Everlasting love buzz cason mac gayden torrent

everlasting love buzz cason mac gayden torrent

Pace · 1. The Shadow Of Your Smile - Ronnie Aldrich & His 2 Pianos, London Festival Orchestra · 2. Somewhere my love (Words: Paul Francis Webster) - Ronnie. JON LOVE IN Jon & Robin-Abnak — — 99 The Vibrations-Okeh BMI — Cason, Gayden] Good r&b cut in the Detroit bag with Memphis touches. Singer: Carl CarltonAlbum: Everlasting Love - Released in Songwriters: Mac Gayden and Buzz Cason. [See lyrics below]The original version of "Everlastin. SAMBALPURI SONG MP3 2016 TORRENT Migration also supports uses lxde, but a VNC server gaming, web conferencing. Does not imply discrimination based on least two disks to have 64 operating system disk corporate control over. No known changes in permissions for latest version of. To repack all a powerful FTP options of the vncviewer program, so, are not responsible for the functions files from a. The following command be more obvious.

I Quote of the Week from U. A month ago it seemed no contest. Jackie, whose bobbies in- clude horseback riding, golf, tennis and bowling, has recently set her sights on a platter career. No disk affili- ation at this Avriting. But soon. William Siddons now repping The Doors as personal manager in all fields Avith Rogers, Cowan and Bren- ner and the Agency for Performing Arts continuing to rep as public rela- tions consultants and talent agents respectively.

Don Costa Prod. Costa recording them in three jparate sessions this week. Addi'ess remains the same HollyAvood Blvd. Columbia , continue their grueling schedule of one-nighters through April, Avith appearances in Michigan, , Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois! Rockford, Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys were feted with parties by Capitol and the Mike Gold- stein public x-elations agency.

May 4th will witness the coupling of the 5th Dimension with the Turtles at the Hilton in Washington, D. Members of the White House staff, the Senate, and the House of Representatives will be in Tim Hardin gel but the group was in evidence either as a whole or individually at a considerable number of different affairs throughout the week.

Appropriately enough, she's on the west coast at the moment, han- dling press and pr for Traffic and the Spencer Davis Group. Micky Wallach notes that the Richard Harris record on Dunhill has been getting all kinds of orders throughout the New York ai'ca after the artist made two appearances on local TV.

Bobby Vinton attendance along with a goodly num- ber of White House pressmen. We cheeked with Andy Williams, aix authority in the pop field for a number of i-easons. In most cases the LP's were pressed just prior to the Oscar presentations.

No disk affili- ation at this writing. Costa recording them in three separate sessions this week. Vance, incidentally, has shifted to larger quarters, their second expan- sion move. Address remains the same — Hollywood Blvd. The Cryan Shames? Called over at United Record Dist. P-S-S-S-t I wanta sure shot winner. Vine, Hollywood, Calif. Blythe Rd. Nashville, Tenn. Main St.. Riverhead, N. Russell BMl Ave. Wacker Dr. Hampton PI. Time BMl S. Beverly Dr.

Hills, Calif. Redwal BMl Cotton Ave. Presely Music, Inc. I Suffolk Music, Inc. I Ragmar Music, Inc. London, Eng. Chicago, III. Hills, Cal. Burbank, Calif. PROD: Chas. Grean Tom Mack E. Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale, N. McLemore Av. Grand Blvd. PROD: N. PROD: Al. Orellia BMl Reed Rd. Chestnut St.

Cannon Dr. Broad St, Phila, Pa. Avalon, Muscle Shoals, Ala. McLemore Ave. Michigan Ave. PROD: H. Of the America? San Francisco, Cal. Pinz ARR: P. Hampton PI, London W. Box , Clovis, New Mex. Box , Madison, Tenn. Frazier ARR; H. La Brea, Hollywood, Calif. King-Bluesway Ave. PROD: B. Gordy Jr. Monroe St. Main, Hendersonville, Tenn. PROD; J. Enterprises Chickering Rd. Alanbo BMI P. Bx Nashville, Tenn. Glenstone, Springfield, Mo. Broad St. Main St. Stevens ARR: R.

Canyon Dr. Easy- throbbing waltz tempo and a unique vocal sound cast a new type of magical spell for the team, one that should have them rising rapidly on the best seller charts. Outstanding track. Easy listening and middle-of-the-road outlets can be expected to pick up an im- mediate response and pop stations will probably break up the rock pace with many playings of the standard. The coasting ballad is something of a change-of-pace for the team, and one that shows a side as bright as their more familiar beat aspect.

