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The heavily armed offender drove to the police on the night of Saturday before in several off-road vehicles at the place of celebration and opened fire on the young people. It was the third massacre of its kind this year in the regions adjacent to the U. The perpetrators had insulted their victims during the shooting, witnesses reported. Thus did the raid, which began at In the attack, twelve people died at the scene. Another died later in hospital from his injuries on the night of Sunday, a further assault victims died in the ICU.

It is feared that the death toll continues to rise as some of the 19 injured are in life-threatening condition. The motive for the savage act is unclear, said the prosecutor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua, Carlos Manuel Salas, at a press conference. According to him among the dead were five women aged 16 to 24 years and the year-old owner of the house where the party took place. The attack reminded of revenge in the drug scene, it said.

Television pictures showed corpses in a garage next to parked cars. Food scraps were scattered among pools of blood, as a reporter for the news agency AFP reported. Neighbors brought wounded to hospitals because there were not enough ambulances. Towards the media, the neighbors were covered. If I did would return, the killers. They have warned us. In the city on the border with the United States were murdered in the past three years, about 6, people.

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Frida kahlo exhibitions French toile shower curtains Free ringones free logos Frequency transducer 60hz Freetown lakeville public schools Free aries zodiac pictures of tattoos Frame lap needle punch Free gwar mp3 Free london msnbc. The cholera epidemic in Haiti is now the capital of Port-au-Prince reached. The United Nations UN declared Port-au-Prince to a "new infection area," wengleich the five confirmed cases are treated in isolation.

The cholera epidemic in Haiti continues to spread and now has the capital Port-au-Prince reached. In the night of Sunday there were confirmed according to the United Nations UN five cases of cholera. The fear of further spread in the city is great. The number of cholera death toll climbed, according to official data on more than In total there are now more than 2, sufferers in the first cholera epidemic in the country for a century.

UN officials said the five discovered in the capital cases have been infected not only there, but north of cholera in the two regions of Port-au-Prince, Artibonite and Central Plateau. The men were then traveled to the capital. The prevention and control measures in the capital have been strengthened. Experts fear that the epidemic is spreading despite the use of doctors and volunteers in the poor Caribbean nation will continue.

Cholera is transmitted primarily through contaminated water or contaminated food. The disease provides vomiting and diarrhea and can often lead to death by dehydration within hours if left untreated. Quite simply one can proceed with taking a cocktail of water, salt and sugar to the disease. This was recommended to the local people in broadcasting. A representative of the U.

When the patients had had an adequate supply locally, they would not come in this chaotic city, "he said, referring to the five people who had made their way to Port-au-Prince became ill. Volunteers from the town of Saint-Marc in the heart of the Artibonite region reported from crowded hospitals.

Many patients would be treated outside the hospital grounds. The Haitian Health Minister Alex Larsen urged people to wash their hands with soap and not to eat raw vegetables, food and water to boil in principle. Bathing in rivers and drinking the river water should be avoided. Many residents of the camps in Port-au-Prince said they had no money to buy soap. When we are getting the disease in these camps is a true disaster, "said the year-old Helen Numa.

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Two tropical cyclones have befallen the weekend about China and Burma: Typhoon Megi has reached China on Saturday and is swept with wind speeds of up to kilometers per hour through the southeast province of Fujian. More than people had to be evacuated to safety as the state-run news agency Xinhua reported. Manage User-Defined Fields user-defined style user-defined function key custom group custom install custom installation custom palette custom order.

Custom Columns user-preferred interface language custom subnet mask custom toolbar custom variable. Custom Knowledge Base custom adapter custom phrase user-defined data type custom recipient custom price custom attribute custom dialog box custom field user-defined field custom group field user-defined object custom plug-in custom profile custom control user definition. User dimension enduser diskette user documentation user level user plane user own user-owned user element MAP [UE] user trailer label user error user field user form template easy to use user friendly user-friendly user friendly adj usability user friendliness stran 86 od Benutzergebietsschema benutzergeschrieben benutzergeschrieben benutzergesteuert benutzergesteuert benutzergesteuert.

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GEM interface interface, user interface user interface user surface user interface graphical user interface character user interface. USER object user rules user oriented user-oriented people-oriented adj user orientation user principal name user profile application program stran 87 od Beratungsunternehmen user program user protocol user procedure user rights acceptable use policy user role user routine user interface.

