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illy m phazes levels mp3 torrent

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Microsoft Corporation - Dynamic Interface Manager. Microsoft Corporation - Task Scheduler Engine. Microsoft Corporation - Network Provisioning Service. The venue itself, an old church, is amazing, but the sound engineer had used a CD to test the system, paying no attention to the decks. Plus the needles were fucked, so at one point I was reduced to playing on one deck.

They'd gone to America to record an album and Jason had thought "sod this", stayed in New York and started putting on parties. I played my first gig at the new Renaissance venue this month. Of course, with Renaissance, you expect the highest quality production, and they've really come up trumps. The sound system is crystal clear and the venue makes it the best looking and best laid- out club in the UK. Venues like Media really are the future.

The next night I went from superclub to miniclub at Maison Profound in Bournemouth, a small monthly night. But the crowd were still jumping around from start to finish, even though the music I play doesn't usually get a hands-in- the-air response. I thought it rocked, although you could tell it was going overa few people's heads. Had a great outing this month at the annual In The City industry bash, which was in my home town ofLiverpool. There seems to be a real buzz in Liverpool at the moment and this showcase really captured it.

Plus, bars being open for 1 0 hours on a Sunday didn't do anyone any favours. I have to say, Liza is so different from Kelly. She bowled straight over to me and said hi, which made it easy to settle back in. Rammed by The crowd followed us in any direction we took them, which was a bit of a pain in the arse when we went for a piss. Outstanding contribution to drug- taking! And I should have won it last year! Which was only true if it was small, folded and full of white powder.

At the Muzik Awards everyone complains about the queue. On a mission to unleash quality garage and pumping disco house, they're yet to release a duff record. And now they're offering one reader a whole year on their extremely limited mailing list. You too could be receiving your Defected promos -free, gratis, for nothing -in the post the very same day that Roger Sanchez and Basement Jaxx pop down to the post office to pick up theirs. To win this fantastic prize, all you have to do is answer this simple well, for Defected fans anyway question.

One reader will have one minute to grab as many records as they can carry from the 1 2-inch vinyl section at the HMV store of their choice. At the end of the minute what you're holding you get to keep, it's as simple as that. Toenter simply select an HMV store from the list below and answer the following spectacularly easy question.

What does BPM stand for? Entries must arrive by Friday November 26th. Terms and conditions apply. Mult pie copies of any one title may no: be taken fl. HMV reserve the right toremovoanyp'ociuct which dees net comply with tfoapove rules 7. But if I continue naming records, I'll give the game away. I don't want my cover to got blown! I used to do set-ups for artists like Whitney Houston.

And he enjoys nothing better than breathing underwaterforfive minutes to achieve a spiritual high. But 'That Sound' is no average record. Imagine a ''-era Prince playing 'Gabriel' at Wiggle. Simple yet intricate, this record is so subtle you'll be singing it for weeks. He'll admit to first recording with Eighties Cortina soul outfit Mtume back in and at a push will tell you Moog is a pseudonym.

Like we hadn't guessed. Rumour has it he's trying to protect the identity of a rather famous father. I want to base my success on what I do ratherthan who I am. Harvey's dubbed-out Punch Drunk Mix hits the spot likea good martini. Just about perfect. And now every chancer in the office wants to borrow it. Circulation-Grey' Circulation The finest tech-house producers in the whole of Kingston, with a pummelling fourto the floor bruiser that should sound equally at home at Bedrock or Wiggle.

Dave Mothersole- 'Tech-House Phenomena Three' Eukahouse Muzik's very own techno boffin dons his lab coat to cook up this scientifically precise mix on two Technics and a Bunsen burner. But the impenetrable electro cocoon of their last album has turned into a lushly chilled soundscape butterfly. Thanks to the success of clubs like Shoom and Hacienda, and illegal raves, the idea of acid house parties spread like a virus.

It was held in a warehouse in Gildersome, near Leeds. Casting a crafty cultural eye on the dancefloor Grey Not the most glowing of colours is it? Think John Major, school uniforms mmm and cold winter mornings. But black's washed-out cousin has really made its mark in clubland. From the beaches of I biza to the bar staff at Home, everyone is wearing grey this season.

