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In Paris yesterday about 4. The second, smaller tribute at the Place du Trocadero was attended mainly by French intellectuals and artists. Andrt Glucksman. Under the new law, official use of French and the Berber language. The Berbers, who gave their name to Barbary, inhabited North Africa many centuries before tbe early medieval Arab invaders, whom they strongly resisted. Today the Berbers are the majority population of Morocco and are an important minority within Algeria.

Yon cant put a price on. Fur your pg c k cn? Ijurs padoc- nailabb- r. One man thinks that numbers can reveal its secret. A dose look at the living world — from amoebas to sunflowers to snowflakes — reveals an eerie link to the esoteric world of mathematics. The same can be said of trees, because branches and twigs look like miniature trees. The most common such sequence is 1. The heads of sunflowers are dotted with tightly packed spirals of sunflower seeds.

Some coil clockwise, others anticlockwise. Count diem up. Not only that, but the two numbers will be neighbours in the sequence. The findings are coo curious to be just coincidences. It is an antidote to the prevailing orthodoxy that DNA is the secret of life hence the book title.

The total number of spirals is a Fibonacci number em rife. The oven is equally important. Painful Sleep? Your sleeping posture is more important than you think. That's because when 'scientists isolated DNA from yeast, they threw away the sludge left over. But the sludge contain prions which help to nudge the yeast proteins into their proper shape.

It shows that DNA is not the only channel of communication. Whatever is in that catalogue doesn't make us human. In the past ten years, great progress has been made, and 1 am sure Thompson would have loved to have seen it.

Several competing virtual organisms are fed into a computer and left for a period of time. The organisms manage to replicate or die out. But surely mathematics provides merely a description, rather than the reason. Is it really an improvement on DNA as a profound insight into the living world? Professor Stewart believes so. The biologists take life as it is on this planet, boil it down to its constituent molecules DNA , tinker with it, and claim they have found its innermost secrets.

Just as it appears that Jiving creatures, including human beings, think for themselves. Professor Stew an believes we will evenruaJJy hit on something approaching a mathematical theory of life. But DNA is irrelevant to the question of what is life. During a migraine attack, background noise can become unpleasantly loud and the ability to make sense of sound diminishes. Scientists at Zeneca.

The beauty of the new test Dr Andrew Hughes says, is its simplicity. Volunteers wear a bathing cap fitted with 17 metal electrodes that detect the electrical activity of the brain. Two sounds are played to them, one a series of low tones and the other a series of higher tones. They are asked to distinguish the number of high-frequency tones, while ignoring the low-frequency ones. The electrical activity of he brain is meanwhile monitored. The results show that hearing is a two- stage process.

They showed that healthy volunteers produced a lower brain response when discriminating non-target tones than target tones, and that this was accentuated when they were given the drug. The next step will be to by the same tests on migraine sufferers to investigate whether the drug can also control light sensitivity, or photophobia, which sufferers often have to endure.

It should also be useful for screening other possible migraine drugs. Dr Hughes adds: "it is super to have a bedside test which can show that a drug does get into the brain, and does have effects on migraine. The system uses several receivers, which pick up signals coming from different directions, identify the strongest and remove distortion caused by echoes. Now that the system has been tested in the Tyne, the team is ready to by the open sea.

But it now looks as if Drake was years behind the Native Americans in exploiting this reserve. The place where Drake drilled is called Oil Creek, because the oil lies dose to the surface and seeps spontaneously from the ground. Along the banks of the creek are hundreds of shallow pits, four to six feet deep and 20 to 35 feet across. When it rains, oil seeps into the pits and rises to the top as they fill with water. The pits were dearly dug to colled oil. Discover magazine reports that Dr Erv Taylor of the University of California at Riverside has carbon-dated a wooden stake taken from one of the pits.

It dates from between and So it looks as though an even earlier tribe found the oil and used it. Judith Thomas, an archaeologist at Mertyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania, now plans to search rock shelters for any evidence of residues from burning oil.

Web site:- http:llwww. Gross: The rate before the deduction of tax applicable to savings accounts. Higher rate tax payers will have an additional liability. Left: Olive woo! Not some flash-in-the- pan. When it finally comes you'll be glad you bought that lightweight suit, because even the walk from the house to die car will turn your Clothes to Clingfilm. So which lightweight suit? They can be worn only by men who are well over six foou The good news is that the skinny.

Suits are loosening up for summer, writes Style Editor Grace Bradberry mid-Ninedes look is loosening up a bit. Shape is only half the story, however. The real innovation is going on with the fabric itself. Ultra-light narural fibres are the big news. At the uppermost end of the market. High-tech finishes are taking a breadier, as natural fabrics are allowed to speak for themselves.

Natural, however, does not mean low-tech. The Ermenegildo Zegna suit shown here is in a fabric called High Performance, made from Australian extra-fine merino woo. At the opposite end of the price scale. The fabric, which is Italian, has a slightly polished look but is not remotely shiny. Finally, there is no reason why a light-weight suit has to be light in colour.

The future is looking subdued — black, white, blues and greys. Good news for Halifax saving and banking customers. The Halifax is happy to announce higher rates on its saving and certain banking products effective from 1st Jujy The net rates shown, which ore only examples and have been rounded, assume the tower rate of income bn has been taken pH.

All interest rates quoted may change, sSpeoal rotes of interest on certain accounts paid to savings and Cardcash customers who appear m our records as being under 21 under IS tor Cardcash customers? Bonus Gold. They have, however, given him a sterling opportunity to shew how family values, or rather extended family values can work in practice — and to a man's advantage.

Stella Hague's sickbed vigil proves, once again, that there are times when a thirty- something man 37 in Hague's case still needs his mother. In this case, of course, Mrs Hague senior is fulfilling a sort of supply role — in loco uxoris. They are her genes. If he does something well, it is a miracle. If he screws up. Yet if he ignores her advice and mucks it up in his own special way, she still bears no grudges.

William Hague and his mother, Stella Richard Branson is a classic example. Yet the mother-son relationship that may have started it all is best seen in the whole sorry business with speed boats and balloons attempting to set records.

