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torrentleech fios login @torrentleech why does torrentleech not work anymore for me? I use FIOS but up until a week ago the whole editing hosts file worked. Signup today to get free TorrentLeech or ProAudioTorrents Invite! Get access to premium trackers, free seedboxes by signing up. Frontier TV [FIOS TV]. › story. ONE PIECE 729 TORRENT torrentleech fios login Dedicating physical appliances found this answer helpful or interesting. Unable to connect great choice for. This August, Microsoft follow, with each to regularly upload a bit field of cryptographic.

Originally Posted by kurtisballs. Yea so.. Last edited by Blocker; Originally Posted by duyz. From what I've been doing for the past few years, just don't push it on the upload speeds, keep on recent torrents with a few leechers and don't overseed the torrent, switch torrents frequently, from experience I believe it's about being moderate and not greedy, do it slow and through time, not rushing.

Got a new account Last edited by kurtisballs; But I did change my IP from the last account BUT when i come home and log in im getting banned becouse i have the same home ip address? If im correct does it work if i clear cookies?

Thanks in advance! Originally Posted by CerwinVega. Let the search begin! Last edited by CerwinVega; Last Jump to page:. Set downloading speed random kBs and upload kBs and to stop uploading when leechers count falls below So when you want just to fake it's better to use mR only, rather than download in uT then fake in mR. Suppose there is Hitman Absolution Skid Row torrent. It is showing up and leechers. So instead of actually downloading the game in utorrent, I would just load the thing up in MR.

I will emulate utorrent 3. When I am clicking configure in memory reader it is showing blank. Anyways, then i would give the download speed as kBs and upload kBs. Should I use any proxy? This is question for mR thread, but anyway It is best you leave uT running so you appear as connectable. You set above random speeds and 0D 0U speeds when leecher count drops below I don't know why? Try forced encryption. Set your bt. Thx for the help so far.

But still I am unclear on some aspects. Suppose I cheat on the hit man torrent, I will download the same torrent from tl and from piratebay. I will use the tpb torrent in utorrent and tl torrent in mr? I will keep the completed ratio at 0? I have sent you steps how to use mR in PM. What should be the emulator I should use in mratio? I have utorrent 3. Always use same client emulation as your real client version One more thing, can I do this cheating with all the top 10 leeched torrents or do I have to see the date also.

Like Dark Knight Rises shows leechers but it is uploaded on What about TV shows, movie and language packs that are in top 10 but uploaded a long back? Old stuff could have partial seeders, people that downloaded only part of torrent and they are shown as leechers but they are not downloading. Avoid packs and seasons Movies and series should be ok Don't cheat on many torrents at once What is the highest safe speed according to my speedtest which i had posted earlier.

On 1st acc was banned after weeks on later ones on 1h. I only fake upload when the torrent is done. I only fake upload when the torrent is done I recommend you to use fake upload speed mode ticked intelligent mode , even you can cheat while you are downloading a fake upload speed a bit lower than your current download speed will be enough ,secure and a safe way to cheat in almost any tracker. This is the 1st tracker where I don't know what happened It used to work for CH.

On irc said I cheated like a child then on other ban cheeeeeeeeated :D Lost a bunch of fresh accounts started cheating after the 1st minute of registration. I bet gold pieces these are the reason. And those countries are pretty obvious sometimes. Not if he's in a 6th world country. The problem with faking download using ratio tools is that others don't report upload. You didn't have to reveal your country, we'd believe you if you said :'my country is among the best in internet connection' anyway, I was just assuming, notice the word 'perhaps'.

Also sorry I didn't notice the 2nd row of the numbers, I just saw many numbers stacked together and decided not to continue deciphering. EDIT: yes, that's a pack, and an old, you were uploading while no one was downloading, it's pretty easy to catch such things. Instead try to cheat on fresh torrents with lots of leechers. A good option is the TV series that people are downloading a lot these days. There are a good number of leechers for a day or two, and you can cheat without any problems.

THanks guys! Buddy of mine told me there is some sort of waiting-list for newly registered users before torrent starts downloading or maybe seeding. I'm trying to get on the site, so I want to know for sure before I do so I don't mess it up, or should I only actually seed at beginning? Edit: anon - ah, okay. I guess it's supposed to let the torrent get more seeders before it gets spammed by leechers, that makes sense. But still, if the torrent has a 'waiting time', can that cause trouble for me if I start faking the download speed?

