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hoofdpersonen kruistocht in spijkerbroek torrent

Soon, Alvin must crack a year-old code that leads to treasure. Thea Beckman's YA sci-fi/historical adventure Kruistocht in spijkerbroek (Crusade in. After seeing Kruistocht I think I would be quite interested in seeing the missing in Jeans into the stream and be Crusade in Jeans away by the torrent. in , Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek (Crusade in Jeans) had a € million budget Likewise, 'torrent' files, which specify the name. LUNAFLY A TI MP3 TORRENT There are two. If you drop is a familiar deleting the object in the range you to install core build. Connect to just hired Britt Provost.

Luke Gell Bertho as Bertho. Amy Jenkins Maria as Maria. Ophelia Lovibond Isabella as Isabella. Christopher Conway Francis as Francis. Udo Kier Dr. Lawerence as Dr. Ben Sombogaart. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia The film takes place in and Quotes Dolf Vega : Crap, I'm in the thirteenth century! User reviews 23 Review.

Top review. Great Children's story. I've read the book a long time ago as a kid and I remember loving it. It was exciting, it was adventurous, it had an excellent main character. It had, my favorite subject, time traveling. And it was very good and convincingly written by Thea Beckman.

What more do you want? This film is of course based on the book, thank god. It usually doesn't end up well with movies that try to stick to the story to much. I tried to imagine how this movie would be like to watch when I was twelve. I think I would have loved it! Great leading actor, I mean, which boy doesn't want to be him? Great adventures, and the story is convincing. And look at the beautiful settings it was shot in.

I don't understand the 6,6. It deserves a little bit higher from my point of view. Details Edit. Release date November 15, Belgium. Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg Germany. Crusade: A March Through Time. Dessau, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Box office Edit. Fun fact: Illustrated by Mercer Meyer. While the villains conspire among themselves to rule the galaxy, the assembled super-group tries and fails to defeat the Sun-Eater.

Fun fact: This story arc is notable not only for introducing the Fatal Five — one of the best super-villain teams ever — but for featuring the first permanent death of a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

This is, essentially, H. Wells fanfic. In the world of Earthsea, magic is an inborn talent — and those born with the most powerful gifts are sent to school on the island of Roke, where they are trained to become responsible, staff-carrying wizards. Hello, Harry Potter. Ged, a reddish-skinned shepherd boy, is trained by the humble mage Ogion to use his impressive powers in harmony with nature; however, Ged is impatient and reckless.

Hello, Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. At Roke, Ged shows off to his fellow students by releasing a shadow creature that attacks him. Injured and afraid, he leaves school and seeks wizard work including protecting a village from dragons! Frank Springer , and just before he joined the National Lampoon. He and his younger sister, Sally, escape across the water to France. Unaffected people have fled for the continent.

So Geoffrey and Sally return to England, and drive a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost — whose workings are described in loving detail — towards an atmospheric disturbance emanating from the Welsh coast. Dyrnwyn, the magical black sword of Gwydion, Prince of Don, has been stolen by the necromancer Arawn. Will he save the planet that had rejected him? Fun fact: Adapted in as a now-classic animated movie, directed by Brad Bird.

Writing for The Boston Globe in , I persuasively argued that the answer is: maybe. Once the Resistance discovers that alcohol has a strongly soporific effect on the aliens, they plan a simultaneous commando raid against all of the Tripod cities on Earth. The Panama city holds out… so Will, Fritz, and Henry lead an attack launched from hot air balloons.

One of the friends sacrifices himself to destroy the final redoubt. Now that their common enemy has been vanquished, will humankind remain united — or will they revert to national rivalry and war? John Christopher real name: Sam Youd is also the author of the terrific Sword of the Spirits trilogy — When old Mr.

Other characters interested in the harp include the mysterious Seljuk of Rum, and an order of monks which has mostly moved to China. The children conceal their powers, particularly when they end up in a juvenile detention home. Fun facts: Adapted as a Walt Disney movie; and again in While training for the upcoming Olympic Games in Greece, Roman legionnaire and athlete Gluteus Maximus discovers that he is unable to best Asterix and Obelix at running, javelin, or wrestling. His centurion and coach informs Chief Vitalstatistix about the Games, at which point Asterix points out that despite their resistance to Roman rule the Gauls are technically Roman citizens and therefore, they should participate in the fun.

Accompanied by every man from the village, Asterix and Obelix head to Olympia and register as athletes; reduced to despair, the Roman athletes devote themselves to elaborate feasts… which demoralizes the other athletes. How will the indomitable duo get themselves out of this jam? Fun facts: The 12th Asterix comic was serialized in Pilote in to coincide with the Mexico City Olympics; and it was translated into English in to coincide with the Munich Olympics.

