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mo brooklyn mo harlem mo southside instrumental mp3 torrent

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Fab, nigga, uh.. Uh, Street Family.. Uh, pay attention, y'all.. Please, uh, yeah.. Street Dreams the mixtape, uh huh.. Uh, let's get this money, y'all.. Let's get this money, y'all.. Uh, uh, uhhh.. It's easy to look at my life and don't see no pain I remember takin 3, 4 trains to re cocaine Standing in the lobby during sleet, snow, rain Waiting for fiends with a pint of beef lomain Breaking day on the grind, I used to be so drained But ain't a Saturday I wasn't up to see Soul Train Sometimes I ain't see no gain cause I was runnin to Ralphies everytime my trees showed stains I was lucky I ain't seized or maim Get shot or stuck up standin at them C-Lo games But now shit with these skios changed I ain't know why the fuck they used to look at me so strange Glanced at my neck and didn't see no chain Be saying "That's nasty", wouldn't give me no brain Ya'll surprised F-A-B-O's sane In my rolla life, I done jumped in and out of 3, 4 lanes I'm still here.

Cause one day it could happen" I dreamed about this game, But who would of believed that one day I'd be trapped in - no. I just want some peace of mind Nigga's will risk havin cuffs on their wrists for this masterpiece on mine Know that I'm a squeeze until the top of my piece recline I can't see myself in back of a Caprice confined But on a small island, too far for police to find With girls who look 'Rican and Guyanese combined I gotta make sure my niece is fine She get every doll for Christmas, new Jordans at Easter-Time Some be like "At least you signed" But that just make is easy to get pointed out at precinct lines All ya'll can see if every piece be dime And I be gettin Nikes before they even get released sometime Youngsters, don't let these videos geese your mind It ain't cool to end up deceased for shine And if you can't get the whole pot, just take a piece and grind Hold your head, your stress will cease in time.

Sometimes I wish I could go way back when I could walk thru and ain't nobody know Jay Jackson Everything was OK back then Now everybody playin a cool role and I know they actin I gotta go back through my ol' way packin These wolves know my jewels is filled with O shade Jacksons I don't care as long as my dough stay stackin But these niggas with me be eager to show they Mack 10s And I'm the one the PO's stay trackin Plus I got all these ducks around the ol' way quackin These hoes may crack grins But I swear to God I won't never take O.

J's actions If I would've let this flow stay packed in I'd probably be with Nick and 'Rome, spending my whole day shacked in For now I just roll on those eight Jacksons till Clue and Duro brings those Gray plaques in Yeah. She said I wanna hold you down, but we ain't never gonna be right, She said I wanna hold you down, but we ain't never gonna be right, 'Cause you took out your fame in street life, But that's the only life I know.

She said the niggers dancing right, you ain't never gonna be right, 'Cause everybody wanna be mine, Instead of focusing on their own, dog. But that's the only life I know. They say a woman cancel dates 'cause she has to And a man cancel dates 'cause he has two. Well, I got two dates, one with destiny, I need more, baby, don't think any less of me.

Try to joggle, slowly but came to struggle, Sometimes I wanna hug the block, sometimes I wanna hug you. Sometimes is about the check, sometimes is about checking that, The nero said you gotta leave in 30 seconds, flat. When the heat's coming even if you need someone, Leave it in the rear view, don't look back, keep running. Left for any passenger with the G running, Hazard lights blinking in the beat bumping.

Air to the streets, I hear a sweet's coming, Air to your chest so I hear a beat from it. She fell in love with a street nigger, Tattoo my name on her petite figure. She said I wanna hold you down, but we ain't never gonna be right, 'Cause you took out your fame in street life, But that's the only life I know.

There's always money to be made, that you can't deny, I always made mine, never won who came to side, I'm only human so if I don't eat I can't survive, And mama said you're not a man if you can't provide. The summers know a shortcut, it brings me home, I worked so hard to get here, now it keeps me going.

By the time I get in what she made to get the old, When I slide in bed she complain my feet be cold. Caught in street life just like my bitch said, I love the game, I love the hustle, just like Mitch said. Yeah, I can leave the game, but it's they still gonna love me? When a new nigger come they gonna stop thinking of me. Shawty watch the hustle movie she can never get, How they make so much money, but they never quit.

I tell her quit for what? That's the only life they know, The street's a dirty hoe, niggers try to wife it, though. Yo Drama! Yo It's a pleasure rockin wit'chu my nigga you my nigga Don't say we didn't warn ya Cause a lot of shit be happenin they'd be like "Nobody told us! Where the fuck did they come from? Street Fam is it nigga Y'all niggaz stay tuned.

Yo everything ain't love, Love cuz if it is My definition of love must differ his I mean every friendship has its differences But these 'Young Bucks' remind me of 'Fif' and his They hear the good life, wanna see what the difference is Some just wanna smoke, enjoy the piff-vileges He unwrap a cigar like it's a gift of his He a funny lil nigga like Eddie Griffin is Between smokin' and chokin' then you got to live So I gave him a chance and that's alot to give We 'posed to make the most of what you was paid to gross I gave you bread and butter you supposed to make the toast Fifteen years, FIFTEEN YEARS And now when we say 'what's up' the shit seem weird But there's a question I prepared for you How could you fuck the only people who ever cared for you?

A thug changes. There's a parallel path 'tween friends and enemies And whenever you cross it you make friend-emies There's no remedies for these sick memories My doctor said there's no cure for the? Had a crush on you now we Kim and Cease We don't even talk no more it's no biggie I was so Biggie, you was Faith I let you slide in my home, you was safe I thought my ability to provide you stability was what was really G, okay silly me I was Billy D, smooth cappa really street Really she attract niggaz like the A Milli beat And I happen to rap but somethin' 'bout this beat strange Soon as I try to flow with it the beat change Never thought she'd change But what you thinks a upgrade really just could be a seat change.

