Nov 2014 dancehall mixtape torrent

nov 2014 dancehall mixtape torrent

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This newfound materialism and conspicuity was not, however, exclusive to women or manner of dress. Appearance at dance halls was exceedingly important to acceptance by peers and encompassed everything from clothing and jewelry, to the types of vehicles driven, to the sizes of each respective gang or "crew", and was equally important to both sexes.

One major theme behind dancehall is that of space. Dancehall occupies multiple spatial dimensions urban, street, police, marginal, gendered, performance, liminal, memorializing, communal , which are revealed through the nature and type of events and venues, and their use and function.

Most notable is the way in which dancehall occupies a liminal space between what is celebrated and at the same time denigrated in Jamaica and how it moves from private community to public and commercial enterprise. Dancehall is ultimately a celebration of the disenfranchised selves in postcolonial Jamaica that occupy and creatively sustain that space.

Structured by the urban, a space that is limited, limiting, and marginal yet central to communal, even national, identity, dancehall's identity is as contradictory and competitive as it is sacred. Some of Jamaica's significant memories of itself are inscribed in the dancehall space, and therefore dancehall can be seen as a site of collective memory that functions as ritualized memorializing, a memory bank of the old, new, and dynamic bodily movements, spaces, performers, and performance aesthetics of the New World and Jamaica in particular.

These same notions of dancehall as a cultural space are echoed in Norman Stolzoff's Wake the Town and Tell the People. He notes that dancehall is not merely a sphere of passive consumerism, but rather is an alternative sphere of active cultural production that acts as a means through which black lower-class youth articulate and project a distinct identity in local, national, and global contexts.

Through dancehall, ghetto youths attempt to deal with the endemic problems of poverty, racism, and violence, and in this sense the dancehall acts as a communication center, a relay station, a site where black lower-class culture attains its deepest expression.

It is the power or mastery, of parody, and of getting away with it. Ellis not only examines the intersection of queerness and masculinity within the Jamaican dancehall scene, but suggests that the overt homophobia of certain dancehall music actually creates a space for queer expression. In general, homosexuality and queerness are still stigmatized in dancehalls. In fact, some of the songs used during dancehall sessions contain blatant homophobic lyrics.

Ellis argues, however, this explicit, violent rhetoric is what creates a space for queer expression in Jamaica. She describes the phenomenon of all male dance groups that have sprung up within the dancehall scene. These crews dress in matching, tight clothing, often paired with makeup and dyed hair, traditional hallmarks of queerness within Jamaican culture.

When they perform together, it is the bodily performance that give the homosexual dancers power. The popularity of dancehall has spawned dance moves that help to make parties and stage performances more energetic. Dancing is an integral part of bass culture genres. As people felt the music in the crowded dancehall venues, they would do a variety of dances. Eventually, dancehall artists started to create songs that either invented new dances or formalized some moves done by dancehall goers. Many dance moves seen in hip hop videos are actually variations of dancehall dances.

Dancehall combines elements of materialism and stories of hardships of Kingston, Jamaica. Kingsley Stewart points out that artists sometimes feel an "imperative to transcend the normal", exemplified by artists like Elephant Man and Bounty Killer doing things to stand out, such as putting on a synthetic cartoonish voice or donning pink highlights while constantly re-asserting hypermasculine attributes.

Hope argues that this trend is related to the rise of market capitalism as a dominant feature of life in Jamaica, coupled with the role of new media and a liberalized media landscape, where images become of increasing importance in the lives of ordinary Jamaicans who strive for celebrity and superstar status on the stages of dancehall and Jamaican popular culture. Another point of dissension of dancehall from reggae, and from its non-western roots in Jamaica, is on the focus on materialism.

Dancehall has also become popular in regions such as Ghana and Panama. Prominent males in the dancehall scene are expected to dress in very expensive casual wear, indicative of European urban styling and high fashion that suggest wealth and status. In the documentary It's All About Dancing , prominent dancehall artist Beenie Man argues that one could be the best DJ or the smoothest dancer, but if one wears clothing that reflects the economic realities of the majority of the partygoers, one will be ignored, and later Beenie Man returned to perform as Ras Moses.