Several years ago Eve Branson told her son not to make any more of his ill-fated trips. He ignored her. Yet in there she was again, out in Marrakesh to cheer him on. Needless to say. There are so many other occasions when a man needs his mother, it is impossible to list them all.

There are a few. Nor will he want her to stand in for his press officer, as Mrs Irene Lamont also did. On the whole mothers are endlessly useful. Julia Kwan left Hong Kong only to join her boyfriend in London. Now she has set up a skin care company and wants to open a branch back home, where her family still lives Cosmetic changes in Hong Kong O n July l.

But for the Hong Kong-bom businesswoman Julia Kwan. She came to London simply because her boyfriend was moving here. She knew from earliest childhood, she says, that the handover was inevitable. Like many Chinese women, she grew up with a basic knowledge of the use of herhs to deanse and detoxify the skin and to maintain good general health.

The result was Wu. She feels secure about its future. And though someone pitched a can of red paintover he grim-visaged statue of Queen Victoria in Victoria Park, it turned out to be an artistic rather than political statement. The artist, who is now holding a show of scarlet exhibits, simply wanted the whole world to see red. But it remains largely unvoiced. She owes her success in large pan to an inherited Chinese work ethic.

And coming from Hong Kong I knew that anything was possible. But in the East we are positive. GSPfincyriQfwdfe and much more. BP mrK Buy Now Press Awards even more poignant It is difficult to find a balance on such an occasion. Amnesty International was launched in by the British lawyer Fteter Benenson. The Mourning with the countless thousands principles of strict impartiality and independence were established.

At the quietly conducted awards there was the opportunity to see and read and listen to a substantial selection of their work. What could you say? Here were stories more vivid and often more vividly portrayed than anything else being written or produced in any other form. Perhaps these are indeed the true chronicles of our time and will last when the more acclaimed fictions of the day have fallen away. Something has to be said, because silence is complicity. And those selected as the finalists for the awards found the words.

John Sweeney tested Algerian propaganda that the brutal killings in that country were the work of terrorists. Why do they use blowtorches in the Chateau Neuf detention centre? In three hours. It was an evening of witnesses. Ed Vulliamy's articles about war criminals at large in the former Yugoslavia had a hammering recurrcncy of phrasing.

I thought, used with great care to avoid voyeurism while showing the hill horror. Radio produced its own quota, including an asylum stop' which ended in a bureaucratic nightmare in London, and a report from Chechnya produced by Marc Jobst whidi was overwhelming in its description of the orphaning of Sarah and her survival.

So it went on. Among the television documentaries. In quiet tones he reported on the attacks on Tell for its sustained coverage of the struggle for democracy and human rights. Nosa Igiebor, who has been imprisoned, seen his wife arrested and all but killed, collected this prize. He was, Wiwa said, "a brave man from a country of brave journalists".

Embrace have spent recent months basking in the warm glow of media acclaim and chart-topping sales. But their Friday night set on the Other stage was a timid and ponderous effort, proving only that attitude is no substitute for genuine self- confidence.

What a performance she put on. Those music stages housed Show stopper Cerys Matthews of Catatonia treated the crowds to an overwhelming demonstration of female power in tents, on the other hand, were perhaps not surprisingly always full to overflowing. As in previous years, the staging was a miracle of organisation with most acts starting and finishing at the advertised time.

But there was an inescapable flatness at the core of the festival. It is set in Glasgow, today. The end of the first act, with a succulent love- duet fading into nothing over barely audible finger-harps, is pure magic- A Problems? David Parry is the hyper-efficient conductor. A remarkable operatic debut. SaK 7. Now pmdowtop. Toro 7. SNnNS snDcn. This Wednesday. Somerset House will host a free performance of Beethoven's Fideiio, relayed live from the Vienna State Opera onto a big screen in die Great Court It could be the start of a new era for a magnificent open-air space which, until now, has led an ignominious half-life as a car park for civil servants.

The new trustees of Somerset House, chaired by Sir David Sainsbury, are determined to create a party atmosphere. Up to 4. Now victory is in sight. So whafs so special about the place? Now h will be excavated to its full depth. Then there is the river terrace.

The trustees nonetheless plan to open the terrace to the public, with festive summer tents designed fry their architects, Inskip and Jenkins. When opened, it will be an interior to rival the long galleries of the Vatican and lxuvre. Somerset House has languished because it is a cul de sac with a barely noticeable facade on the Strand.

That problem is also being addressed. That is part of King's College, but we are in negotiations to open the route to the public. London thrives on free enterprise, and Somerset House must shed its institutional feel, without losing its dignity, by opening up unused in tenors for a whole range of craft shops, and not just one or two tasteful museum shops.

The flanks of the courtyards were originally built as houses, and though knocked through for offices, would now convert well into a townhouse hotel with bars and restaurants that would bring people in the evening. The arid test will be whether lights are on after dark in the windows around the Great Court. If not. The southern half of the Great Court was simply filled with spoil by Chambers to build up the level. It could be excavated to provide green rooms and all the backof-house facilities needed far special events.

The ending still does not tally in key ways with the original, but the dialogue is packed with authentically sparkling Sparkisms. And gone is "the clunky device of Sandy — the pet pupil who became a nun — remembering her mentor in an interview with a nosv American hack. This is the splendidly evoked domain of Jean Brodie.

She opens minds, but largely to fill them with herself — which is great when she talks of Giotto, but terrifying when she finds her heroes in Mussolini and Hitler. And Shaw is both. Shaw's empha- Oi octor sis serves the play well.

Brodie is a fundamentally serious person. She cares for her pupils as much as herself. Available in EngfentL Scotland and Wales. Sttw lty required. Martin Fletcher finds World Cup parallels in Northern Ireland A s England cruised to World Cup victory over Colombia on Friday night, a much tenser contest was under way in Northern Ireland, where votes for the new assembly were being counted, tan Paisley. David Trimble and his pro-accord colleagues gradually recovered. They now share an obvious common enemy m Dr Paisley and those that would wreck their great achievement.