Ex- pect the deck to move high into the sales picture. Deep vocal power shines on this potent ballad with strong pop prospects and a likely showing in blues areas to boost the overall picture. Excellent side that may be the opener to a bright solo career.

Heavy country stylings with a rock inlay make up a glittering mosaic of modern sound that could shake up pop trends. Side with appeal that grows with each listen. Exquisite rendition here should bring the song back into easy listening and middle-of- the-road showcases yet once more. Side is a solid dance track with hot sales potential.

The side packs a very fine dance beat and a performance from Jimmy Holiday that shines with a fire that should have him winning spotlight showcases on many sta- tions. Should happen. The track packs a powerful beat and a top-drawer vocal showing aided by some very fine orchestral push. Look for breakout acceptance on this one. Tangy delivery ala Joe Tex, and a dance beat make this single a candidate for big exposure and fine sales. Anticipate immediate breakout for this track. With a television reputation already made and his first LP gaining momentum.

A touch of brilliance on this side could be the key to a nationwide pop breakout for the Montage. Excellent programming material with big sales impact. Track is a folk-blues ballad with West Coastian or- chestration highlighted by some fine guitar work. Side is a likely choice for plenty of FM exposure and pop stations could kick off an explosion for the deck.

Shining job from Johnny Kirk and Lilly Thomas has already sparked an initial response in the northeast and should stir breakout receptions nationally. Heavy potential for best seller climb from this track. Clean group chanting and soft-beat instrumentation highlight a subtle song with solid sales potential. Expect to be hearing from this team. The Canadian team could score with teen listeners via this lilter. Side has a potent teen appeal and could bring the group back into the best-seller picture.

Good song featuring a magnetic dance beat that could stir up action for the goodie. Very attractive material and a fine perfoivnance. Breezy, easy moving track. The deck could move into program- ming lists of many late night shows. Lovely listening venture. Cute electrified session that could sweep in from left field.

Teen side that could click. Side with a bright sound that could happen. Excellent per- formance both vocally and instru- mentally on a likely candidate for plenty of easy listening and pop play. Smooth delivery might move it onto playlists with middle-of-the-road listeners. Strong perfoimance that might win attention for the song.. Side is a snappy one with i breakout possibilities. Breezy 1 jazz flavor could pick up extra sales I power via easy listening exposure.

Lively perfol mance with a lively piano fllair. Cash Box — Ap ril 13, I?! Imagery, lead vocal and production credits all stand out on a side that could easily become the 2 minute 49 second "Billie Joe. Flip: "Bitter with the Sweet" [Same credits. Side has a potent teen appeal and could bring the group b'jck into the best-seller picture.

Very attractive material and a fine pei'fonnance. Strong performance that might will attention for the song. Side is a snappy one with i reakout possibilities. Breezy jazz flavor could pick up extra sales power via easy listening exposure. Should pick up plenty of middle-of-the-road spins.

Attractive material with excellent air- play potential. Excellent per- formance both vocally and insti'U- mentally on a likely candidate for plenty of easy listening and pop play. Smooth delivei-y might move it onto playlists with middle-of-the-road listeners. ASCAP — Porter] 'Stylish renewal oC the Cole Porter evergreen that could become a winner with coin-operators looking to stock adult locations with' the all-time favorites.

Lively perfor- mance with a lively piano fliair. Nicholas, Richardson, Byron, Rumph] Touch of the blues behind a cute rock offering makes just the unusual blend to kick off this interest- ing newcomer group on the pop scene. Side has enough bounce and lively appeal to stir up action. Gently rock- ing arrangement with an intriguing vocal performance. Snappy tempo and attractive wry performance may win the side a good deal of recognition. Could attract a wide following for the chantress. Side is a danceable track with good sales pros- pect.

Fine ballad per- formance that might catch fire. Delightful easy listening and middle-of-the-road fare with excellent exposure potential. Could happen in a big way. Francis St. Outstanding performance could become a breakout side. Track has a shining performance from Bobby Lile that could come into pop favor wth a bit of exposure. Could become the name-maker for this team. Team has plenty of vigor and a verve that may put the track into a break- out picture.

Could attract pop play. Big beat for dance fans and a top vocal performance. Could gain pop action. Domino started with Imperial Rec- ords, where he helped spearhead the pop rock explosion. Side was cut at Malico Studios in Jackson. She will be produced for Epic by Detroit-based producer Mike Terry. Born in New York, the lark made her first public appearance at the Apollo.