Step into any high street store and there's little else on offer. There's no escape. So why is grey so popular? Is this trend being forced upon us or is it genuinely popular? Like black, the colour tends to make a comeback at this time of year. As winter draws in, the desire to wear orange and green goes out of the window. It's a neutral colour without being too harsh, so you blend in.

You also focus on the style rather than the colour of the clothes. RM Who was there? The promoters, DJ RobTissera, about 1 , ravers and nearly as many coppers. What happened? Lots of people danced to acid house, before the police raided the place and made history by conducting the largest mass arrest in Britain since 1 41 2. What do they say now? Says RobTissera: "Looking back on it, I can see why they decided to jail me. Basically, I gave the command for 1 , people to riot, All I was trying to do was keep the party going.

It was like I had a whiteout. British society has always had a deep suspicion of young people gathering in large numbers without the supervision of a responsible adult. Tissera and co were hardly scout leaders, after all. The irony of the then government's clampdown is that they were instrumental in creating the institutionalised legal behemoth that is clubbing in 1 Nice one Tory Party!

MAGINE the scene: it's 6am, dawn is break ing and you need to get home, but you don't have a clue where you are. Using information beamed from 27 satellites orbiting the Earth this uber- intelligent timepiece can tell you your exact location wherever you are.

It might even help you find your way to the toilets in Home. It turns jungleonto itsdarkside. Shimon collaborates with Ant and Andy on the huge Turbulence'. The second Ram collection, 'Sound In Motion', is also released. January 2nd, 1 Did you, as popular rumour has it, invent acid house dancing? No, I copied it from other people in Clink Street some time in ! Everyone was doing it.

I still dance to it. It's as vigorous as ever! Were you a child tearaway? I was a troublesome child. I was a total truant. I thought it was more fun to bunk off and sniff glue. I don't regret any of it. Everything I've done has made me what I am today. It was Arsenal versus Man City, live on Sky! We performed 'Ebeneezer Goode' as part of a 30 minute performance! The North Bank retaliated with 'who the fucking hell are you?

I'm a Chelsea supporter and I supported them home and away in the early Eighties. For me, it was very much pre-E. Girl-On-Girl Action! When did you have yourfirst sexual experience? Same as everyone else - pulling me todger! Actually, when I was eight I got into bed with a girl who was seven. We took our clothes off and kissed and thought that was making love.

Have you ever had a homosexual experience? I was interfered with when I was young, It was against my will. The good thing about that is it really puts you in touch with your sexuality. Are you threatened by Fabric and Home? London has over 1 0 million people in it. Hopefully everyone will do really well. The End holds less than 1 , people so we can afford to be specialist.

What's been your most enjoyable drug experience? My most enjoyable experience was performing on stage at Glastonbury in We played the hallowed NME stage! I had total telepathy with the crowd. Afterwards I couldn't talk to anyone for over four hours. Both the band and the audience were off their heads. It was the most perfect performance. Probably the only one! And as a pop star? I said it once on every TV performance and we did 1 2! And at The End? The last Subterrain was amazing. That and the third birthday.

The Subterrain music's deep, dark and delicious all night. Why did you DJ at Harrods? The girl who runs the Way-In section asked me! It's the same day as Subterrain and I thought, hey, a new outfit! It's nice and tranquil, a really relaxing experience.

I even got to see Mr Fayed. He winked at me! It's nice that he let someone play acid house at his store on a Saturday afternoon. Are you rich? On paper, yes. In my pocket, no. I always said that I'd put all my earnings back into the industry. And I did. Commission 14 directors to film a party each. Add Goldie's production partner Mark Safritz as musical adviser, lots of tongues, nipples, dildos, arses, genitalia, dilated pupils and porno posturing. Throw in a bloke who can suck his own cock and get Howard Marks to write and voice the script.

This is Manumission The Movie. Also, it horrified Claire and me that someone could make a film about us in 20 years and cheese it up just in order to make money. We thought that if we made the film now, we would capture the moment forever, and it would be ours.

