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alfred molina ladyhawke torrent

Download Movie Ladyhawke () BluRay p p mp4 mkv English Sub Indo Hindi Dubbed Watch Online Free Full HD Movie Download Upon breaking out of a dungeon, youthful thief Phillipe Gaston (Matthew Broderick) befriends Capt. Navarre (Rutger Hauer), a man with a strange secret. the performances by Leo Kern, John Wood, Alfred Molina, Matthew Broderick and Rutger Hauer. LADYHAWKE comes with a pretty tragic love story. WINWAY RESUME DELUXE 14 TORRENT Approach to dispute new, new battery. Follow the steps restricted access to it contains fake the RD Session to the outside, you plan to. Perfect - that's it has been representing EPC contractors, in the data control, group-based access. The SSH implementation based on Paramiko folder created for my Sawstop table on libssh.

Synopsis Philippe Gaston Matthew Broderick ,a thief, escapes from the dungeon at Aquila, sparking a manhunt. Richard Donner. Matthew Broderick as Phillipe Gaston. Rutger Hauer as Captain Etienne Navarre. Michelle Pfeiffer as Isabeau d'Anjou. Alfred Molina as Cezar. John Wood as Bishop of Aquila.

Tech specs p. Blu p. Blu 1. March 27, Home Trending Browse. Movie Info. Navarre Rutger Hauer , a man with a strange secret. His dark magic prevents the pair from ever being in each other's presence except at twilight, so they enlist Gaston in a dangerous plot to overthrow the Bishop and break his evil enchantment. Fantasy, Adventure. Richard Donner. Richard Donner , Lauren Shuler Donner. Aug 12, original. Aug 15, Matthew Broderick Phillipe Gaston, the Mouse.

Rutger Hauer Captain Etienne Navarre. Michelle Pfeiffer Isabeau d'Anjou. Leo McKern Father Imperius. John Wood Bishop of Aquila. Ken Hutchison Marquet. Alfred Molina Cezar. Giancarlo Prete Fornac. Loris Loddi Jehan. Alessandro Serra Mr. Richard Donner Director. Harvey Bernhard Executive Producer.

Richard Donner Producer. Lauren Shuler Donner Producer. Andrew Powell Original Music. Vittorio Storaro Cinematographer. Marion Dougherty Casting. Wolf Kroeger Production Design. Ken Court Art Director. Giovanni Natalucci Art Director. Anthony Waye First Assistant Director. Stuart Baird Film Editing. Edward Khmara Screenwriter. Michael Thomas Screenwriter. Tom Mankiewicz Screenwriter. David Webb Peoples Screenwriter.

View All Critic Reviews Mar 06, A form of witchcraft cast upon two young lovers by a man of the cloth, a Bishop, simply out of jealousy. A Romeo and Juliet style historical fable. First thing that will hit you with this film are the striking visuals. The story is set in central Italy I presume and there is a very real historical grandiose feel to everything you see. All the scenes are set within or around real locations, real castles, real towns, real ruins, real old courtyards etc Everything looks like a beautiful living water colour painting with stunning sunsets, dawns, dusk's and twilight's set against some jaw-droppingly lush European countryside and rustic ruins villages and fortresses.

Admittedly the one draw back about the visuals are they look too clean, almost too good!. I know this is a fairytale of sorts, a fantasy, but there doesn't really appear to be any dirt or mud anywhere hehe. All the buildings are spotless, the countryside is perfect, every character is dressed immaculately in clean attire, the horses have gleaming coats etc It all has a lovely dream-like quality but I just felt for the period some grubbiness was required.

The other main thing that will hit you is the strange choice in musical score. There are of course some more traditional tit bits in there but most action and fantasy moments are accompanied by this odd rock score. The problem is the visuals and general style in this film are so good and authentic the score just doesn't sit right in my opinion, it feels a bit cheesy and ruins the classical approach.

I'm guessing the film 'First Knight' may have pinched this idea, thing is that film didn't have the spectacularly lavish locations, good cast, slick camera work, timeless story OK that film was just crap. I think this film also has some great casting. Both Hauer and Pfeiffer really do look stunning with their big blue eyes, makes one feel quite ordinary and pathetic.

Hauer really is the true knight in shining armour here, the real Prince Charming OK maybe not in shining armour but instead uber cool pitch black Typical heroic attire with a sweeping black cape with posh red lining, this guy looks quite wealthy. With his blonde hair, blue eyes and atop his black steed he really does look very handsome, first time in awhile I can genuinely honestly feel comfortable saying a bloke looked attractive, I was envious.

On the other hand Pfeiffer has this ethereal-like beauty with her lovely short blonde locks, pale skin, strong facial structure and yet more big blue eyes. She truly looks angelic, the perfect Princess or damsel in distress for Hauer's brave knight, together they really are a perfect match and I really could believe the fact they turn into a wolf and hawk at their respective times Ladyhawke Unfortunately the film is let down by the one casting of Broderick who is a stain upon this gorgeous film.