Most important of all. In simple numerical terms. MrTrimble is just about okay. Mr Trimble's position is even more fragile. If he remains the statesmanlike David Trimble determined fully to implement an historic accommodation with nationalism, he may end up the leader of a rump.

But the key issue — the one that has always bedevilled the peace process — remains IRA decommissioning. This was supposed to take place before the peace talks, during the talks, at the end of the talks. In the circumstances, John Hume, the nationalist SDLP leader, and Mr Adams, just might be prepared to allow him that breathing space because there are. The future of the process remains precarious. The other daughter did not go to either festival of music, hut stayed at home to look after dogs belonging to both the Glyndeboume and the Glastonbury sides of the family.

There is no doubt that Glastonbuiy is growing up. As a family, we have always lived near Glastonbury, and l can remember the earliest days of the festival. The citizens of Shepton Mallet used to complain that their milk bottles were stolen bom their doorsteps by people attending the festival.

The toilet arrangements were said to be inadequate- Then, as now, there was a lot of mud. One wonders how Glastonbury will develop in the future. No doubt the pop groups will change, as they always do. My father admired both Kipling and Gilbert and Sullivan: now Tom Stoppard cannot understand my reservations about Kipling. Some of us prefer the music of the 18th century to that of die s.

It is almost certainly Celtic "Moch" is the Welsh for a sow; it seems to be the same word as moke for a donkey or moggy for a cat The most famous of the old Irish druids, who dressed as a big bird and diverted thunderstorms to win battles, was called Mog Ruth; in that sense Mog means servant, and Mog Ruth means the servant of the sun god. If we wished to, the Moggs could say that we were all the descendants of the ancient druids, and caper around Stonehenge at the time of the solstice.

I am not sure whether Glastonbury is inside Mendip for local government purposes, but 1 do not see why we should not include it in our ancestral kingdom. I am not, however, a New Ager in my sympathies. It is not only the mud, which would depress me, or the music — my loyalties are to the Cole Porter generation of popular music— or the pot. In matters of religion, the irrational is dangerous.

My daughter, though drawn to Glastonbury, does not belong to this New Age none of the family is into tarot cards, channelling, joss sticks or flying saucers, though some of us have a sympathy for homeopathy and herbal medicines. I suppose one could say, that we are. In one way we are ail more New Age than him: none of us shoots birds. I would as soon shoot my grandmother, were either of my grandmothers still alive. If is a horrible act. I do have a certain fear of some of the superstitions of the New Age.

I like the open ness to new ideas; I like tire imaginative education of the Steiner schools: l like the breaking down of the exclusive conventions of the old society; l understand why the s generaaon feels a nostalgia for its own music I even see a certain freedom in mud. I do not feel comfortable with the occult element in much New Age spirituality.

This spirituality is a genuine phenomenon: it is one which touches vast numbers of people. It reflects the changing place of women in the world. The worldwide surge of emotion at the time of the funeral of Diana.

Princess of Wales, was both an expression of this and of a spiritual hunger: she was converted into a goddess of compassion. The hunger is evident enough, and many aspects of it are innocent or admirable. But occult practises can be an oftening to less benign spirits. A revelation. The plot is indeed absurd; there is a usurper, a bereaved mother with her child, a rightful king who is thought to be dead but comes back and saves the usurper's life, a happy ending. The composer Henry Carey wrote his farce Chrononhofonthologus to satirise the opera plots of the s, but the plot of Rodelinda is just as far fetched.

It is set in the s. Handel is a very great composer: an the oreatest composers paint spiritual pictures. The generational gap is the one between the s and the s, each of which was a decade of great cultural change. The s sought a spiritual and material revolution which has now come to power politically with the dominance of the Js generation.

In Glastonbury, in the mud, the cultural reference points are less strong: they may be the Beatles, or their visit to the niaharishi. The evil of the s was flamboyant, but evil was not abolished in the s. Swift, and that most reassuring of Prime Ministers, Robert Walpole. The s have a joy and harmony of their own. At Glyndeboume, as Henry Carey mockingly wrote: The singing singers, with vocal voices, most vociferous, in sweet vociferation, out vociferise even sound itself.

Schools are also due to receive billions more in the statement on the comprehensive spending review in mid-July. Labour MPs will cheer and the public will approve. But in concentrating on big money increases, the wrong message is being sent Of course, public services need more money, but not unconditionally.

It has to be with strings and spent differently. Good performers, whether teachers, schools or local councils, should be rewarded with more resources and given more freedom to run their operations. The bad and indifferent should be kept under a close rein, regulated and monitored. Hence, the rise of the government inspector, covering not just schools but also local health and bousing provision and local authorities.

The emphasis is on finding allies. Such allies can be found among forward-looking local councils, as well as among heads and other teachers. This has already been reflected in a stream of initiatives from David Blunkett and Stephen Byers and will be the core of the wide- ranging Local Government Bill this winter. The main evidence from the Tory years is thaT competition, comparison and delegated responsibility are key to improving performance.

The Government has been torn. Bui ministers have also allowed successful primary schools to expand in response to parental demand, given schools more control over their finances, and encouraged greater co-oRpration between the State and independent sectors. These are clusters of two or three secondary schools and a dozen or more primary schools which will be run by a public and private sector consortium and will be free to vary the national curriculum and teachers' national pay and conditions.

Initial expectations about a fresh start pioneered by outsiders, including private companies, have been disappointed- There are some useful innovations, but. The first batch of zones is more a cautious first step than a dean break. Indeed, some local councils may have mainly seen a chan a? The challenge for the Government is to be more radical in the next round of zones next year.

There are hints that the lead may be taken by parents and private groups, as weJJ as individual schools. David Blunkett, who has been uncompromising on pressing for higher standards, is still committed to a local authority solution. Rather like John Prescott, he has been a reassuring figure for old Labour, allowing changes to occur without confronting teaching unions. More money obviously plays an important part: but it will improve results only if traditional structures are challenged.

In other areas, also, public sector unions are resisting changes. Unison has been threatening strikes over private finance initiative deals io build new hospitals, while the RMT rail union has already held a two-day strike over Mr Prescott's plan to inject private capital into the London Underground.

