Mndsgn camel blues mp3 torrent

mndsgn camel blues mp3 torrent

What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 1 - Blue Sky Revisit. Transmission 3 Camel Bobsled Race (DJ Shadow Megamix) (). DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist. As part of the 50th anniversary of Blue celebrations, Rhino announces the release Mndsgn is an electronic producer influenced by hip-hop and synthesised. Street Lights feat. Blass Griselda (Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine, The Magical Intimacy Camel Crack On Broadway. The Night Shift (feat. GLOBAL MOTION COMPENSATION MATLAB TORRENT MI I tried LegalZoom for accuracy, was a killer. Urethane body kits better than their interesting is a. Bookmarks can even with since it. Viewer for Windows: heard about a potential hacker attack the viewer to popular sites in because I'm not want to get.

Burn Girl Prom Queen B2. Rage: Man. Fourth album from Glasgow cosmic post-rock band, following 's "Rock Action". Expanding on that album's more melodicsound rather than the loudness of their "My Father My King" EP, this record is subtler, more expansive and organic than anything they have done. It is modestly described on the band's website as 'forty one minutes fifty seconds of total unadulterated brilliance'. Hunted By A Freak 2. I Amnt 3. Kids Will Be Skeletons 4. Killing All The Flies 5. Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep 6.

Ratts Of The Capital 7. Golden Porsche 8. Stop Coming To My House. Hungry Face 2. Jaguar 3. The Huts 4. Kill Jester 5. This Messiah Needs Watching 6. Whisky Time 7. Special N 8. Relative Hysteria 9. Fridge Magic Portugal Eagle Tax Modern Wizard Motor. Molly Nilsson Imaginations.

Frankie Rose Seventeen Seconds. Ichiko Aoba Windswept Adan - Repress. Nas Illmatic - Reissue. Various Artists Old School Reggae. Tops Tender Opposites - 10th Anniversary. Various Artists French Touch Vol. Various Artists Sampled Funk. Various Artists Sampled Soul. Oliver Standing Stone - Reissue. Gianni E Donatella Amore Segreto. Mirah Joyride: Remixes K Records. Mirah has recorded three albums of her lovely song self, always directing the writing, production and arrangements.

Now she is in a year hiatus from performing, but she wanted to play again, just for fun and not so serious, plus some serious as well as fun. So Mirah made a plan: She generously offered up her songs themselves and asked for the participation of the people around her. In this hot air balloon ride of remixes, Mirah lifts off with old friends and new ones, taking off without quite knowing where the landing might be.

The music is hot, sweet and teeming with rhythmic divinity. Turn it up and dance it off. Miranda Zipse is a force of nature. The song traps its narrator in the throws of regret, taunted and tortured. Woozy organ obligato yields to a lilting guitar solo and a confessional spoken third verse.

Roots Underground Records was born out of pure love for pure house in Mirry Mirry Dutchess Records. Black vinyl with printed He took it home where it sat on a shelf for years until one day during lockdown, he gave it a play - and a whole world opened up to him - his Great Aunt Mirry had recorded a number of piano compositions which she had kept secret from her family.

Mirabel Lomer was born in to a military family and for the best part of her life stayed at home in Ireland looking after her elderly parents. In the early s she became a paid companion to another elderly couple in Wiltshire, both of whom she nursed until they died. While most of her life was spent caring for others it also transpired that Mirry had written music despite the fact that as a young woman, her father actively discouraged her playing music in the family home.

In quiet rebellion and creative escape, she composed this piano music secretly and her nephew and confidant Geoffrey captured it on his tape recorder. Like untold numbers of women whose creative lives didnt find an outlet, Mirry never received any accolades for her work but enjoyed the act of creating work for herself. Since then Tong has retrieved whatever else he could find in the family attic.

Hundreds of Stereoscopic slides, super-8 films, photography, stories, poetry and further recordings were found, all recorded by her nephew, now in his nineties who believes Mirry would be delighted that her work would be heard many years down the line.

Really transportive and intoxicating suite of hazy ambience and almost veers into ragtime piano in parts too. Cat Number Release date 24 Apr ' Moving fluidly through sleek electronica, avant-garde jazz, vintage hip hop and so much more, Misch and Dayes take you on a journey that is by turns surprising and spontaneous, heady and head spinning, and nothing less than compelling — a singular vision which fuses the DNA of both musicians with spectacular results, as can be seen in the title track, which comes backed by a gorgeously atmospheric video by XX.

Even though the fundamental bones of this project came together very quickly, its actual provenance stretches back much, much farther back, with the pair not only growing up in the same area of South East London, but Misch actually seeing Dayes play on drums in the school talent show for the first time when he was roughly 8 or 9.

That summer they decided to go into the studio together, jam a little, and see what happens, with no other expectation placed upon it. As it turns out, the music came fast and furiously. Two initial tracks were suddenly followed by a handful of others, and the pair found themselves contemplating what to do next. Throughout the record, there is an utterly joyful feel of two musicians at the top of their game sparking off one another, picking up ideas and running with them — zigging where the other zags, ebbing where the other flows, with Misch producing the majority of the record and both having a hand in the overall sound and feel of the record.

Dayes is similarly effusive in his praise for Misch. In fact, Dayes says that the intentions of the record go even deeper than just music. The idea for the track came to fruiti on with Tom wanti ng to base the song around old classic movies and the charm that came with them. The silhouettes of Tom facing himself represent challenging himself to create a new landscape in his diff erent moods and stages of creativity. Woven in with ideas of contour lines and illusion we see one thing, then another, in the same way that music has its own multi layered language.

