Difficulty piano concertos torrents

difficulty piano concertos torrents

This is certainly one of the most difficult of his concertos to play, but also one in which bravura for its own sake is totally out of place. Two things deserve. 'The phenomenal playing and superb musicianship of Marc-André Hamelin whose account of the staggeringly difficult Henselt Concerto is quite breathtaki '. This is a real virtuoso concerto, with some staggeringly difficult writing. It also has a strong melodic profile, a lyric slow movement and a sense of. JOSEPH HAYDN COMPLETE WORKS TORRENT How to Connect. Promotion of professional strives to stay map macros to. The only new years is to of crap to in the product this range.

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Perhaps we should take a good look at the Bach then, which should be much more friendly to his small hands. Thanks again for the kind explanation. I'm glad that you considered my long-winded reply helpful. Is the Haydn D major concerto on the list?

That is often considered a good concerto for young pianists and, as memory serves, it is not that taxing from a technical standpoint. That said, it's even closer in style to the Mozart 17th than the Mendelssohn, so it would not provide much of a change in technique nor in style approach.

Unfortunately the Haydn D major concerto is not included this year. My son's teacher also thought it would have been a good choice too. Thanks again. Joined: Nov Pacific NW. I recently started looking at that Mendelssohn Concerto and have played the Bach F minor, the Mendelssohn is technically much more difficult. I would say if it's for an important performance and with less than 1 year to prepare, I would go with the Bach. If he is only 9, he will have many years to work up a Romantic Concerto.

Let him do what he does well right now. Orange County, CA. The Bach F Minor would be vastly more appropriate than the Mendelssohn. For all its worth which may be very little I just checked out performances of both concertos on you tube. There are several examples of talented youth age 7 - 10 successfully playing the Bach F Minor. You tube performances of the Mendelssohn tend to be by much older pianists.

Given the time involved, and the importance of this performance opportunity, the Bach would probably be the better choice. I just talked to his teacher and we had a solution. He definitely will play the Bach, but in the mean time, we will work on the Mendelssohn too.

Whether or not he will play the Mendelssohn would depend on how it works out. I know it is a little brutal for a boy to work on two concertos at the same time. Who knows, he never complained about having too much music to play. Thanks all for the great advice! Louisville, Kentucky, United S Orange Soda King.

I would go with the Bach for now. But, do not trust my judgement; trust the teacher's! I don't like the idea of coddling people, especially gifted children. I say let your child learn it. You might be pleasantly surprised what happens!

If it doesn't pan out after a couple of months, switch to something easier. Originally Posted by boo Moderated by Brendan , Kreisler. Print Thread Show Likes. Piano Concerts, Recitals, Competitions The Polling Booth Legal Issues. Apex Piano Technicians Network - Reviews? Download Sheet Music. What's Hot!! Most Online 15, Mar 21st, Please Support Our Advertisers. Powered by UBB. Find a Professional. Who's Online Now. Previous Thread.

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Originally Posted by cinstance What's the difficulty level of Mendelssohn piano concerto No 2, compared to Mozart piano concertos, such as No 17? Your son must be quite talented. What does his teacher think about his ability to learn and perform the Mendelssohn????

BruceD Yikes! Regards, BruceD - - - - - Estonia Your son's teacher is wise. Originally Posted by boo I don't like the idea of coddling people, especially gifted children. That doesn't make much sense to me, given that the mother has already said that the child can barely reach an octave, while the Mendelssohn has many octave passages. Why force him into something he can't physically handle at this point?

It's not a question of coddling; a nine-year old is hardly ready to play the Mendelssohn from the standpoint of interpretation and bravura. The work requires a certain "virility" of sound which I doubt any nine year old could muster. Moreover, if he can "barely play octaves," the question seems moot at this point. Saying that he might possibly abandon the Mendelssohn after a couple of months and spend the rest of the time learning "something easier" is hardly wise, either.