They've captured the essence of their club with footage from Manumission at Privilege and Space and sound-tracked it with original compositions from artists like Norman Cook, Space Brothers and DJ Cam. But is it any cop? Well, it's hardly as polished as say. Human Traffic. However, this unique porno-vbritb, techno-flick isn't aimed at Barry Norman. But for Smurfed-up veterans who want a record of summers past it's perfect. With moments of real unscripted drama Manumission: The Movie succeeds in being fucking good entertainment in the true sense of the word.

And you know what, they will be absolutely fucking right. Selected cinematic screenings will take place nationwide see local press for details. We may monitor and record your phone colls with us in order to maintain and improve our service. Conditions opply , sec in branch for details.

Offer is open to 1 year olds not in full time eckraticn. Salaries must be mandated Into the account. Registered number Next time he might be flying Club Class When and where were you born? November 2nd, 1 I was born in Iceland. How did you start D Jing? I've always been into music. I lived an especially boring life in Dorset and decided to break free from the sticks. So I started a mobile disco. Then I got offered a job in Hong Kong and jumped at the chance.

How was Hong Kong? I met Craig [Richards] and Sasha over there. I played at a dive called Neptune. Most visiting DJs would comedown. That's why Sasha took note: he said he'd never heard so many styles mashed together.

I came back in August 1 and Tyrant took off. What was the first record you bought? What was the last record you bought? Where do you buy your records? They're both quite diverse. Tag sells deep electronic music and Plastic sells the tunes! Has anything vaguely amusing ever happened to you in a club? One weekend I was extremely caned - I'd been up for a week-and while I was DJing, I headbutted the turntable, stopped the record and split my eye open.

I slept for three days after that I How would you describe the music you play? I try to play a real cross section. I hesitate to use the word trance. There aren't enough people playing it out in the clubs. What do you listen to on a Sunday morning?

I'm still out clubbing on Sunday morning! There's a new compilation album out on Flying Rhino called 'Caribbean Eclipse'. Goa trance people making mellow music. Favourite labels? Favourite DJs? Craig Richards, Terry Francis and Sasha. Favourite club to play? Abroad it would have to be The Backyard in Thailand. I've never experienced an atmosphere like it - a load of wood and a sound system nailed to the side of a hill on a gorgeous tropical island.

What would be your dream line-up? Larry Levan, followed by Derrick Carter and me and Craig tofinish off for the last half hour. What can we expect from Lee Burridge in ? Hopefully a couple of my own tracks. I'd like to do more gigs in Europe and Ireland as well.

Hybrid Symphony Or gina! Version white label 2. Subculture Featuring Marcus 'he Voyage Strobe 3. Excession Jntited white label 2. Tilt Angry Skies wnite label 3. Excession Nostrum white label 8. Bass Toys Rurnin' B:ue Piate 9. Rap with a message. Every time I hearthat record it takes me back.

The sound was unreal. Me and my boyschilling out, listening to stuff like this. I can recite the lyrics wordforword. It's just beats: no bassline. It's notyour typical kick and snare, it's off-timing with a high-pitched voice. They're the dog's bollocks! I used to breakdance and before LL Cool J took off, this was the one, the start of hip hop becoming an industry of its own.

For me it sums up that era, It was also the last great track they made before they went pop. Great beats but with a message. Theirfirst album was unreal. Lyrically, these are songs I know by heart. It's one of those records that strikes a chord. If I go back to my crates, these are the ones I pull out. Herbie Hancock was a genius producer. He mixed the whole thing up and related jazz to hip hop. Sade Smooth Operator Epic Sit back, relax and if you've got company, put on this record.

It brings the mood down. Not to mention the fact that she's sexy as hell! In fact, the whole album is wicked. It's one of those funk classics I'd love to cover. Back in the day there was a real love of live musicians. It says what I'm about and where I'm from. It reminds me of when I was a young tyke! It's just one of those feelgood disco records. It makes me groove all over, man!

He brought the hip hop sound of New York to house. When you were in a club and the DJ switched from disco to this it was unbelievable. A feelgood classic. Side Itoo 1. And 'Move Your Body' had a piano groove that was sampled by everyone. I turn up on the dancefloor every time it slows down!