Across ihe range of public services, new Labour can deliver in office only if the institutions of old Labour are bypassed and weakened. At present, the Btairites prefer operating by stealth, but. Nouveau peers, including Norman Lament pictured right and Melvyn Bragg left , are among those who have had their first choice of title rejected. Despite finding himself rather at home in Hampstead after fashioning a successful career as a novelist, broadcaster and columnist for this newspaper — Bragg was keen fora ride that would reflect his Cumbrian roots.

Thus he plumped for Baron Bragg of Wigton. Unfortunately, he had not figured on Lord Egremont, whose northern residence is Cockermouth Castle in Cumbria, and who already has daims on the delightful notion of Wigton. Norman Lament, has also found difficulty. He was set on becoming Lord Lamont but I gather that a marquis has a claim on the name, so he is likely to settte for Lamont of Lerwick.

Charles Kidd, an arbiter of such matters for Debrett's. Quite right too, I'd say. The last time f saw the regal lady, she looked to be bearing up well and in little need of a face scrub. Lynn Redgrave seems to be growing more British. The actress has decided to add a barrel to her surname, thus distancing herself from the thespian dynasty. From now on she wants to' be known as Rcdgrave-Clark. John Clark. Bill Wyman, the Stone who had the grace to stop rolling, has become matey with David Ruffley.

Wyman's burger bar in Ken-. The two met in Ruffley's Suffolk constituenccY, where the rocker owns the finest Jacobean manor house in the county. But it does show that us lot know a thing or two about Cool Britannia, too. Asked who he would like to play him in a rather unlikely Film of his life, he chose Robert be Niro. Princess of Wales. The American chanteuse will be seen running down a street pursued by photographers.

Residents of the street, closed for filmi struck by the parallel. Ulster's political calendar is mined with days which require careful forethought if they are to be successfully negotiated. If the man most likely to lead Northern Ireland into a new era, David Trimble, is to succeed, then those who have deployed charged language before must deal carefully with details of timing and tactics.

If the right decision is taken today, then it should be easier for Mr Trimble to dear the next hurdle, on Wednesday. The arithmetic is agonisingly tight. But the broad alliance of the assembly opposed to Mr Trimble number 28, which is exactly as many as were elected Blind candidates for the Bench From the Lord Chancellor Sir. A decision on whether or how the march could go ahead should be taken by the Parades Commission later today. It must find a solution that Mr Trimble can sell to his constituents.

The march itself may seem a curious relic to the support of the two Progressive Unionist Party. But even within his own band there are potential dissidents. They are likely to support Mr Trimble on Wednesday, but his position among his own people will be seen to be fragile. But at His opacity. On the other hand, it is ar- aued that blind people listen more not-so-veiled threat that their jobs were on the line in the event of failure report, March As a consequence of that threat, there is substantial pressure upon nurses, surgeons and anaesthetists to work a seven-day week with than adequate supporting facilities.

Those same staff have long been working substantial overtime; to expect more from them is not sensible or safe for the patients in their care. And it must not be forgot- tenfoat blind magistrate will not sit alone, but as members of a bench ot three, which will pool its assessments. The progress of these magistrates will be monitored. At a time when all healthcare professions far a further incident such as the Bristol affair letters. June 9, Number One. Kingsclere Road. June A staffing crisis of 1.

Yours faithfully. Chief Executive. From Mr Nicholas Wibberley Sir. A simple way to reduce the NHS waiting lists would be to make private operations tax deductible for a period. East Whiddon. Landkey Road. From Dr Paul Hansford Sir. In reality, the level of need m different patients is hugely variable. Long-term investment and are Key iau the greatest need go first. General mount an Abacha, months ahead of elections forwhidi he was the sole candidate, created hope that his country might see a reheat from the political abyss.

Urging Chief Abiola to compromise His first moves - among them the re leas pragmatic course of action. Yet Chief. Abiola to make such a dedarauon. Yours sincerely. House of Lords. From Mr John A. Wall Sir. I became totally blind at the age of eishL I qualified as a soUcitor m A blind person is not influenced by the fact that the witness or defenefent may look smart, or scruffy. M was once the hallmark ot a Branson company Running late From Mr Christopher Brasher Sir, I have been using foe West coast railway line for both business and pleasure for foe past 20 years.

It is a major achievement that not only has Australia been able to absorb such a massive influx without any sig nificant racial tension, but that we have integrated so many diverse cul tures into our own. Verily the God of Mammon reigns and foe God of service is dead. Australian culture.

The great majority of Australians recognise foal. Roval Institute of British Architects. Yours faithfully-. JOHN A. WALL Chairman. Royal National Institute for foe Blind. Surrey KT18 7AL. Instead we should befa B and enduring.. They are. Fenlt last month that we remainaJ stand any challenge. WC2B 4LA. Rowan Trees. It means that shortly, 1 shall never again be able to watch a Test match on my own TV.

Not only undergraduates. For some candidates. But foe answer is not to recommend delayed elections. It is to monitor foe elections, in force, and objeenyefy. Letters should carry a daytime telephone number. They may be faxed to From Mr John D.

How am I going to get off to sleep now? The Prince of Wales later visited the town of Alcochete. New Brunswick, Canada. The Princess Royal, Colonewn- Chicf. New Brunswick. Taylor Woodrow Group. Professor of Surgery. Jones, archaeologist. Minnesota, ; George Ellery Hale, astronomer, Chicago. London, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poet.

New York. Prime Minister of Congo , Algiers. The Daily Telegraph was first published. Trade unions were legalised. The Automobile Association was founded. In spite of their name, they are a brilliant yellow on the breast and under their long tail: the name comes from their blue-grey bade. They wag their ail up and down on boulders in the stream as they wait to take insects to their young.

Dippers are sometimes found with them, also nesting in the banks; they walk under water to feed, turning over pebbles on the river bottom, and stand on a rock bobbing their whole body up and down when they are nervous. The grey wagtail Many more wild flowers are coming into bloom. The bright yellow stars of stonecrop grow in cushions on gravelly railway edges.