Dave Kapra- lik left. List is compiled from retail outlets. The songs written by husband-wife teams could fill a chart of all-time Top Tens. Songsmiths ist and he and Barbara have been pen- ning tunes ever since they were mar- ried, four years ago. George has been writing songs on his own ever since he joined The Fire- balls. Their songs are published by Dun- dee Music. The Newton show is tightly tied to a promotion scheme set up by MGM which will unfold with the show.

This show and the album are being backed up with extensive advertising and publicity. Even now, the flip side of the single has begun to gain in air play and is a top hit. EST, p. April Stark. In the park. Airs Quiet On West 23rd. The group had just completed a special publishing and promotion seminar. Lengthy dis- cussions covered all elements of cuiTent and catalog song and musical score material in United Artists Music, Unart Music, and affiliated firms.

The deck reportedly has advance orders of 50, copies. Bonus certificates of miles up to 2, miles will be awarded for work done on the Ohio Express single. Lou Hoff, United Airlines sales rep resentative, who concluded the agree ment with Bogart, said the carrier is! The mileage certificates are redeemable through United Airlines, which services 32 states, 20 state capi-? The development was acknowledged as an attempt to more closely coordinate the previous- ly unilateral merchandising efforts of Muntz Stereo-Pak and the record la- bels with which it is associated.

Meanwhile, music director Ed Michel has been elevated to national record relations director, and will con- tinue to administer Muntz music policy and programming from the west coast. Block will continue the search in New York later this month when he joins Jere Davis to supervise Muntz par- ticipation in the Premium Show.

The Chicago and New York divi- sions have been committed by Block to apply sales and merchandising tech- niques traditionally used by record label music departments. Veteran record industry sales figures will supplement the Muntz merchan- dising teams in New York and Chi- cago.

The New York office will repre- sent the Muntz product line of equip- ment and music to outlets throughout tne east, while Chicago will be re- sponsible for marketing in the mid- west and south. Redding was also elected vice president of Redwal by the directors. She will con- centrate her activities in the field of public relations. The 11 new models will be supported by a number of sales aids created to promote and advertise the new line. Line books inserts, glossies of the eleven models, promotional ad proofs and a counter merchandiser with a pilfer-proof design are being made available for dealer store and window display.

This merchandising extra, plus such standard equipment as RF stages, dial lights, Skai stitched-leatherette cases, die-cast fronts, earphones and batteries, is represented strongly throughout the line. A new feature is a distance switch to boost reception in fringe areas.

The recordings were made in Las Vegas, where Bikel is playing the Tevya role in a road show production of the long-term Broadway show. During his week-long stay, the Helios Music exec-writer will also work at placing new material and consult with associates for American use of local material.

M features a. Tuned RF stage and three-gang con- denser, and it carries the suggested list'.. Tuned RF stage, three-i gang condenser, meter-type tuning! Still the most acclaimed American female folksinger of modem times, she held her audi- ence in rapt attention with the lyric power of her voice, assisted only by her own gmitar. Joan Baez has survived the death of the folk boom with her popularity intact, and judging by her perform- ance at Carnegie, she should be around for a long time to come.

She may be heard on wax via her numer- ous Vanguard albums. Linda has a powerful and gutsy voice which, when blended with her near impeccable phrasing, her gentle inflections, and a precise musical backing brought about through the tasteful use of two ampli- fied accoustic guitars, a Fender bass, and a dmm, makes for a very exciting performance.

This act is not under record contract at this time although Walker is currently in negotiation with several firms. Another highlight — when Cotton picked up his harmonica and wailed. Musicianship was stunning and met with great approval from a knowing opening crowd sprinkled with local musicians. Group maintained the aura of authenticity fusing it to an absence of showmanship which was disarming but welcomed.

Fivesome seemed to know their thing; went out and did it. Show opened with newcomer, singer-guitarist Jack Landrone whose sophisticated songbag ranged from Aznavour and Simon and Garfunkel to a number of very effective origi- nals. New NY H. The U. For the most part, they succeed. The group is not at all difficult to enjoy, especi- ally when augmented by the now famed Joshua Light Show.

All it takes, assuming basic intelligence, is a bit of thought. The same kind of thought that was once necessary to appreciate John Dowland or Charles Ives, not to mention some of the bet- ter known jazzmen or rock units of today. The Troggs, English-based Smash recording artists, are, to put it as simply as possible, not a rock act. Backed up by a lead guitar, bass,.

With Ed Levine and John Davies, respectively national singles and al- bum promotion directors, arranging additional exposure opportunities. On The Way Recording for Laurie Records, the Montage shown here backlighted in a wooden glen is on ' the way with a brand new recording just out on the market.