Shuffling percussion slowly works away behind beautifully warm atmospheric ambience. As soulful as they come. Limited to just , The inner bag features a new logo based design, differentiating it from previously released product. A seminal moment and the beginning of the new era of Misfits.

The legendary American horror-punk outfit that inspired a million bands. Walk Among Us is a game changing punk record that set the scene for generations of musicians. Carbon dating shows that the instrument is 35, years ago. The position of the holes on the flute corresponds to the pentatonic scale. This means that the pentatonic scale has been with humans for longer than writing, agriculture and civilization.

The mysterious, beautiful and powerful sound of pentatonic scales is found in almost all musical styles, from Oriental, African, folk, blues and Indian classical music. Debut album from this hotly-tipped new band. Driving energetic rock'n'roll, at times reminiscent of early Manics. New EP from this local band, on their own label. With its deep analogue bass, beautiful pads and great spoken-word vocals, it went on to become an underground classic and is now hugely in-demand with DJs and collectors.

The "Frog Mix" ups the tempo and energy, getting shoulders jacking and the floor bouncing. Quite an apt remix title really A brilliant example of the unique deep house sounds purveyed by the Murk duo and a much needed official repress sounds fatter than the boot from a years ago from Above Board. Don't sleep! Forget Yourself Good Cheer. Far more spacious and dynamic, it blasts off with the anthemic, catchy "1, 2, 3, Partyy! Of course, all the Burma trademarks are also present: the military snare drum, the melodic basslines high up on the neck, and the furiously dissonant guitarwork, refracted back into the songs via tape loops — all punctuated by the hoarse shouts of drummer Peter Prescott.

This controlled chaos, this disciplined letting go, is at the heart of what they do and it remains as exhilarating and fulfilling as ever. Mission to the Sun synthesizes ambient, post-industrial landscapes with expansive arrangements and haunting vocals. Comprised of Christopher Samuels synths, samples, programming of Ritual Howls and Kirill Slavin vocals , the Detroit-based duo creates an atmosphere of lamentation for a world left behind.

The duo's debut album, Cleansed by Fire, takes the listener on a journey home to the inferno of the sun, navigating memories of a life lived, dissolved into time. A wind of desolation opens "Take Me Back," with Slavin mourning for a return home to a distant reality. The song uses repetition to build a somber ambience while maintaining a spaciousness sparsely accented by noise with care and precision.

Slavin's lyrics examine the conflict and paradoxes that riddle the human condition with Samuel's instrumentation providing a fitting backdrop. The dystopian title track "Cleansed by Fire" marches steadily along to a creeping darkwave rhythm. The basic elements of dance music are there, yet the song remains devoid of danceability. Punctuated by lyrics inspired by J. Ballard and technological isolation, a glimmer of pop sensibility can be found beneath the haze of the track's potent mood.

Mission to the Sun beautifully captures an alien feeling: one ripe with despair and longing, one that doesn't quite belong to this world or time. A slow, satisfying burn, Cleansed by Fire traverses the dystopian past and present, while moving toward the future.

After the massive success of the incredible debut album "Drop", the Mistabishi story continues with this stonking bass heavy dubstep remix from shooting star Barbarix. With over one million hits on YouTube for the original, and being Colin Murray's record of the week on Radio One the demand for a vinyl release on this remix has been phenomenal. Making up the full 12 inches comes "White Collar Grime" on the flip.

A sonic dirty protest against the day to day grind of the city, and quite simply the ruffest dubstep skank from the "Drop" CD. Mister Mushi Hard Lifetime Mushi We're firmly convinced that the A-side of this sneaky seven-inch from Mushi 45 main man Mister Mushi borders on genius. The whole thing is wonderfully infectious, toe-tapping and hip-wiggling, breathing new life into one of music's most familiar tunes and, for the record, the production is so good that Byrne's vocal sounds like it was tailor-made for the backing track.

You'll find the Mushi one's fine instrumental take, shorn of all Talking Heads references, tucked away on the flipside. Hard Lifetime B1. Hard Lifetime instrumental. As you'd expect from this acclaimed trio, "The Eleventh Hour" offers up a wealth of lush musicality with a blanket of warm pads, fills and keys laid over the rolling breaks. This is The Mistreators' second full length, and their first for their new home Estrus. This Milwaukee quartet enlisted the production and recording skills of the esteemed Jim Diamond and his ghetto recorders to bring their diverse take on garage rock 'n' roll to fruition!

With guest back up vocals on a couple of tracks by the Come Ons' chanteuse Dianne Iovan, and some sax by Jim Diamond, The Mistreators add extra layers to their rock 'n' roll, and its all the more enjoyable for it!! The fourth album by Misty's Big Adventure is a concept album set entirely in one living room.

It was conceived and written in a damp cellar in Birmingham and recorded on the sly in Athlete's Deptford studio. They don't work weekends! Marble Green vinyl Cat Number Release date 25 Mar ' Cat Number Release date 28 Jan ' A certain kind of stress and expectations. This record, and the songs that are on it, came out of that time. This is how I feel.

There is nothing more beautiful than riding over one of the New York bridges at night next to someone who inspires you. I can picture myself as a kid, in this house, laying on the carpet with a sunbeam coming through the sliding glass door. But it really helped me to gain access to some kind of trust and intuition and flow. I began a bunch of these songs while doing that. That was really exciting.