See when the love is gone then it's just B. Street Fam That's when your ace become ya B. Pa-Pa-Pa-Pachange ya like they was a P. I'm old enough to know better, young enough to not give a fuck Rather hold my high and die then live and duck If you're cool being taken down and giving up Your lifestyle's a blow job, the way you're living sucks!

After you wake up, everything is wonderful You can overcome anything you undergo As an artist I'm just tryna paint the perfect picture But see where tryna wait for somebody that's perfect gets you That usually lead to nothing like virgin kisses And I be tryna cut, surgeon bitches Dreams of splurging riches, pretty but curvy misses Chef to serve the dishes, driving to swerve the ditches I'm just another kid on the purple wishes?

And the streets is tough, on the verge of viscious So I sold weed and crack, business That white girl helped a nigga, Fergalicious But getting money bring jealousy and verbal disses So when you killin' shit watch out for the murder witness An old head told me, let nothing disturb your business Beef is only good when you in the burger business So I chilled, but loaded up the steal Like I wish a nigga would, But I know a nigga will But for real you loaded up to kill Cause soon as a nigga could the sooner a nigga will And I don't owe these niggas nothing Put that in a nigga will.

If I don't do nuttin I'm a ball Fall through your city, shut down the mall That all?! I'm naturally harassed And I feel like I'm getting punked I'm fighting the case And I ain't trying to be the story they twist in the press Like: the young man resisted arrest Then he started reaching for something that looks like a pistol I guess So I pulled on a nigga I mean I pulled on the trigger Po Po's followin me Askin for my ID whos car I'm driving Po Po's botherin me Got me in a lineup, got my hands in cuffs They don't wanna set me free Trying to bring me down, when they come around Po Po's fuckin with me.

They gon' have to put my back on the cement Before I'm in the back with my knee bent On my way back to the precinct I'm back in the G-bent Black wit the pre-tint Vanilla aroma to cover the back with the tree scent The way I ride I know I'm in for a case But the coupe do so they in for a chase When it comes to lawyers I got the man Puff uses Thats why you never seen my wrists with handcuff bruises I got them hollow tips..

They ain't walkin' the walk, they just talkin' the talk Some people look at me as the real talk of New York I ain't these like these niggaz who be feinin' to front Like they the first to ever put green in a blunt Look I don't be meaning to stunt, but I zip down like jeans in the front In somethin' that you seen and you want But otherwise I'm cool wit' it They say only the ones who never had gon' get and act a fool wit' it Everybodys' gangsta through the promotion Even if they raised in a house wit' a view of the ocean The bangers is growin' upset Cuz' ya' ass is on t.

How you ride doesn't matter what kind of car you get? I love my real bitches, fuck the fake hoes I be asking God why he even make those? Real real real re really tho Real real real re really tho Real real real re really tho Real real real re really tho. Me and my niggas talkin' shit at the pool table Wanna know who sat these nerds at the cool table?

Who let these unimportant hoes in the VIP? Who let these little niggas in? When shit get real now then it's "I'm just playin'" When people hating now then it's "I'm just sayin'" Fake this and fake that got you feeling yourself? You can't be real with me, you ain't even real with yourself. And these verses, are like the hollow point I sent through yo back I get you murdered if I think you a wrap Cause if you don't show loyalty, then that show me where ya principles at And you don't know how much I been through, in fact I never did like you, I ain't even gon' pretend wit you cats And I'm the nicest, I ain't gotta say it twice and repeat it I'm a lyrical genius, I never been beated, defeated I'ma draw my weapon and squeeze it, you better believe it Leave you parapaligic, I demand respect and I mean it My Desert's the meanest, you probably dead if you seen it Or spored out somewhere sick, you get red on the cement And I blow off ya head for no reason, and just when I'm leavin You don't know me ya on me homie, but the spread make us even, BLOAW!

Holla at cha boy Skatin Dolla Duro! But y'all niggaz gon' make me one For real.. I'm sittin in the crib dreamin about killin ya With machine guns shotties and desert E dilligers Putting a bullet as big as a battery through a niggaz anatomy And watchin him die slow You need full clips to push up in the joint When you in the kinda truck that I push up to the joint Cuz theses motherfuckaz will push him to the point That you'll end up locked down doin push ups in the joint But they'll box you in the corner And you can throw ya fists up and act like you a boxer on his corner Ride wit ya gun in your glove box instead of on ya You'll be six feet deep in one of them boxes if you wanna Not me, I squeeze the clips drop from the handle Till your remains is in a urn on top of the mantle Till everybody scramble off the block like they Randall run Till there's a murial on your block and some candles Who wanna die?

My teflons will have you screamin like wyclef jean someone please call But if they ever get the watch on my left arm Ima have more bury than that guy stephon First they put that white seed over you brother Then the news. It's a new year, dolla dolla bill y'all, yup! Get that money yup! Dolla dolla bill y'all, yup! Dolla dolla bill, yup yup!

Shaq high Yao high, that's why, yours is Bow Wow high You lookin at your new hustle, like your last hustle Was looked at as Russell, in my past hustle Shorty work it, she be on her ass hustle She make it clap, she know how to work them ass muscles Fast rush you, then back to the money They say I'm frontin, can't turn my back to the money And truthfully you're cool but I'm attracted to money So why don'tcha turn your back to the money and let it shake I'm lovin how you move that smooth, you let it snake But players don't chase at it baby we let it make Bet it make sense when you make them dollars I ain't gotta make them move, but I make them holla This my year, but y'all can help me celebrate I'm , that means I'm hella straight Swizz stacks, Just Blaze bucks I'm back for my money, it's just they luck.