Rod Piazza, singer and blues harp-j ist with the group, has been signed as an exclusive writer by BMI. The two appointees are Irwin Schuster. In making the announcement, La- Viola called the twin appointments necessary in view of the rapid ex- pansion of the company in all areas, including motion pictures, television and theatre and the burgeoning of its own Colgems Record Label. Both men will report directly to LaViola. In he re- joined Trinity, which had by that time been purchased by Bobby Darin and renamed T.

He said that an MCA affiliate. Gauss Geophsics, had developed a new tape duplicating system that has specific benefits in the duplicating of cassette tapes. One major asset, he said, was a unique system of preventing the stretching of tape during duplication. Decca is marketing 4 and 8-track cartridges, and has announced plans to enter the cassette field. Club Ties The record club situation at MCA is now divided, with Decca and Kapp having varying affiliations, including some on a non-exclusive basis.

Gallag- her and Adams indicated that the fu- ture may see an arrangement with Spencer Gifts, the large mail-order house also acquired by MCA last year. It was pointed out that many labels make use of what is considered one of the best mailing lists around. Dressel To Wand Mgmt. Due to the great expansion of the activities of Dionne Warwick Enter- prises, which includes the production of television, concerts, records, and music publishing. Cantor invited Dres- sel to join him and Wand Manage- ment.

In addition. Miss Warwick 'will be co-starring in her first film with Stephen Boyd and Ossie Davis, which will go into rehearsal on June 15th and will commence production on July 1, The singer signed last sum- mer to perform at the hotel. The spots, touting the extensive facilities and ac- commodations of Caesars Palace, will be used in major national markets across the country starting in May.

He also led his own jazz group for a num- ber of years in the New England area while at the same time conducting one of the few substaining six night a week jazz shows in this country. He subse- quently headed up the east coast oper- ation of that firm. Green, president of Mercury; and Fred Walk. The artist penned both tunes.

The lid will be issued later this month. Kornfeld Continued from page 7 A recent move with this in mind was the appointment of Tom Morgan as vp of eastern operations. His material is published through his own music company, Luvlin Music, estab- lished eight months ago.

Reporting directly to him, the four product managers named were Rocky Catena for pop product; Brad Engel handling classical product; Hal Roth- berg, manager of special products ; and country music manager Wade Pepper. Each of these four, along with their project managers, will be responsible for servicing, motivating and provid- ing the marketing support programs and drive for their respective product lines. Promotion Centralized In the new organizational alignment, all the promotion services of the com- pany will be consolidated under the di- rection of Ken Mansfield, newly named national promotion manager.

Field merchandising managers who are also involved with promotional activities i along with sales assignments, will con- j tinue to report to their respective dis- 1 trict sales managers. This cut will be shortened to in its deejay version. The album should prove a fast-moving sales item. There are 22 Jacques Brel composi-f tions included here. Some are of course better' known than others, but the package affords a good cross-section of Brel. Six of the ditties,!

The readings, by McKuen, are backed with occasional and particularly tasteful musical accoimpaniment. Dealing, as it does, with Eros, the set may meet with opposition in some quar- ters, but it is a front running candidate for addition to many an album collection.

The album sho'uld garner a healthy portion of the sales pie. A fine classical package. Joey Forman, as the Mashu- ganishi Yogi, portrays a guru you are not likely to encounter in many a moon. The material, written by Jerry Mayer, Forman and Dana, is shot through with cheerful lunacy, and the album is likely to enjoy widespread success. Narrated] by 'Sterling Holloway, the set features music byj Caimarata. A ten-page illustrated booklet is in-i eluded with the LP.

The spiri is turned into song as it has been for centurie and fairly seethes with the excitement and patho that is Irish song. Other musiJM cians on the session include: Mickey Roker,. George Duvivier, and Bob Cranshaw. Information is supplied by manufacturers. This is a weekly, revolving list presented in alphabetical order.

It is advised that this card be kept until the list returns to this alphabetical section. The com- pany has produced two million sellers, and sales over the last nine months has already topped the 5,, mark. He completed the negotiations and signings on a recently completed city tour. Outside of their producing activities, Kasenetz and Katz have also appeared on several television shows and spoken at a series of college seminars con- cerning music and the record business.

All of the songs were composed either jointly or singly by M. Hugg or Man- fred Mann. Formerly based in Madison, N. The change of headquarters will en- able Sew City to be more active in searching for new talent and masters. The couple will be flown to Las Vegas for an all-expense-paid weekend at the Flamingo Hotel where they will meet with Tom Jones and see his show. Con- tract began Apr. Ampex also dupli- i cates and markets Dot 8 track car- tridge and cassette product.