The subject of performance-enhancing drug usage in sports is more relevant now than ever! On her tenth birthday, Ellen Carroll — who likes to imagine that she is a queen — discovers a silver crown in her bedroom. A series of unfortunate events follows; slowly, Ellen discovers a parallel world in which she is an important figure. En route, she meets Otto, a self-sufficient 8-year-old, who helps her flee through the mountains from sinister pursuers — and teaches her valuable survival skills.

In a sinister castle in the forest, she and Otto discover the Hieronymus Machine, an ancient and self-aware device that allows the silver crown-wearer to control minds. When a mysterious enchantment settles over England, many of its white, working-class inhabitants rapidly revert to an ignorant, xenophobic way of looking at the world; and, once nearly all of those who are unaffected — in particular, all immigrants — have fled England for the continent, the country makes to coin a phrase a hard Brexit… from the 20th century.

Meanwhile, a time bomb nearly kills both Steve and the sheriff. The author has done his homework: We learn a lot about spellcraft and occult practices, not to mention a thing or two about Aleister Crowley. Demons are summoned! He experiences unknown phenomena like sunlight, grass, and peaches for the first time… and is adopted by a community who, although living above-ground, also it turns out live lives that are meaningless.

Dilar embarks on a journey to find his people and liberate them — but, again and again, he finds himself instead entangled in misguided ways of living. The alien being possesses the power to enthrall its captives, and maintain them in a blissed-out, timeless state for — well, forever. There, however, Pepe — a disobedient and mischievous character in the tradition of O. As with Asterix and the Goths , Asterix in Britain , and Asterix in Switzerland , among other Asterix travelogues, there are many jokes made at the expense of the national culture in question… in this case, Spanish pride, Spanish hot tempers, and the terrible condition of Spanish roads.

Fun facts: Serialized in Pilote magazine, in Before Gary Paulsen was known as the Newbery Honor Award-winning author of YA survivalist novels like Dogsong and Hatchet , he wrote this exciting, amusing, and also tragic Sid Fleischman-esque yarn about Francis Tucket, a year-old who — while heading west on the Oregon Trail with his family — is abducted by Pawnees.

He learns to hunt rabbits and antelope, build a shelter against the elements, and — perhaps most importantly — eschew confrontation with potentially lethal enemies. Discretion, after all, is the better part of valor. Grimes is a no-nonsense mentor, whom Francis increasingly emulates… until a family is massacred, when we see a much darker side of the Jeremiah Johnson-esque mountain man.

Fun facts: In the sequel, Call Me Francis Tucket published a quarter-century later in , Francis attempts to reunite with his family… alone, this time. In their eighth appearance in the series, the Daltons — outlaw brothers Joe, William, Jack, and Averell — escape from prison. Their plan is to restore Fenton Town, a hotbed of depravity which Lucky Luke had previously shut down, to its former glory.

Once the Daltons hire singer Lulu Breechloader and her troupe of dancing girls, Luke persuades Joe Dalton that she intends to marry him. Thrilled, Joe plans a wedding and invites every desperado in the territory to attend. The various outlaws dressed in their wedding finery were endlessly amusing to me, as a child. Once Joe discovers that Lulu is already married, Luke must fight for his life.

Fun facts: Serialized in Pilote magazine, this is the 34th Lucky Luke story. Starhawk, who joins the team in more ways than one , is an amazing character, too. Mercer Mayer. Fitzgerald brings us back to Aden, a fictional Utah pioneer town in — and recounts Tom Sawyer-ish stories loosely inspired by his own experiences as an adolescent growing up in Price, Utah, in the nineteen-teens.

Like J. A lame Great Brain movie starred Osmonds brother Jimmy. This earlier novel, which is also a tense atmospheric thriller, finds our protagonist, year-old Arnold Haithwaite, an adoptee driven out of his home by a creepy, manipulative stranger who claims to be the real Arnold Haithwaite, struggling with a similar predicament. Will Arnold learn the secret of his own identity — and stop the stranger from taking over his home? When a mysterious enchantment settles over England, many of its white, working-class inhabitants revert to an ignorant, xenophobic way of looking at the world.

Nicky, a year-old girl living in London, loses her parents when they — and nearly every other adult in the city — smash their TVs and refrigerators, cars and buses, and every other sort of machine. Nicky, too, is affected by the Changes, to some extent — machinery makes her uneasy, though not violent. Six thousand Sikhs marched in protest. Wolverhampton MP Enoch Powell made a now infamous speech defending discrimination on the grounds of race in certain areas of British life.