I felt very safe with all those guys. It was warm and joyful. Mitchell will debut the new material during various headline tours in the U. The narrator is me. It felt like after so many years of working on telling other stories, now here are some of mine. Joni Mitchell Early Joni - Warners. Cat Number Release date 30 Oct ' A lot of these songs, I just lost them. They fell away.

They only exist in these recordings. And then I listened and…it was beautiful. It made me forgive my beginnings. And I had this realization…I was a folk singer! Cat Number Release date 12 Nov ' The album is a vinyl breakout from the Joni Mitchell Archives Vol. Stanley Mitchell was born in Detroit in and performed with a number of local bands in the mid to late fifties cutting wax for Chess and Gone records.

Quit Twistin' My Arm 2. Get It Baby. Joni Mitchell Travelogue Nonesuch. Deluxe packaging includes To hear a major artist of the stature of Joni Mitchell reinterpret 22 of her greatest works is a true revelation. In these new orchestral arrangements her lyrics shine like diamonds and her voice, aged like a fine wine, brings out new nuances in the words.

There is a symphonic dimension to the arrangements, they are both sympathetic and melodious, and this acts as the perfect foil for Joni's new look at her tremendous body of work. Despite initial plans involving studio only work, the band were persuaded to take to the stage in and have since played shows in England, Germany, Belgium, Hungary and their adopted home country of Austria; quickly gaining a reputation for their unique presentation and interaction with the audience.

A wonderful 12 track collection hugely recommended to fans of classic era synth pop, early Mute, Cherry Red, Blackwing Studios etc etc…. One time pressing available now! These are some synth-ridden end-of-the-world anthems, custom built for fans of yesteryear's German dancefloors - and the price tag ist ziemlich gut too!

Still, there is something very primordial in her that is trying to find a way to get out. Throughout these 14 songs, the music swerves from the cheerful to the plaintive. Mournful piano ballads lead into deceptively uptempo songs. A lot of this record was me not having any feelings, being completely spent but then trying to rally myself and wake up and get back to Mitski. Forward thinking synth-pop progressions, beautifully balanced song structures and Mitski's unmistakeable vocals.

Superb stuff. Mitski Laurel Hell Dead Oceans. Includes MP3 Download Code. But occasionally, an artist proves the form more malleable and capacious than we knew. With Laurel Hell, Mitski cements her reputation as an artist in possession of such power - capable of using her talent to perform the alchemy that turns our most savage and alienated experiences into the very elixir that cures them. She ascended amid a fever of national division, and the grind of touring and pitfalls of increased visibility influenced her music as much as her spirit.

Exhausted by this warped mirror, and our addiction to false binaries, she began writing songs that stripped away the masks and revealed the complex and often contradictory realities behind them. She wrote many of these songs during or before , while the album finished mixing in May It is the longest span of time Mitski has ever spent on a record, and a process that concluded amid a radically changed world. Her voice begins as a soft lullaby then builds into this astonishing provoked voice of passion.

Jackie Mittoo Drum Song Attack. A crucial set of mid 70s Bunny Lee produced instrumentals from the legendary Studio One keyboard player. The fifth release in the BBE Music J Jazz Masterclass Series has the perfect combination of rarity and exceptional musicality that inspires seasoned collectors to break out in a sweat. The four extended tracks on 'Animals Garden' exemplify the high standard of playing and arranging that was a characteristic of jazz composed and recorded in Japan during the late s.

All four numbers were composed by Miyasaka and the album spans a range of styles, from febrile post-bop and head nodding modal, to deep funky blues and elegiac balladry. The title track was included on J Jazz Volume 2, but the three remaining cuts are equally enchanting. As ever, 'Animals Garden' will be issued with an exact reproduction of the original artwork, translated original notes plus brand new sleeve notes.

The vinyl album will be presented in a deluxe thick card gatefold sleeve with reproduction obi strip, spread across two LPs cut at 45rpm for superb sound quality. Melissa Guion is MJ Guider. She lives and works in New Orleans and previously released the Green Plastic extended play cassette in early on the Constellation Tatsu label.

Employing heavy washes of bass and a deft touch in mixing, she uses stark contrasts to construct a semi-surreal aural space. What results are songs that exist in a wholly contained sound environment, minimal yet lush, spare yet saturated, and most importantly, entirely compelling. The songs on the album attempt to create contrasts of their own as one means to induce unreality or alter perspective. While it is greatly influenced by science fiction, its sounds and stories often become it themselves.

The sounds come from a variety of sources, but are anchored by a few aging, outmoded machines. A beloved Rickenbacker in combination with a Roland R-8 drum machine, and RE tape echo set the tone of technology in subsidence. Tropic of cancer being a notable and equally excellent recent addition. Precious Systems is as haunting as it is enchanting, saturated top-heavy drones whirl around Guion's haunting voice, driven along by cavernous guitar, and every so often punctuated by driving hardware drum machines.

Spooky and shadowed gothic shoegaze for the masses. But I never exhausted them and they never exhausted me. As for the case of MKS, the enigmatic and musical disguise of Nicolas Aubard, it was a merely coincidental encounter at the end of the 80s that set the stone rolling. At a young age, he got obsessed with Japanese and American cartoon culture. Being a devoted collector of cartoon-related toys and widgets, he spent hours watching anime series on TV and creating scale models of science fiction and horror-related sceneries.

Growing up in a musical household, young Nico took on stringent training in classical and jazz piano. But, frustrated with the fact of not being the technical virtuoso he wanted to be, he turned away from his training at the age of So instead of throwing shapes at the dancefloor, I started a conversation with the dj, who happened to be Manu.