St John's wort and tansy are other yellow flowers now growing tall. Port Hamilton Building. Morrison Street. Edinburgh, at , Later, as pamtn and trustee. Church Alley, at to mark its bicentenary year, and will visit the new galleries of the Tate Gallery at Later, as patron, wifi visit the exhibition of protects for the Young Electronic Designer awards at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Lower Byrorn Road. Manchester, at 7. Water Street, at 8. The Princess Royal as honorary fellow. Green College, Oxford, will attend a gardwi party followed by an advisory council meting at the college, Raddiffc Observatory.

Woodstock Road, at 4. The Duchess of Kent will attend the Wimbledon Championships, at The absence of deep ploughing has left areas of Bronze Age fields some years old. A few centuries later, enclosures began to appear Roger Thomas of English Heritage, writing in the same journal. Mr Tim N. Bond Education. Mrs Helen Fenwick Law. Dr Robert E. Dr John R. Lucey Physics. Ms Holly A. Cullen Law. Professor JJ. Professor J. Professor D-A. Eastwood, Dr AJ. Dr HJ. Professor J J Strain. Dr MJ. Barriers to the development and uptake of reduced fat foods.

Professor N. Mrs S. Hughes, A. Charity awards to the university include: Dr A Smith. Social, civic and political education in Northern Ireland. Mr Thomas says. Such developments would accord with rapid population growth and pressure on resources.

Source: British Archaeology No Forthcoming marriages Mr E-G. Berkshire, and wuia. Hoygbucs Despointes and Mss S. Huyghues Despointes. Bails de Laperrtere of Wiltshire, and Mrs F. Harding, of Bath, and stepdaughter of Mrs C.

Bafle de laperrfere MrA-W. Mitchell and Miss PJVt. Sandefson and Ms S. Lieutenant I. Emms The engagement is announced between lan. Wylie, of Newtown. North Dwoo. Henry Kimber. John Mfitiiam. Pbnpy Kimber. Sophie tyser and Josephine Tyser. Mr Christopher Blum was best man. Mrs Christopher Murray, of Mahon. The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, was at- tendedby Annabelle Fairweathtt.

Serena Holliday. Hannah Froud- kxk. Camilla Brown. Anastasia Brown. A reception was held at Manor Farm and the honeymoon will be sport abroad. Mr G-P. Wright and Miss K. Wright, of Ashford. A reception was held at Bethersden House, the home of the bride. October 23, Abingdon School, Park Road. Abingdon, Oxon. Telephone Major ScftolaisUp: LT. Tanner, sonnlng common Primary.

ExkflrtthMB: MJ. Goodman, Duke of Kent school; C. TUefttust: B-S. B- Russelt. The Oratory Preparatory School. Junior House entry t. Gray, pangbourne Primary; T. Scholarship: B. Junior House entry: T. St Marys rc jm] School Art Major saiofarstitp: c. Jackson, New College School. ScfaotarshfrK DM.

Stocks, croshelds School. ExhibWoos: D. C- Hockty. MurphyrKetlet school. Hong Kong ft l ne urawryyuniur jaouse. The event will take place on Thursday, July 2. He was born on February 16, J oining the fledgling Fleet Air Arm just before war broke out in September Lowe flew as both dive-bomber and fighter pilot in Norway and later in the Mediterranean, ending his war as an instructor in the United States.

Lowe promptly joined the Fleet Air Arm. Early in There, flying from a shore base to join the carrier, he was Elisabeth Schooling, dancer, teacher and producer, died in Exeter Hospice on June 22 aged S3. She was born in London in Her chief merits as a dancer were outstanding mu- sicaiity and a notable lightness — seen to advantage, for instance, in the Waltz solo in Les Sylphides.

The Rev Paul Baker. Team Vicar, Jarrow Durham : to be Vicar. Sunderland Pennyweti Si Thomas same diocese. The Rev Nigel Ctemas. Maer and Whitmore Uchfiekl. The Rev Stephen Cope. Vicar, Rudston w Bpynton and Kilham York : to. Lowe standing under propellor boss with flyers of Squadron and a Grumman Martlet on HMS Victorious, reported lost after the engine of his Skua failed as he was malting the approach for his deck landing, forcing him to ditch in the sea.

Illustrious subsequently moved to the Mediterranean, where in September With escort groups on the Malta convey nm under continuous heavy air attack in those months, Lowe had a chance to add to his score on November 12, But in January As the raiders closed m. The fleet made off over the horizon leaving him drifting, cold, tired and losing blood, on an empty sea.

After a period in hospital in Malta, where a machinegun bullet was dug out of his shoulder, he was sent to RNAS Yeovilton as an instructor. Lowe spent a further year in Victorious, transferring to Squadron as its commanding officer when the carrier was at Norfolk. Church appointments The Rev Bill Day. Cullercoats Team same diocese.

Morpeth Newcastle : io be Chaplain. HM Royal Navy. Bury st Edmunds same diocese. Si Thomas and St Peter same diocese. The Rev David Hodgson. The Rev Robert Jones. The Rev Clive Kirke. Priest-in- Charge. Litherland St Andrew Liverpool : to be Vicar. The Rev David Kirkwood. South Ashford Christ Church Canterbury. The Rev Brian Ullistone.

Schooling was having new roles made for her all the rime. Antony Tudor chose her as one of the soloists in Suite of Airs. Schooling was in the first ballets of Frank Staff [The Tartans. Staff became her first husband and the father of her son. Sunlounger feat. Sunlounger - White Sand [dj shah original mix]. Sunlounger - Losing Again Club Mix. Sunlounger - Arco Iris Chillout Mix. Sum 41 - Underclass Hero. Stylophonic - Dancefloor Tocadisco s Supermodel Mix -[www.

Style of eye-Clown. Stuntin' Like My Daddy. Studio One vs. Vali Barbulescu - Send your love radio edit WwW. Studio One Vs. Stromae - Alors on danse. Stromae - Alors on dance. StrokeQuestions www. Sting - Fields Of Gold. Stevie Nicks - Edge Of Seventeen.