Nicky learns to love and respect her adopted family, who prove to be courageous, smart, and adaptable. After some adventures, the group establishes themselves in a new home near a farming community — the leader of which is a fat, hate-mongering populist reminiscent of Donald Trump. When a group of raiders attacks the community, Nicky and her brave friends rush to their rescue. I have suggested elsewhere that this book and the others in the series — really should be adapted as a movie or TV show.

A century in the future, England is divided into the modern, overpopulated, high-tech Conurbs and the leisurely, aristocratic County. Thirteen-year-old Rob grew up in the Conurbs, but his mother was from the County; so when his father dies suspiciously, he flees the state boarding school and sneaks under the barrier separating the two areas. Gifford is strangely obsessed with bonsai — and little else. When Oxford and Bristol are taken by armed rebels, Mike and Rob find themselves on opposing sides of the conflict.

Rob, meanwhile, is recruited by the Guardians — a secret group of overseers a sinister version of H. Where do his true loyalties lie? Determined to rescue the remaining animals, Cotton and his crew of empathetic misfits steal horses, then a pickup truck, and make their way back to the ranch that night. The ending is truly tragic; children should not watch this movie. As the 15th Asterix adventure begins, Julius Caesar releases Tortuous Convolvulus, a seditious troublemaker, from prison — and sends him to Gaul.

En route to Gaul, Convolvulus causes dissension among Romans, galley slaves, and the pirates. Meanwhile, the soldiers in the nearby Roman camp of Aquarium begin to turn on one another. When Asterix and Obelix declare their intention of leaving forever, the Romans prepare to wipe out the village once and for all. Fun facts: The story was serialized in Pilote magazine in ; it was translated into English in In , Pratt began publishing pp.

Corto Maltese stories in the French magazine Pif Gadget ; set on the eve of World Wr I, they are cinematic, allusive, hallucinogenic, elegant, thrilling. The first installment in one of my favorite YA sci-fi trilogies. Thirteen-year-old Luke is the son of an army captain in Winchester, a walled and fortified city-state whose prince regularly leads an attack on neighboring city-states for honor and glory.

Although at first we may think the story is set in medieval England, we soon figure out that this is a post-apocalyptic future. Dwarfs are second-class citizens, in the neo-medieval world of Winchester and its neighboring cities; so are Christians, for that matter, who are widely regarded as weak and worthless. The adolescent Luke — not his illegitimate older brother, Peter — becomes the titular prince in waiting.

We root for him to succeed, and also to overcome his own demons. Fun facts: A sequel, Beyond the Burning Lands , was published in The wily Mr. Fox, who lives in a hillside den, supports his wife and children by making nocturnal raids on the farms and storehouses of Boggis, Bunce and Bean — wicked, cruel, stupid farmers. When the farmers unite to kill our hero, they manage to shoot off his tail — then dig up his burrow, with spades and eventually heavy excavation machinery.

Finally, Mr. They steal ducks, geese, hams, bacon, carrots for their rabbit neighbors , even hard cider. Fox and his neighbors establish an idyllic underground commune, where no one will ever go hungry. Dahl strongly suggests that the animals have a right to prey on the humans because whereas the animals create delicious meals, the farmers are disgusting: one eats endless chickens, another drinks only alcoholic cider, and a third subsists on doughnuts stuffed with goose liver paste.

Wit triumphs over shit; Zivilisation over Kultur. In the far future, the things that divide humankind — race, class, nationality — no longer do. Even more shocking is the revelation that Wei Li Chun is still alive, thanks to his practice of having his head transplanted every so often onto a young body! Our hero escapes to a commune-like settlement, only to discover that it, too, is under the control of the world-state. When he joins with other rebels in an effort to overthrow the Programmers, he learns the most shocking secret of all.

A decent potboiler, though seriously marred by sexism and homophobia. The protagonist of this long-running Franco-Belgian strip Yoko Tsuno is a brilliant young Japanese engineer who can do everything from programming a computer to flying a plane; she also speaks several languages, and is proficient in several martial arts. Along with her Belgian friends Vic Video and Pol Pitron, Yoko travels around Europe and Asia solving mysteries and getting into and out of futuristic scrapes.

A young boy named Mickey wakes up in the night, hearing a thumping sound coming from below his room. An empowering lucid dream, and a fine escapade. Winner of the Caldecott Honor. Seven years ago, Jingo Hawkes was deposited at a Boston orphanage by his one-legged rapscallion father — whom he can barely remember.

Meanwhile, a Mr. The mystery man hires Jingo — whose real name seems to be Django; Romany customs and lifestyle are explored, here — as an apprentice, and carries him off on a fast-paced, far-roving treasure hunt.

As with most Fleischman novels, the plot includes bandits, swindles, fast thinking, and a charismatic but unreliable father figure. By the time that Ged Sparrowhawk , protagonist of the first Earthsea book, arrives on Atuan, year-old Arha has come to feel at home in the stygian labyrinth — the tombs — beneath the temple.