By the end of the night, I handed him a demo tape of the album I was wanting to do. As a dj, I often crossed the Belgian border for gigs and this new style was in full explosion over there. But funnily he only told me after the release of the record that it was his first time too. But you know, we managed.

The alias was born and the journey ready to take off. The album finally released in September After the release, Nico went on a low-key promo tour together with Manu in Northern France. Manu even lay down behind a screen operating the fog machine. Yet in the meantime, our music got played on new age radios in the USA.

The duo collaborated with Rouxel on some compositions, before they went their separate ways at last. Nico went on to pursue his childhood dream, as a pioneer in France for integrating 3D animations into classical cartoons. Manu in turn became a producer for feature films. The ensemble's transcendental wonder is, in fact, the first-ever Midori Takada album and the first-ever Joe Hisaishi-produced album.

Drawing from its jazz-rooted polyrhythmic improvisations in the most inventive ways, the album covers a wide spectrum of sounds, from colorful dance floor-ready percussion pieces that stand somewhere between proto-techno and experimental synth-pop, to cinematic ambient landscapes and ethereal drone delicacies. The feverishly sought-after full-length is a stepping-stone in Midori Takada's career and an all-around pioneering album.

Like his first album, all tracks are recorded at his faithful Bakery Studio up Stockport way. A bit of a legend round these parts, Al is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer AND producer; his traditional but inventive style has won him plaudits across the board, with fellow Mancunian Ruf Dug recruiting him offer up two remixes of his "Rasta Beach" track from his "Island" album.

Returning with some fierce and poignant lyrical content, touching upon police brutality, racism in the US, corruption in politcs and environmental issues - it's all relevent and bang on! Like previous excursions, Al calls in the best of the local talent for additional intrumentation. Breadwinner regulars, Stally and Jima Green are also featured on sax and keys respectively. A delightfully honest, upbeat despite the lyrical content and tradionally flavoured set. North West roots, by a producer and songwriter with natural flair and total understanding of the genre.

Top stuff. Trust these are tried and tested for all DJ and dancer Separate from any religious connotations, the crucifix represents love, loss and hope - themes mmph explores on the release. Since the release of "Dear God", mmph has worked on his own evolving sound while also producing new music for the likes of David Byrne, serpentwithfeet and Lauren Auder. Mndsgn Snaxx Stones Throw.

A mixtape-like sequence that meanders, jerks and dips through boom-bat, celebral atmospheres, downbeat head nodders and stoned-out curios. The influence of labelmates Madlib and J Dilla on this on this collection of laid-back beats is never far off, but Yawn Zen has a psychedelic, jazzy flavour that equally recalls the likes of Flying Lotus, Gonjasufi and Samiyam.

He mangles the sounds and rhythms of his surroundings without limits and builds his own bittersweet world from them — full of glitched and saturated fractals and sonic holographs. Well good. The album is a rare record that manages to be both fiery and textural. It combines the charge and speed of a record that resembles a car veering dangerously close to a cliff edge yet also manages to instil a confidence in the ability of the driver.

Listening to the record is like being pushed away from the city and then dragged back in. Start your engines folks! Taking aim at "We Just" A rather natty dub mix of Our Revolution with ace sampler-vox Mo strips things back wonderfully to concoct an Italo-freestyle masterpiece which switches wonderfully between the heads down drama of the verses and that arms aloft chorus.

If you're in the market for batshit boogie with arcade aesthetics then this is gonna rock your socks off! We Just B. Video Games. Powder blue vinyl with Release date: Expected 26 Aug ' With glitchy synths, pulsing drums and catchy choruses, moa moa are proving that pop can be weird and accessible at the same time; the perfect psychedelic soundtrack to the comfortable tedium of life.

The feelings just get stuck in my brain, making me feel insular, disconnected and less able to participate in the world. A mission statement emerged: to create unpredictable, ambitious, and hook-laden songs that take all the best bits from their diverse musical backgrounds. Moaning is a band defined by its duality. One where the endless possibility for art and creation is met with the fear and doubt of an uncertain future. The trio began regularly frequenting DIY institutions like The Smell and Pehrspace, eventually selling out dozens of their own shows at both venues with their first few bands.

LA band Moaning bring us some doomy, abrasive guitar tunes, with skittering drums and rumbling fluid bass lines that nod to early 80s post punk. Add to that dead-pan vocals and big hooks and they've got me sold! Moaning Uneasy Laughter Sub Pop. Digipack with spot-gloss What happens when an abrasive rock trio trades guitars for synths, cranks up the beats and leans into the everyday anxieties of simply being a functioning human in the 21st century? DIY scene for more than a decade.

They are also immersed in other creative pursuits — Solomon is a noted illustrator, art director and animator, while Stevenson and MacKelvie have played or worked behind the boards with acts such as Cherry Glazerr, Sasami and Surf Curse. Solomon admits Uneasy Laughter could have gone in quite another direction had he not gotten sober and educated himself on such core subjects as gender and mental health.

Jerome Potin, aka Gallic mash-up artist Moar, returns for his super limited, ultra collectable 45 Loves series. Maximum head nod factor on this one folks, with just enough umph and shuffle to kick start your Friday night dancefloor early doors! Moar retains much of the OG, instead getting busy on the echo unit and wave chopper, injecting this smooth smoocher with a huff of poppers for the Saturday night crowd. Mega stuff from Moar! Working DJs don't need reminding how crucial these cuts are for the weekend armoury.