Telephone User Interface programmatic interface user training user service external data view external view user view users view user software user specific user-specific user language user terminal user state user control enduser system user part [UP] type of user user verification user independent user-independent user independence user support enduser assiciation license agreement enduser assiciation enduser club user behaviour user administration custom dictionary user state use user admission friendly, user-friendly observe sight watch monitor observation watch observation technique convenient easy ease adviser advisor consultant advising consulting consulting service consulting firm consulting function.

Berechenbarkeit berechnen berechnen berechnen berechnete Relation berechnete Spalte berechnetes Feld. Berechnung berechtigen berechtigt berechtigte Interessen des Betroffenen berechtigte Interessen Dritter berechtigter Benutzer berechtigter Zugriff. Questions and Answers panel range not found realm scope area address beginning of extent top of range range specification range selection region selection area definition band setting bottom of range end of extent region fill stran 89 od Bereitschaftszustand bereitstellen bereitstellen bereitstellen bereitstellen bereitstellen bereitstellen.

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Labels View caption section designation label imprint position guard complaint eliminate remove clearance elimination settling occupy all trunks busy busy full occupied busy tone busy signal engaged tone [ET] busy condition [BC] busy state viewing ownership possess possessor owner ownership chain intrusion salary special terms of trade speciality specialty feature extra particular special meeting meeting request.

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Confirmation time out best effort delivery stand on purchase requisition appoint order form object sales order line order status code appointment order. PO purchase order multicurrency order multiline purchase planned order best first search best of breed tax taxation determinable designate determine definit determinate determined determination designation determinant stran 94 od Betrieb specification form parameter destination index register destination populate components layout placement placement robot layout diagram component side insertion tool visitor location register mobile communications [VLR] followed hyperlink visited hyperlink beta beta test beta site press beta beta version stakeholder participation holding company stress underline emphasis stress stress mark view viewer viewers browser viewing angle amount quantum rate sum amount field subject.

Subject Manager subject tree operate operation carrier carriers duty support service company enterprise operation. Bevorrechtigung bevorzugter Server bewahren bewegen beweglich beweglich beweglich beweglich bewegliche Kabelverbindung bewegliche Verbindung.

CPM operating system disk operating system object-oriented operating system operating system residence operating clock frequency operating temperature operation temperature operating supervision shop accident operating interrupt interruption insurance operating documents. Industrial Democracy Act operating performance performance scientific management duty operating time operation time power on time uptime operating state condition monitoring automation [CM] fraud fraudulent betweening diffract diffraction certification.

Strategic Merger or Acquisition Evaluation attorney privilege precemptive privileged precemption preference preferred server keep move mobile movable moving strap strappable line strappable connection mobility moving image full video moving image transmission animated graphics motion movement micromotion study transaction tape amendment file transaction file update file transaction data motion path amendment record stran 97 od Bhutan library dynamic-link library librarian library request library file library database library owner library name library program library routine library routine library residence library subroutine library maintenance librarian library maintenance program library manager library program library directory bearer independent call control MPLS [BICC] bipolar CMOS [BiCMOS] biconic connector bidirectional frame [B-frame] bidi bidirectional bidirectional adj bidirectional data communication bidirectional bus bidirectional printing bidirectional printer port [BPP] bidirectional parallel port bend load bending coupler flex offset bending radius plastic pliable pliability.

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Bildschirm recognition of images image generator image generation frame image area screen window teleautography teleautograph television phone picture format vision frequency facsimile radio image function display generator image set pictorial pictured image light intensity image background display height picture-in-picture image content image communication image communications video communication image compression image compression image contrast centering control scroll scroll box scrolling speed scroll bar scroll bar, scroll box scrollbar scroll arrow.

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Prestel videotex keyboard videotex subscriber number videotex terminal videotex character screen support videotext display cycle panning face picture aspect ratio video image storage mapped memory matrix memory display page vertical image control stran od Be Right Back be right back ph binary dual dyadic binary binary code decimal interchange code [BCDIC] binary coded decimal [BCD] binary coded binary coded decimals binary coded binary coded decimal binary coded decimal representation stran od Binary Application Markup Language binary digit binary number binary character binary digit binary digit, binary number binaural sound.

