L ultimo sopravvissuto torrent

l ultimo sopravvissuto torrent

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Struttura sublime, con belle descrizioni che ti facevano sembrare di esse in quel tempo, con personaggi ben caratterizzati e unici soprattuto il protagonista del romanzo. Una storia che ti fa riflettere e ti insegna, unica in se. Con avvenimenti incredibili che ti lasciano incollato alle pagine, e con la buona dose di suspense. La storia straordinaria di un ragazzo di 17 anni, Pino Lella che, mandato in montagna da Milano dai genitori nel di inserisce in un'organizzazione che aiuta gli ebrei a rifugiarsi in Svizzera e poi si arruola come soldato nelle file tedesche diventando l'autista personale del generale Hans Leyers e, in quella veste, continua a lavorare per i partigiani, fornendo notizie e dettagli strategici.

Contemporaneamente riesce ad avere una storia d'amore con una giovane e affascinante vedova, cameriera presso l'amante del generale. Una storia, pare vera a grandi linee, molto avventurosa, rovinata dalla scrittura di Mark Sullivan, con particolari storici poco precisi: un esempio per tutti, descrivendo la Milano del , distrutta dalle bombe, definisce alcune strade del centro come "Quadrilatero della moda".

Questo nel ! La scena sulla copetura non c'entra niente col libro. La macchina era sotto coperto under cover senza Swastika. Mio padre non si considera un eroe, especialmente "l'ultimo eroe sopravvissuto". Complimenti altre tanto per una traduzione eccelente. Speriamo che avra sucesso in Italia almeno quanto lo ha in America.. Per non dimenticare. Storia avvincente che sembra quasi finta.

Perfetta per spiegare la vita a Milano e in Italia durante anni bui come quelli, dove un ragazzino di 17 di buona famiglia si ritrova a dover crescere in fretta. Anni lontani ma da non dimenticare. Una persona l'ha trovato utile. Libro poverino, scritto male, sono arrivata alla fine solo x vedere come termina la storia. Si dilunga in tanti particolari inutili e invece la vicenda umana dei protagonisti potrebbe fornire materiale x una saga. Un italiano, con la I maiuscola, Pino Lella.

Sono orgoglioso di essere connazionale di Pino, complimenti all'autore per la commozione che mi ha regalato, ottimo libro in un periodo storico italiano denso di nubi. Nn l'ho ancora finito. Per ora mi piace molto, era esattamente quello che cercavo. Visualizza tutte le recensioni. Le recensioni migliori da altri paesi. Traduci tutte le recensioni in Italiano.

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Survivor is a memoir of the Second World War and tells the story of a young Jewish teenager mainly from the time the Germans occupied Poland in , through years of unimaginable hell until liberation six years later. Sam was only thirteen years old when the Nazis invaded Poland. He describes his home town as being a Garden of Eden that was lost overnight with their unwelcome arrival.

His life changed forever, his family forced to live in the Bedzin ghetto before they were transported to Auschwitz. Eight of his family — his mother, father and all of his siblings except for an older brother were sent to the gas chambers. Sam survived for six months in the notorious death camp by a combination of luck and sheer will power before being sent to a mining camp. Like a cat with more than nine lives, he was also one of only a handful that survived after the RAF sank the prison ship Cap Arcona, mistakenly believing it to be carrying members of the SS.

This is a powerful, thought-provoking book, one that you might not read in one sitting, but one that is certainly worthwhile. Both horrifying and incredibly heartbreaking to hear the atrocities Pivnik had to endure at Auschwitz-Birkenau and on. You'll finish the book wishing it was a work of fiction. This was quite an eye-opening read.

Young Sam is only 13 when he gets caught up in the madness that was the destruction of the Jewish people in Poland. He and his family end up in a ghetto and from there, they are rounded up and deposited outside Auschwitz. By a stroke of luck, he ends up in the line of mostly men, which means that he is spared from dying as soon as he arrives - his family aren't so lucky. I have read many, many stories about the holocaust and this one is very well written.

I c This was quite an eye-opening read. I can't help but wonder about the complete lottery that was involved in the whole process, whether you lived or died, when you were in a concentration camp. Even as he was on the so-called death march, his life could have ended at any time, and certainly when the ship he was on was bombed, also. If he was a cat, he would have used up 8 of his 9 lives, for sure. The book is not entirely a grim story of surviving in a concentration camp - it tells the story of Sam's family before the war, and what happens to Sam after the war as well, and there are definitely good things that come his way too.

I was very happy to read that, because if anyone deserved a bit of happiness and luck, it was him. I give this book 4. Read in a day. Brilliant book. I've read many Jewish survivor stories. Each one different. But, this one was also educational for me with dates and allies info. I wish I could hug Sam. Poor guy. What an unbelievable history. Hard for me to wrap my head around this happening in the s!

We must never forget. Im44 and plan to tell my kids all this. View 1 comment. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I never new about the Cap Arcona and all the Jews and prisoners that were murdered by the British..