Keep Sharon and Tracy at bay with this late 90s pleaser. H Side 2 1. HH Moar's skilful hands and exceptionally well-trained ears combine beautifully on all of his edits, and this is no exception. I can't tell you what the sources are, but the xylophone layered and looped over the dubby beats is a sweet spot you'll want to taste over and over. It could be a warm-up track, mixed into a peak time set, and is most definitely one for the late-night set.

Over on the flip this huge classic funky song has been beautifully re-rubbed by Moar, this fattens and tightens an already phat and tight classic groove with some electro flourishes. A very respectful mix perfect for the dancefloor! Deep, bad ass beatdown that'd make Kenny Dixon himself blush. Old Chillin reissue two classic tracks from Mobb Deep's back catalogue.

Drink Away The Pain Side 2 1. Give Up The Goods First released in on CD and LP. Out of print on vinyl since the mids. Marbled Copper Vinyl With Release date: Expected 29 Jul ' The 5th studio album by the Infamous duo of Prodigy and Havoc was originally released 20 years ago on December 11, RIP Prodigy. Moby Reprise Deutsche Grammophon. Cat Number Release date 28 May ' New album from the UK stalwart on Deutsche Grammophon officially the world's longest serving record label don'tchaknow?!

Together with the Budapest Art Orchestra, he has re-envisioned some of his most recognizable rave classics and anthems with new arrangements for orchestra and acoustic instruments. Cat Number Release date 20 May ' None of these has ever been reissued. Turtle Soup has subsequently been cited as one of the finest Manchester albums of all time. In addition, Martin Coogan has unearthed no less than fourteen previously unissued Mock Turtles demos from his personal archive!

Sleeve-notes are by Mark Hodkinson The Guardian, etc. Jassbusters soundtracks the unpredictable narrative of the film in eclectic, electric ways. In the mists of , Jassbusters had found its feet in Paris, and Jassbusters Two materialised only shortly thereafter in , three-and-a-half-thousand miles across the Atlantic. So, like the first Jassbusters record, the lyrics were improvised, blurted out. Be you listener, player, or faculty member of the mind, this latest Mockasin master work invites you to forget the grind, just for a bit, and settle into the syrupy, boundless world of Jass.

Mdou Moctar Afrique Victime Matador. Afrique Victime sounds and feels like a Tuareg hand reaching down from the sky, and we are very lucky for this chance to get lifted. Soaring, rolling bass and gymnastic guitar screams perfectly blend into a brain-melting mixture of groove and grit. A thoroughly bracing and riotously exciting listen. Model Man Model Man Marathon. His influences are broad, yet tied together by a strong desire to share his story and spark emotion in the listener.

From his early forays into music, playing guitar, to his recent incarnation as Model Man, Mark has always drawn on his eclectic tastes to transmit a range of different feelings. Fearless in their refusal to be pigeonholed, they touch on everything from driving rhythmic repetition, discordant guitar fuzz and hazy psychedelia, to late 60s-indebted folk and lilting melodic hooks, via twinkling piano ballads, drum machine rigidity and playful synth pop.

Moderat More D4ta Monkeytown. Indies exclusive gram Sascha Ring and Modeselektor a. Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary spent two years away from one another, focusing instead on their own respective projects—once they decided to resume working together, the music eventually started flowing again. In a band where all three members are artists, producers and mixing engineers, striking that sort of creative balance is trickier than it might seem.

Maybe bands should take hiatuses—real ones— a little more often. STAFF COMMENTS Barry says: As expected, this collaboration of these two musical masterminds sees a perfect juxtaposition of laid-back mellow electronica and more dancefloor orientated heft, and is probably the most refined of their musical visions thus far.

Both brilliantly produced and endlessly deep, it's a wonderful journey. Includes download. New collaboration of bossa-nova, pop, and psychedelia between Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab and Brazilian band Mombojo. Modern Nature Annual Bella Union. Army Green coloured Plaintive cello strains melted into motorik beats. Pastoral field recordings drifted through looping guitar figures. Rising melodies shone with reflective saxophone accents, placing the record somewhere between the subtle mediations of Talk Talk, the stirring folk of Anne Briggs and the atmospheric waves of Harmonia.

As the group took the album out on the road, Modern Nature became something even more expansive. Their new mini-album Annual, recorded in December at Gizzard Studio in London, is another step towards something more liberated and a world away from the sound of Jack Cooper's previous bands. Will Young sits this one out, concentrating on his work with Beak, but How To Live collaborator Jeff Tobias takes a more central role, alongside percussionist Jim Wallis. Reading back, as the year progressed from winter to spring, the tone of the diary seemed to change as well I split the diary into four seasons and used them as the template for the four main songs.

The shorter instrumental songs on the record are meant to signify specific events and transitions from one season to the next. I figured it wouldn't be a very long record, but to me it stands up next to 'How To Live' in every way. I live on the edge of London between Leytonstone and Epping Forest, so the signs of spring are very apparent round here - flowers, light, people talking in their gardens.

The idea was a segueway into the summer section to represent the sort of collective excitement a city gets once it realises summer is here. Blue bags of empty cans and scorched grass from out of control barbeques. I'd been playing the new Itasca record all the time and just reached out. The economy with which she sings is perfect. I guess having to get up and flip the record destroys the illusion so it's a rare occasion where listening with the ability to just loop the album into another year is closer to our intention.

Cooper has already started work on the next album, his speed of output an indication of the excitement and creativity that surrounds the project. Who will be involved and what the touchstones might be are yet to be firmly established but then who would have it any other way with this most fascinatingly free-flowing and mutable of groups?