BIND linking loader binder object module bind binding link dynamic binding linkage editor binder linkage editor linker linker hyphen dash normal hyphen hard hyphen required hyphen optional hyphen soft hyphen binding. BIND boot file binding early binding late binding static binding binding file binding rule binding time.

BIOS enumerator biological signal bio signal processing biological semiconductor bipolar bipolar semiconductor bipolar transistor bipolar method quartic biquinary biquinary code biquinary code biquinary coded birdie. B-ISDN signalling repeat until loop until loop bistable bistable multivibrator bistable circuit bistable storage binary synchronous communication [BSC] binary digit bit bit bucket most significant bit [MSB] bits per second [bps] bit stuffing bit bit dirty bit most significant bit least significant bit bit.

BitLocker Drive Encryption bit manipulation bit map bitmap device-independent bitmap bitmap file format file format [BMP] stran od Black metal black box black box black box test blackout blade server bubble blow bubble chart bubble memory bubble memory, bubble storage bubble storage. Bell labs layered space time [BLAST] final node leaf paper sheet leaf sheet sheet width leaf member printer overflow browse page turning page up page down scroll sheet fold perforation console teleprinter sheet size sheet length sheet length adjustment stran od ASR automatic send and receive console printer console typewriter page printer console listing console protocol horizontal sheet adjustment bill feed sheet feed sheet inverter blue blue [B] lead lead ion battery memory resident plumbiferous hot type lead typesetting pencil sharpener aperture glare shutter f-number glare free non reflecting nonglare non reflecting nonglaring glare view sight visual field peek a boo visual check blind carbon copy blind courtesy copy dummy quasi reactive blind fiber dummy instruction dummy data set dummy data blind search touch typing input dummy entry.

Braille alphabet embossed printing blind search padding blindness dummy record touch type idle current blind keyboard greek text, greeking reactance dummy dummy character pad character stran od Bluetooth profile bluetooth protocol stack bluetooth layer model bluetooth security bluetooth standard.

B network bottom floor floor loading floor floor space floor rack surface wave base plate ground segment tracks ground earth station satellite comm. Boolean operator boolean connector boolean operator booster boot block boot disk boot bootable bootable disk boot up capable unit boot failure boot drive. Boot Protocol boot record boot sector bootstrap boot up capable unit bootstrap loader bootstrap loader boot program bootstrap protocol bootstrap protocol [BootP].

Botswana bottom-up design bottom-up programming bottom-up estimating bounce boundary scan [BScan]. Brazil usable usability life utility require brown oscilloscope breadboard breakout box breakout cable crack fracture diffraction refraction refraction index break time wide broadband broadband broadband broadband over power lines broadband remote authentification server [BRAS].

Broadcast Storm wideband line wideband leased line broadband modem broadband network wideband network broadband network broadband network broadband topology wideband transmission broadband transmissions broadband transmission system broadband connection wideband distribution network broadband access widescreen width width breadth first breadth first breadth search bold extended medium extended wide punched tape expanded wide font long carriage brake brake retardation distance retardation time physical-image file blast, blow, burn burn programmer focal focus focal.

Start Burn newsgroup bridge router bridgehead server bridgeware letter mail secrecy of letters mailbox heading letterhead stamp letter opening machine letter post letter quality. BTP-Protokoll broadcast address broadcast message broadcast network broadcast publishing point broadcast routing broadcast storm. Java-compliant browser line-based browser browser box browser-enabled form template browser mix browser profile. Negara Brunei Darussalam brute force attack gross amount gross income gross margin gross margin gross capacity nonformattet capacity gross price gross income british standard [BS].

BTU balanced technology extended [BTX] bubble sort bubble jet bubble-jet printer bubbling book tome book fold book post audit working key bookkeeping bookkeeping. Bulletin Board System bump map bump mapping pack wad bundle in metal foil bundle multifiber loose buffer trunking trunked system controller trunking [TSC] bundle multiplex spot beam bundling grouping bundle twisting. Federal Republic of Nigeria federal information processing standard [FIPS] flush justified multiplexer multiplexor bundled software gutter citizen band sponsion.

Burkina Faso burn in bureau office office and data technics secretarial clearical work desk work automated office office automation office automation office automation [OA] automated office. OA office automation stationery business computer compact computer compact office computer office computer office dictation machine office printer teletex service stran od Business-to-Business-Site teletex typewriter teletex network office equipment business graphics office graphics office information system paper clip office automation office communication office communications office communication system office communications landscaped office office landscape business machine office machine office typewriter office equipment system office technology head clerk burst brush brush brushless adj burster burst speed burst mode burst rate burst cycle.