Her role is a gruesome one. When the God-Emperor sends prisoners to the tombs, it is she who orders them to be killed slowly by starvation. Into this claustrophobic setting comes Ged, in search of the long-lost half of a magical talisman; he already possesses the other half, and he wishes to use the talisman to bring lasting peace to Earthsea. When Arha discovers him wandering in the labyrinth, she traps him there to die; however, she is fascinated by the wizard, and at last decides to help him — at the risk of losing her own life.

Fun facts: Winner of the Newbery Medal. When Jack Kirby left Marvel Comics for DC in , he launched a science-fictional epic revolving around aliens with superhuman abilities arriving on Earth. These proto-postmodernist comics are a volatile admixture of religion the character Izaya evokes the biblical Isaiah , ancient-astronaut theories, sci-fi technology the Boom Tube, the Mobius Chair, the Mother Box , and s culture the Forever People are cosmic hippies.

Truly awesome. Fun fact: The Fourth World storyline was intended to be a finite series, which would end with the deaths of the characters Darkseid and Orion. At the catastrophic finale of Black Hearts in Battersea , Dido Twite, a bratty but plucky Cockney tomboy, apparently drowns. But The Cuckoo Tree is an altogether darker, more sinister adventure. As usual, Aiken is having fun with Victorian melodramatic tropes: in addition to another assassination plot, we meet a sinister and racing-obsessed lady, the Joobie nut-dispensing Tante Sannie, the local witch Mrs.

Lubbage, twins separated at birth, a creepy puppeteer, and a plot to extort money from a noble family. Twite, resurfaces. And there are other characters, as well — perhaps too many. Throughout, we continue to root for Dido to find a true home. Fun facts: In order of publication, this is the fifth installment in the Wolves Chronicles series. By the end of The Prince in Waiting , the first installment in the Sword of the Spirits series, our teenage protagonist Luke has seen his father, Prince of Winchester, murdered.

When a peddler arrives in Winchester, claiming to have crossed the volcanic wasteland to the north — i. Returning home, Luke discovers that the Seers intend him to be Prince, after all. The final installment in this trilogy is The Sword of the Spirits Although they get lost, and must struggle to survive in a hostile environment, the mission is successful; they encounter squirrels, deer, fish, birds, a horse and a dog….

Although this is a dark story about an all-too-possible future in which the environment as we know it no longer exists, we come away from it with a sense of optimism — Nature is resilient, after all, and so is each new generation. Fun facts: Stoutenburg was an accomplished poet; her collection, Short History of the Fur Trade , was short-listed for the Pulitzer Prize. In addition to writing YA novels, she wrote several dozen works of fiction and nonfiction for children. What a strange, sad, amazing story!

Brave and resourceful, he spends much of his time seeing to the wellbeing of other homeless kids, a few of whom we meet. Although this sounds like an Oliver Twist set-up, these older veterans not only coordinate the complex logistics necessary to care for their charges, but they work to keep them from falling into a life of crime.

Higgins, the Great For kicks, they hustle pool, get into fights, pick up girls, and occasionally rip someone off. Things change when Charlie, their friend who runs the bar where they hustle pool, is shot and killed while coming to their rescue. The breakup of this bromance is set against the backdrop of the Sixties: psychedelic painted Volkswagen buses, crash pads, acid casualties.

When Bryon discovers that Charlie has started selling drugs — including the pills that sent the gentle, fragile younger brother of their friend Cathy, to the hospital — matters come to a head. Will Bryon do the right thing, even if it means betraying Mark?

An Aeneid -like epic in which a ragtag band of rabbits escape the destruction of their warren and journey across south-central England in search of a new home. Their unlikely leader is Hazel, whose main concern was to protect his oddball visionary brother Fiver; the charismatic star of the story is the gruff, tough rabbit Bigwig. These unlikely misfits encounter predators, snares, and automobiles; and they must elude the Owsla — the security force of their own warren, sent to fetch them back.

Though the ever-growing group is tempted to join a couple of un-free rabbit societies, Hazel, Fiver, and Bigwig are fiercely determined to start their own warren… which they finally do, at Watership Down, a hill in the north of Hampshire.

However, they need does — which leads them into more perilous adventures. And in the end, they must survive an attack led by Woundwort, the monstrous leader of a rival warren. Throughout, we hear inspirational excerpts from the lapine mythology of El-ahrairah the trickster. When barbarous Huns attack Byzantium, they carry off Ariadne, a wealthy young woman. He is also fleeing powerful Byzantine traitors who know that he witnessed their treachery, and wnt to silence him.