You mean waiting times. That measure only made some sense when the tracker had open signups, it's useless to have it on an invite-only site. Yea so.. B luRay. That's me uploading to 58 people I think there were 80 seeders or so I basically did full uploads to all I guess that was suspicious? TL changed scripts when they did their makeover so no more Pimpmyratio. Judging by the amount you got a bit too greedy.

Pretty much answered your own question you left it on too long. Pretty much answered your own question I think it was a non-question. Someone wise once told me never to let my guard down while using cheating programs. This kind of stuff can happen. Although RM does have a feature to automatically stop after X upload. From what I've been doing for the past few years, just don't push it on the upload speeds, keep on recent torrents with a few leechers and don't overseed the torrent, switch torrents frequently, from experience I believe it's about being moderate and not greedy, do it slow and through time, not rushing.

Got a new account Obviously, that was it. They keep IP records, and the old site was already using cookies to detect dupers no idea about the post one. But I did change my IP from the last account My IP address never changed This is a little fucking bullshit because the mod told me TL keeps IP logs BUT when i come home and log in im getting banned becouse i have the same home ip address?

If im correct does it work if i clear cookies? Thanks in advance! You tried to use the same e-mail address? If you wait some time before logging in with your home address, chances are you'll be fine. Let the search begin! It really sucks they log IP I registered with my phone IP this time around [no i did not use a prior email.. I miss having DSL.. Shit was so much easier So its not working?

Yes if you have the same IP, you are guaranteed a fucking ban on torrentleech. According to the mod, and according to me signing up with my phone and using my home PC Are you new to computers or something? Well, sorry im not so good at computers.. So then i will have to buy a new router then it works? Thanks for the help and sry for being a " Noob " :. Thanks for the help and sry for being a " Noob " : Change the ip on pc mac.

Change the ip on pc mac. Have done as it shows in this clip, do you think its working now? You're wasting your time. You're fucked if you logged in with the same IP. Brace for a ban The ip i get on whatsmyip, thats the one who is banned, i need to change that one, does not know if its working? Oh, Im sry anon.. Thanks : Shame on me!

You didn't do anything wrong, I just wanted to point out your questions are answered on other threads already. Enough with OT now ;. Just got banned on TorrentLeech Now registration is open, so it's not a problem to make a new account.

Moreover i think it worse than SceneAccess. Moreover i think it worse than SceneAccess scc is better. I think that it not place for discuss about it. I'd love a new IP FIOS fucked me in the ass. I'm not clearly understand. Let say that You sign up with other IP and then use the same as before? Because You can't get new IP, am I right? How long You was waiting for banned account? I cheated two days ago and still don't have ban.

There's also ratiomaster which I guess is easier to use. Don't use a fixed upload speed like Use instead Also try changing the speed manually or automatically if the program offers this option from time to time. Yes, RatioMaster does have a speed randomizer. It's in the Advanced tab at the bottom. On every update, the program will set your speed s to a random number between the two you specify.

I think you should download the whole file because the snatchlist has details like the amount downloaded, number of announces etc. The speeds I use is between 80 - KBps. Recently banned from TL! Some of my friends are still there, do you think that there is a way for me to get back legitimally even withous using cheating? I'd guess they track IP or something. I'd guess they track IP or something Search the forum.

Search the forum. You don't want to accidentally end up starting one of them and announce to your old passkey, do you? I mean, since I want to get back legit, I wanted do use previously completed torrents so that I can start sharing without downloading to keep a good ratio. Is it possibile?

Better avoid it? I think I've found what I need, but I have a question regarding this: I mean, since I want to get back legit, I wanted do use previously completed torrents so that I can start sharing without downloading to keep a good ratio. You do not need to download the whole content again. In a nutshell, I wouldn't do it unless they're things everyone has. S: I've just remembered: this is something they even enforce, there was a whole topic about downloading stuff from other trackers then seeding on tl P.

S: I was seeding only a boxset of a famous tv series about 30gb , with 40 leech at least. I was using fake upload kbps with Shu and Vuze 4. Boxsets, packs and compilations are treacherous. They seem to have a lot of leechers, but those aren't actually leeching anything, they're just people who chose to download only parts of the torrent. So basically, you were "uploading" while the rest of the swarm was idle, raised a flag for this, then got banned.

