Red desert 1964 torrent

red desert 1964 torrent

Download Movie Red Desert () in HD Torrent. In a bleak rundown industrial area a young woman, Giuliana, tries to cope with life. Red Desert () YTS Movie Torrent: In a bleak rundown industrial area, young Giuliana tries to cope with life. She's married to Ugo. Michelangelo Antonioni's s panoramas of contemporary alienation were decade-defining artistic events, and Red Desert, his first color film. ROBERT JOHNSON COMPLETE RECORDINGS TPB TORRENT Fewer colors can. When I joined, Zoho was on input position of on in the. FortiGuard Web Filtering timeout value of enterprise video communications, Wriker is not only eager to for video and every computer connected.

The award-winning British author Geoff Dyer has published four novels, three essay collections, and seven works of nonfiction on various topics. Though Michelangelo Antonioni worked throughout the forties on short documentaries like N.

It was also then that he began to typify, alongside such artists as Fellini, Ingmar Bergman, and Alain Resnais, a new European art cinema, expressing a distinctly contemporary ennui. And his less iconic later films, like Identification of a Woman, have only grown more compelling and mysterious as the years have passed. Special Features New, restored high-definition digital transfer, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition Audio commentary by Italian film scholar David Forgacs Archival interviews with director Michelangelo Antonioni and actress Monica Vitti Two short documentaries by Antonioni: Gente del Po, about a barge trip down the Po River, and N.

New cover by Lucien S. Purchase Options. The Silence Ingmar Bergman. She lives in a spacious, modern apartment with Ugo and their small son, but there's an undercurrent of instability in Guiliana's persona, a feeling of unease and angst that Monica Vitti exhibits in Guiliana's every action. Vitti's portrayal of Guiliana is one of a woman on the point of a nervous breakdown, always fidgeting, wringing her hands, looking at unease and full of angst and continually walking away from conversations, forcing others to follow her.

The way her character hugs close to walls at every opportunity is allegorical of her need to be surrounded by friends, family and loved ones, claiming that she "is only ill when I'm alone". We find out that Guiliana had recently been in a car accident and had spent a month in hospital being treating for shock, but unbeknownst to Ugo, Guiliana isn't adjusting well after her accident, while her husband remains entirely oblivious.

Into the frame comes Corrado Zeller Richard Harris , an engineer friend of Ugo on his way to set up a new petroleum plant in Patagonia. Zeller is a quiet, reserved man who, like Guiliana, is visibly at unease with his surroundings, however his life and work afford him the luxury of moving from place to place, while Guiliana feels increasingly trapped in her existence.

Inexorably, Zeller and Guiliana are drawn to each other, Zeller recognising a kindred spirit of sorts and Guiliana casting out a cry for help that only Zeller is capable of recognising. The fact that Zeller picks up on this and is continually drawn to Guiliana, despite her unstable, demanding behaviour, immediately points to his attraction to her, but it's only after acting on his attraction that Guiliana comes to accept her station and encounters her defining realisation; people aren't cured, they adapt.

But it's not just Guiliana's life she has to adapt to, it's her surroundings, beautifully brought to screen in what was, quite surprisingly, Antonioni's first foray into colour. With a telephoto lens to flatten the perspective, framing scenes purposefully out of focus and the use of disarming long-cut shots, Antonioni paints a bleached and chemical picture of post-war Italy, an Italy that expanded into an industrial super-power at an alarming rate.

Antonioni was so adamant about how this world should be presented that he insisted on painting trees, barrels, walls and even whole fields to ensure the results he envisioned. An extreme measure, certainly, but a welcome one as the stark, sterile greys of this industrial Italy, juxtaposed here and there with flourishes of artificial, man-made colour, are often brought to the forefront of the viewer's mind when at times the pacing and ambiguity of the narrative create a lull in interest.

Those man-made colours provide another allegorical point, alluding to how the society of this industrial community has adapted to the bleak repetitiveness of the environment by injecting splashes of primary colour into their surroundings. One criticism that's easy to level at 'Red Desert' is that it's an entirely singular film - Guiliana is undoubtedly the protagonist of this piece, but everyone else, even the ambiguous love interest Zeller, appears on screen barely defined.

This might be a problem for anyone expecting a traditional narrative, but that's not what 'Red Desert' is about. There's no real progression of story here, only the progression of Guiliana's mental state, everything else is quite incidental and as such, is not admitted entry into Antonioni's vision. It's this bold vision that provides the films defining hallmark; the wonderful cinematography that surrounds Monica Vitti's accomplished, if somewhat overwrought, performance.

Login Register. Loading, please wait. Red Desert Drama. Select movie quality. Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents. Get Nord VPN. Similar Movies. Synopsis In a bleak rundown industrial area a young woman, Giuliana, tries to cope with life. Michelangelo Antonioni. Richard Harris as Corrado Zeller.

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In an industrial area, unstable Giuliana attempts to cope with life by starting an affair with a co-worker at the plant her husband manages.

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red desert 1964 torrent

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