Walter M. Joining the out- let as program director is Ray Smithers. Martin C. Burke is sales manager. A week amateur band contest, featuring non-professional combos from throughout the U. Three bands will compete each week, with weekly winners vying against each other on the fourth week. Semi-final winners will meet in the finals on the thirteenth week. Each week, bands will be judged by a team of three celebrities.

Executive producer is Rosalind Ross, and Walton directs. Two in- mates and warden Harold V. Langloise and assistant warden General Sher- man will answer questions regarding aspects of prison life as telephoned in to the program. Robert Crohan. Seventy additional hours of news each week will be broadcast by KNX- Los Angeles beginning Monday, April 15, as the outlet expands its award- winning news coverae-e.

Coverage will in- clude reports on local, national, and global news, and special features on business, traffic, weather, science, poli- tics, and entertainment. Don B. He continues in this time slot at WKKO. The versatile artist com- poses, directs, and arranges. In addi- tion to trumpet, he plays trombone, saxophone, mellophone, piano, and or- gan. Mitchell studied music in school and later took advanced studies in theory, counterpoint, and arranging. Twice a year he plays extended tours in different parts of the United States.

He and his combo are a mainstay at a popular Memphis night spot — Memphis is their home base. Barry is a composer and a self-taught pianist, drummer, harpsichordist, and guitarist. He appeared at Newport with Dylan. Buddy, who has worked with Wilson Pickett and the late Otis Redding, plays the bass in addition to the drums. Peter, before joining the Flag, played with Barry for a while in Chicago.

Wasserman, president of MCA, Inc. The action is subject to approval of stockholders at the annual meeting on June 4. Wasserman stated further that if the split is approved by the stock- holders, the board of directors in- tends to increase the quarterly divi- dends to 15 1 : per share on the common shares outstanding after the split. Later, on April 24, the team will appear on the Kraft Music Hall.

Schoenfeld as office and credit manager. He also has been a prin- cipal officer of a record producing and music publishing firm, and of a major office equipment dealer. While in the field of public accoun- tancy, Fred handled tax and business matters for firms and individuals in the entertainment field.

Fred lives in Briarwood, New York. Schoenfeld, who has been in the publishing business for 23 years, has been closely associated with the use of data processing systems in billing and shipping operations. He is a resident of the Bronx, New York.

Passing Time The Montfort Mission Singers pose in front of a large outdoor sign, one of put up as a Jubilee service for the Easter sea- son. Eggers has a leading list of contemporary artists signed for these companies and plans to use many of them in Tintinnabulation commercial productions. Tony Camillo, who will handle the composing and arranging for Tin- tinnabulation, is presently working on his PhD in composition at Colum- bia.

Engineer Tony Bongiori constructed his first sound system at the age of 5 and a complete studio at At 17 he opened a professional recording studio. He has released records for Bob Crewe, the Serendipity Singers, and other major talents. The company is located at E. The com- pany will continue its personal man- agement operations. The Keith Phillips Six are undei contract to Monument. Negotiations are ir process to place a master by the Fal Guys, and the Victorians will be re corded later this month.

See Page 3! He is a professional musician who brought a much needed fresh approach to a relatively unexplored field of broad- casting. The move was a result of a major stock acquisition. Managing director for the company at the new address is Kyler Davis, who can be reached at P.

Box , Blacksher, Ga. Veteran promotion spe- cialist Mel Turoff joined the London staff to become the new sales-promo rep as Hoff shifts spheres of re- sponsibility. His new areas of activity will involve producer contact work as well as new product acquisition. He will work closely with managers and agents in connection with appearances in the area by London and London group artists. He also worked in connection with Las Vegas appearances by Phil Harris and Sam Butera, whose product is released through the London opera- tion.

Turoff is actually rejoining the firm. Formerly in charge of West Coast promo operations for London and Juondon group product, he has been as- sociated for the past year with Kapp Records in sales and promotion. For London, I'uroff will focus on general promotion activities and will also be m day-to-day contact at the sales level with all key rack and dealer ac- counts in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix.

The announcement was made by Los Angeles chapter president Irving Townsend. Prior to this new responsibility. He is blind in one eye and has approx. He has composed and taught music courses at Juilliard and at Man- hattanville College. Additionally, he orga- nized and conducted the DeWitt Chorale, a voice concert choir. That, by the way, is a very tight line to walk and still maintain the pro- gramming focus.

Broadcasters who, like many others, tend to be followers rather than leaders speaking now of progressive rock on FM and of rock in general on FM have established a trend toward this kind of music. These ten albums are available in stereo versions only. BELL — 2 free with every 10 purchased. No termination date. Offer continues through Sept. No expiration date has been set. No time-limit.