This is why they fuck with me: right after the head I tell em I gotta leave cause I'm trying to stay sucker-free They say I'm a dog, well that makes them a fucking flea And now I understand why their ass is so stuck on me Luckily, I be feeling good in my bucket seats Thug Motivation: my coupe cost a buck 03 Mind of a hockey player: you could suck a D I'ma reach my goal and you ain't gon take this puck from me Coco Loso in my Stanley Cup You could say whatever, just don't bring the family up Who could fuck with me?

Everybody hand be up But when we set the date, bet these niggas stand me up I'm down to earth like gravity, but man we up Women get around me and they cannot keep their panties up Your boy drop jewels, you niggas should ante up This is food for thought, you bitches fill the pantry up As I get older, I be looking at what rap breeds: A bunch of tatted up niggas who can wrap weed And I ain't saying I'm exactly what rap needs I'm just a swagged-out nigga in a Rapide With a 3-year old, that I'm trying to be here for Road to the riches, and my gift is my vehicle And I ain't even talking about that Aston Martin Even though I bought that for my birthday The lines I come up, they pass the margin Yeah, I write my best shit on my worst day And that's the shit that gets you richer Turn a negative into a positive: get the picture?

People say I changed; it's not me, it's the money It's the middle of the winter but they got me where it's sunny And I'm not just being funny, I know no other way Let's just finish up this Riesling and roll another J. Bonnie, ma' I make you famous.

Yeah, the kid been makin these mami's, yell "papacita" Since Kangols and shell-top Adidas Love when te-ta's look like they'll pop through beaters And the hips won't fit in the L-drop two-seater But ma' I ain't the type to love ya I'm a triflin, good for nothin, type a brother This cute face'll make your wife smile And I check in two bags and one's just a suitcase full of Lifestyles And we both rent out playa Difference is you a sweet subsitute, I'm a Penthouse playa Y'all seen my rings borders It's full of queen and king's daughters, as clean as spring water 'F's for freakin, 'A's alright yeah 'B's for bottles that pop all night uh huh 'O's for the ounces that I got say what That we blow everday, know why, why not?

It's the hoodrat Hugh Hefner, that bend dimes, too The five plus one, sittin on ten times two Shorty when I'm through I'm a know if you nice on the mic and if your friend rhyme, too It's so funny how I suit the women They know I'm still spendin show money from "Superwoman" They like "where'd he get those twenties? Fab's hard to be found But most likely I'm with a foreign dame who name's hard to pronounce I started out, gettin hard by the ounce No more cash in stashes, it's cards in accounts The way I make 'em nod to the bounce Somebody call Silvia and tell her ship larger amounts This playa make 'em scream a scheme My closest look like I keep gettin traded from team to team Look sleezy, it's difficult but me and Tim the only ones that make pimpin look easy Tell me how I'm gonna make my album cleaner With bitches suckin me up like vacuum cleaners Even chickens wanna cluck outside Timbaland: Yo' Fab, it must be the truck outside And mami can't stop eyein And when I said my rims was only nineteens, she said "stop lyin!

I see you comin back to her Like that, with the two-step Fabolous, we out. Fuck I need with another chain? My nigga Raj just seen his brother slain I'm tryin to feel the brother pain Cause I know it's no way I could get another Caine Bad thoughts be on a brother brain I'ma ride, I'm just in another lane Can't stand to see my mother strained Or stressed over all the bullshits of the game So, I'm with dark-skinned Lorraine Parked in the Range, sparks in my chains Yeah, I've been marked in the fame That's why the lenses are dark in my frames Tryin to clean dirt marks from my name I ignore remarks from your lames I know Brooklyn got my back My rearview's the only way that I am lookin back To hello, uh, say hello, uh To L.

I think my girl gon' have to find another nigga I'm tryin to tell her I am not that other nigga that's not me When I met her she was with another nigga She must still think that I'm the other nigga damn! Before her head got bigger Before that shit we was Beyonce and Jigga I mean it looked that good I can't complain and say that she a gold digger nah But like 'Ye said, she ain't fuckin with broke niggaz nah But tell me have you ever lost somethin nigga?

It's like the stage coach turned into a pumpkin She be tryin to judge me, without a gavel and a robe But she ain't been nowhere and I done been around the globe They see me ridin young cold And the diamonds in my lobes, shine brighter than strobes Cause shorty fine as Diamond is Ass fat, hair long as Pocahontas' My whole circle shining like a diamond Bezz We making money, them niggas making promises They business minded, but they in the wrong line of biz Cause they busy minding mine instead of minding theirs I got some medicine that should clear up sinuses Got some Ciroc, you know what kind it is She said, "It's yours babe, let's see how mine it is" Let me test that head out, I wouldn't mind a quiz.

Now get that money, keep them rims spicheeeeyyy! Fabolous and Missy, Sickalicious righhhhtttt. If you a hater make my gun go Fabolous: Blocka, blocka, blocka, blow! I'm da poppy cholo, the cops say the tops on the drops is to low I shop till I drop, when I'm coppin new clothes Bop in the hop, but don't stop to use hoes I'm that new dude, that include Making sure silencers in the gat is screwed With an it don't even matter mood And a "Fuck you, pay me" attitude I'm that young boy, that slung boy That'll have em saying, where you get that from boy I'm still leaving niggas, at one choice So run when you hear, that gun noise!

Wishing I could be that one man, but you juggle Way too many of them with one hand. Well alright, roll them cigarellos tight I nicknamed her bape chicken and yellow rice Pretty brown skin, long blonde hair And she know they talking but she never gon' care Cause when you balling trash-talk is what you gon' hear I can't imagine what a fall upon LeBron's ear Always been the girl that didn't have to wait in line Niggas buy her watches just for making time Fake say "give it up" never had to ask They call her the stick up girl that never wore a mask Baby, ain't you tired of life in this fast lane?