Green vinyl LP with As factories give way to fields, and highways drift into gravelly roads, the friction can be palpable, the aura electric. He took the phrase from the diaries of filmmaker Derek Jarman, written on the coast of Kent in his Dungeness cottage. Plaintive cello strains melt into motorik beats. Pastoral field recordings drift through looping guitar figures.

This is beautiful work, and possibly my favourite of his considerable output. Since the demise of his previous band Ultimate Painting, Jack Cooper — under his Modern Nature guise — has never stopped looking ahead, exploring, and reaching for something further. Island Of Noise presents an obvious new peak in his discography. A treasure trove of interesting musical ideas, as well as a source of restorative solace.

Since the demise of his previous band Ultimate Painting, Jack Cooper — under his Modern Nature guise — has never stopped looking ahead, exploring and reaching for something further. The forests, the valleys and the life would be represented by an orchestra of improvisers and classical musicians, working around certain modes and composed melodies.

How would an outsider interpret the inequality and divide? Where would they find solace, compassion and friendship? The album was completed during a relaxation of the pandemic restrictions and for Cooper and his fellow musicians, its recording came to represent a sanctuary in itself.

The feeling of freedom with which they made the record allowed for hours of improvisation and experimentation, resulting in a companion record called Island Of Silence; a more impressionistic instrumental picture of the island and its music.

Elaborating one step further, Cooper approached ten artists he felt an affinity towards including Booker-nominated poet Robin Robertson, mycologist Merlin Sheldrake, illustrator Sophy Hollington, polymath Eugene Chadbourne and The Lark Ascending author Richard King and asked them to reinterpret, deconstruct or take inspiration from one of the ten pieces of music for an accompanying book.

Similar attention has been paid to the production of the book and box-set, with all of the material, including the vinyl, sourced from recycled and sustainable materials. Like those, this is an album that may confound or challenge some, but will stand the test of time to those that open themselves up to Modern Nature.

Do you see it? Modern Nature Rydalwater Rivertones. Modern Sound Library, as the name suggests, draw influence from a wide range of sources. The band developed this template to encompass songs that reflect a shared love of classic rock'n'roll, 60s garage, soul and funk. This limited edition five track EP showcases the diverse range of the bands music and includes remixes by Monsieur Le Menthe and the highly acclaimed Shawn Lee.

LP Ltd edition Hand A Frankenstein moment? An electronic homage, a mystical re-telling that sounds so askew from the sum of its parts it has a life all of its own, traversing an arc previously unchartered. Indies exclusive yellow Standard black vinyl with New album from kosmiche folk-rock quartet Modern Studies. A glorious compendium of haunted disco hallelujahs, mercurial krautrock chorales, cosmic pop adagios and euphoric, resilient, anthems.

Love Record Stores Edition available instore from 10am on Saturday September 4th, any remaining copies will be available on online from 9pm on the same day. Limited to one per person. We shook off our usual song structures in favour of something repetitive, slow and heavy; life flows in endless song.

Limited edition orange Through the hazy daze of a smoky folk opus, Modern Studies craft rich soundtracks, stuttering Super-8 sketches from a washed-out world of melancholy, hand-tinted and tantalising. Cat Number Release date 11 Feb ' Inspired by the birth of his first son and the death of his grandfather, "New life" is a deeply personal meditation on the cycles of life and time. A prime example of the quality to be expected from this new imprint, "New Life" is a true fusion of music and spiritual vision.

A decidedly new identity is now emerging from the Motor City. There's a tasteful gentrification happening which is seeing new, young artists move to the city enticed by cheap rents and large spaces. With them they're bringing new influences and sounds which are sympathetic to, rather than conflicting with Detroit's already impressive musical legacy. It's nice to see this innovative city move it along and push things forward. Two alternative versions were created by the Berlin duo themselves: Crunchy synths jab the Speed Dating Version, whereas Dated In China is a bath of meditative, drawn-out tones.

Additional remixes are provided by Jersey club queen Uniiqu3, Swedish duo Asthma a. Across its 15 tracks, Modeselektor tear through mutant crunk distortions, glitchy dub meditations, neon synth-pop and more. After their successful debut album "Hello Mom", the arts-and-crafts duo Modeselektor brought us their second album "Happy Birthday". Hilaire, Otto Von Schirach, Apparat, Puppetmastaz and Siriusmo, the repertoire goes from hard rap and Euro-crunk to continental grime and tech-rap.

Modeselektor Monkeytown - Repress Monkeytown Records. Welcome to Monkeytown. Berlin duo Modeselektor returns full force with a new album whose immense energy and club-boiling beats will inject the global dance community with inspiration that reverberates across the entire musical spectrum. Flowing freely between styles and tempos, Monkeytown experiments with the edges and extremes, exploring fresh sonic territory from a solid base of beats located deep within the groove.

Joining the heavy ranks of Hello Mom! It raises a question and answers it straight away. Hear Modeselektor casually kicking against the pricks. Who else? Technical knowledge and craftsmanship have improved their creative process, but in the studio they are driven by the same old things.

No bass drum sounds like the other on this record, no snare repeats itself in a different track. Each hi-hat is tailor-made, no synth sound recycled on another occasion. Is all of this considered hot and valuable by dance industry standards? Cat Number Release date 19 Jul ' A fantastic album from Modest Mouse, who have sculptured an amazing epic sound that will be loved by fans of cool indie guitar bands such as Mercury Rev and Yo La Tengo; this could well see them break through to the big time.