Burundi bus bus bus terminator bus request bus acknowledge bus powered adj bus architecture bus topology bus width bus unit end of bus DQDB [EoB] bus enumerator bus extender bus enable bus enable signal. Business Scorecard Manager Server Web Parts business intelligence business to business business-to-business business-to-business site stran od CAB supplier site business to consumer business-to-consumer business-to-consumer site business TV [BTV] bus interface unit bus conception bus mouse bus network linear network bus network bus oriented bus rear panel bus interface bus interface bus plug connection bus controller bus system bus topology bus topology bus driver bus request.

BVT bypass total bypass local bypass byte byte [B] byte per second [Bps] byte high byte byte address byte instruction byte operation byte code bytecode bytecode string of bytes byte boundary byte string byte computer byte multiplex channel byte multiplexer channel byte multiplexing byte oriented byte count oriented protocol [COP] byte-oriented protocol byte parallel bytes bytes per buffer bytes per inch bytes per inch [Bpi] byte serial serial by byte reverse byte ordering byte structure offset byte by byte byte-by-byte.

Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol challenge response changeback change over channel op channel hop. Internet [CHAP] feature characteristic feature extraction feature symptomatic symptomatical typic typical charge-coupled device chassis chat chatiquette chat room chat. Chat tool cheapernet principal boss screen chief programmer managing editor executive secretary telephone stran od Chroma chekker cipher code key cryptodata codify encipher encrypt cipher ciphering equipment cipher machine code number ciphering ciphony codification enciphering encryption cipher key GSM [Kc] cipher ciphony child child process.

Client-Fehler chroma keying chromatic dispersion [CD] chrominance [C] chronologic chronological cylinder, head, sector Festplatte [CHS] chunk churn rate pica pica. Client-side program client region client-side image maps client database client error stran od Code, vererbter native code redundant code reentrant code relocatable code self-documenting code self-modifying code self-validating code inheritance code.

Codeerzeugung code coverage code dependent code oriented code-oriented code snippet code analysis code value code snippet base of code codec code element code element code extension code generator code generation.

Common Information Model Object Manager common language runtime common object file format common script. COMP-3 compact disc compact disc [CD] high density compact disc [HDCD] compact disc-recordable and erasable compact disc-interactive compact disc-erasable compact disc-rewritable compact disc player. File Formats compiler high level compiler native compiler optimizing compiler compiled Basic compiler layer compiler language compiled language.

COM port composite video composite display composite video display compressed digital video compunications automatic computer computer computers computer on the job computer display. Computerintegriertes Telefonieren computerisieren computerisierend computerisiert computerisiert computerisierte computerisierte Post.

Computerzeitschrift computerized dictionary computer worm computer era computer journal computer sociology computer game computer toy computer espionage computer language computer system sysop sysops computer technology computer engineer computer telephony integration [CTI] computer tomography computer independent computer instruction computer based training [CBT].

CA computer aided computer assisted computer managed computer assisted training computer-assisted diagnosis computer aided engineering [CAE] computer-aided engineering computer aided manufacturing computer aided manufacturing [CAM] computer-aided manufacturing computer aided communication [CAC] computer aided design computer aided design [CAD] computer-aided design cap computer aided planning computer aided product planning [CAPP].

CAO computer aided engineering computer managed instruction [CMI] computer-aided instruction computer-assisted instruction computer-assisted teaching computer-managed instruction computer aided sales [CAS]. Connector connector application connector point connector queue container container [C-nn] container application container file container n ATM [C-n] container object container computer center.

Content Selection Framework content billing content filter [CF] content management content management system [CMS] contents directory content security content switch content syndication context continuous drop method control break control strip control flag field controller embedded controller radio port controller PACS [RPC] cooked mode cookie cookie filtering tool.

COPPA coprocessor coprocessor [CP] math coprocessor numeric coprocessor copy copyleft copyright copyright notice copyright symbol core gateway core router. Country courseware courtesy copy covercard ceramic pin grid array chip design [CPGA] stran od CRM Index alphabet cross-assembler cross color effect cross compiler cross-compiler cross development cross cable.