Packing luggage, rushing, trying to catch that last plane? There's some dudes who take pride in trying to gas dames The same dudes will see her and give they last name Funny how I became the apple of her eye The game went South and I'm a rapper from NY Don't get me wrong: lil mama love "Trap or Die" But through it all she kept her watch on the dapper guy And fell in love with a verse She said before we met, I fucked her in her mind first We crossed paths, a mixture of karma and luck I walked in strong, mentally palming my nuts I got em swarming and stuck, she calm in the cut You know me?

I can spot a Swan from a Duck My approach? Smoother than an Armani tux The diamonds going off, like the alarm on a truck The small talk, warming her up, she palming her cup She told me that I make her laugh and I'm charming as fuck But for now she had to go, the chat just quickly changed She was chilling, now she leaving, I mean that was kinda strange Asked "can we meet again?

For my city, emphasis on my city You got to go to L. I'm so N. I'm so New York that I'm still her. I sold that brick soft , this YSL so soft My girl ass so soft, these Louis shoes so soft You hoe niggas so soft, my AK for assaults I'm sipping this sauce, my dick won't stay soft My car seats so soft, these Heat Tags say 'boss' You hoe niggas so soft, you hoe niggas so soft.

My car seats so soft, your army so soft Real nigga and she like me 'cause I make sure she get off These niggas claiming they winning but when I'm around they lost I'm in a new car, four door, double R logo Big rims, no spokes, small tires, low-pro You pussies know that I'm no joke, how you want it?

Four four for cinco, no ocho, just blow, blow Still ducking the po-po, I make her come back like a yo-yo I'm like Ice-T with that white girl, still getting money off Coco Still flyer than all y'all, shit tell me something I don't know Got a bad bitch bouncing on my stick like a pogo, screaming YOLO My diamonds be shining, like a snow cone, I'm so froze Far as that dough goes I'm Russell Simmons, you JoJo My type get real cash, your type get killed fast Y'all niggas like soft booty, get it?

Real ass You hoe niggas so soft, why don't you hoe niggas get lost? I'll pay to see you gone, how much you hoe niggas gonna cost? You hoe niggas so soft, you hoe niggas so soft You hoe niggas so soft, you hoe niggas so soft. Right back in the hood, fresh off tour, jumping out that new four door Bust down APR shores, all this stunting ain't called for None of these bitches ain't all yours, none of these niggas hardcore Young fly nigga, I'm fresh, man, bad bitch with me at sophomore My Rolex is like Mayweather's, I make it rain like Mayweather Ask them hoes at KOD, I don't throw paper, I spray cheddar You with me, my way better, chicks, they greet and love me Up in the corner and hug me, go all these hoes trying to fuck me 'Cause that leather handle so soft, all I know is go hard High as fuck, I'm on Mars, my pockets on black card 'Cause it ain't no limit to the shit I'm spending It's double MG, yeah nigga, we winning.

I'm in the hood with that white thing, Mister Softy Tell them kids don't run up, got it on me, now get 'em off me Get 'em off me, get 'em off me, before I make it hot like coffee Just seen 'em put a hole in one and I ain't gonna let 'em golf me Got a O-Z of that loudmouth, my smoke never speak softly Ride on that dick flow, my bitch never go off-beat Only time that I'm off feet, known to stand on my own two If you 'round me, you gotta go hard, soft niggas I don't do These niggas ain't family, if you was, I would've disowned you And fucked bitches that won't do, call a bitch who want to Gotta feel me, my texture, these dumb bitches too extra I just kicked this bitch up off the bus, had to 'next' her I'm too strong in these streets, boy, please don't make me flex up You know nothing 'bout this, I do this, I'm a expert VVs go off, like the TVs in my loft That's HD on my HT, these hoe niggas so soft.

I been on what you ain't know ho Snatch the doze up on that photo Make that girl tattoo my logo She go below the belt cha that's a low blow Made her say ah and I ain't talkin coco loso. I'm feeling too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I tell you how it is Don't fuck how you feel Nigger I'm just being real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I tell you how it is Don't fuck how you feel It is how it is I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real.

I paid it for I'm ice cube boys in the hood Fighting Lucas got a heliport might superb New Jack city I mean no Make my way like Carlito so rob dinero I'm dick worm on Fridays I'm a Luci ride or you getting sprayed My drew is fire, it's so fire I've met the men on high on high I'm venus eagle on state crime I'll be your Mexican Pelly I'm untouchable.

I'm too fucking real I tell you how it is Don't fuck how you feel Nigger I'm just being real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I tell you how it is Don't fuck how you feel It is how it is I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real I'm too fucking real. None less then a honey and I'm all about this money Lay money then it's nothing Model bitch pushing buttons Flying purple cause your circus Just pause and rewind it.

The music industry is filled with weasel snakes and fat rats Half of this rat caps is pussy Niggers crackers crazy Might snap back Seeing more flow then a half of Marley snap at Nothing quirks over here your caps back on But the Kush is in my backpack And every place I rap at promoters give me slap whack To the stage when they ask me where the trap at.

My daddy left me, and he aint even die So when he did go, I aint even cry I had reason, but that aint even why How could he have failed if he aint even try I ask no questions, I aint even pry Truthfully I wanted to I cant even lye Like a canceled flight, that aint even fly To just walk away, like you aint even my Like, like, like I aint even your I cant even say it, I aint even sure He shouda gave me everything and left me even more But he left me without saying what he was leavin for And thats when I became a man And thats the day he stopped bein one This year I became a father And imma die bein one, wassup son.