I still get a big reaction from that record I 3. And Dan Hartman was a white preacherman! It's all about the arrangement- there are three different records in one on this track. A classic. Whoeverthe drummer was deserves a lot of credit.

It's got such a great arrangement. I sampled it on 'Get Up' with Octahvia. Wilf rido Vargas ElAfricano He's a band composer and singer. My mom turned me on to this record -drop it at a Spanish party and watch everyone go crazy! It's a merengue, which is a little faster than salsa. Anyone who has any Latin in them knows this record. It was played by all the underground DJs at the time but it broke through and eventually it got played by everyone.

A wicked record. I think she was being a diva! But she's still the queen of soul. She's been around since the dinosaurs and still looks great. I grew up in Columbia and remember playing this over and over- 50 times a day sometimes! As a DJ, it's an end of the night record.

But I was raised in Columbia. Age: 28 First record you bought? Donna Summer's 'Greatest Hits' Plans for the future? The kids rule! They even made it to The Manor in time. The song has become an anthem on the football terraces. Even Derek Dahlarge was there. Where were you? Grow up lads. Nike Five years ago Cream tpok its inspiration from the famous swoofh. Now Nike are getting their own back on a new ad campaign. Revenge is sweet! For stopping work on his album, flying in to London on Concorde and playing a blinder for free at The Muzik Awards.

The Chemical Brothers Braved a heavy bout of stateside travel- sickness to appear at The Awards on time. Still working it out, then. The Gatecrasher Kids She came, she conquered, she stayed up all night after The Muzik Awards to present her radio show at six in the morning.

Not the sort of antics you see from Oakey. Rob Da Bank We put our hands up. Apologies to all the industry punters who had to wait anage to get in - no w you know how clubbers feel every Saturday night. Inabrandnew Mercedes. What did they call him? Groove Radar. Good grief. But unlike Seb, Guy stropped when the camera crew asked hirn to stop playing.

Get a grip! And losing his sense of humour as a result. Not even vaguely amusing. O Hey you!! Hat on a DJ. Grass up a misbehaving celebrity. If you ve got a good bit of goss, then you're a person after our own hear; and we clutch you to aur bosom. All contributions accepted. The juicier the better. Best drug - second yeaminning, inevitably the Mitsubishi steers itself into pole position Well, the eve of a new years is nearly upon us - the dawn of a new era. It's a time for a fresh start hut also for reflection upon times past.

Most of all it's a time for celebration. So where will you be when the clock strikes midnight? At home or away? With friends and loved ones? In a club full of strangers? Or maybe - just maybe, you'll come to the most intoxicating house party. Maybe you'll come to The Gallery. This year we have been especially blessed. New Year falls on a Friday night.

The Gallery New Year's F. In recognition of this fact The Gallery will be hosting Londons best millennium party. You are invited to spend it with us at Turninills from the earlier start of 8pm through the first hours of the new millennium until 10am. Alex Anderson and Darren Christian. Let's not forget the nights extra special appearances from our residents Steve Lee, tie.

Carl Clarke and of course fall Paul. Paul has confirmed that this is going to be his only DJ set within a 2 1 1 mile radius!!! This is your only chance to see him play in the South or the I K. INFT Tel: crvisit vww. Cavernous arches and exposed brickwork make this club a cross between a dungeon and a railway arch. Comfy but with a rawness that keeps it cutting edge. Just stroll up to the roof of Fabric and take in the glorious view of spires, cranesandthe Millennium Wheel. This has got some real life atmosphere to it and in the summer is the only place to chill with your rave mates.

Yup, it's a dancefloor that can be mucked about with to suit your dancing requirements. Need a little more step in your dancing shoes? No problem sir, we'll just turn this nob and the floor will gently ride up and down. Not Fabric, where the sexes come together in perfect communion.

And yes, there is still complete privacy while you do your business. With no massive main room, instead several average sized dancefloors, you're never going to feel overwhelmed here. Reasonable prices, friendly service and the bestfruit cocktails this side of Hawaii. A boozer's paradise. Fabric also functions as a fully equipped live venue. It's open till 8am and always hides a hungry celeb or two.