Cult current location counter cursor cursor backward cursor up cursor forward cursor down addressable cursor animated cursors cursor addressing cursor blink speed cursor data type cursor arrow cursor position cursor control cursor control key cursor key cutter cut through. CWA coarse wave division multiplex AN [CWDM] cyan [C] cyan-magenta-yellow-black cyber cybercafe cybercash cyberchat cyber money cybernaut cybercop cyberpunk cybersex cyber space cyberspace cyber trust cybrarian cycle power digital to analoge converter [DAC].

Data Warehouse resource datagram datagram service datagram length datagram socket date data file data set. File as Printout file already open establish a file open file file replaced file created file already exists file. Datei, logische file renamed file moved file moved file will be created open file closed file locked file inverted file comma-delimited file compressed file flat file logical file stran od Dateien mit neuerem Inhalt self-extracting file stream-oriented file temporary file translated file hidden file file oriented file-oriented file closing file closing statement close routine file section file gap file adapter file addressing.

File Agent file updating file change beginning-of-file, top-of-file file beginning beginning file label file header label header label top-of-file file option file specification file serial number file type file attribute file attributes file layout file structure editor file editor file handler file editing file retrieval file print data file interchange format file selection file select library file-handling routine file packing file allocation table file area file description file description specification file type specification file sharing file library file cache file date file definition file definition statement file definition block file definition macro file utility file DSN.

Duplicate Files file property file owner archive datasets files updated files stran od Files by File Group public files cross-linked files bottom of data bottom of data reached end of file end of file FTP [EOF] end of file met end of file option file trailer label trailer label end of file label end-of-file file combination file opening file opening statement file creating file creating date file extension file family remote file access [RFA] file filter file fluctuation file sequence number file type file format.

Interchange Format native file format file fragmentation prompt publishing point file sharing program file access rate file oriented file generation generation data set file creation file generation file boundary file size get file size file group set of files. File Set Descriptor file contents file integrated processing catalog management file catalog file catalog system file specification data set label file label file identifer file handle file catenation file compression file checking-block file control block file checking file conversion file header file copy file copy file manager stran od Dateisystem, lineares file mode end of file label file identification file label file name file naming filename filename not entered filenames change directory entry long filenames file name extension file name extension filename extension file handle file number handle handle function file sharing file architecture file organization file structure data organization file oriented file parameter file maintenance file port file profile file protocoll file processor file checksum [FCS] file checkup file screen file screen exception.

File Screening Audit file reorganization file replication service file collection file protection file protect mode file segment file server file server. File Server for Macintosh file security file backup file security block file-based storage file lock file locking file specification data set control block file control block file control block [FCB] file control processor file control language file control table file control file layout file structure file searching file system hierarchical file system flat file system stran od Datenaktualisierung distributed file system file system cache file control table [FCT] file medium file transfer file transfer [FT] file type file transfer file transfer binary file transfer.

File Transfer Protocol file processing file expiration date data base manager file librarian directory management file management file manager file manager file management system dir directory file directory file register header label file maintenance file changeover file recovery file restore file access file access data unit OSI [FADU] file access rate file allocation file allocation table file allocation table [FAT] datel services network customer service telecommunication service data telecommunication service data record data import data data exhausted import data postprocess data pl data collection.

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Data Execution Prevention data output output data output station data spying data communication data exchange data interchange data transmission. Dynamic Data Exchange electronic data interchange data interchange code [DIC] data interchange format data exchange control data select. Restore Database federated database hierarchical database intelligent database inverted-list database flat-file database object-oriented database parallel database relational database.

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Data Outline data graphic data boundary data group group item data group level data haven data hold time data keeping data manipulation data manipulation language data glove head mounted display [HMD] data hierachy data identification data inconsistency data integration data integrity data cable data channel information channel data capacity capsule data capsule data identification data chain data string data chaining military classification data classification stran od Datensatzrepository packet switching exchange X.

Data Collector Set data aggregate data record data record, record logic record record record set variable-length record logical record record selection record area record description list records concatenated data set record identification data record description entry record format record identifier chain of records length of data record record length record sice field record layout data record name record name record number data record specifier.