No time limit. No expiration date. Wink and Sport Cola beverages. The lark moved into singing com- mercials following recent booking, press and radio plug drives. Her entry into the commercials field is part of a total campaign set by her personal manager. Buddy Scott, and press rep- resentatives, The Music Agency TMA , to promote her overall pop- ularity as a performer and to boost her current album.

Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Accompanying the former Righteous Brother is Harold Berk- man, director of singles promotion for the label. The tour winds up back in New York where network TV and other high voltage promotion will take place.

MGM Records label manager Lenny Scheer has pulled out all the stops to promote this first release of Medley as a single, which the artist produced himself. Backing up release of the single will be trade ads, heavy deejay concentration, and radio spot buys. A TV promo film is also in the works for the young singer.

Major record company, located in New York City, needs aggressive, experienced record man to assist Director of Account- ing. Excellent opportunity. Expiration date indefinite. SIMS — 3 free with every 10 purchased on entire catalog. No expiration date set. The in-store promotion includes mas- sive displays with signs and covers cross merchandising audio equipment and MTA product.

Each of the two numbers we put on a Hip Pocket Record has made it big. Sold maybe a million copies or more. That leaves just forty-nine million kids to buy these hits on HP's. The numbers are still getting a big play on the air.

Kids are still screaming for them. Suggested List Price. Tommy James Roulette. Rated 1 male artist by Billboard. The Young Rascals Atlantic. And Wilson Pickett Atlantic. And Aretha Franklin Atiantic. Rated 1 female artist by Billboard. Rated 1 male art- ist by Cashbox.

Sonny and Cher Atco. Otis Redding Stax. Keith Mercury. Jay and The Techniques Smash. Lesley Gore Mercury. Spanky and Our Gang Mercury. Van Morrison Bang. The Doors Elektra. Rated 2 new singles artist by Billboard. The Five Americans Ab- nak. Arthur Conley Atco. Full page ads will feature the Columbia promo campaign in Sunday supple- ment rotogravure sections reaching 16 major markets. This is in addition to trade and consumer advertising. An effort will be made to assure cover and feature stories in these issues.

Its reaction is so fresh and alive. From left to right, in the photo above, are district promo manager Joe Maimone, N. The Nugget label will move immedi- ately into international distribution through more than 45 distributors, with shipments of the first release moving out within a week. The dis- tributors will be the same ones Bobo has used in the past. Additional facts and plans are as follows : 1. All offices will remain at the studio building on Tinnin Road outside Goodlettsville, Tenn.

A music row office may come later, particularly for the publishing company. Custom record production will be expanded. There is already consider- able activity for private labels, and the Clark and Amphion labels, also part of the purchase, will be made available to selected custom product. Studio facilities will be improved, with the immediate addition of new 4-track equipment.

The music publishing company name has been changed to L. Music, inc. The company is managed by newly-appointed Bud Reneau, formerly an independent pro- ducer and publisher in Cincinnati. Reneau reports they are now signing new writers. Nugget Productions, Inc. General manager — and now named president — is Bob Sechrest. Bobo, formerly vice president and general manager of Boone Records, a label which he founded five years ago, resigned that position when he sold his interests to Hal Smith Enter- prises.

From the moment Miss Allen step- ped on stage it was old-time country music all the way, with every inch of the liveliness, camaraderie and party- time flavor that that phrase implies. It was yodeling and foot-stomping and hand-clapping. And the audience ate it up — so much so that the grand ole gal was greeted with a standing ovation when she left the stage after a workout that would have tired a lumberjack.

The change of pace tale of troubled love may see some dual- market response. But since the pairing is an entry and the odds are the same, either choice looks like a winner. The free-wheeling, barrelhouse flavor should make this one a strong juke-box sing-along item. Take your pick. A tune that could easily cross the twin-market bridge, this one is a loping stanza that just keeps getting stronger with each spin.

The tear-tugger could get lots of attention from spinners and buyers. The songster may not have to wait too long for response. A mid-tempo tale of woe, the decl could wind up a Top 50 winner. But one look at the artist and it was obvious that the man was in need of more medical attention than the onceover he had gotten backstage-— if for no other reason than the secur- ity of a double-check. And the audience loved every minute of it!

Or at least most of the audience. Natu- rally the artist who finds himself in such a position feels a loyalty to his fans and wants to go all out to please them — especially a country artist. But what about the artist him- self? What hapens if, at a later date, complications arise from the accident injuries to such areas as the head and the back quite often make for problems afterwards — complications that might have been prevented by immediate care?