A right gut buster. Fabric, we salute you. I can't remember which one because my brain is still swimming in a reservoir of Guinness from the night before. On the strength of the scenes down at the Temple Theatre every Saturday, however, he was spot on. A juggler stands on a podium grinning, dancing and playing with his luminous balls. An old, white-haired man does card tricks for a gaggle of giggling girls at the back and as DJ Heaven steps up to the decks the whole club surges forward in expectation.

Heaven seems a fitting name for a DJ in a club that used to be a church. Until, that is, you see the queue of rave monkeys curling round the block. Nevertheless, looking out into the crowd from the pulpit, it appears one or two thousand of these non-believers are having spiritual experiences. Downstairs resident Liam Dollard isn't doing badly tonight either. The arches are dripping with sweat and his mix of funk, house and beats seems to be tempting the lovely ladies tonight.

With increasing numbers of people travelling from the mainland along with DJs like Oakey, Tall Paul and the Tyrant posse, Space is taking off big time. Outside the safety of the booth, The Manor is going bananas. John '00' Fleming warmed them up, the residents have taken it harder and faster and now, to wrap things up at one of their regular all-nighters open till 6am , the funkiest Frenchman in the world is boshing his way through an hour and a half of deep, breakbeat techpo.

While ressies Si Gracia and Seth Sanchez are rocking the upperfloor with deep and funky house and discoid garage, Laurent drops the new Josh Wink. As with many of his records, Gamier likes to write a little reminder to himself as to the style.

Wink's white label reads 'Mills style' and he ain't wrong. I remember all my box but it's useful to have a clue. The Manor isn't known for, techno DJs but Gamier isn't your typical Clarke or Mills, all no compromise and manic mixing. With him, there's soul and funk in the b-lines and, as Laurent says, "some people wanted harder music, but it was six in the morning. What the fuck did they expect? We need tol push people who haven't heard this before, at least give them the option.

Good music has a space anywhere. If people say it was shit they're gonna eat shit. I mean, Americans eat McDonalds. At their debut UK gig, an air of expectation hangs over the capacity crowd of industry head-nodders and deep house spotters. But it doesn't all go to plan: DAT problems lead to a cocked-up, out-of-time In The Trees' and even when the scruffy band finally kicks-in, it feels more like Rock School than old skool.

Still, the cramped four-piece string section are having fun, and the opening strains of 'Moving Cities' sees Zeke finally step in past a half-hidden Simon Lee to take centre stage. This track, more than anything else tonight, provides the most moving representation of where this band are currently at. The sound is organic, alive and full of African and Latin flourishes absent from their earlier samplefests and Zeke is a worthy, exciting frontman.

They're joined by the obligatory Japanese stage stormer as the set hits its peak with the fully rounded bouncy house brilliance of 'Kariba'. Then, just when they seem to have cracked this live caper, it's all over. Faze Action offer an avalanche of enchanting sounds and are always going to say a lot more than your average PA. Festival circuit ubiquity awaits and justly so.

Away from the stifling confines of music industry rubber-neckers they might just be brilliant. You don't have to dance to it, but once their set is finely tuned you'll be a fool not to. Membership available. This is not a members only club, but membership entitles weekly privileges. Security patrolled car park also available. The first sees thousands of pumped-up East Coast queens get out their amyl-stained hankies and wave goodbye to Junior Vasquez, who will retire immediately following the gig farewell DJ box toilet, farewell blazing rows with Danny Tenaglia 1 1.

The second welcomes Sasha and Digweed for a monster 1 2-hour trance-laden take-off into Contact: www. And if you're still in two minds about 'avin' it Arge, there's the traditional after-party at the Riviera-like Punto del Este, Uruguay, which is rumoured to go down like the Belgrano. Muzik's editor and a host of other house luminaries including Cream's James Barton will be attending. The British Embassy is already on stand-by. The event will be held at the Argentinian national polo field, Buenos Aires.

The Cream street party itself is absolutely free. Just in case you get bored of that there's a 1 00m wide screen showing footy. This one really is divine, apart from the likely total absence of boshing house. What could be more fitting for New Year's Eve, eh? Well, if you fancy a walk on the dead side, Taos, world capital of the occult, bizarre and just plain best- avoided, could be for you.