Our hero is accompanied by Holy John — a dirty, epileptic, narcissistic household saint, who wants to convert the Huns — and by Bubba. Bubba, by the way, is a wonderful, loving, loyal character — perhaps the best bear in literature. This is the case with the three stories collected here; making a sacrifice in the name of friendship is another important theme. Fun facts: Illustrated by Victor Ambrus.

Due to a chronic illness, as a teenager Sutcliff spent most of her time with her mother — from whom she learned the Celtic and Saxon legends that first inspired her interest in historical stories. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH — have become bipedal, humanoid, and sentient, and possess the power of speech. Equipped with weapons and technology salvaged from the ruins of human civilization, these lions, tigers, and bears have divided up the North American continent into warring kingdoms.

Kamandi crosses this landscape, using his wits to survive a series of adventures; he befriends Dr. One of the great yarns from Kirby, then working at the peak of his powers; and the map of North America at the end of issue 1 is endlessly evocative. He stopped writing the comic in , after 37 issues, though he drew a few more issues after that. In the final installment of the original Earthsea trilogy, the planet faces an existential crisis: the magic is leaking out of it, into a kind of black hole — and along with the magic is going all courage and conviction, not to mention songs, craftsmanship, and joy!

A slow-moving adventure, with philosophical musings — not as thrilling as the first two installments. But Le Guin is a wonderful philosopher, so the book is a beautifully written page-turner. Before Mike W. Happily ever after? Summoning a Welsh military forced armed with Seers-provided Sten guns, our brave but difficult-to-like protagonist returns to Winchester to seek revenge… but when the time comes for him to reclaim his throne, will Luke be able to go through with it?

A spooky-kooky collection of fifteen tales, ostensibly but not entirely intended for children, first published between and by one of the most original, self-assured, witty and weird artist-authors ever to sport Converse high-tops and a fur coat to the New York City Ballet.

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Not sure that he can ever return to his own time, Dolf, together with Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa - the young mathematics student he meets upon the road - decides to accompany the poorly organized crusade, hoping to hel Originally published in , as Kruistocht in spijkerbroek , this classic Dutch children's novel follows the story of Rudolph Hefting, a twentieth-century boy who finds himself transported back in time to the year , and caught up in the events of the fabled Children's Crusade.

Not sure that he can ever return to his own time, Dolf, together with Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa - the young mathematics student he meets upon the road - decides to accompany the poorly organized crusade, hoping to help the children survive. So begins a monumental journey south, across the Karwendel range of the Alps, toward Genoa, and the sea. The children believe that their nominal leader, Nicholas the shepherd boy, has had a vision from God, and when they come to Genoa will divide the sea, and lead them to the White City of Jerusalem, there to put to flight the Saracens.

Dolf, with his twentieth-century skepticism, believes otherwise, but finds that he must accommodate himself - in public, anyway - to the customs and beliefs of the times. When treachery is revealed, and the true purpose of the crusade becomes clear, will Dolf, Leonardo, and their group of dedicated friends, be able to save the children from a terrible fate? And even if they do Crusade in Jeans is not a book without flaw.

To begin with, I sometimes found the language a little awkward, although I understand, from reading reviews by Dutch-speakers, that this is owing to the poor translation. It irked me, moreover, to see that the translator is not listed anywhere on or in the book! I also found some of the "history" questionable. Leonardo Fibonacci , for instance, would have been forty-two years old, in , rather than a young student, and would already have published his famous Liber Abaci in , which did so much to bring Arabic numerals to which Dolph supposedly exposes him, in the novel to Europe.

Then, of course, there is the question of the Children's Crusade itself - an apocryphal event events? Still, Beckman's theory of how reports of such an event may have been started, made for fascinating reading. More importantly, her general grasp for the times - the importance attached to social class and position, the omnipresence of faith, both in internal decision-making, and overt practice, the appalling ignorance of geography, but surprisingly good hygiene Dolf had always been taught that all people in the Middle Ages were dirty - was top notch, and I came away from the story with the feeling that, like Dolf, I had truly stepped back in time.

I also came away with a true attachment to the characters, and a desire to know more. I wanted to know what happened with Leonardo and Maria, later on - did they ever figure out where Dolf came from? I wanted to learn more about the boy who took Dolph's place, in the then present, and what happened to both of them, when they returned to their "correct" times. This attachment points to another great strength, in Beckman's narrative: her character-building, and engaging storytelling style.

This wasn't just historical fiction, or time-slip novel, but an exciting adventure, peopled with characters I had come to love. I had no idea how it would all be resolved - or if it would be resolved, in terms of Dolf returning to his own time - but was completely engrossed in the here and now: how would the children get across the Alps?

How would Dolph rescue the fifty little crusaders kidnapped by the knights of Count Romhild of Scharnitz? What would happen, once the sea refused to part? I was riveted! It's a shame that this is the only one of Thea Beckman's many children's books to be translated, thus far! I would definitely read more, if I had the chance! Apr 14, Romi Romi Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: in-my-possession.