According to Carolyn Cooper in Sound Clash , written in , dancehall music and its following were frequently attacked for frequent references to guns and violence in lyrics, with Cooper responding by arguing that the emergence of firearms was less a sign of genuinely violent undercurrents in dancehall and more a theatrical adoption of the role of guns as tools of power.

That ties into the concepts of the badman , a defiant, rebellious figure who often use a gun to maintain a level of respect and fear. Said concepts, Cooper argues, originate in historical resistance to slavery and emulation of imported films, specifically North American action films with gun-wielding protagonists.

Adding to the concept of gunfire as theatrical element is the use of gunfire as a way to show support for a performing DJ or singer, which eventually gave way to flashing cigarette lighters, displaying glowing cellphone monitors, and igniting aerosol sprays. And even then, in May It Fill Your Soul , Timothy Rice mentioned that even insider scholars required a level of distanciation to scrutinize their own cultures as needed. After the popularizing of Buju Banton's dancehall song "Boom Bye Bye" in the early s, dancehall music came under criticism from international organizations and individuals over anti-gay lyrics.

For example, Buju Banton 's hit "Boom Bye Bye" advocates the violent assaults and murders of gay people. Another example, T. Some of the affected singers believed that legal or commercial sanctions were an attack against freedom of speech and were affected by anti-Black attitudes in the music industry internationally. This movement actively targeted homophobia in dancehall music and was partially initiated by a controversial UK based group OutRage!

It led to some dancehall artists signing the Reggae Compassionate Act. Some artists agreed not to use anti-gay lyrics during their concerts in certain countries internationally because their concerts kept being protested and cancelled. The global treatment of dancehall can often represent the continued anti-Black association of homophobia with Blackness.

However, it is discussed how many dancehall songs contain homophobic and transphobic lyrics. Scholars have theorized around the significance and meaning around the use of anti-gay lyrics in dancehall music. Hope argues that dancehall culture's anti-gay lyrics formed part of a macho discussion that advanced the interest of the heterosexual male in Jamaica, which is a Christian society with strong Rastafari movement influence as well.

Dancehall culture in Jamaica often included imagery of men dressing and dancing in a way stereotypically associated with gay-male style. Some authors have suggested that this duality, the presentation of "queerness," in dance style and dress, and the violent homophobia, in dancehall spaces can be explained by the ritualistic "doing away with "homosexuality.

In the safety this ritualized hetero-normativity creates, the space may be opened to more free expression and participants can then more openly engage with styles and dancing that might have been seen as queer. The backlash to Banton's violently anti-gay "Boom Bye-Bye", and the reality of Kingston's violence which saw the deaths of deejays Pan Head and Dirtsman saw another shift, this time back towards Rastafari and cultural themes, with several of the hardcore slack ragga artists finding religion, and the "conscious ragga" scene becoming an increasingly popular movement.

Some popular deejays, most prominently Buju Banton and Capleton , began to cite Rastafari and turn their lyrics and music in a more conscious, rootsy direction. Many modern dancehall Rasta artists identify with Bobo Ashanti. Dancehalls are used to communicate messages of women's power and control in a protest against their gendered experience embedded in Jamaican culture.

That's what dance is, expressing with your body what you feel and who you are. Rather by negotiating their own boundaries in the dancehall, by taking control of their bodies, and by communicating their power, they are demanding respect when confronted by those who do not believe they deserve it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Genre of Jamaican popular music. This article is about the genre of music. For other uses, see Dance hall disambiguation.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Reggae ska rocksteady dub toasting. Reggaeton dembow afroswing. Reggae fusion Bhangragga Oldschool jungle Tropical house [1] Tropical pop [2] [3]. Main article: Dancehall pop. This section needs additional citations for verification.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Further information: Stop Murder Music. Society portal. Archived from the original on 18 June Retrieved 8 July Financial Times. Archived from the original on July 1, Retrieved July 1, The Guardian. Archived from the original on December 28, Retrieved December 28, Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press. ISBN Duke University Press.