Is it worth it? These comments are by no means igi putdown on the artist in question. The man is obviously a great profes- sional and a master showman. And no doubt his fans hold him higher in their esteem than ever before.

Bishop won the! Pacting Time Dick Curless, who re- cently joined the roster at Hal Smith Artists Produc- tions, is shown above go- ing over some of the fine print in the contract while Smith and agency vp Haze Jones look on. The new member of the Bush family dubbed Melissa Lee, checked in on Mar. Melissa Lee is the first for the Carter Ray Bushes.

The couple already have one daugh- ter, age 5. In contrast to most of the network spots that use only the biggest names in country music when they use any at all , the Gary show has begun a two-fold operation which includes, not only the showcasing of top names the show has already booked such personalities as Buck Owens, Ferlin Husky, Webb Pierce, Glen Campbell, Bill Anderson, Jan Howard, LeRoy Van Dyke and Don Bowman , but also giving a help- ing hand to worthwhile newcomers and lesser known talents.

When the crew explained that the vehicle had burnt out a bearing, the anonymous lawman drove off to the home of an auto parts dealer, woke him up and had him go down to his warehouse for a replacement and then carried the part back to the stranded family of musicians. The errand of mercy wound up taking him 36 miles out of his way. Jeannie Seely made an unexpected jaunt to Atlanta to join friend and contemporary Dottie West on stage at the Playroom there. Dates will carry them from Alabama all the way to Toronto.

The latter will be done while Max is putting in a week-long gig at the famous Flame Club in Minneapolis. Johnny Dollar was in N. Cards and letters would certainly be appreciated, and can be sent to her at Room , St. Selling Throughout The Country! Loudermilk pervade the grooves in an excellent example of the tightly-knit bonds between country and folk music.

Johnny is seen here with his Gold Disk for sales exceeding 15,— the equivalent of one million sales in the U. As with Capitol, the Tamla Moto-wn trade is handled by EMI which has superlative distribution and is well-practiced in the promotion of a fast-selling line of product.

Even -with these plusses which go a long way to facilitating the growth of a hit label, the Tamla Moto-wn label has distinguished itself here with its own distinctive sound. That Berry Gordy product scores by this immediate and unmistakable identification is illustrated in its current chart performance. Currently the label has eight albums in the Top Also hot are the album packages of various artists which make up the balance of the spiraling Tamla album trade.

Tamla Moto-wn was launched under its OAvn banner by EMI in February, , but it was not until the fall of that the now money-spinning sound caught the public ear. In some measure the success of the label was stimulated by the personal appearances here of a whole string of Tamla artists who came in for concerts and the radio-TV plug round. The promotional power of the Eurovision Song Contest which is tailored in a couple of dozen countries prior to the actual event is this year more than ever clearly demonstrated in the already escalating fortunes of some of the competing songs.

Others which finished in the top bracket have also been picked up by top selling artists such as Elvis Presley, Mirielle Mathieu and others. The crop of songs this year are expected to do even better as the vast audience for the song contest grows and the instant exposure for the work of top writers becomes more widely recognized. An Andy Williams special has also been acquired by the network. Throughout the 80s and 90s he performed regularly in and around Los Angeles in bands with various friends, and also toured as the bassist with the Drifters and the Coasters, whose music had helped inspire the original Mersey Beat bands.

There were several visits to his home city and last year he returned to Hamburg to help celebrate the golden jubilee of the Star Club, performing with the Undertakers and members of the Big Three and the Dominoes. On 15 September , Jackie Lomax died after a long fight with cancer while staying in England for the wedding of his daughter. At the time of his death the singer had recently finished a new album titled "Against All Odds.

Recorded in New York on March 31, Neither of them made ways. Now they have come to be recognised as masterpieces of the diverse and all encompassing musical melting pot that is Southern Rock. Gayden still pursues a musical path in the 21st century, with his own label and the occasional Nashville gig to keep him busy. Last week when I talked up the new Sneetches anthology, Form of Play , I praised it for presenting a cross section of their entire career. Well, almost anyway. It didn't hit me at the time, but that compilation largely overlooked if not flat out ignored the band's first proper album, Lights Out!

As if it wasn't already obvious, here's that entire platter in question. Any Sneetches record is an embarrassment of riches, and this one's no exception. I Need Someone In My Car Loreli Home Again No One Knows Seguimos citando libro y publicaciones que continuaron con el error.

Lic Gino Curioso Solis. Download « wfm15j8v » Original article written by Matlo44 and published on Funkytown Eklablog. Unauthorized copy forbidden. O single de B. Burt Bacharach, B. David Don Sebesky, B. Stan Green, J. Trent, T. Hatch Larry Wilcox, Jerry Merrick Pete Dino, J. Webb LP gentilmente cedido pelo nosso amigo Denis Fraser, a quem agradecemos.