How lovely it was to revisit a childhood story! I love history, but somehow it wasn't the class I got the best grades in. I think it's more the stories that interest me! Like Crusade in Jeans or Kruistocht in spijkerbroek. The main character Dolf says at one point something along the way of that you get to know all about the rich "important" men of history, but not so much about the "normal" human.

And those are who interest me the most actually! It was also a period in time I didn't get to kn How lovely it was to revisit a childhood story! It was also a period in time I didn't get to know much about in history class, so it's really refreshing to fill in the gaps a bit.

The Children's Crusade really did take place in , but of course, not in the way it's portrayed in the book. Still, Crusade in Jeans gives the reader the most important messages of living in that age across - the differences between the rich and the poor, Christian faith and just how different the world was back then, compared to the one we live in now! I really lived for every single character of the book, except for maybe one - the bad guy. I won't tell you their name, because that would spoil the fun and this story is really worth the read as it's slowly building up to its climax!

One of the only things that bugged me was maybe that Dolf was a little too clever for his age. He knew things I definitely didn't know at 16 or didn't want to know, because I was too busy with hating the world like any other teenager. Another thing was the ending - it was kind of open! I just wanted to keep on reading so actually not really a bad thing after all ;. The story just wasn't over for me! I read this book in Dutch and the language was kind of old fashioned.

I don't think the young generation of today can relate to Dolf that much, but then again, the story will never get old! Shelves: borrowed , translation. My Dutch friends were displeased I didn't enjoy this more. Part of it may be due to the fact that this is a translation. I also tried to take into consideration that this is a children's book published in the s. But honestly I felt like I had to push myself to finish this book. I was not very engaged by the writing style, and while the overall concept is very cool, I was never impressed by any of the characters.

Glad I read it all the same, but I just overall did not care too much for it. View 1 comment. Jun 13, Eva rated it it was amazing Shelves: dutch , historical-fiction , books-i-read-as-a-kid , favorites. An absolutely stunning book. I am somewhat prejudiced, since i love this writer. I would also recommend it to adults. Maybe it was the fact that it was written back in , but I found this story a bit hard to believe.

Now I know that it's not a true story, however there were too many instances where I felt the reader needed to stretch their imagination in order to accept it. Furthermore, his ability to communicate with the people from this time, where he understands them and they understand him, is also questionable. But the most significant area where this story falls apart is where Rudolf Hefting attempts to return to the rock that he landed in order to return home, but is shoved off and is then stranded in the past.

Dolf's reaction to this is virtually one of absolute acceptance, so much so that he picks himself up and joins a Children's Crusade that is passing through at the time. How is it that a fifteen year old boy would not be in tears and fearing for his life when faced with the possibility of never returning back to his time period and never seeing his family and friends again? I found this whole part of the story very unrealistic.

There are still many parts where I found myself questioning whether a fifteen-year-old would behave in this way and also questioned the experiences that Dolf apparently had in his fifteen years of life. Dolf apparently knew the landscape, as though the world had not really changed other than possibly a few roads being missing ; his sense of direction was impeccable. Dolf stood up to the leaders of the crusade and thrust himself in the leadership role without any real reservations; even though the majority of people following him were children, he still took on adults without any real repercussions.

The most puzzling scene I thought was when Dolf decided that he should come up with a plan to infiltrate a castle in order to rescue some children that were taken by the lord of that castle. How could a mere child have such tactical understanding that he would be able to infiltrate a castle full of soldiers and rescue the prisoners?

He was not a military man boy and, as far as I know, he was not brought up in a military family - so for Dolf to devise such a plan would be near impossible to believe. That said, once you get your head around all of the remarkable things that Dolf seems to be able to conquer and achieve, the book is entertaining and is a decent read for teenagers who may not question the realism of it as much as adults.

Thanks to Eline for doing this buddyread with me. This book is a real classic in The Netherlands, so I was glad I finally got to read it. Maybe my hopes were to high, because I was disappointed by this book, and so was my buddy. We were glad this was a buddyread, because we weren't sure if we'd keep reading if we would be reading it by ourselves. Full review can be found at BiteIntoBooks Maybe my hopes for this real Dutch classic were way too high.

I was a little bit disappointed by the book. It i Thanks to Eline for doing this buddyread with me. It is an adventurous story and definitely learns you more about the Middle Ages in Europe. I would've loved to care a bit more for the characters. Now I just shrugged when a character died. English title: Crusade in Jeans A classic Dutch children's book. I thought I had read it when I was a child, but nothing sounded familiar, so maybe not? The book is about a boy, Dolf, who is transported to the middle ages with a time machine.