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Sonic diaspora, vibrations, and rhythm: thinking through the sounding of the Jamaican dancehall session. African and Black Diaspora, 1 2 , — Dub echoes. Soul Jazz Records, 1. ISSN Archived from the original on 14 April Rolling Stone. Hype Life Magazine. On the beat, 9th Wonder comes in - people often complain about his drums, but you have to appreciate what he brings here with that drum pattern - unusual, and very dope.

I got this free from Bandcamp , but it's also on their debut " Live From The Coney Island " album, which is well worth checking. The man also known as 2Tall for his turntablist exploits is also a very accomplished producer, and he showcases a deft touch on this dark, dark track from his " Threads " album. Just so we're clear, we're totally coming back to this album in the future! Right here you have now label exec and reality TV host MC Serch and current baseball memorabilia dealer Pete Nice ripping the mic on an SDproduced track, with Daddy Rich jumping in with the cuts and Chubb Rock with a dope guest verse.

New flavour from one of my personal favourites, a preview for their forthcoming album which will be solely produced by Ski - the man responsible for the beats on " Uptown Saturday Night. I think I underrated this one when it came out, but that was partly because I just preferred " ATLiens " to " Aquemini ," the album this was on.

My bad! Raekwon, responsible for one of my top two albums of all time " Cuban Linx Organized Noise have the drums snapping, and OutKast themselves are quality on the mic as always, but that Rae verse though Ty has been one of the great talents of the UK scene for a long time and this is one of my favourite tracks from him, proper funk workout with just a hint of Latin flavour. I got this on the 12" with " Ha Ha " on the flip but it's also on the " Upwards " album.

Great track to have in your collection either way. This song is at least in part being included because of that incredible title, which I remember using once in a high school game of "Hangman" seriously. Before a field trip to a place called Cober Hill, I had a few quid in my pocket to buy just one new record to tape and take with me; the choice came down to Public Enemy's " Yo! Turned out to be a good thing since the PE album has remained available, whereas I've not seen a copy of this outside my own library in years.

This track closes the album and is very much of its era - a long posse cut, pro-Black lyrics, and the most incredible amount of shout-outs ever. Even dedicated "shout out" tracks on other albums don't have as many as this one. The beat comes from The Soul Society, of which Griff is a member, and bears the Miami influence of the Skyywalker Records label that this was released under - listen out for the sub-bass drops!

Please remember to support the artists you like! The purpose of putting the podcast out and providing the full tracklist is to try and give some light, so do use the songs on each episode as a starting point to search out more material. If you have Spotify in your country it's a great way to explore, but otherwise there's always Youtube and the like. Record a drop for the show!

Listen Mixcloud. Subscribe Apple Podcasts. Login Email Password Having trouble logging in? Toggle navigation. Preview Mode Links will not work in preview mode. Episode 64 : Fresh From Above. Sep 28, "Rich for a poor man, poor for a rich man Main Ingredient : Summer Breeze We're just leaving summer, so here's the last flush of the season. The Notorious B. G : Things Done Changed "Whatever happened to the summertime cookouts?

Funny video too : Nitty Gritty ft. Boot Camp Clik ft. Oh yeah, look out for Omar from "The Wire" in the original video ; Lowkey ft. Shadia Mansour : Too Much More UK flavour, this time with an MC who is unafraid to take on political topics - whether it's militarism, Palestine, media, or whatever - and puts himself in the vein of the Immortal Techniques of this world. Sean Price ft. The Regiment ft. Om Unit : Folding Shadows The man also known as 2Tall for his turntablist exploits is also a very accomplished producer, and he showcases a deft touch on this dark, dark track from his " Threads " album.

Camp Lo : Cold Retarded New flavour from one of my personal favourites, a preview for their forthcoming album which will be solely produced by Ski - the man responsible for the beats on " Uptown Saturday Night. OutKast ft.

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