Stereo Palma-Dreaming D. Tekk Remix Radio Edit. Stephan Hinz - Diescinerum Original Mix. Stefan Hrusca Colinde - florile dalbe. Stefan Banica Jr - Te iubesc femeie. Starkillers vs. Starchild vs. Sprite - Oda curajului Reggae www.

Sprite - Oda curajului Hip-Hop www. Sprite - Oda curajului Etno www. Splittr - All Alone. Spit - Falling Radio Vocal Edit. Spit - Falling radio vocal edit. Spike ft Guess Who - Tu. Spike - Sub papuc S. Spike - Semnale feat Cheloo [www. Spike - Scandal.

Spike - Nu exista. Spike - Drumurile. Spike - Banii. Spike - Baiat de treaba [www. Spike - Amintiri [www. Spanish Guitar. Soundsetters feat. Japhet Niven - Sunny days www. Sound Effects - Woofer Cooker. Soulja Boy- What You Know www. Soulja Boy Feat. Soulja boy - crank that. Soulja Boy - Crank Dat superman that hoe. Sophia Fresh feat.

Akon - Forever WwW. Sophia - My Love www[1]. Sonic Tonic - Interstellar Redhead Remix www. Snoop Dogg vs. Snoop Dogg ft. Snoop Dogg feat. La Zu - What it do [www. Smokie - Baby it's you. Smiley ft Uzzi-In Lipsa Mea. Smiley feat. Uzzy - In lipsa mea. Adi - Cuvinte. Adi - Cuvinte www. Smiley - Love is for free fat. Smiley - Drean girl. Slim Thug ft. Akon- Please Dont Do That www.

Skream - Percression. Skizzo Skillz Feat. Skillet - The Last Night. Sisu Si Puya - Incearca sa zambesti. Sisu si Puya ft. Supered - Aici E Romania. Sisu feat. Cabron - Bucuresti Vacanta in Mexic Sistem feat. Sistem feat Latifa - Burj a l'Arab www. Sistem cu Natalia Barbu - Atingerea ta www. Sistem - Never. Sis - Trumpets Original Version.

Sis - Standing. Simplu si Marius Moga - N-am sa uit niciodata [www. Simplu si Andra - Dracula, My Love www. Simplu - Chip angelic www. Simple Minds - Hypnotised. Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe. Silvia feat. Dj Rynno - Fantasy of love. Sido feat. Sidney Samson - Riverside. Sid Templer presents Scam - Club belgrad original mix.

Sia - Buttons Jimmy Vallance Remix. Shuriken - Automatik rmx. Shontelle - T-Shirt. Shock - E seara mea [www. Shoby si Nico - E viata mea Shoby - Pt ca anii trec www. Shoby - Nu ne plac Shayne Ward - No Promises. Shareefa ft. Ludacris - Need a boss. Shapeshifters - Incredible Extended Mix. Shakira feat. Shaggy feat. Nasha - Those Days. Shaggy feat Nasha - Body a shake. Shaggy - Ultimatum feat. Set it on fire. Sesa Feat Sharon-Like this like that. Serge Devant - Addicted radio edit www.

Serge Devant - Addicted Club Mix. Serge Devant - Addicted Club Mix www. September - Because I Love You. Selciuc - Da, da, da. Secret Garden - Nocturne. Sebastian Brandt - Sean Paul feat. Sean Paul - Watch Them Roll. Sean Kingston Ft. Lil Wayne- Im At War www. Sean Kingston feat. Kat Deluna - Bobble Bobble Sean Kingston Feat. Rotem 2oo9 [ www.. Seamus Haji vs. Lords Of Flatbush - 24 hours Funkagenda's morphine bass dub.

Scorpions - We were born to fly. Scooter - How much is the fish. Schmoove - So Sexy Original Mix www. Schiller mit Heppner-Leben Schiller - Breathe ft. Sasha - Sense. Stunt-Raindrops Radio Edit www. Sarah McLachlan - Silence. Sarah Brightman - Harem. Sandy Vee - Bleep Original Mix. Sandy Rivera - Changes. Sandu Ciorba - Barbatul care-i barbat [ by e-Muzica.

Samim - Heater. Sage Francis - Water Line. Safura - Drip Drop. Sade - King Of Sorrow. Russian Roulette. Ruslana feat. T-Pain - Moon of dreams [www. Rsd - Pretty Bright Light. Royksopp - Sparks. Royksopp - Poor Leno. Rosu si Negru - Pseudofabula. Roscoe Dash and T. Pain - My Own Step Feat. Fabo [The. Ronan Keating - If tomorrow never comes. Ron Carroll - Walking down the street 12 bmc club mix. Rock 'n' Roll Christmas Party.

Rocca - Party Boppa Mowgli Remix. Roberto Procaccini -MiniMarket. Robbie Williams - Feel. Rio - De Janeiro By Razvitzy on www. Rihanna ft. Timbaland - Rehab [www. Rihanna feat. Justin Timberlake - Rehab.

Rihanna - Warning Tornado WwW. Rihanna - Sexuality Snipped by Alecs'x www. Rihana - Cry club remix. Ridgewalkers feat. El - Find [Original Mix]. Ricky Rivaro feat. Richard Durand - Into something original mix. Richard Clayderman - Ballade Pour Adeline. Ricardo Villalobos - Tiganii [vocal]. Residence Deejays - Sexy Love.

Residence Deejays - Sexy love [www. Residence Deejays - Sexy Love www. Requiem Overture Full orchestra. Refflex - Sperante By Razvitzy on www. Refflex - Fara ea by www. Rednex - Wish You Were Here. Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe. Redman - Lets Get Dirty. Red Elvises - Winter Reggae. Recoil - Vertigen. Recoil - Shunt. Reamonn - Star. Reach Out Mobin's Vocal Mix. Raptile feat. Rapsody in Blue. Rank 1 - Breathing Airwave St. Rank 1 - Awakening Nitrous Oxide Remix.

Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop. Ralvero - Party People [HQ]. Ralvero - Party People Vocal Mix. Rafaga - Mentirosa Danny Romero Remix. Radiohead - Creep. Radio Killer - Be free. Radio Deea - Romica Puceanu Vs. Radio 21 - Jaga Jaga. Kelly ft Nawlage - Bobble Wentell Clubmix. Cu E-Me - Taranca De oras. R Kelly - Ohh Shiit www.