Unless the child is extremely gifted, six months or so is hardly time to learn and fully absorb a concerto for public performance with orchestra. Show Likes. Our Most Popular Forums. Piano Forum. FAQ - Piano Forum. Piano Tuner-Technicians Forum. Allegro assai 3. Andante moderato 4. Menuetto 6. Andantino grazioso Notturno in D Major for 4 orchestras, K 9.

Allegretto grazioso Menuetto Academy of St. Andante maestoso - Allegro assai 3. Marcia Maestoso Romance Andante 3. Rondo Allegro 5. Allegro assai 7. Andante grazioso Adagio - Allegro assai Academy of St. Allegro maestoso - Allegro molto 3.

Rondo Allegro 6. Menuetto galante 7. March in D Major, Ka No. Adagio maestoso - Allegro con spirito 3. Concertante Andante grazioso 5. Rondeau Allegro ma non troppo 6. Andantino 7. Finale Presto 9. G Major 2. D Major 3. A Major 4. F Major 5. C Major 6. G Major 7. D Major 6 Minuets, Kf 8. D Major 9. D Major G Major Minuet in C Major, K61g No. Minuet in D Major, Kh Contredanse in B Flat Major, Kg C Major F Major A Major G Major 19 Minuets, Kd E Flat Major B Flat Major E Major C Major 2.

A Major 3. D Major 4. B Flat Major 5. G Major 6. C Major 6 Minuets, Ka 7. D Major 8. G Major 9. G Major 8 Minuets, Kg a A Major 16 Minuets, K E Flat Major - IV. F Major 3. G Major 4. D Major 5. C Major 7. G Major 4 Contredanses, Kc 8. C Major 3 Minuets, K D Major 6 Contredanses, Kb F Major 2 Minuets with Contredanses, Kc B Flat Major 5 Minuets, Ka C Major - II.

G Major - III. B Flat Major - IV. D Major - V. F Major - VI. F Major 2. G Major 6 German Dances, K 5. B Flat Major 8. F Major 6 German Dances, K C Major 12 Minuets, K D Major 2. C Major 4. G Major 5. B Flat Major 6. D Major 12 Minuets, K 7. F Major 9. D Major 12 German Dances, K Overture in D Major Contredanse I in D Major Contredanse II in A Major G Major 3.

E Flat Major 4. F Major 6. D Major 6 German Dances, K 7. C Major 8. D Major 4 Minuets, K D Major 4 German Dances, K A Major 2 Contredanses, K B Flat Major 2 Minuets, K C Major Trio - 'Die Schlittenfahrt' Menuetto - Trio 4. Allegro di molto 7. Allegro assai Divertimento in D Major, K 8. Molto Allegro 9.

Menuetto - Trio Andantino - Adagio - Allegretto Menuetto Tema con variazioni Rondeau Allegro assai - Adagio - Allegro assai Marcia alla francese Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Neville Marriner. Presto Ein musikalischer Spass, K 8. Menuetto Maestoso - Trio Adagio cantabile Thema mit Variationen - Andante grazioso 3. Thema mit Variationen - Variation I 4. Thema mit Variationen - Variaton II 5.

Thema mit Variationen - Variation IV 7. Thema mit Variationen - Variation V 8. Thema mit Variationen - Variation VI 9. Andante grazioso 4. Andante - Allegro assai 8. Largo - Allegro Meneutto Thema mit Variationen Andante 4. Rondo Allegro Academy of St. Largo- 2. Allegro molto 3. Menuetto - Trio I-II 4. Adagio 5. Romanze Adagio - Allegretto - Adagio 7. Thema mit Variationen Andante 8. Finale Molto allegro Academy of St. Gavotte Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Michael Laird. Menuetto in canone 4.

Adagio 8. Finale Allegro Holliger Wind Ensemble. Allegro assai 2. Allegro 7. Andante grazioso 9. Adagio in B Flat Major, Ka Adagio in F Major, Kd Adagio in C Major, K App. Adagio - Allegro Allegro spiritoso 2.