Welcome to the funeral pay respect Me and your girl, unibrow, may connect wait a sec Let it breath Its goes getting more money They come with more problems I used to be Mac'ing but now I'm Steve Jobbin' man See you got 2 choices You can stay broke or grind Life is a bitch, and I'm just tryna Oprah mine Gettin' more money, it comes with more problems Man used to be Mac'ing but now I'm Steve Jobbin'man Got 2 choices You can stay broke or grind Life is a bitch, and I'm just tryna Oprah mine.

You know they say revenge Is a dish best served cold How 'bout success, though? People try to hold you down, all I know is breaking free Play no part in making me, I won't play part in breaking me My story is way too real, none of this is make believe There's always some people Who gonna doubt it, they gotta make believe My teacher was one of them, she couldn't see me reaching mine How is you gonna teach the blind if the teacher's blind? I had some trouble reading through the lines before But that just made succeeding even kinda dope Now I'm even reading people's minds, you know?

Bet them haters thinking that my ship would still be sinking But what's funny ain't that money got me floating on a tighter ship Is that I couldn't read lines, now I'm writing scripts Y'all was acting funny, hope y'all doing comedy No one knows who I'mma be, could be where Obama be President or something, if you ever been through something Know it might've slowed you down but don't let it hold you down, yeah.

I can read the minds of all my enemies They think I won't be who I intend to be I can read the minds of all my enemies This the song they singing in their head for me. Suicide it's a suicde How you want it, in the abdomen or back? Cause enemies poke you from the front, friends stab you in the back The same niggaz be tryin to collab you on the track what they do?

All the time Y'knahmean? Street Fam Di-di-di-di-boys, stutter gang Street di-di-di-damn! Whatever you wanna call us nigga Just don't call us broke - nah don't do that That wouldn't be inappropriate, y'knahmean? Anything that would be uncivilized Brooklyn what it look like? You gon' look back, look at how good I'm lookin Oh yeah I told y'all I was comin this year man I gave y'all the forecast, y'knahmean? I like predicted the tsunami was comin Before the water hit, y'know?

Look on your Chinese calendar, the year of the 'Loso Hahahaha, let's get out of here 'Los. You gotta love the way this playa be minglin If you don't tell yo man mama, I ain't sayin a thing and That nigga got you used to the H. Kingsten I'm fuckin limbos, lay on the wingfin By the way I be blingin, the pay that I bring in Mind spendin a day with the kingpin?

Answer yo cell, all day it been ringin Tell that nigga, we on our way out to England Them hips and tips, the way they be swingin The way the be jinglin, letz stay til the spring and Know I thugged you out, the way that you drinkin And don't be scared cabby, the Yay I be slingin Ma, I'm where you wanna be, if not We can hop in a lid and fly where you wanna be Yea, you a G, the type that ryde with them cameraz Instead of the rearviews on the V, I know.

Say what's on your heart if you're real Cause the scars you can't see be the hardest to heal And I used to chase money, now I have it brought Cause you can only chase something that you haven't caught If there's a summertime in hell, it's not as hot You empty clip niggas ain't got a shot These diamonds on my neck are an eyesore Now you decide if their to die for Advice to my haters, do what I say now Report to the nearest roof and take the fast way down Thought it was love, how foolish of us I do me, she do her, sometimes we do eachother.

Cause you don't got the guts to be what you want to be Fabolous That's what we work so hard for Fabolous? So they can point their fucking fingers And call me the fucking bad guy? I guess I'm the bad guy The fingers is pointing Nigga, I don't go in no clubs without bringing my joint in They be asking fellas why why? It's cause the streets is watching With an envious ear, jealous eye You know how William H.

Bonnie's rockin I keep the home cell two way contact for Johnny Cochran Be the same dudes, testing your patience In them hospitals, resting like patients, confessing to agents You smell me, you gotta spray the Wesson like fragrance And you pay your way out arrests and arraignments These playas been playin' foul And I done learned my lesson with flagrants Nigga, this how I live it ain't just entertainment I'm what they been trying to do, not do I'm the kid, they been lying to you You need people like me I'm so F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S Yeah, that's the bad guy.

I introduce you to the life You need the life, the life needs you Everything is nice. Let me welcome you to my world Everything's in living color plus the fly girls On the way and gotta watch them with a keen eye Niggas ain't seen fly till they seen I Maybach cause I'm not a limousine guy Suit with the bow tie no bean pies The Laperle match well with these Feragamis Killer shoe game these are just a pair of hamies??

It's the fabulous life, oh I be living that oh I be living that, oh I be living that Get your money right, you could be living that You could be living that, you could be living that It's a fabulous life, oh I be living that oh I be living that, oh I be living that How you living, what? How you living, what? How you living, oh I be living fabulous.

I bow my head and I praise that We be there and back before the Rose's flat Picture me anywhere a clown stays at I don't think so, homey don't play that Everything is BOSS, like a Rick ad-lib Take it to house like it's Trick Dad Crib We hit Miami like a hurricane Shorty poolside, one piece Veroaine She the baddest bitch in them Jackie O shades Flabby beach mat, she don't give me no shade Hold the heat down, she don't even know Wade Nigga get smoked like cigarette tote I like her soft kiss and I dig her wet throat I love her booty bounce like cigarette boats And it won't quit She can't wear skinny jeans cause her ass don't fit Real shit.

It's the fabulous life, oh I be living that oh I be living that, oh I be living that Get your money right, you can be living that You can be living that, you can be living that It's a fabulous life, oh I be living that oh I be living that, oh I be living that How you living, what?