I guess it's that, considering that I had uploaded more than 40GB. Another question: If I sign up using an invite from a friend that I invited there in the first place can that be considered suspicious? NO seeding time actually makes you safe its your upload speed and selection of torrent so what torrent should i select , i just make sure that are at least 10 leechers right? Choose any famous TV show the day it is released to cheat. There are a large number of leechers on such torrents, and the size is also small.

You thinking that the answer to both questions is "no". It is "yes". But I guess you've just learnt that the hard way. At least ask them the reason on IRC so that you can be careful the next time. Anyone knows if it's against their rules to download a torrent file and then actually download it on another computer? It's not. I did that on TL all the time when my school didn't block torrents, and seedboxes are basically "another computer".

How's your snatchlist? I fear to put in jeopardy any account i create in another tracker with the same name or even a different. If the list does get shortened after a while i only have to be believable on that list to apply to others? Don't entries get removed after X months of no activity for each torrent? At least that's how it was on the pre site, I always keep on forgetting whether the "new" design does this or not, but I believe it did.

So, this means after those months we get a "clean" profile at the eyes of the others? Even mods and admins on TL? No way we can know that. Problem no. Solution no. Use the proper client emulation for your program. Don't forget memory reader too. Bottom line: if you're going to do this, do it well :wwink: they didn't believe that there are seedboxes in Egypt Well, are there any?

Let's see. Bottom line: if you're going to do this, do it well :wwink: Well, are there any? Not in theory, but you still did wrong by emulating a different version. Another thing I almost forgot: the port number. I'd always keep the client running. Set both programs to use the same port use single port in mR, not a range. Start uTorrent first, then mRatio.

Use memory reader. If you do that, they can't tell you apart. One question, do I have to change my IP to get a new account? How do I do that? And do they still give invitations for everyone at IRC? I agree. This is one of the most important aspects and never forget to respect it you must emulate the same version!

However, in the past I cheated on TorrentLeech without taking care about the way I did it. I was using Deluge 1. I left mRatio like this for one night and faked about 30 GB. All of this happened, because I was lazy and didn't care too much at that time; but I can say that I am lucky that my account on this tracker is still alive.

I am very prudent and well-advised now. Is it safe to just download a torrent file and then seed that on TL? You are the Usain Bolt of torrent cheating posters. I was banned of TL, I was a member ever since it was created aproximately 10 years maybe? Their reason to disabling my account was cheating and I would like to know how they found out.. Any thoughts? Old account banned in TL,sounds really weird I don't have any idea at this moment..

Yeah, my thoughts exactly.. I keep re-thinking what happened and I can't figure it out :confused: I always used this settings in the other sites.. I was a 2 year elite member in bitgamer, never had problems, torrentbytes too kicked but due to inactivity, and from demonoid too :tongue: They said that I cheated on one torrent, and that's it.. There is no right settings, I can only tell you what I always use you can see my post in the other page , and as far I can tell, it was the "right settings", but with idiocy of my part.

I use the no upload option too to have more control on whats uploaded.. Like i said, there are no "right settings".. My advice to you, since you're account is new, choose your torrents carefully, one that it's not too old, that has many leechers that can connect to you, be pacient and good luck :smile:. This has happened many times and looks suspicious, what do I do?

Should have made a new account my self at that time :mad:. Old torrents are just that, OLD. There's, usually, very few people on those torrents so the speeds are reduced, both down and up, significantly. That's just my opinion though. I believe it's this reason that you got banned.. No you're right about that.. Sorry, i didn't even read it right, i was in the birthday dinner when i wrote that so you can imagine how my state of mind was ahahah :biggrin: Can you give more details about that torrent when you download it and upload it at the time, program used and it's settings?

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You will immediately be disconnected from the channel. A TL invite will be sent to the E-mail address you just entered the invite usually arrives from mailer[at]torrentleech[dot]org. Follow the instructions on the invite E-mail to complete the signup process. Votes: Password, vader Login: Has? Nie masz konta? Mar 24, - Domain, torrentleech. According to Alexa Traffic Rank Torrentleech.

Torrentleech Login Looking for torrentleech login? Last Updated: 28th May TorrentLeech. Page Active Last Checked: 29 days ago. Login :: TorrentLeech. Page Temporarily Down Last Checked: 29 days ago. By registering in www. Change Log: Login :: TorrentLeech.

Report Your Problem Explain the problem you are facing while logging into Torrentleech. Popular aw.

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