Andante grazioso 7. Polonaise Andante Presto assai Divertimento in F Major, K Tema con variazioni Andante Menuetto Moderato Presto Holliger Wind Ensemble. Adagio 4. Rondo Allegro Three twelve Duos from Ka 6. Rondo Allegro assai Three twelve Duos from Ka Romance Adagio ma un poco andante Menuetto Allegro Larghetto 4. Rondo Three twelve Duos from Ka 6. Larghetto Rondo Allegretto Three twelve Duos from Ka Polonaise Allegro Concerto No. Allegro spiritoso 5. Andante staccato 6.

Molto allegro Concerto No. Allegro maestoso 8. Presto Concerto No. Andante ma un poco adagio 3. Allegro aperto 5. Andante un poco adagio 6. Allegro Alfred Brendel Academy of St. Adagio 3. Tempo di menuetto Concerto No. Larghetto 9. Tempo di menuetto Alfred Brendel Academy of St. Andantino 3. Allegretto 7. Allegretto Rondo in D Major, K 7. Allegretto grazioso 8. Adagio 9.

Allegro ma non troppo Concerto No. Allegro di molto Alfred Brendel Academy of St. Andante un poco sostenuto 3. Allegro vivace Concerto No. Allegro vivace 5. Allegretto 6. Allegro assai Alfred Brendel Academy of St. Romance 3. Rondo Allegro assai Concerto No. Allegro vivace assai Alfred Brendel Academy of St. Allegro Rondo Concerto No. Larghetto 3.

Allegretto Concerto No. Allegro maestoso 5. Allegretto Alfred Brendel Academy of St. Larghetto 6. Allegro moderato 2. Allegro moderato 5. Rondeau Allegro Andante cantabile 3. Rondeau Tempo di menuetto 7. Andantino grazioso 6. Andantino cantabile 6.

Sinfonia concertante in A Major, K App. Adagio non troppo 6. Rondo Tempo di menuetto 7. Andante ma adagio 6. Allegro K 2. Allegro maestoso 4. Romanze Larghetto 8. Romanze Andante Rondo Allegro vivace Allegro aperto 2. Andante ma non troppo 3. Allegro Irena Grafenauer Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Chamber Ensemble. Adagio- 3. Tema Andante con variazioni 5.

Tempo di menuetto William Bennett Grumiaux Trio. Trio 2. Finale Allegro 3. Minuet in F Major, Ka for string quartet 4. Allegro in F Major, Kc for a divertimento 5. Movement in A Major, K App. Allegro in F Major, K App. Allegro in G Major, K App. Allegro moderato in A Minor, K App. Largo - Allegro moderato 2. Andante grazioso 6. Allegro Beaux Arts Trio. Andante Thema mit Variationen 6. Tempo di menuetto 9. Adagio 2. Minuetto 4. Rondeau Quartet No. Molto allegro Quartet No. Presto 9. Tempo di menuetto Adagio original version Quartet No.

Presto Quartet No. Andante un poco allegretto Tempo di menuetto Quartetto Italiano. Andante 2. Allegro grazioso Quartet No. Un poco adagio 6. Allegro Quartet No. Allegro Quartetto Italiano. Un poco adagio 4. Adagio - Allegro assai - Adagio 6.

Allegro assai Quartet No. Allegro ma molto moderato Allegro vivace assai 2. Andante cantabile 4. Allegro moderato 6. Allegretto ma non troppo - Piu allegro Quartetto Italiano. Allegro ma non troppo 2. Andante con moto 3. Allegretto 4. Allegro vivace Quartet No. Allegro vivace assai 6. Moderato 7. Allegro assai Quartetto Italiano.

Allegro non troppo Quartet No. Adagio - Allegro 6. Allegro molto Quartetto Italiano. Allegretto 2. Allegretto 3. Allegretto Quartetto Italiano. Moderato 4. Menuetto ma allegretto 4.

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