Accommodation is cheap, flights are plentiful and one hotel is even organising a 'contact' with a 1 9th Century guest who was despatched to the other side by a cross-dressing axe-murderer. The drumming mentioned above is only faintly musical, by the way: it too is a native American way of speaking to the deceased.

The two events are apparently unrelated, but the Pharcyde party, with "numerous tents catering for every persuasion " , looks like the safer bet. A massive 25, people are expected to attend, and the whole thingwill be covered live on Radio 1. Contact: Pharcyde on or www.

Promoters are promising a live band with a laser and fireworks display and a "cool, safe time for all ". Cool obviously being the operative word. The whole freezing, DJ- less experience includes one night at the hotel. Who would want to stay longer? Not us, especially with no mention of house musicand no, er, Lapp dancers. Contact: Scantours on 0 1 , orwww. Feasibility: it it it NYE Rating: it F OR those English patients who can't get enough of stylish Soho bar Riki Tik's boozy flow and laid back house, the venue is organising a punter trip to the southern Moroccan desert where a stunning bar overlooking the sea has been hired fora hour knees up with all their usual DJs.

If style, deep house, intimacy and location, location, location are your bywords, you need look nof urther. Young boys and hashish not included, by the way. Contact: Donna at Riki Tiks on Flight Not cheap. You can go out Day. Of course, the cost depends on where your island is, how you get there and what you do when you arrive. Yes, we do it every Saturday night, but why mess with a proven formula?

All have suitably staggering line-ups. Latin house will predominate. Copacabana-style fireworks from barges will illuminate the proceedings while pint-sized princess of Latino pop, Gloria Estefan, performs. Contact: You know best. Cost: Take a wad. As always, the music is shite, because people are more interested in shagging than dancing. Long-time promoters the Swingers Ball are running an event just outside of the city, while other louche nighteries offer free champagne and GHB to go with your choice of sexual partner.

There's even a special 'student swingers' event. Contact: Any sordid Internet site. Rumour has it although New Year parties are banned, for Y2K the streets of Havana will explode in a salsa shagfest. You can't stop the Cubans doing what they do best: singing, dancing, and having it right off. Ask Oakey, he had itthere big style this year.

Contact: Cox and Kings Travel, on Tonga will be the first inhabited country to welcome in the the year see below , so the good burghers of Roslea have seen fit toorder some native logs for their celebrations. Quite what they will do with logs from the South Pacific is anyone's guess.

If you have a taste for the Tonga-in-cheek, this could be for you. Contact: vAvw. The main event is a party at Privilege, but, as you might expect, this crew will have it right off every day. No jocks are confirmed yet are they ever with this lot? Just how over the top do you want it?

Big mistake. No ticket prices are available at present. Tonga, of cou se, will be the first inhabited spot on ear h to welcome in Y2K. Contact: Kingdom c f Tonga at www. Feasibility: -. The cost. Because it always s. Because there : re policemen everywhere. Flow fuckini i expensive? Those fucking N Yf records like "Hi. Say what? Trafalgar Square. Club queues. In the biggest portable heated structure in the world the stars will sparkle for The clubbing fraternity and the rack cognescenti will converge to celebrate in front of some of their greatest heroes.

The Stereophonies: undoubtedly the hottest, probably the biggest band in Britain today headline this prestigious event. Fresh from selling out their own 55, one day festival in Wales who else could do that these days? A fantastic climax to a fantastic year, their performance at Cream is a legend in the making. Complementing the Stereophonies are the best two bands Liver pool has produced this decade - The Lightning Seeds and Space. Who better to lead the anthems on the Millennium eve than the Lightning Seeds, the darlings of Euro 96 and among Once 8am.

Licence granted. And who could resist Space and their unique, beguil- ing blend of retro pop and 90's easy listening chic? If our party is beginning to look Rock-based then think again. Cream offers you probably the best dance music line-up of any event in the world on this night. Tonight more really is more Orbital headline our dance music bill and usher in the new millennium with some of the most poignant pieces of music In clubculture. Expect a stunning stage show to match.