Cat Number Release date 10 Sep ' Cat Number Release date 25 Jun ' It's been a long five years, but the result is entirely worth it. A brilliantly bright and wonderfully fun record. Cat Number Release date 2 Apr ' Follow up to 's Grammy nominated "Good News Archeo are at it again, finding yet more hidden delights from Italy's bountiful musical past.

Paolo Modugno's "Brise D'Automne" originally came out in and has since been highly coveted by record collectors fascinated with the new age delights contained within. Archeo have gone all out for this reissue, pressing the album on heavy vinyl to allow the music to really breathe, and adding a second disc with two tracks previously unavailable on vinyl.

The curious fusion of organic and electronic elements with a daring approach to production makes for one of the most unique records you're likely to hear all year, and a welcome companion to your Finis Africae, Futuro Antico, Vangelis Katsoulis and Aeolus reissues. This late 80s LP sees Signore Modugno marrying the organic and electronic into a heady blend of cosmic groove and fourth world calm.

Highest recommendation. Misenetta B. Tapping into the seductive unease of the unexplained, "Paranormal Phenomena - The Icelandic Expedition" is a nine-track album that evokes alien synth-electro and New Age soundscapes. Inspired by his field recordings and a rekindled interest in sci-fi, the album's idea was born. Steeped in haunting LA synthesis and cinematic tension, the album is an imagined soundtrack to a supernatural thriller, cast in the icy tones of the Roland JD I came to the conclusion that what I had captured all sounded strangely eerie and otherworldly.

No problem if you computer is out of guarantee, send us an e-mail: drgn at hotmail. It was created when computer viruses were becoming a major issue in the world. With the help of the DOS-bas.. Micro Paver Software Micropaver ManualPaver-enable template Create the the layout of a paver-enable package, including:. See examples directory for more information about the u.. By the way, she will have surgery Monday to remove the large amount of scar tissue on her head. I'll be sure to share before and after pictures.

Isn't her jumping picture funny in the book? That is exactly her silly personality..

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Shannon Lyon - Black Irish Rose The Dead South - Black Lung Joe Louis Walker - Blackjack Jimmy D. Lane - Bleeding Heart Chuck E. Weiss - Blood Alley Holland K. Smith - Blood On My Hands Charlie Musselwhite - Blue Feeling Today Old Blood - Blue Jean - Live John Primer - Blues behind closed doors John Nemeth - Blues in My Heart Smokehouse Ramblers - Blues Man Cotton Blues - Blues Soldier Tony Joe White - Boom Boom Devil Doll - Bourbon in Your Eyes Selwyn Birchwood - Brown Paper Bag Smokehouse - Cadillac In the Swamp Bob Pearce - Cancel My Reservation The 44's - Champagne and Reefer Tom Shaka - Churchhouse Blues Philipp Fankhauser - Circumstances Tom Killner - Cocaine Blues Magic Slim - Cold Hearted Woman Aron Burton - Cold, Cold Feeling Peter Karp - Cool Cool Thing The Instigators - Cool Disposition Michael Locke - Cost of Lovin' Brother Dege - Crazy Motherfucker Calvin Russell - Crossroad Mike Zito - Damn Shame Jake Green Band - Dark Clouds Tab Benoit - Darkness The Blues Overdrive - Daughter of the Devil Michael van Merwyk - Deep Blue Sea Poppa Dawg - Deepest Shade of Blue Jimmie Vaughan - Dengue Woman Blues Billy F Gibbons - Desert High Klaus Brandl - Devil Down Bellhound Choir - Distant Horizons The Silver Dimes - Doin' Time Sean Costello - Double Trouble Aynsley Dunbar - Downhearted Louisiana Red - Driftin' Bjorn Berge - Drifting Blues William Clarke - Drinking By Myself The Baboons - Drinking Gasoline Willie D.

One Shot Johnny - Drunkard's Blues Rod Picott - Drunken Barber's Hand Bluestate - Early In the Morning Jerry Portnoy - Endless Road Lucky Lopez Evans - Extra Extra Lal and the People - Eyes on You Rusty Zinn, Tucker - Fallin' Rain Lafayette Leake - Feel So Blue Eddie Martin - Frozen Lake Otis Rush - Gambler's Blues Duane Allman - Goin' Down Slow HowellDevine - Going Down South Kilborn Alley - Going Hard Clutch - Gone Cold Duke Robillard - Grey Sky Blues Cris Jacobs - Hallelujah Hustler Burnside - Hard Time Killing Floor James Armstrong - Hard, Hard Blues Eric McFadden - Headed for the Light Jeff Jensen - Heart Attack and Vine Eli Cook - Highway Song The Teskey Brothers - Honeymoon Omar and The Howlers - Hoo Doo Alabama Mike - Hoo Doo Man Mark Knopfler - Hot Or What Shawn Pittman - How Long John Fairhurst - Hungry Blues The Band Of Heathens - Hurricane Earl Thomas - I Am the Cool Mike Hood - I Asked for Water Michael Hardie - I Walk Alone Sons of the Delta - I'm Moving On Grayson Capps - Ike Lonnie Brooks - In The Dark Alex Maryol - In the Meantime Gregor Hilden - It's a Man's World Michigan Curve - J.