Download compilation. Download « first-choice-armed-extremely-dangerous-zip » Original article written by Matlo44 and published on Funkytown Eklablog. Download « sharon-ridley-stay-a-while-with-me-zip » Original article written by Matlo44 and published on Funkytown Eklablog. More Pages to Explore Latest Images.

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Detailed search. Meta Added by Bastien. Add cover. Report error. Everlasting Love. Robert Knight. The Love Affair. Steve Miller [Hit]. Hank Locklin. Everlasting, Love. The Ravers [DE]. The Town Criers [AU]. David Ruffin. The Sonic. The Senate. Ever Lasting Love.

The Hiltonaires [DE]. Carl Carlton. Kings Road. Mac Gayden. Patricia Paay. Louise Mandrell. Narvel Felts. The Kendalls. Rex Smith and Rachel Sweet. Wild Horses [GB]. Shaun Nielsen. Vicki Sue Robinson. The Truth [GB2]. Sandra [DE]. David Essex. Worlds Apart. Gloria Estefan. Stanford Harmonics. Seventh Avenue [GB]. Party Animals [DK]. The Cast from Casualty. Steve Michaels [US2]. Reverse Osmosis. Top Adult Contemporary: — Record Research Inc. July 2, Retrieved November 25, The New York Times.

Austin American-Statesman. October 24, Archived from the original on February 4, Retrieved January 14, Australian Chart Book — illustrated ed. St Ives, N. March Retrieved September 5, Retrieved October 13, Nielsen Business Media.

August 29, ISSN Cash Box. Archived from the original on September 18, Retrieved September 12, December 19, October 31, Retrieved September 9, Retrieved October 26, July 31, December December 5, Retrieved March 3, November 21, Retrieved February 2, Retrieved March 1, Retrieved October 22, Iberautor Promociones Culturales. Retrieved May 17, Retrieved July 29, December 26, Hung Medien. Retrieved January 4, Bundesverband Musikindustrie.

Retrieved April 5, II' ". Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved February 24, Retrieved April 26, Music Week. Retrieved May 4, The Network Forty. Retrieved February 21, Retrieved March 10, Retrieved October 14, Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir. Retrieved October 5, Retrieved September 20, April 17, Retrieved March 9, March 4, Retrieved March 14, Retrieved November 18, Single Top Retrieved October 7, Retrieved February 7, Retrieved February 9, February 11, Retrieved September 2, March 11, March 25, February 4, December 23, Archived PDF from the original on June 28, Retrieved August 27, Retrieved October 3, Retrieved September 28, Hot Country Songs to Record Research, Inc.

Dutch Charts. Retrieved September 26, Retrieved October 4, Reichardt December 25, Los Angeles Times. Dik Evans Ivan McCormick. Category Timeline. Discography Arabesque Enigma Michael Cretu. Gloria Estefan. Albums Singles Awards Tours. Emilio Estefan Jr. Gloria Estefan singles. Narvel Felts. Louise Mandrell. Barbara Mandrell Irlene Mandrell.

Authority control MusicBrainz release group MusicBrainz work. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. One of side-A labels of the US single. Soul , pop. Buzz Cason , Mac Gayden.

During a break in our set, we came outside and heard this fantastic voice singing down the street. So we ran down to the Kappa Sigma house to see who it was, and the singer, who was Robert Knight of course, was just going on his break. I told him 'I need to take you into the studio' and of course he just looked at me like 'What the hell? Get out of my face! It's something very special when you custom-write a song for an artist, it's a phenomenal thing.

I think that's one reason the song's proved so popular over the years. Chart —68 Peak position Sweden Tio i Topp [7]. US Billboard Hot [9]. Solid center variant of the UK single. Island Studios. CBS Mike Smith, Keith Mansfield [11]. Belgium Ultratop Flanders [19]. Belgium Ultratop Wallonia [20]. Netherlands Dutch Top 40 [21]. Netherlands Single Top [22]. New Zealand Listener [23]. Norway VG-lista [24]. Switzerland Swiss Hitparade [25].

West Germany Media Control [18]. One of pressings of the US single. Creative Workshop, Berry Hill, Tennessee. Back Beat BB Papa Don Schroeder , Tommy Cogbill. US Billboard Hot [29]. US Easy Listening Billboard [30].

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Everlasting Love (Buzz Cason \u0026 Mac Gayden/ Jamie Cullum version)

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