Got a rich bitch on the way That for real though, just like Wanda say She just wanna rock my world in the Wonder way I'm sitting at the airport like andele Fist I saw the Luggy with the Louie monogram Then I saw my baby like a sonogram On the runway, just me and Bentley I open doors, you ain't gotta G the gent me I was thinking Knick game, courtside She put her hands in my pants, I let that thought slide We can get it on, but there's no leg room No water bed, just a boat with a bedroom Now you tell me who can top this Hey, laying on the deck topless Got two different dames, it's a Fabolous thang One white, one yellow, like Fabolous chain.

How you living, oh I be living Fabolous. Nigga, we got work to do We gotta finish killin' the fuckin' competition We can start the funeral service. First off I wanna send my condolences First off I wanna send my condolences First off I wanna send my condolences Rest in peace to the competition, yeah. Da, da grillz, da, da, da grillz Da, da grillz, da, da, da grillz Da, da grillz, da, da, da grillz Da, da grillz, da, da, da, da, da.

I am logged on to fuck niggas dot com And I am everything these fuck niggas, not Drama I am logged on to fuck niggas dot com And I am everything these fuck niggas, not Drama. Must be some confusion, you niggas are not me I am an illusion, really what you cannot see So picture me like a paparazzi, H dot N dot I dot C We don't play when we roll, no Yahtzee And I hate you niggas, no Nazi. But this the holocaust, rap genocide, yeah Ike Turner take that bitch slaps in the ride My shorty tellin' me, kill the competition boo And I be tellin' her There Is No Competition 2, nice.

And even that nigga ain't seein' me My reflection have a hard time bein' me So they tryna do me shit, it's time to dead it I'm what ya don't do even if Simon said it. I kill 'em with the shine, yeah, these black diamond's credit And my watch is sick but I have no time for medics Black ice in the Ottomar, this is custom order bra First I call the jeweler up, then I call the coroner.

My car is foreigner, my bitch is from Florida I killed the pussy last night so now her man is mournin' her. What it look like, nigga? Black dress, black suits, black shades, black boots Black truck, black coupe, guns blow, black flutes Black card, black jewels, black party bag Black Friday, throw it in a body bag.

Black Barbie, that's what I call my black braud African plug, that's what I call a black chord Get ya sharps, get ya flats, that's the black keys Gettin' slick'll get ya holes in ya black tees. Black limos, black town cars, black hearses Black register books signed in black cursive Black tears, white tissues outta black purses That's procedure when I'm sendin' back verses.

The wake, it's the wake right here Come before the funeral, nigga They call me funeral fab, nigga, a. And I'm the undertaker, Drama With the body in the bag All these niggas is dead You look around, they're all dead. I said.. It's still here And dude talk, concernin New York When I was runnin the city you was learnin to walk So I watched you niggas take they first steps And I was happy for ya, daddy was clappin for ya But, wasn't for me prolly wouldnt've happened for ya So I rest my case I'm a rappin lawyer That's unless you wanna talk bad bitches Section full of bridezillas, that's mad bitches No words, I describe em with letters best They pretty as can be, curvy as the letter "S" They keep it G, they sweet as T Look good in the passenger seat of V They ride double R, smell like double C The Bags are L.

Somebody talk to me, muthafuck rappin They infiltrated the game, but who let in the pookies? Kingpins is snitchin that shit is not lookey So fuck new friends unless they stay solo Cuz who gon' watch you back after you kill Manolo? I'm so fly they should put me in disguise My shits tight like they didn't put me in my size I already know don't put me on surprise They gone be like there he go if you put me in disguise Only be with winners they should put me as a prize And you pussy niggas should be put between some thighs These diamonds here clearer than HD Them niggas over there squarer then a H3 They can't reach us that is why they pointin baby I'm on my job them bitches gonna need appointments baby And if you suckas tryin to see me just look me up I hope the first place you look be up Here I go.

You ain't never seen a nigga this large nah Motherfuck the house nah , the nigga's garage is as big as the projs yeah I move from city to city like a nigga at large yeah This move is Billy D, but it's Jigga's da bars woo Like you really gon' get me uh huh You look hard, but on the inside you softer than a silicon titty haha The chilla's wrong with me uh You can look at the kid and see just how them Chinchillas gonna fit me uh huh I strut through like I conceal a chrome with me uh huh Pockets bulgin like I got some millions with me yeah Any bitch that chill her jones with me End up butt ass naked inside a Villa Horn with me uh I got a ziplock the killer grown with me I hit it as Bobby and let me fill up on Whitney uh Justin will cry rivers like he feel I boned Britney uh I really don't get me uh , I really won't get me YEAH!

U everybody goes Closed casket so they can't have a proper wake Don't interfere with family business, that's how we operate. R Vacay in D. This is family nigga, do not cross the brothers I'll put you in the box, one hand across the other A small price to pay, son, it might cost your mother One of your grandparents, even your baby brother Cause everybody knows, everybody goes I want them in coffins, everybody's closed Related by the streets, this is family beef So better not touch a branch on this family tree Nigga.

Ain't no tellin' what this hypno will do to me I'm feelin' like I can do what I want now Dip-low immunity Shorty! They ain't never seen a whip, clothes or jewelry So when I ask "you wanna leave the zip-code? We's off the Richter Scale Hate will get you, put in coffins quick as hell If the ladies would show it off and thick as hell For my hustlers knockin' off them bricks as well And everybody, up north that's sick in jail I probably feel y'all, send you all of the flicks in mail The Street Family speed off six SL's To all them chicks at Yale "hey-hey-hey-hey yo" Shake your glasses back and forth to mix it well Shake your ass back and forth as quick as hell And just from lookin' at them thighs from the front view Girl I know that these guys say they want you If I wake up in the same clothes from yesterday Same hoes from yesterday Lightin' clips to the same dro' from yesterday Her hang-overs yesterday You ain't mistaken we in Benz's today But we had them Range Rovers yesterday.

