.

Even though law enforcement officers hit those buildings repeatedly — seizing hun- dreds of thousands of CDs and making hun- spections and accept increased fines and other penalties if counterfeit products are again found on the premises. But while arrests occur around the world, very few pirates serve more than a couple of days in jail. All too often they are merely fined or lose some of their products or equipment. As a re- sult.

CD piracy continues to be a low-risk, high- profit business. Still, record industry representatives, in- vestigators, government agencies and lawyers continue working around the clock to plug the piracy leaks through legislation, law enforce- ment and commercial programs see Legal Mat- ters, page The highest hurdle they have to overcome is public perception. Even those in positions of au- thority — such as prosecutors, judges and legis- lators — often view CD piracy as a victimless crime.

Congress passed a joint resolution in the final months of It called on the Russian Fed- eration to provide effective protection for in- tellectual property or risk not being accepted into the WTO and losing its duty-free trade ben- efits. Sources say that China may also face legal action in That was the one goal a young female group from Houston hoped to achieve after signing with Columbia Records in Not only did Destiny's Child realize its golden dream, but during the past decade, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams made history as one of the world's top-selling female acts.

That history Includes platinum plaudits and international acclaim— selling 50 million records worldwide, according to Sony BMG— as well as a host of Grammy Awards and other industry accolades. Signing off as a trio last year In the wake of their successful "Destiny Ful- filled" farewell album and tour, the three ladies are busily pursuing their individual careers in music, theater, TV and film. This year will bring new solo albums from Rowland and Williams, plus Beyonce's anticipated co-starring roles in the feature films "The Pink Panther" and "Dreamgirls.

Destiny's Child did what few acts in any genre, of either gender, have been able to accomplish; bowing out while stilt on top. You loki me thai you loved to sing. I asked you if it was your passion and you answered, "yes! I've soon you smile, I've watched you fall and got up even stronger, I've watched you take on the role of leader, of which I'm so proud.

With that responsibility I've watched you set an example for all of us, kindness but firm, strength with compassion, focused vet flexible and through it all, applauding others. Kelly At 10 years old, because music was what you loved so much, you moved into our home to be able to get to practice. I've watched you grow with so much confidence. I've watched you be unselfish in all you do.

Over the years what I've had the opportunity to appreciate most in you is the love. Not only the love that you give to Michelle and Bcyonce, but the love that you give to the world. Unconditional love! Now may you discover your own special abilities and contribute them to the world.

Michelle Five years ago you came with such a positive attitude. You came with such a willingness to be a member of a team. Never selfish and wanting what was best for all. You came willing to accept whatever role given but through your hard work, recognized that the best way to contribute was to learn and grow. You've done just that. You came not wanting to change things but to be a part of something already at the door of success. Today, you will be remembered for hard work and all you've contributed.

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of each of you and feel blessed to begin this journey together. Over the years Destiny's Child has had tremendous success. What you've taught us all is that the true measure of success lies not so much in what you have achieved, but in knowing that you have touched the lives of others! Ask those who have worked with the group for the reasons behind its phenomenal success, and the following factors are invariably ticked off: talent, passion and determination, Robert Waller, who co-wrote "Cater 2 U" and penned songs including "Me, Myself and 1" for Beyonce's solo album " Dangerously in Love," credits the group's strong work ethic and focus.

They were all committed to a com- mon goal: success. Each stride they made was a creative stride that took them from [their] teens to where they are now," Original group members Beyonce and her friend LaTavia Roberson were only 9 when Des- tiny's Child was initially established in With Beyonce's father, Mathew Knowles, as manager, the fledgling act sang and rapped.

Beyonce's cousin Kelendria "Kelly" Row- land signed on in , after which the trio appeared on "Star Search. But one thing didn't change: the youngsters' en- thusiasm for this musical venture. This was young girls say- ing, 'This is what we want. And practice became a way of life. In sessions he tagged as "boot camp," Knowles helped the preteens develop their cho- reography and vocal skills.