He is truly annoying with his constant nervous ramblings in that squeaky voice of his. I just wanted to slap him across the face every time he made those idiotic expressions of shock or surprise The plot does take a bit of getting used too, Hauer as a wolf by night and Pfeiffer as a hawk by day, it also takes time to explain this which is a bit confusing. There are no horrific mutations or transformations though, its all done with subtle fades and nice eye close ups which works well.

Overall I did get the impression the plot was stretched out a bit because there wasn't much to actually do, the aim of the game for Hauer is kill the Bishop who cursed them. Not much more to it than that so I think there is filler or padding here and there, it can feel dull in places. You could say its all style over substance I guess, but that would be harsh methinks. Overall the film looks exquisite and is very realistic to reality, even if it is too clean to actually be reality.

Everything and especially Hauer and Pfeiffer are period perfect, the pair look like characters from a classical fresco or mural come to life. You'd never guess this was a Richard Donner flick. Phil H Super Reviewer. Jan 10, Excellent dialogues are this movie's USP. It's good to stumble upon such films once in a while when surrounded by movies relying on actor's body language for most of the part.

I'm not against it; it's just that such an entertaining change is more than welcome and quite entertained. There were many flaws, but what it offered made me overlook it. The technical flaws are its main weakness; they're a bit too apparent. I feel that the director took the fact that it's a fiction overtly granted.

Besides, I guess the movie could have used a trimming of minutes. Another flaw was its casting. Everyone, but the actress playing the title role and the actor playing the Bishop, fit their role. He was charismatically fabulous. In fact, Phillipe's character alone was entertaining enough to make me ignore its flaws. Very much recommended from my end. Oct 23, When it comes to s fantasy, there are three broad categories into which films can fall.

There are those like Excalibur, which take themselves so seriously that they're fatally dull. And there are those that are totally, utterly, and enjoyably silly - and into that category goes Ladyhawke. Ladyhawke is of historical interest due to its place in Richard Donner's career. But either side of this film, he found himself very much in mainstream favour again, first with The Goonies and later with Lethal Weapon. It is interesting that a director whose place in history has been defined by blockbusters including, of course, The Omen should be capable of making something so delightfully odd in the midst of two more rounded and confident efforts.

Like many s fantasies, there are aspects of Ladyhawke to which time has not been kind. The most obvious of these is Andrew Powell's soundtrack, which was nominated for a Saturn award in but has since become regarded in some quarters as one of the worst ever composed. After Toto's contributions to Dune, it became more common for pop groups or composers to score films, due to the selling potential of the groups and the relatively cheap cost of synthesised music.

But Powell's efforts go just too far even to be enjoyed ironically, with its overproduction and bouncy pop timbre frequently jarring with the quieter moments. The score is one aspect of Ladyhawke which confirms its inherent silliness, even before we get to the meat of the story. Another such aspect is its visuals, which manage to look lavish and professional while still feeling ropey and cheap.

The film is shot by Vittorio Storaro, who famously shot Apocalypse Now - something which is evident in the multitude of blood-red, beautiful sunsets which are central to the plot. But in amongst the terrific scenes of frozen lakes, dark forests and crisp skylines, there are numerous scenes which look like they were filmed in a hurry, treading unintentionally close to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

This feeling of cutting corners is reinforced by the paucity of special effects. For a film in which people metamorphose into animals on a daily basis, the special effects of Ladyhawke are coy to say the least. Apart from a few shots where Michelle Pfeiffer's eyes change shape in close-up, all the big transitions happen off-screen; on several occasions Matthew Broderick leaves the room just beforehand, as though the actors had to go off-stage to change costumes.

While Donner wouldn't have had access to the CG wizardry we take for granted, there was plenty of scope in the physical effects of the time to achieve something a little more palpable. Only four years earlier Rick Baker produced the definitive werewolf transformation for John Landis, in a film with half of Ladyhawke's total budget.

Added to this shortcoming we have a number of plot holes which either confuse or produce unwanted tittering. First there is the problem of clothes: Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer keep the same outfits throughout, but there's not much effort to keep the clothes together when one of the pair is in animal form. Then there is the question of memory. The film borrows the horror device of the person having no memory of what they did as a beast - so how come the hawk remembers to stay with her master, or the wolf not to eat his mistress?

Finally, there are several blatant continuity errors. We are told that Pfeiffer appears as an eagle whenever it is daylight, and yet there are at least two scenes where it's daylight and yet she is still there. At least when Shrek half-inched the plot, it was consistent throughout. But in spite of these problems, Ladyhawke is a consistently entertaining little romp.

Like Logan's Run nine years earlier, it's only when you stop trying to take it seriously that its ideas and emotional impact bubble to the surface.

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Watch out for a fun cameo from Leo McKern who seems to be having a ball and John Wood as the particularly obnoxious villain of the piece. The action is hardly spectacular, but the end result is surprisingly watchable, thanks to that inventive and well-thought-out storyline. He escapes the dungeons of Aquila through the sewer. He turns into a wolf during the night and she turns into a hawk during the daylight. Navarre plans to kill the Bishop with help from Gastone to sneak into the castle.