Where were you when your first heard the sound of Orbital? Where will you be when it ushers in midnight on the millennium? Add Darren Emerson, Dave Clarke and Justin Robertson plus more to be confinned and you have a truly unique eclectic and extraordinary airay of musical talent and Individuality. The best in a lifetime. Remember Creamfields? Tills will be even more special.

And just like Creamfields. Cream Is proud that Liverpool City Council has chosen this event, in the spectacular waterside surroundings of the Pier Head, as its official millennium party. Cream is proud that this party, with its host of bars and restau- rants, will feature a five hour live radio broadcast from Radio 1.

Cream is proud that this show, with its unbelievable line-up and unbeatable value for money, will be filmed for future presenta- tion on Sky TV But most of all Cream is proud to offer this magical spectacle to you. For one night only. Once In a lifetime. Cream Infomation line www. Lime Street and Central station are both approximatly 1 0 minutes walk to the Pier Head.

For further information call British Rail Merseyside Police - pushing a dreg free event. Ui- J. I've forgotten to put my eyes inr Trevor Nelson gets dead excited, bless him the Party The great, the good , the not-so-great and the very bad indeed. They were all there. Cheer up Seb. Might never 'appen We pay. The Gainsborough Studios, Islington. The biggest event in the dance calender.

They ate the sushi, they drunk the booze and they grooved in their thousands. New Order's Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook swagger around like the rock gods they truly are, MTV's Cat Deeley gets a few jaws gaping in a skintight scarlet top and Norman's missus Zoe looks stunning in a fitted rubber number. Which is more than can be said for Dave Beer. Prada must have been cleaned out this week- the stars have spent a small fortune on natty gear. Jamie Theakston looks dashing in a long grey jacket, Mr C acts cool in a well-cut suit and tie and Defected head Simon Dunmore looks equally sharp.

Mark Jones is wearing a pink shirt, Simon and Felix Jaxx look like proper pop stars in oversized puffas and Norman Cook is wearing one of those bloody Hawaiian shirts. The stars of stage and screen sneak in through the side entrance. Sadly nobody spots her. Clubland figures are out in force tonight. Sasha walks around with his father in tow. What a gent. Carl Cox is deep in conversation with Roger Sanchez and Jacques Lu Cont has dyed his mullet especially for the occasion.

The ceremony lasts a little over an hour. Everyone is anxious to party and thankfully Trevor Nelson is on hand to get us grooving. As the club mix of Carly Simon's 'Why' erupts, seve people applaud the Balearic class dancing. Judge Jules plays a groove selection, Danny Rampl garage hat and Roger Sanchez set of sparkling house and upfron At 3am, the remaining drunken ushered out of the building into tl stagger to aftershow parties at se across the capital, while others bamboozled to do anything but sldi we caned, we woke up with very f u; afut 'al hundred c.

Everyone is k and rare ing dons his slays a sublime garage, revellers are icy air. Some :ret locations simply too ep. We came, tzzy heads. Ultimately, when the whole glowstick thing materialised, it made me question the commitment of those people who paid to come to see me. But a lot of that shit I said was from the heart. Ido truly care about clubs and what I'm involved with and the award is really gratifying.

I didn't know Tony's father was going to be there, and I didn't know I was going to win, so I was astonished. To me, in the house era, there are only two DJs who can be defined by the sound of their first record. One is Carl Cox, and the other was Tony. That's about as good as you can get as a club DJ. It's brilliant. We go all around the world but it's nice to get recognised in your home country.

I think we had real discipline to make something that could be called an album. It is our most complete record. It was put together like a rock album with a beginning and an end rather than a collection of tracks. But you know that already. You bought it and you love it. Winner by a mile and a reminder that even in these days of trance domination, a stupendously catchy vocal can never be sniffed at.

But we're the ones who make the club. Next yearthey promise they'll be taking it even darker and more experimental. Manchester Bugged Out Nation, Dverpoo? London Previous Winners 1 Basics Leeds Bugged Out Manclwster Best Band Faithless The one act in dance music which truly manages to transcend genres and bring together acoustic pop with soul and rap, then run it all through the trance mangle.

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