Also on the agenda: stamina building and media training. But all we wanted to do was sing and have somebody watch us. We'd go to my mother's hair salon and perform at times when I know they [the customers] didn't feel like watching us. But we would make them. But when all of our friends were in cheer squads, we were in rehearsal and loving it. When that liaison ended after two years and no record, Knowles reap- proached an earlier suitor. Columbia Records. The label signed Destiny's Child in Still in their mid-teens, the girls made their first recorded appearance on the "Men in Black" soundtrack with the song "Killing Time.

Those early dreams of a gold record came true when the Jean-produced lead single "No, No, No" ascended to No. Sony Urban Music president Lisa Ellis recalls that early on, the girls' talent and determina- tion left a lasting impression. They were doing their own hair and makeup, com- plete with costume changes. Tina [Beyonce's mother] literally sewed all the clothes back then. There were no lights or cameras. Just them and a crowd of people.

And they killed it. In December When two new members. By July In the meantime. I couldn't show my- self weak, but it's hard when you know God has given you a talent and you want everybody to accept it. It turns out you can be stronger than what you think you are. These ladies kept it moving and never looked back. But I'm so happy he did. De- buting at No. During this hiatus, they released their first solo albums.

Rowland hit No. But never did 1 think we'd be the biggest girl group ever. To this day, I can't swallow that. It's just that each time we went back into the studio, we thought we could grow and maybe be a little bigger than just gold. I started writing, and we've all grown vocally and personally. As soon as we accomplished a goal, we thought of a new goal to accomplish.

Her romantic comedy "Seat Filler. Rowland's sophomore solo album is due in April. Describing the project as "very per- sonal. This month, she's due to go back into the studio to record an album currently targeted for a summer release.

Beyonce is concentrating on her "Dream- girls" role right now. Discussions are under way about her possibly shifting back into recording mode in May, with an eye toward a September release date. That hinges, natu- rally, on when the " Dreamgirls" filming ends. By the grace of God, we've made our mark. We wish nothing but success for the female groups who will come behind us. But the most important thing is that we still support each other.

It goes deeper than just Destiny's Child. These titles are ranlced by peak posi- tion on The Billboard through the Dec. If more than one title peaked at the same position, ties were broken by the number of weeks a title spent at the peak. This chart information was compiled by Keith Caulfield. The lineup may have wavered through the years, but the mission never changed.

To date, the group has sold 50 million albums woridwide, according to Sony BMG. Knowles, who is president of Music World Entertainment, an umbrella company he sold to Sanctuary Group in , took his experiences from the corporate world and transported them to the record industry, always focusing on qual- ity and excellence. Although "the Destiny's Child brand," as he calls it, may now be in re- tirement, he continues to oversee the solo ca- reers of its members— Beyonc6, Rowland and Michelle Williams— as well as those of Beyoncd's younger sister Solange and a number of baby acts he is developing.

While the girls were still very young, 11 or You also designed a boot camp for them to train them to be stars. What was the purpose of that? They were able to build their confidence, and they were able to understand what being an en- tertainer is versus being a singer. We would sit and look at Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston. Madonna, janet jackson and Tina Turner; those were the six artists that we studied.

I would go and get every tape and per- formance that you can imagine, and we would literally sit down and study from the beginning of those performances and just go back and break every component apart. I think the label saw that, [and] that the whole team of folks that we had the girls surrounded with were strong. I undoubtedly know that they saw, and I keep saying this, because people to this day haven't got how talented these girls are.

They saw the imaging also, because it was different. You think to this day that people did not see that? I don't think people still understand how indi- vidually and collectively, they're not [just] tal- ented, they're extremely talented. Were you concerned that you had a one-hit wonder on your hands?

No, you know what the concern was. That if we failed on the next album, it would be because we failed. That first [album] was the label saying, "You need to work with this person, you need to work with that person, and they're going to write the songs and the girls will just sing it. Destiny's Child sells more albums inter- nationally than it does domestically. Was that orchestrated from the start? We have been international from day one. Custom List: Siti molto carini Slide: per fare slide con le vostre foto; Bigoo: trovate tante cose per il blog; Web gif; Aurorablu; Mega search: cover per cd, dvd, ecc Choco club: sito dedicato al cioccolato per i golosi ihihih; Coverall: tante copertine per i Access tonneau covers - FreeCovers.

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