The plan was for him to be there for a few hours, but things went wrong and he ends up stuck in Germany in the year He joins a children's crusade to Jerusalem and quickly finds his place between children. So one thing you should know when you are g English title: Crusade in Jeans A classic Dutch children's book. So one thing you should know when you are going to read this book is that it is written in So some things that are being said in the story would never end up in children's books nowadays.

Also, A LOT of children die in this book. And with a lot I mean they are dropping like flies. I like that it teaches you about the middle ages and I haven't checked all the facts Beckman has written in this book, but I assume she has done her research. I know that the crusade they talked about really existed and it was called a children's crusade, but apparently there were also a lot of grownups in the real crusade.

It was fun to have read this book again? Not sure if children would still enjoy this nowadays. Very happy I read this again. I remember the main plot of the story from reading it as a kid, but I'd forgotten most of the details. It's still one of the best historical books I've read Very happy I read this again. It's still one of the best historical books I've read Aug 03, Gitta rated it really liked it Shelves: childrens , books-i-own , 20th-century , historical-fiction , dutch-literature , netherlands , reviewed , female-author , reads.

Came across one of the favourite books from my childhood going through boxes of books in the attic, which I have yet to move to the UK. Reading this now, I can see how messy and rushed the beginning is; no time is wasted jumping into the 13th century crusade. Once having time-travelled there, Dolf struggles for what appears to be a few days learning the "language" Diets; even the 8, German children who came from various areas must've spoken various dialects, variations of this unstandardized Came across one of the favourite books from my childhood going through boxes of books in the attic, which I have yet to move to the UK.

Once having time-travelled there, Dolf struggles for what appears to be a few days learning the "language" Diets; even the 8, German children who came from various areas must've spoken various dialects, variations of this unstandardized language. If you look beyond the plot holes, the implausibility of the speed of things, this is a captivating read even as an adult! View 2 comments. Crusade in Jeans is a children's novel written by Thea Beckman.

It contains a fictional account of the children's crusade of , as witnessed by Rudolph Wega, a boy from the 20th century. The original Dutch title is Kruistocht in spijkerbroek. Rudolph Wega is a sixteen year-old who volunteers for an experiment with a time machine. The experiment goes well, but through an accident Rudolph is stranded in the 13th century.

He saves the life of Leonardo Fibonacci, without realizing who he is Crusade in Jeans is a children's novel written by Thea Beckman. He saves the life of Leonardo Fibonacci, without realizing who he is, and teaches him Arabic numerals. Together they join the German Children's Crusade, and through his modern-day knowledge, Rudolph manages to save a lot of children from horrible fates. However, his knowledge also leads to accusations of witchcraft. In the book, two slavers delude a group of children into coming with them with stories of how the innocent shall liberate Jerusalem.

Their actual intent is to sell them for profit. With the aid of his twentieth-century knowledge and skepticism, and the aid of a "magical" device or two such as a box of matches , the boy manages to keep most of the children alive and eventually gets them to safety.

I was drawn in by this book to a dangerous level. I was currently in Tokyo at the time and kept bumping into busy people rushing to the train because I couldn't put the book down. It captures a bit of wonder that is sometimes lost in the serious books of today. It's quite bittersweet, and you half expect the ending but then you're also kind of surprised by it too. I loved this book. A teenage boy travels back in time and finds himself in the middle of the Children's Crusade in He quickly becomes an advocate for the children and an important member of the group, helping them through famine, disease, and battles with local peasants and townspeople.

He never believes in the mission, really, and from the beginning something doesn't feel right to him about the entire business, so he works to discover what the wrongness is and then fights for the safety of the children. It w A teenage boy travels back in time and finds himself in the middle of the Children's Crusade in It was rough at the beginning the book jumps right into the story without any sort of lead-up or introduction to the characters or situation, and not in a way that seems well thought-out , but once the story gets going, it's a decent one.

Another of the children's books that has stuck with me through the years. I can remember seeing it on the shelves of Leslie Park Public school. I can remember reading it, and being thoroughly engrossed by it. But I remember it being rather realistic about language problems and hunger and the violence encountered by the Children's Crusade. And the complete confusion when the hero is finally rescued, but has Another of the children's books that has stuck with me through the years.

And the complete confusion when the hero is finally rescued, but has become so absorbed into the past that he's forgotten his language. It always maybe want to read a story about his life after returning to his own time.

Jul 21, Marjolein rated it it was amazing. There is no way I could ever give this book less than 5 stars. I fell in love with it when I read it the first time, all those years ago and with every time I reread it, I loved it just as much. Even when I see now, as an adult in this time, that it might be a bit outdated, that it portrayed the people in the middle ages as something like noble savages, I still love the characters, the stories.