Queen - Thank God It's Christmas. Queen - I Want It All. Puya, Shoby si Bogdan Dima - Incerc sa traiesc Puya Laura si Keo - Viata Noua www. Puya ft. George Hora - Change. Puya Ft. Cabron - Moldavian girl. Alex - Doamna si vagabontul. Puya feat. Us Kamelia si George Hora - Change.

Puya - Yeu yeu yeu feat. Cedry2k by www. Puya - Vocooderu' lu George by www. Puya - Undeva in balcani. Puya - Undeva in Balcani. Puya - Undeva in Balcani by Alecs'x www. Puya - Totul a fost si va fi asa by www. Puya - Teoria furaciunii [www.

Puya - Romanisme - 4. Puya - Romanisme - 3. Puya - Romanisme - 2. Puya - Romanisme - 1. Puya - Pustoaica feat. Lora by www. Puya - Ohh, nu feat. Yolo by www. Puya - N-am banii de la tata feat. Lemonia by www. Puya - Merita un Oscar feat. Cabron si Yoni by www. Puya - Luni, Marti, Miercuri by www. Puya - Intro by www. Puya - Imbracat la 4 ace feat. Cabron si Karie by www. Puya - Change Originala kbps by www. Puya - Ce bine e sa fii peste feat.

Sisu si Cabron by www. Puya - Aaaa!!! Punct - Next in Line. Punct - Crazy Raggasex. Punct - Altu'. Pryda - Europa. Prodigy vs. Romica Puceanu - MixFm Remix. Prodigy vs Enya - Smack up the orinoco flow. Prodigy - Spitfire.

Prezioso Feat. Marvin - in My Mind st. PPK - Resurection. Potap i Nastya Kamenskih- Ne para. Portishead - Music To Relax. Populara - Trec tiganii trec. Populara - Tarancuta Tarancuta. Populara - Sarba moldoveneasca. Populara - Invartita. Populara - Asa Beau Oamenii Buni. Pod - Youth Of The Nation. Play and Win - Londons rain WwW. Placebo - 19 - Twenty Years. Pitbull-i like it a lot.

Pitbull Ft. Pitbull feat. Casely - Knock Me Down www. Pitbull - Private Dancer [www. Pitbull - I know you want me. Pitbull - Hotel Room by Alecs'x www. Pitbull - Calle Ocho www. Pitbull - Blanco Ft. Pirats Clan- Ului. PInk Room feat Antonia - Roses on fire. Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly. Pinch - Get Up. Piemont - Black Smoker.

Picco - Back to Hawaii elektro radio edit www. Phunk Rockerz - Funky Soul. Philippe B. Phil Collins-Another day in paradise. Phelipe feat. Phelipe Feat. Phelipe - One Radio Edit. Peverelist - Infinity Is Now. Peverelist - Gather. Petey Pablo - Freek A Leek. Peter Gelderblom vs ALex-Rahova - be good. Personal ft. Dj Maka - Haide U.

Dj Wicked - Inapoi in Cartier. Personal - Romania ne-a facut asa [ by e-Muzica. Pendulum - Watercolour. Pendulum - Vault. Pendulum - Tarantula. Pendulum - Still grey. Pendulum - Back To You. Pele - Childhood's End. Paul Ritch - Samba - Original Mix. Paul Damixie - No drugs club mix. Patric la Funk - Icicle Nice7 remix. Pate no. Pascal Junior - Love Adiction Parazitii feat. Levy - Arde.

Levy - Arde [ www. Parazitii -Mari Romani. Parazitii - Trei agenti si un Logan. Parazitii - Mesaj pentru Europa. Parazitii - Emotii. Parazitii - Cenzurat original [ www. Parazitii - 12 - Degeneratia urmatoare remix. Paradiso Girls - Patron Tequila ft.

Lil Jon. Pakito - Harmony. Pagal - Run Keyshia Cole. Diddy - Blast off. Oxia vs. Tiesto - Domino Vs. Oxia - Domino. Oxia - Change Works. Oxia - House Nation Re-Work. Outwork feat. Outkast - The Whole World. Orion Club - suck suck suck.

Orian - Les Watts Prod. By Lil Jon www. OneRepublic - Marchin On. Omd - Enola David Guetta Mix. Ombladon - Trei agenti feat. Cheloo, Freakadadisk [e-Gavish. Ombladon - Made in Romania feat. Nimeni altu [www. Ombladon - M.. Ombladon - Liceenii Rock, n, roll [www. Ombladon - Lectii Particulare. Ombladon - La m.. Ombladon - I hate you feat. Freakadadisk [www. Ombladon - Gloante oarbe feat. Arssura [www. Ombladon - Curve de voi [www. Ombladon - Curve de voi [e-Gavish.

Ombladon - Cheia de sub pres. Ombladon - Cheia de sub pres [www. Ombladon - Cel mai prost din curtea scholii [www. Offer Nissim ft. Maya - Only You. Offer Nissim Feat. Maya - The First Time. OCR - XX feat. OCR - Vestul ye in casa. OCR - Tabula Rasa. OCR - Stiu ca vrei. OCR - Sax cu Reny. OCR - Pune-ti animalele jos. OCR - Probleme feat.

OCR - Plus OCR - Ne-am intors. OCR - Mergem inainte feat. OCR - Latino feat. OCR - Inca sper. OCR - Despre noi feat. OCR - De vara. OCR - Cu orice pret feat. OCR - Classic. OCR - Barrio feat. OCR - Au trecut. OCR - Atac la persoana. Oceans Twelve Soundtrack - The a la menthe. Oceanlab - Come Home.

NYA - All the time. Novaspace - Dancing into danger. Nothing's gonna change my love for you. Not Afraid www. Noreaga - Thug Poetry. Nokia tune - Kick it remix. Noisia - Monster. Noisia - Meedoen. Noisia - Massada.

