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Very valuable and knowledgeable information. Thanks, for this information. Enter Draws. So when is it necessary to splurge for higher quality? When it comes to produce, the Dirty Dozen is a great guide that is released every year by the Environmental Working Group that lists the 12 fruits and vegetables you should always try to buy organic.

By contrast, there is also a Clean 15 list, which is produce that you shouldn't worry about spending the extra money for organic. These items change periodically and if you want to reference these lists when you are at the grocery store, the EWG has a free app called Dirty Dozen that you can download that keeps updated lists of the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen!

Costco is a great resource for organic produce, as are farmers markets! While most local farmers aren't certified organic, they are usually very happy to share their pest control protocols with you! For very local produce, The Joyful Food Co. For pastured meats, I watch stores for sales and stock up when I can. ALDI has a great price on grass-fed ground beef, and Sprouts and Target put theirs on sale regularly!

While Costco is a good resource for organic chicken, I find that pastured pork products are the hardest to come by, but Whole Foods and farmers markets are a good starting point. If you have the freezer space, you might consider talking to a local farmer about buying a cow or splitting one with another family.

Remember--don't let perfection be the enemy of the good. Buy organic when you can and when it makes sense. Here are some other pages with great advice for those looking to eat clean on a budget:.

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