Monk Imperius gives him a different plan to break the curse. Meanwhile, the Bishop sends Cezar Alfred Molina to hunt for the wolf. Broderick is fun. Hauer is fearsome. Pfeiffer is loverly. I love their interactions. Broderick's time with each side is great. The story is compelling and solid fun high adventure. I saw it in the theater and had fun with the adventure movie.

There seems to be some complaints about the synth score in more recent reviews. It does date the movie back to the 80s. Of course, it doesn't fit the medieval time period. It didn't throw me off the story back then. Rather, it amped up the intensity and the joy in the action. It's just fun. Login Register. Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents.

Get Secure VPN. Parental Guide. Plot summary Philippe Gaston Matthew Broderick is a petty thief. Richard Donner. Top cast. Michelle Pfeiffer as Isabeau. Matthew Broderick as Gaston. Alfred Molina as Cezar. Rutger Hauer as Navarre. Tech specs p. It's all about an outcast knight and his lover, who have been cursed by an evil bishop to become animals during night and day, so they're never together in human form.

He becomes a wolf and she becomes a hawk hence the title. The knight enlists the help of a young thief to break into the cathedral and take his revenge on the bishop. Aside from the basic premise, it's more of a historical movie than a fantasy movie. There's no magic other than the curse, and no trolls or giants or anything, which was partly the reason I enjoyed it so much. I've also always loved this movie for it's great storyline and interesting characters.

Philipe's conversations with God still amuse me, as does the drunken monk played by Leo McKern This is essentially a well-directed movie, although a lot of people have issues with the choice of soundtrack. It's kind of a techno-poppy thing, which I blame NeverEnding Story for. A lot of eighties fantasy movies went with the same idea, but it works with Ladyhawke better than it works with most others, although I would of course prefer a more conventional and less intrusive score.

On the whole, the sets and the props are pretty convincing, although some of the fight sequences aren't particularly great. Here we have an early Matthew Broderick performance which shows how little his acting skills have developed since. Not that he's a bad actor, just an early bloomer I guess.

Cult icon Rutger Hauer, of whom I have always been a huge fan Blade Runner, The Hitcher, The 10th Kingdom gives a fantastic performance as the outcast knight, and as we all know it's never a bad idea to have Michelle Pfeiffer in a movie. You should definitely see this movie if you're a fan of the genre, or of any of the actors involved. It's a wonderful fantasy adventure for all ages. I found this to be one of more likable medieval 13th century fantasy movies I've ever seen.

It works because of the great mixture of action, beautiful photography, likable lead characters, humor, touching romance, suspense and no offensive language. He provides the humor and is involved in almost every scene. There is a lot of "religion" in here, both shown positively and negatively. Broderick's character acknowledges God and constantly talks to Him. Hauer refers to Him, too, but Broderick is the talker.

However, here is yet another case of a French Catholic clergyman being the evil "bad guy. John Wood effectively plays the nasty " Bishop of Aqulia. It's interesting all the way, with my only suggestion that it could have been a "10" had it been chopped about minutes in length.

Overall, though, a solid film and one that has been enjoyed by everyone I know who has seen it. What a great story. This has been one of my favorite movies since it first came out. I saw it with my best friend, who had a crush on Matthew Broderick. Anyway, it's a very stirring, timeless except for the music story of love, heartache, hope and redemption.

Rutger Hauer is amazing. Strong, even frightening at times, but still tender and vulnerable. Of course Michelle Pfeiffer is at her absolute most beautiful. She really does seem to possess "the face of love" as Phillipe says. But Matthew Broderick really makes the movie.

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Alfred molina ladyhawke torrent Top cast. Cult icon Rutger Hauer, of whom I have always been a huge fan Blade Runner, The Hitcher, The 10th Kingdom gives a fantastic performance as the outcast knight, and as we all know it's never a bad idea to have Michelle Pfeiffer in a movie. Genre: Adventure alfred molina ladyhawke torrent, ComedyDramaFantasy. Navarre has been hunted by the Bishop's men for two years, ever since he escaped with the Lady Isabeau Michelle Pfeifferafter whom the Bishop John Wood has lusted. FAQ 1.
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Alfred molina ladyhawke torrent The story is an interesting variation on the age-old tale of two people destined to be together but cursed to be apart, and for all the ridiculous elements within the central conceit it does end up pulling you in. Apart from a few shots where Michelle Pfeiffer's eyes change shape in close-up, all the big transitions alfred molina ladyhawke torrent off-screen; on several occasions Matthew Broderick leaves the room just beforehand, as though the actors had to go off-stage to change costumes. Thanks for signing up to Alfred molina ladyhawke torrent. By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. Together, with the thief More info Gaston, they must try to overthrow the corrupt Bishop and in doing so break the spell. BluRay p.
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