I don't think I could've done that. Also that last sentence of the book.. That was the moment I cried. Really fascinating Really enjoyed reading this book. A little slow on places but stick with it. How people survived this period is beyond me. Every time I read a different perspective of a Holocaust survivor it gives me goosebumps.

This story of a death camp survivor strikes a chord about strength, courage and willingness to live in unimaginable circumstances This story was told without self-pity, but does reflect recrimination for the tasks the author was made to perform to preserve his own life.

I am always shocked to find the rest of the world was unaware at that time of these atrocities. When sent to Auschwitz, all his family, except for himself and a brother were murdered. I think his strength in surviving was that he was young. Just a teenage boy at the time, he was physically and mentally strong. He says that often some luck was involved in his survival, but he definitely had his share of starvation, beatings, and even sexual abuse.

Although he was a Zionist, he ended up living a great deal of his life in Europe, in London, and made a success of himself owning an art gallery. I am glad that Pivnik shares his frank, historical, and yet, very sad story. The Nazis were bullies as were their supporters. I realized that although often not as extreme, still there are abusive bullies in the world and this story really is just as much about today as it is about the s and s.

I've read quite a few books about the Holocaust and this is one of the best. The story of a teenager living through and surviving the Nazi invasion and occupation of Poland, the ghetto, incarceration in Auschwitz and Furstengrube mines, the death marches, sinking of the Arcona, fighting for a Jewish homeland in Palestine and attemping to bring a Nazi officer to justice. To come through all that! The book doesn't try to answer some of the big questions other simi I've read quite a few books about the Holocaust and this is one of the best.

The book doesn't try to answer some of the big questions other similar accounts do, how could the Nazis come to power, why weren't they stopped etc, etc, and it's better for that. If you were reading about the Holocaust for the first time you'd move onto those issues after this. A really good read. An reality check of the past we still live in.

I am lost of words by the individuslisation that this book gives to the statistics of the tragedy the world experienced. Definately recommend this to everyone and anyone, as it personalises the implications of WW2 in the context of an innocent civilian's life. A very informative book of Sam's time in concentration camps during his teenage years. They stole so much of his life from him and he delivers his story with a lot of emotion. You really cannot comprehend what he went through both with and without his family.

He's such a brave man, it's a shame he never became a father as I feel he would have made a new generation very proud. It is hard to say you like a book on this subject. This book seemed really real to me. He said things I had not read in a Holocaust memoir before. I hope we can all learn from the past and not make the same mistakes.

I would recommend this book, but there are some parts that are hard to read! An extremely vivid memoir of a horrific time in history. A compelling story of Sam's life and the struggles he faced alongside other Jewish people. Such a brave man to relive those memories so we can better understand the trauma of what they went through An extremely vivid memoir of a horrific time in history. Such a brave man to relive those memories so we can better understand the trauma of what they went through A Man of Incredible Resilience Of the many accounts of the experience of living through and ultimately surviving the Holocaust, Sam Pivnik's account is one of the most detailed, vivid, visceral and disturbing.

How he managed to escape death on so many occasions is down to chance and luck, but also an incredible resilience and will not to give up. But for me, what the book does, where many others do not, is to go beyond the stark tragedy of the Holocaust. His life after the death of his family, his race in Europe. Rebuilding a life in England, fighting for Israeli liberation, seeking retribution and justice from those responsible for the genocide carried out in the Holocaust.

A man with dignity. A book that is raw and unflinching. A staggering account of Nazi obsession with the obliteration of a people. It left me profoundly sad and angry for what happened, and grateful that because of survivors such as Sam Pivnik, this episode in history can and will not be forgotten.

Sam Pivnik's story truly fits the title of the book--he is a survivor like no other. The numerous occasions on which he was so close to death and managed to cleverly escape, and sometimes it was just sheer luck, is truly a dumbfounding experience to read about.

I don't know how to articulate my emotions because they are all over the place, as is usual when I read books from the Holocaust period. I had purchased this book when I went to visit Auschwitz almost 3 years ago this summer , and let me Sam Pivnik's story truly fits the title of the book--he is a survivor like no other.

I had purchased this book when I went to visit Auschwitz almost 3 years ago this summer , and let me tell you, having seen the camp itself totally provided me with a new perspective. I vividly remember the vast size of Auschwitz-Birkenau and I believe witnessing the camp itself helped me to understand Sam's story a little better. Obviously, not everyone has the ability to visit a concentration camp, but if you are in the means to do so, I cannot suggest taking yourself on that journey more.

It really will shock you more than any piece of literature can. This is a really good book featuring another survivor of the Holocaust. A moving true story of someone who got through those terrible times back seventy years ago. I highly recom This is a really good book featuring another survivor of the Holocaust. I highly recommend the book to anybody interested in this subject. The very humble memoir of a Polish Jew from the beginning of the war when the Germans invaded Poland when he was 13, through his time in Auschwitz, the tragic loss of most of his family and his survival of the death march at the end of WWII.

His honest and detailed account of his experiences and what he saw, leave one utterly heartbroken.

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