Got niggas askin did we miss a mercedes sell? Shit, I wish he was,but Even though he wasnt, We still doing yo nuts and have a dozen, The keep that gucci and that louie on my laby l's Thats the way we feel Must be nice man You wit the right man You aint gotta price scan, or ask how much Now what I look like Son im from brooklin, what it look like You get it cause I got it I got it so you get it Do like Luke say, dont stop get it get it Mami do the speedie Daddy do tha duffle Bag full of chips We aint talkin ruffles.

Soon as they couped it, I went and scooped it Now I'm on the move, on the move Running the City, something like Diddy At , wit the gun and the cd wow! Niggaz who be hunting for biddies Never seen nothing this pretty, and they lying if they say they do They bring the playa through like they bring the mayor through They know the way I do is what the AK'll do Listen here we can disappear for a day or two Bet you come back smiling like Mase, c'mon! See I ain't keep going tit for tat your ass ma If your ass ain't talking right You can go back to being groupie in your Dapper Dan Gucci If fucking ain't your plans tonight, ya hear me?!

Girl move it like! Girl move it like. Yeah, I'm somethin like a phenomenon, but still dumpin whenever the dramas on Ya'll hustlas can't eat fit meals and it feels somethin like whens its Ramadan Hope you chumps been walkin with armor on I'm through with jumpin??? Somethin's turnin his mama on I love to see rumps with see through garmets on Better look crunk when you got pajamas on Oh!

Jumpin lets hit the Bahamas ma and its crunk whever I'm on a song Bumpin like bump budomp I'm particly picky when it comes to licky licky have'm slidin off Vicki's quickly Under the doo rag thick as 60 its the hipno sticky icky I said OK. Homie Mackavile I'll be thuggin' on them hoes Red bottom heals she got blood on her toes I was like, "Damn where you from? What's your name?

Seven one otro, we don't do popo Come to my town, you can fuck with me and Loso It'll go down Down, down I'm a pop a cherry way before we hit the teley I was like. Look I don't know how I fell in love so fiddast Bet I'm gon' kill it from the back that ass Yeah I'm funeral, I am on a killin' spree Bitches can't get in touch, still feelin' me. Always on the I chat, I stay on the phone They be at my neck-like when I spray on cologne Never said I love ya, okay now come on Don't listen to anythin' I stay on patron.

Where's that on your own student lawn college chick? You can give me brain when I'm free scholarship If you had me open on the head hollow tip I'm a spend a couple bucks, god damn love sucks, nice. You're the one baby girl, I've never been so sure Your skin's so pure, the type men go for The type I drive the Benz slow for The type I be beepin the horn, rollin down the windows for Never been no whore So to get you in closed doors, I buy you everything in those stores This, that, and those yours As long as Fabolous the only one you let that grin show for You ain't gotta spend no more, I'm a put a rock on your hand You ain't gotta say "we just friends" no more I shine, you shine, it never been no flaws I ain't like most who just wanna get in those drawers 'Cause every king need a queen And with me and you girl I ain't tryna let a thing in between It ain't a thing, nahmean, chicks hate, show 'em the ring and the green And let your middle finger be seen, it's on.

There ain't no "mights" or "maybe" I done did wrong, so I'm a make sure it's right for my baby You know how tight that my day be And how long and stressin them flights to L. I'm old enough to know better, young enough to not give a fuck, I'm old enough to know better, young enough to not give a fuck, Rather hold my head high and die than living dumb. Remember I was down to die just to live it up, But life's a bitch and I judge it's quickly given up. They say that life is short, several looking through the bars, Gotta keep your head up, I be looking to the stars.

I be doing like, wasn't looking for no cause, They ain't kill me, though, now I'm here looking at the scars. Sometimes you get caught by people looking from a far That's how it is when you out here taking cookies from a jar. That's what my son said, they came and took him and his draws He support the family, they took the mama favorite bro. To face, that's my favorite bar, Here's the rainy days they say you should be saving for.

But when sun shines no one carries umbrellas And if they did, they be looking dumb like dumbfellas. I'm trying to become some, they probably become jealous, Have a lot to say about it, but afraid to come tell us. I'm here to beat the odds that were set against me, Wished the worst left to anyone who bet against me. I wanna be somebody, somebody that's never been No squares in my circle, best shape I ever been. I'm growing up, my daddy planted a seed, My mama watered me with a plan to succeed.

I was that kid in the ghetto, hand full of seeds, But I'm here now and I don't play a receipt. Sometimes I think I love to back a right time, Imagine I would've fucked up that night slime. It hurts to even think about it, Would be in the streets, thirsty, trying to get a drink about it. Black pouty, I pull that quarto cinque While they put that iron to your clothes Like I'm taking wrinkles out it. Take every Franklin, Grant, Jackson and Lincoln out it, Look you in the eyes and tell you don't you even think about it.

So as you're hearing dropping this rhyme, Know that my opportunity couldn't be stopped at a dime. The life you chose come from lack of options in time, Gotta do what you gotta do, even acting a crime. And who am I? Without a name, dropping an arm, Someone who sold a copy and then he just stopped, he just climbed.

Someone who get money without dropping a dime Transform to your leader and my optimus prime. And now we chill, loaded up a still, I just wish a nigger would but I know a nigger will. But for real, good is how you feel, But as soon as a nigger good is as soon as a nigger will.

And we don't own these niggers nothing, Put that in a nigger will, yeah. I'm on da grind till da police come With dat pistol on da side boy don't be dumb Or I let that semi twirl youh Now you could follow the drip Cause 1 shot outta the clip will jerry curl you Wen we slop you like seconds Obey me like peasents Or get opened up like presents Please, my yung boysz whilin for respect Slit your throat, have you smilin witchur neck Say cheese My doughs a bit longer My flow is jus slaughter My wrists look like frozen poland spring water So tell me boys tell me boys who u think your messin with I get money out da ass, dats sum expensive shit Havent u all heard what?