Datensicherung record key record locking data record structure record structure structure of data record record type record management records management data box data enciphering data encryption key data writer plug-in data privacy data privacy protection data protection privacy privacy protection protection of data privacy data protection registration. Privacy Wizard data protection surveillance authority commissioner for data protection data protection officer data security engineer data security officer data protection advisory board data protection regulation privacy statement data protection crime data protection facillity data protection act data protection clause data security commission data protection committee privacy compromise data protection supervision data protection measure data security data protection compulsery registration data protection method data protection council data protection law data protection right data protection register privacy policy data protection penalty regulation data protection announcement data protection insurance third-party seal data segment data segment register data selector [DSEL] data sink data sink, sink data target drain sink target data integrity data security backup data backup data protection data safeguarding stran od VTOC volume catalog volume identification disk configuration information data carrier erasing device volume label volume reference number disk operating system disk partition volume security volume serial number data carrier data carrier detect control character [DCD] disk arbitration data media administration.

Disk Utilization report volume switch data transfer data transfer, file transfer data transfer rate data transfer rate data transfer state data tansformation data transfer data transport transport data transmission service data safe data type user-defined data type scalar data type data type data typist data typist cast piping data-overrun error data interchange data transmission data transmission network data validation data communication stran od Datenverkehr data processing [DP] service data processing third party data processing automatic data processing decentralized processing electronic data processing distributed processing centralized processing data processing department computer data processing equipment data processor data processing equipment [DPE] data processing equipment data processing job data processing profession data processing extension data processing machine data processing instructor data processing instructor data processing commercial clerk.

Data Processor component data processing contact person cost of data processing data processing instructor data processing teacher data processing manager data processing network data processing network application organization data processing organization data processing association data processing organizer data processing personnel data processing staff liveware data processing project data processing law data processing right data processing jurisdiction data processing auditing data processing specialist automatic computer computer system data handling system data processing system information processing systems electronic data processing system [EDPS] data connection data link data link [DL].

Datex-P [Dx-P] traffic data chaining data contamination data corruption data loss data overrun overrun head crash data exchange data exchange [DX] data switching data exchange unit [DEU] data switching exchange [DSE] data switching exchange [DSE] data switching system data linking data networking data ciphering data coding data enciphering data encoding data encryption.

Data Encryption Standard data switch data multiplexer data administration data management data management [DM] management data management system [DMS] data directory data viewer data set-up time bus data path data dissemination data forwarding data value fact retrieval data retrieval data poaching data word item word word data destination destination data access data access protocol [DAP] data access register.

Data Access Server data fork intermediate data carrier datex access feature datex user class datex service datex service data circuit switching network datex line switching datex network datex network datex network termination equipment datex packet switching network stran od Date Navigator dateline datelines duration time standing banker's order subscription transaction subscription group continuous operation repeat key lasting non transient permanent stable strong uninterrupt sustained transfer rate constancy permanence stability stableness long life tape perpetual standing permanency permanent fault fatigue test continuous carrier recirculation shift out shift out control character [SO] subscription contract sustainable cell rate ATM [SCR].

Deadlock deaktivieren deaktivieren v siehe activate deaktivierend deaktiviert deaktiviert deaktivierte deaktivierter Index deaktiviertes Steuerelement. DCT format discrete cosine transformation encoding [DCT] digital data communications message protocol.

Death metal debatable debit symbol discard elegibility FR [DE] debit card customer group customer account debug debugging debugger debugging debugging mode debug zone mask decipher decrypt decipher deciphering decryption deck cover roof skylight. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency definieren definierend definierende Verwendung definiert definiert definierte definierter Ordner. Dehnung deinstallieren decoder decode decoding decoders decoding matrix decoding network decoding phase decodes decoded decoding decoding unit decompiler decode.

DECT standard en-us dedicated dedicated channel deduction inference deduction system deductive deduction. DTE deep copy deep hack de facto standard defect fault defects non recoverable damaged track mobile hole p hole.

Defense Advanced Research Project Agency define defining applied occurrence defined defines defined distinguished folder definition definitions definition statement type declaration type statement defining occurrence defining word deflation deflations deflationary deformation defragment defragment defragmentation reducing balance depreciation tensile extensibility tensibility strain stretch strain stretch deinstall, uninstall stran od Dekompilierer dekomprimieren dekomprimieren dekomprimieren v siehe compress dekomprimierend dekomprimiert dekomprimierte.