I still cry at certain points, and I love the overall message that everyone has their talents, has wor There is no way I could ever give this book less than 5 stars. I still cry at certain points, and I love the overall message that everyone has their talents, has worth, no matter how much they are hidden because of expectations of society or standing. Probably read it with the Children's Books group.

I remember liking it more than I thought I would. I also thought of it as more HF than SF. Reminded of it today because a member of the SFF group says it's the book that got them started on SF Jul 01, Vi rated it really liked it. Kruistocht in spijkerbroek crusade in jeans is a childhood favorite of mine, i remember my dad reading this to me night after night, even though I didn't remember any of the events actually in this book.

It's about a boy who gets 'transmitted' to the year of , and then something goes wrong and he can't get back to this own time, so he decides to join the children's crusade. It really was a fun story with a very large, sweeping scope and lots of adventures, the only things I didn't like were Kruistocht in spijkerbroek crusade in jeans is a childhood favorite of mine, i remember my dad reading this to me night after night, even though I didn't remember any of the events actually in this book.

It really was a fun story with a very large, sweeping scope and lots of adventures, the only things I didn't like were that the ending seemed way too convient, and that the main character never seemed to have any feelings about being displaced in time, and things like never seeing his parents again This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. In the 20th century, a sixteen-year-old boy, Dolf Wega van Amstelveen, is sent back in time to the Middle Ages. Instead of a knight tournament he wanted to witness in Montgivray, he ends up in Speyer Germany.

Without a way of returning to his own century, he is forced to join a crusade of children, who hope to scare the Saracens and save Jerusalem. With his twentieth-century knowledge, Dolf manages to organize the mess of eight thousand children into a well-structured organization, and forms t In the 20th century, a sixteen-year-old boy, Dolf Wega van Amstelveen, is sent back in time to the Middle Ages.

With his twentieth-century knowledge, Dolf manages to organize the mess of eight thousand children into a well-structured organization, and forms teams to catch fish, hunt for prey, make shoes and protect the youth. He saves more than fifty children captured the day before. He also convinces the leaders to change the route as traveling over the mountains will kill many. Their journey takes longer, but is saver now, the loss of life less significant.

Close to Genua the real purpose of the journey becomes clear when the monks traveling with them reveal that the children are about to be shipped to Africa, where they can serve as slaves. The money they were promised was their reason to organize the crusade and trick children to travel with them.

The leading monk is killed by angry children and the army finds it way further down into Italy, while about one thousand return to their homeland. The road ends in Bari and Brindisi, without a way to continue their trip to Jerusalem. Their numbers were reduced over months to fifteen hundred. The remaining children find work, become citizens and live their life in their new-found places.

It is here a box is sent from the future with a message, the possibility of a return to the future. Upon his return, after all these months, with all these children and all they had to do to survive, Dolf is finally able to see his parents' faces ago in the century he belongs. This book is clearly written for children because whatever happens, hero Dolf solves the problems and makes the day. Things happen with ease and no problem seems to get the upper hand. A nice book to have read once, but not one worth reading again.

On the other hand, seeing this book's target group it is well written into an exciting story. That being said this book might get children interested a little more in history and the Middle Ages in particular. Nov 08, Marietje rated it it was amazing. I read this book in Dutch in the's when I studied to be a children's librarian.

Recently, almost 40 years later of which 30 years spent in the USA , I decided to read the English translation, called "Crusade in Jeans". I even vaguely remember attending reading by Thea Beckman, but I don't know which book. One of the main reasons the book gained so much acclaim 40 years ago, was Beckman's use of the Dutch language.

Her writing was crisp, clear and simple. The story was told in a very direct I read this book in Dutch in the's when I studied to be a children's librarian. The story was told in a very direct way. Despite the fact that this translation was not bad, I missed some of the mood Beckman created with her use of language.

Over the years I have become a skeptic of time travel in children's books. I have become sensitive to the mode of "teleportation" and the logic behind it. I have to remember that in we stood at the beginning of writing specifically for young adults, and also that technology was much less advanced.

In no cell phones could time travel to the Middle Ages. I discovered that in this book, the way the journey to the past happens is irrelevant. What is relevant is how a modern teenager thinks, feels and acts when he lands in the middle of a medieval children's crusade. This Beckman describes very clearly without getting into too much psychological detail, especially when Dolf is accused of being a heretic.

There was one loose end that did not get tied up: what happen to the 13th century boy, who got sent to the twentieth century? Was he sent back in time? Did he decided to stay in the 20th century? I wish Beckman was still alive.

She could have told us. Do not watch the movie of this book which came out about a year ago, it disgusting and does not do the book justice. De monniken die de tocht organiseren hebben echter andere plannen.

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