Ya'll all heard yup I stick toothpicks where In ya all durbs Listen, I'm a shark, ya'll jus coyfish whatelse Octopus whatelse Oysters Chaa I got my eye on your wifey now yea I'll have her lick me up up And den wipe me down down. If you ain't up on things Fabolous is the name, street fam is the game Screamin' while them hammers bang Like bludda ludda lacca bludda ludda lacca Kick game like I know a little bit of socca Spic, dames, ass and a little bit of knockas Give them nick names and a little bit of vodka Then I'm game change..

A very freaky girl You know who got the gold like the kid from "The Last Dragon" You know who got the low on the spokes and the ass saggin' You know who got the gold that'll have your ass gaggin' You know who got the boat that'll have the task naggin' But I fuck bitches, and get money My truck switches like.. See what I can't understand is how someone will have a life time friend that they been thru thin and Thick with and they just fall out over the simplest shit but that same person will be in a relationship With a trifling motherfucker and keep taking them back shits crazy.

The karma of fucking over a good person, Is the asshole you end up with. Get a taste of your own medicine Funny, you the one who end up sick. Always took you back, even if though made my friends upset. Told me I should blow you off, haven't got that win up, yet.

Know how many days I've hurt, many nights I've been up stressed, Though that we had been in love, maybe I've just been obsessed. You was my number one, but you uhmm, you aint Derrick Rose. You try to make a point again, you ain't Derrick Rose, You just on some bullshit, bitch, you ain't Derrick Rose, I'm a lover and a fighter, fight for what I love, But you made something of, bitches I think nothing of.

Ask myself why I fight when it's long and over, God gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers. So I fight for us, as long as there is reason to. You wanted to give up on us as long as there is season two. Cool, you're gonna need me one day, And if it's Sunday, that one day gonna be Monday. That's how fast things change sometimes, Niggas play it though, I fail rain sometimes. Like, like, like I want that bitch back, I mean, I want her, but I don't want the bitch back.

She said she want him, but she don't want that nigga back, That nigga act like I ain't have a nigga back. You start with "I love you" , I think that we got the power to grow, But it gave up, it ain't coward in Joe. Funny thing about it all is you checked my Twitter every hour or so And then you bring this fake shit to our reality show.

Been out for many years looking for divortion, it's weird, Your feelings without put them into motion. Snoop Dogg 9. Sickalicious Feat. Missy Elliott This Is My Party Into You Feat. Ashanti Change You Or Change Me Respect Forgive Me Father Never Duplicated My Life Feat.

Mary J. Blige Throw Back Keepin' It Gangsta Remix Feat. Styles P , Jadakiss , M. Trade It All Part 2 Feat. Into You Remix Feat. Exodus Feat. Black Ice 2. Don't Stop Won't Stop 3. Real Talk 4. Gangsta 5. Tit 4 Tat Feat. Pharrell 6. Baby Feat. Mike Shorey 7. Girls 8. Church Feat. Charlie Murphy 9. Can You Hear Me? Do The Damn Thing Feat. Young Jeezy Holla At Somebody Real Feat. It's Alright Feat. Sean Paul Breathe In My Hood Ghetto Feat.

Thara Po Po Feat. From Nothin' To Somethin' Intro 2. Yep, I'm Back 3. Change Up Feat. Akon 4. Make Me Better Feat. Ne-Yo 5. Baby Don't Go Feat. T-Pain 6. Return Of The Hustle Feat. Swizz Beatz 7. Gangsta Don't Play Feat. Junior Reid 8. Real Playa Like Feat. Lloyd 9. First Time Feat. Rihanna Diamonds Feat. Brooklyn Feat. I'm The Man Feat. Joke's On You Feat. Pusha T What Should I Do Feat.

This Is Family Feat. I Shine, You Shine Feat. Makeba Chirp Back Feat. Bleu Davinci Supa kbps M4A. The Way Intro 2. My Time Feat. Jeremih 3. Imma Do It Feat. Kobe 4. Feel Like I'm Back 5. Everything, Everyday, Everywhere Feat. Keri Hilson 6. The-Dream 7. Jay-Z 8. Salute Feat. Lil' Wayne 9. There He Go Feat. The Fabolous Life Feat. Ryan Leslie Makin' Love Feat. Ne-Yo Last Time Feat. Trey Songz Pachanga Lullaby Stay Feat.

Marsha Ambrosius I Miss My Love Never Let It Go Feat. Keys V0 Bang Bang kbps M4A The Eulogy Intro 2. The Wake 3. I'm Raw 4. Body Ya 5. Body Count 6. Body Bag Remix Feat. You Be Killin' 'Em 8. Tonight Feat. Lights Out Closing Prayer Outro. Niggaz Feat. Now What? Rims Skit 4. Now Ride 5. Think Y'all Know 6. Chicks Skit 7. Make U Mine Feat. Mike Shorey 8. Faboloso 9.

Fire Remix Feat. I Usually Don't Renegade Feat. Paul Cain Fuck You Too Feat. Style Can't Let You Go Remix. Loso's Way Freestyle 2. They Like Me 3. Can I Live? Baby Remix Feat. Lil' Mo 5. Bling Bloaw Part 2 Feat. Whatever I Wan' Do 7. How We Do It Feat. Get Yo Money Paul Cain. The Hitmen Feat.

You Don't Know Freestyle 4. Computer Love 6. Bars R' Us Feat. Gotta Go Freestyle 8. Sit 'Em Sideways Feat. Bleu Davinci 9. Some Say Feat. Just Grind Feat.

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