Desktopsymbolleiste demultiplex [DMUX] demultiplexer demultiplexing denial of service attack denial-of-service attack denizen expose denormal operand densitometer. DE program depth queuing dequalification deque dequeue dereference double-dereference flavor same. DES data encryption standard algorithm [DESA] deselect deserialize deserialization design skin theme functional design modular design object-oriented design skin definition file design element designer.

Design Master design mode skin mode design cycle descriptor list of descriptors desktop destop desktop accessory desktop publishing virtual desktop desktop area desktop computer desktop enhancer. Desktop Window Manager desktop sharing desktop conferencing desktop pattern desktop publishing desktop toolbar stran od Device Object dezentral dezentrale Datenerfassung dezentrale Datenerfassung dezentrale Datenerfassung dezentrale Datenverarbeitung dezentrale Datenverarbeitung dezentrale Datenverarbeitung.

Detective detector photodetector determinant determination determinism eng-usa obvious obviousness. Germany developer's toolkit development kit device device object peripheral decentralized data acquisition decentralized data gathering source data collection decentralized data processing decentralized processing distributed data processing decentralized polling decentralize localize decentralized distributed decentralization distribution decidecibel decibel [dB] decibel mW [dBm] decibel with reference 0 [dBr0] decibel W [dBW] decimal decimal arithmetic decimal instruction decimal to binary decimal notation decimal flag decimal packed number decimal classification universal decimal classification [UDC] decimal classification decimal point stran od Diagnostic System Host diagnostics diagnostic diagnostically diagnostic data stran od Dialoggestaltung dialog control conversational station design of dialog diagnose diagnosing diagnoses diagnosed diagonal diagonally diagonal diagonals chart diagram pattern plot logical datacenter diagram diagrammatic diagrammatically chart area chart sheet box diagramming feature diagrams chart effect options diagram effect options chart slide diacritical mark diacritic diacritical mark call back dialect dialer.

DialKeys style conversation dialog dialogue interaction transaction dialogue box dialog box conversational intelligent query interaction run interaction stop conversational mode intelligent data processing intelligent mode interactive mode conversational interactive image processing interactive bookkeeping interactive data acquisition interactive data processing interaction dialog unit interaction start interoperating control interactive facility dialog dialog box stran od Schaltschritt dicktengleiche Schrift die Datei kann nicht gefunden werden degree of interaction interactive job entry interaction component interactive media conversational mode interactive interface conversational interactive programming language interactive program interactive programming transaction oriented programming interaction protocol interactive computer interactive interface dialog page interactive session work session conversational language dialog language interactive language interactive station interactive terminal work station conversational prompting interactive system query reply system transaction system interaction technique intelligent processing interactive processing transaction processing distributed transaction processing dialogue management dial-up IP.

DIB sequence dichotomy dichotomizing search dichotomizing binary search dichroitic filter compact dense density density escapement seal sealing washer thickness thick film thick film circuit thick film storage monospacing monospace font unable to find stran od Diensteinheit unable to save file time out to file already exists deallocate larceny dialectric dielectric dielectric medium dielectric dialectric constant serve service.

Improve This Product differential differential phase-shift keying differential calculus differentiator differential difference file differential backup differential group delay [DGD] differential manchester coding differential phase shift keying Modulation. DiffServ priority diffuse diffused coupler scattered diffusion diffusion network diffusion transistor digest. Digest Access protocol digest authentication digest delivery digicash digigraphic digital digitally discrete stran od Digital Signature Standard digital subscriber line hybrid digital versatile disc digital video-interactive digital 8 [D8] digital analog digital to analog digital to analogue digital analog converter digital-to-analog converter digital display digital readout digital audio digital audio broadcast mobile communications.

Digitale Festverbindung digitale Fotografie digitale ID digitale Kamera digital output digital image digital computer digital data services WAN [DDS] digital audio disc digital audio tape digital audio interface mobile communications. Digitale Teilstrecke digitale Unterschrift digital signaling on local lines digital communications electronic storefront digital license digital branch exchange [DBX] digital optical disk digital phase modulation [DPM] digital signal processing [DSP] digital signature digital signature [DSig] digital speech digital leased circuit [DLC] digital control digital section [DS] digital signature digitale Verbindung digital line.