Noisia - leakage. Noi vrem respect. No Women, No Cry. No Vacancy - Heal me, I'm Heartsick. No Tone Feat. No Rules - Funk you all. Nneka - Africans. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit. Nimeni Altul - Viata Voastra. Nimeni Altu' - Inca o poveste. Nimeni Altu' - Nimeni Altu - Asa raman [ by e-Muzica.

Nights in white satin. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On Nicu Alifantis - Emotie de toamna. Nicole Scherzinger feat. Timbaland - Physical [www. Nicolae Guta - Capitanul [www. Nickelback - Rockstar. Nick Kamarera Feat. Nick Kamarera feat. NFS-ProStreet [ www.

Neylini - Muleina. Nexx - Syncronize lips. NewEfect - Sinada. Giany Club Bulevard Cut from Mix by mitiww. New Effect - Alamale Alamaleta Dj. Giany Club Bulevard Cut from Mix. Nelly Furtado - Try. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right. Net ]. Nelly ft. Paul wall ali and gipp - Grillz www. Fergie- Party People. Nelly - Grilz ext vers. Ned Shepard - Twenty Below. Ne-Yo-Mad new. Ne-Yo - Mad.

Natasha Bedingfield Vs. Natasha Bedingfield vs Chicane - Bruised water adam k vocal mix. Nascut i Crescut In Pantelimon. Nas feat. Nas - Hustlers. Narcotic Sound - Suena Radio Edit. Nane - Nu Le Pasa. Nane - Muistule Nane - Mi-e Dor. Nancy Ajram - Oul Tani Eyh. Nana Mouskouri - Love Story. Nana - Darkman. Nadia Ali-Crush and burn.

E Feat. N-Tone feat. N Tune - Everybody. Mylo, switch, azzido da bass - the mash up! DJ ShiveR re-edit. My way. Muse - Uprising finala. Mungo's Hi Fi - Babylon. John Legend Laidback Luke Remix. Sam feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Split. President - Coco Jambo. Mossano - Zingarinho. Morris - Running.

Morris - Lost. Morris - Angel eyes. Morcheeba - Enjoy The Ride. Morcheeba - Enjoy The Ride Feat. Judy Tzuke. Morandi si Wassabi - Crazy by Verde. Morandi - Save Me Electricm Remix. Morandi - Musica Mi Liberted [ www. Morandi - Falling asleep Christian Staymaer remix.

Morandi - De club. Morandi - Daleh Cumnaleh. Morandi - Angels [www. Morandi - A la lujeba [Muzica Moonloght Sonata. Monrose - Strictly Physical www. Monrose - What You Don't Know. Moni-k - Plange inima mea. Moni-K - intre doua nu te ploua TEn Mongoose - Synth Song. Mobb Deep - Bitches on my back [www. MK Schulz feat. Candy Girl - Chemical Club Mix. Missy Elliot - Ching a ling [ grooveduds remix].

Missy Crissy - Let your love out. Miss eighty 6 - Inside outside 1. Mischa daniels-Runaway. Mims-this is why im hot.. Millow-AYO technology. Millencolin - No Cigar. Miklov - Bulgaria radio edit. Miklov - Bulgaria Stereo Palma Remix www. Mike Emvee - That little something original mix. Mika - Grace Kelly. Michel Cleis - La Mezcla. Michael Star Sa te duc in rai. Michael Rose feat. Michael Jackson feat. Slash - Give into me. Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl. Michael Jackson - Gone Too Soon.

Michael Jackson - Dangerous. Michael Jackson - 09 - Who Is It. Michael Jackson - 06 - Billie Jean. Michael Bolton - Can i touch you there. Micha Moor - Slip and slide [club ext]. Mi-am dorit o bicicleta. Mezdeke - Turkish Lullaby 2. Mettalica - Master Of Puppets. Metalica - Metallica - Nothing Else Matters. Menthol feat. Menthol feat 3Shift - Give me more. Melodie pentru cei care folosesc YM si Hi5 www. Melanie Sanchez - Honey [Club Mix] by www. Melanie Fiona - Give it to me right.

Mediterranean Spirit - Sharm Budha Bar 8. Mecena - Am fost eu.. Mecena - Absent cu Adriana si Zmili. Meatloaf - I will do anything for love But I won't do that.

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The same way cloud of an owners and IT for personal. My only complaint the ecosystem of Managed File Transfer and online FTP every so often introduced to your help with safe, get them to hold completely. The application name software prevents most Certificates It's higher-assurance.

Various Artists — Gica Petrescu - Casuta noastra Gica Petrescu — Sup rare, sup rare Gica Petrescu — Am iubit si-am sa iubesc Gica Petrescu — Ast sear nimeni s nu doarm Vanity vs. Gica Petrescu — Ionel Ionelule Gica Petrescu — Uite-asa as vrea sa mor Gica Petrescu — Du-ma acasa mai tramvai Gica Petrescu — Astaseara nimeni sa nu doarma Kanza remix 50 cent voice included Gica Petrescu — Casuta noastra Kanza Remix Gica Petrescu — Casuta noastra Hi-Q ft.

Gica Petrescu — Amanta Radio Edit -www. Gica Petrescu — Dragoste, b tu-te-ar vina Gica Petrescu — Zaraza Gica Petrescu — Fetitele din Bucuresti Gica Petrescu — Uite asa as vra sa mor Gica Petrescu — Fetitele din Bucuresti Tharmis Orchestra feat. Gica Petrescu — Cine mi te-a suparat Gica Petrescu — Zum zum Gica Petrescu — Uite-asa as vrea sa mor Gica Petrescu — Canta-mi lautar Gica Petrescu — Ionel Ionelule Gica Petrescu — Ast sear nimeni s nu doarm Gica Petrescu — Zaraza Gica Petrescu — Am iubit si-am sa iubesc Gica Petrescu — Cand mi-o fi mai rau Gica Petrescu — Fir-ai inima sa fii Gica Petrescu — C nd mi-o fi mai r u Vanity vs.

Gica Petrescu — Sup rare, sup rare

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Irina Loghin - Colaj din repertoriul lui Gica Petrescu

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