Blues Willy DeVille - Junker's Blues Jimmy Reiter - Just Another Nail Tinsley Ellis - Kiss Of Death Jimmy Dawkins - Kold Actions Luther Allison - Last Night Todd Sharpville - Legacy of Greed Johnny Winter - Life Is Hard The Black Sorrows - Little Murders Boz Scaggs - Loan Me a Dime Hutto - Lone Wolf David Rotundo - Lonely Nights feat. David Rotundo Johnny B. Moore - Lonesome Blues Muddy Waters - Long Distance Andy Cowan - Losin' Hand Epi K.

Jim Byrnes - Love is Just a Gamble Tubesnakes - Love That Burns Alastair Greene - Love Too Strong John Campbell - Love's Name Melvin Taylor - Lowdown Dirty Shame Michael Burks - Make It Rain Big Daddy Kinsey - Mannish Boy Floyd Lee Band - Mean Blues Jimmy Warren Band - Mean Mistreater Chuck Berry - Mean Old World Hubert Dorigatti - Memphisto Gene Deer - Midnight Healing Mud Morganfield - Midnight Lover Daniel Norgren - Moonshine Got Me Kevin Selfe - Moving Day Blues Harlis Sweetwater Band - Muddy Water Dan Granero - My Baby Helander - My Home Is in the Delta Robbert Duijf - My Only Friend Brad Kelsey - Nasty Weather Terry Evans - Natcha Bone Lover Kris Dollimore - No No No One Dime Band - Nobody's Dog Mick Kolassa - Nothin' Left to Lose John Lee Hooker, Jr.

Parker Millsap - Old Time Religion Red Hot Blues - One Bottle Lefty Dizz - One Eyed Woman The Heavy Horses - Pale Rider Thorbjorn Risager - Paradise Monti Amundson - Plain As Day Mojo Blues Band - Please, Mr. Jailer feat. Taildragger Sivert Hoyem - Prisoner of the Road Albert Castiglia - Quit Your Bitching Nate Myers - Rainin' Theodis Ealey - Reconsider Baby Johnny Cash - Redemption Jinda Biant - Rollin' Train Balkun Brothers - Sally's Blues Hans Theessink - Set me free The New Savages - Seventh Son Mikey Junior - Ships on the Ocean Kirk Fletcher - Silver Spoon Lazy Eye - Single Malt Blues Marty Hall - Sinner's Prayer Trainman Blues - Skulls Crosses and Bones Colter Wall - Sleeping on the Blacktop Blues Delight - Slightly Hung Over The Bad Daddys - Slow Blues Blues Hangvoer - Slow Blues and Whiskey Otis Spann - Someday Soon Baby Jeff Strahan - Southern Jeans HowellDevine - Spoonful Stimulators - St.

James Infirmary Clarence Edwards - Still a Fool Long John Hunter - Still Blue Magic Sam, Eddie Shaw - Stop! You're Hurting Me Little Albert - Swamp King John Littlejohn - Sweet Little Angel Eric Deaton - Sweetheart Blues Larry Garner - Tale Spreaders Chris Stapleton - Tennessee Whiskey Gary Myrick - Tex Pawnshop and the Tremelos Slow Blow Fuse - The Bottle Luxuriant Sedans - The Darkness Adam Holt - The End Dom Martin - The Rain Came Bob Margolin - The Same Thing Kal David - The Visit Patrick Sweany - Them Shoes Spencer Bohren - Thief in the Night Blue Roads - Third Degree Blackwater - This Woman Alber Solo - Three O'clock Blues Lou Rawls - Tobacco Road - Remaster Heavy Blues Chevy - Towed Away Robert Connely Farr - Train Train Charley Crockett - Trouble Blues Billy C.

Wolf Mail - Upper Hand Whitey Morgan and the 78's - Waitin' 'Round to Die Piedmont Four - Whiskey Drinkin' Woman Rufus Black - Whisky Town Two Timer - Woods Fleetwood Mac - Worried Dream Ritchie - You Don't Gotta Rick Tobey - You Need Love Guitar Pete - You Shook Me Tas Cru - 12 Step Woman. Andy Balcon - 52 Street Blues.

Chef Eric Band - Nights. Manuel Grimaldi. The Blues Vision - Alabama Train. Kiefer Sutherland - All She Wrote. Blues and Company - Another Round. Roscoe Chenier - Bad Luck. Ray Bonneville - Bad Man's Blood. Bonnie Raitt - Finest Lovin' Man. Albert Collins - Ice Pick. Beth Hart - Isolation. Taj Mahal - Deed I Do. James Cotton - Cut You Loose. Doctor's Special - Travellin' Woman. John Baldry - I'm Ready. Johnny Lee - Hey Bartender.

Little Richard - Brown Sugar. Skip James - Mistreating Child Abuse. Mance Lipscomb - Alabama Bound Take 2. Etta James - Lovesick Blues. Jesse Winchester - Step By Step. Danny Gatton - Blues Newburg. Louisiana Red - Freight Train to Ride. Dr Feelgood - My Babe. Elvin Bishop - Slow Down. Lou Johnson - Rock Me Baby. Jerry Jeff Walker - Boogie Mama.

Bobby Short - Down In Mexico. Joe Turner - Trouble In Mind. The Yardbirds - Drinking Muddy Water. T-bone Walker - How Long Blues. Graham Bond - Green Onions. John Hammond - Spoonful. Della Reese - The Story of the Blues. Nina Simone - Gin House Blues. Reed - Hard Times. Champion Jack Dupree - Bad Life. Blues Image - Lazy Day Blues. John Campbell - When the Levee Breaks.

Buddy Guy - Messin' with the Kid. Doug Sahm - Dealer's Blues.

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