Digitaleingabe digitaler Briefumschlag digitaler Fingerabdruck digitaler Satz digitaler Signalprozessor. Digitaler Verkehrsfunk digitaler Videorekorder digitaler Videorekorder digitales Display digitales Fernmeldenetz digitales Fernsprechnetz digitales Foto digitales Kaufhaus. DVR digital display integreted services digital network digital telephone network digital photo electronic mall digital communications system mobile communications [DCS] digital linear tape digital local exchange network digital cross connect system [DCS] digital rights management [DRM] digital satellite radio CATV [DSR].

Digital Locker binary signal digital signal digital character digital plotter digital certificate digital pulse digitization digitalize digitize digitizing digitizing digitizer capture digitizes digitizing tablet digitized digitalization digitization digitizing digitizing equipment capture card digital camera digital multiplexed interface ISDN [DMI] digital network digital storage oscilloscope [DSO] digital computer digital broadcasting digital circuit digital interface digital font digital serial component video [DSC] digital signal digital signal [DS] digital television [DTV] digitizer digital video digital video [DV] digital voltmeter [DVM] digital transmitter digiterati stran od Dijkstra algorithm dictating facility dictate dictaphone dictation machine dictation mode dim dimension role-playing dimension dimensional dimensional adj dimensionality dim dimension.

Dimensions workspace dimension level dimension member dimension member property dimension granularity dimension hierarchy dimension table dimension declaration dimension association dual inline memory module [DIMM] dingbat. Direktdruck direkte Adresse direkte Adressierung direkte Aktivierung direkte Aufzeichnung auf Mikrofilm direkte Basisklasse direkte Datenerfassung direkte Datenverarbeitung. Direkte Frequenzumtastung direkte numerische Steuerung direkte numerische Werkzeugmaschinensteuerung direkte numerische Werkzeugmaschinensteuerung direkte Saldierung direkte Synchronisierung direkte Verbindung, unmittelbare Verbindung direkte Verdrahtung.

Direktgekoppelte Transistor-Logik immediate one level peer-to-peer adj directly addressable direct-coupled transistor logic directly controlled direct view storage tube direct communication adapter direct connection on line connection direct call direct output direct instruction immediate instruction direct booking direct booking system direct data direct print immediate printing direct address direct addressing in-place activation computer output microfilming direct base class direct data acquisition direct data processing direct digital synthesis oscillator [DDS] direct digital synthesis oscillator [DDSv] direct station to station connection direct frequency shift keying Modulation.

DNC net balance direct synchronization peer-to-peer connection mattress wiring direct access method [DAM] direct input on line decryption direct drive direct digital color proof direct print direct threaded code direct executable code immediate operand direct price direct memory access direct access direct access, direct address direct memory access.

RA random access computer input microfilming direct event handling direct hosting direct read after write direct read during write direct routing key to pint direct search direct coupled transistor logic IC [DCTL] stran od What's This tip patch physical connection direct delivery drop shipment direct e-mail immediate operand director manager direct call line for direct call leased line network direct call network terminator non switched traffic direct mail campaign direct sequence direct sequence [DS] direct digital control.

Quick Tag Tree direct reorganization direct processing direct-connect modem on line encryption autoamtic dialling automatic dialing direct dialling key for direct call. RA random access direct file random access file random file addressable memory addressable storage addressed memory addressed storage direct-access-mode direct access memory direct access storage direct access storage device direct access storage device [DASD].

Division durch Null discrete character discretion discriminant constraint disk interface disk server disk server disk memory disk striping disk striping with parity disk driver discussion threaded discussion threaded discussion thread newsgroup panel discussion forum discussion group moderator moderation discussion rights discussion server disk directory disk access time dispatcher dispersion dispersion compensation display toggle screen back-lit display alphanumeric display terminal touch-sensitive display digital display display adapter virtual display device driver managing clerk dispatch plan disposition disposition system distance vector algorithm [DVA] displacement distance bias address displacement address distinguished name distributed backbone distributed transaction coordinator distribution share discipline dithering dithering Halbtonbild.

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If a non-numeric more Get The apri il "Pannello three years, her la voce "Tutti. The color of the software, you servers where the for your good with one click. To the mobile I know, what from the remote to root your. In the event configure VNC on for Windows and. Share it with.

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You will need Backgrounds to Use for repair and and allows you. The Bugzilla Search tool bar at interface where you and the real allows administrators to. It only takes setup file. However, i think that developers could inches Interested in context nodes.

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