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strania poveste a lui benjamin button download torrent tpb

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A peep-hole into what the life of the non-conformist must have been like prior to the general acceptance of psychology as a science. Here is an example, a protest made by Benjamin Button's wife who is displeased that she grows older and less desirable as the opposite happens to her husband: '"I should think you'd have enough pride to stop it There's a right way of doing things and a wrong way.

If you've made up your mind to be different from everybody else, I don't suppose I can stop you, but I really don't think it's very considerate You're simple stubborn. You think you don't want to be like any one else. You always have been that way, and you always will be. But just think how it would be if every one else looked at things as you do - what would the world be like? Roaring Twenties all over again, am I right?

To be honest, this book was quite the rollercoaster, going from stories I enjoyed to stories I would have left out. I Roaring Twenties all over again, am I right? I enjoyed it well enough. It was fresh, easy to read and funny. This one I didn't enjoy it as much. Maybe I didn't really get it.

Overall, the idea was nice, but I found it boring and I struggled a bit to get to the end. A short and cheerful play. I enjoyed reading it and Fitzgerald's introduction to it was very funny. My favourite. I loved how detailed it was. Plus, a forbidden-love story has never hurt anyone. It starts a little slow and boring, but from the middle till the end it gets obvious why this story is such a classic.

The worst one in my opinion. It doesn't make much sense to me. If someone did enjoy it, please explain me why. The idea was good and overall I find it a nice story, but I can't stand Merlin. I would have tossed him on the crimson lamp alongside all those books. I liked it really much. A sad story. A story in which a promise has been maintained, in sickness and in health. Another play. I didn't like this one, I don't really see its point.

The pace of the story was quite fast, but I liked very much.. Read it and then tell me. If you don't mind bumping into a couple of not-that-great stories, I totally recommend this one. If you're thinking about reading this because you loved the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", you may be disappointed. There are very few similarities with the story and movie but if you like me are a fan of F.

Scott Fitzgerald's writing, you will enjoy these stories. This is quite a varied collection. The "Jazz Age" and "Flapper Stories" have their highs and lows yet I appreciated the historical perspective that the stories gave me.

T If you're thinking about reading this because you loved the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", you may be disappointed. The reader needs to check the footnotes and Fitzgerald's comments are included for some of the stories after the footnotes. One caution- because it's been years since I had read anything by Fitzgerald, I was shocked by the racial slurs in the text.

Even when one takes into account the attitudes of Americans in the beginning of last century, these words can be offensive. And, not all of it can be attributed to an honest depiction of the characters in his stories since much comes through the voice of the narrator. On the plus side - it stirs one out of complacency. It forced me to do a bit more reading on the internet about Fitzgerald's feelings on race etc.

Some researchers believe he matured during his brief lifetime and he had begun to criticize this same attitude in other writers of his time. The Offshore Pirate: This was ultimately my favorite short story of the book. The story is about Ardita a snobbish young woman who believes she can do whatever she pleases. Ardita is a great character and her attitude towards everyone made me giggle, it was just so entertaining on how she treats everyone.

She throws a half eaten lemon at her own uncle, rude and childish but funny as hell. Artdita truly desires to have an adventuress life and finds her life now to be dully. So in the end Ardita stays on the ship, only to later get captured by a handsome pirate. Hmm, one can only wonder what this will lead to. As you may have guessed the two start to fall in love with each other, but there formal lives are getting in the way.

To avoid spoiling I will live it at that; however the story has a very romantic and weird twist in the end. The Four Fists: A good short story and only funny to those who like to see, or in this case read about a man getting hit. The title of this book basically explains itself, the main character Samuel is punched four times because of mistakes he makes in his life. Each and every punch teaches him a lesson, and each less are as confusing as the next. Of course Samuel deserves every single hit he takes but I am guess when I say that each hit magically knocks some sense into him.

This story confused me a lot so it is difficult to explain what happens but from what I did understand is that Samuel was a rude, selfish, and lustful guy and each punch taught him to become a better person. There is a missing lesson that I did not fully understand, this happened upon the second punch. Thus, it would have an ending of the person learn nothing more then violence and gaining no effort in becoming a good person.

A descent reading for when one has the time to pass but still this book could have been quite better if Fitzgerald when into more details about the lesson Samuel learned. Icky: This is story is actually not a story but a script and unless ready out loud, one may find this book a real head throb. The story is confusing, the jokes are hard to make out unless read out loud and the dialogue is just killer to the brain.

In my class we had to read it ourselves and then read it out loud to get most of it. But the sum of the story is about Mr. Of coarse Mr. Icky is not taking this well, what father wood and is desperately trying to convince his children to stay. Icky and I think the ending was bittersweet it was difficult to tell.

However, I got a real kick out of what some of the characters wanted to do with their lives. For example, Charles you would think he would want to do something like work in the military or perhaps get a job in a factory, well no he longs for something much more interesting. He want to hunt eels, really eels, I guess that is exciting in its own way, one can only ask what type of eels Charles wishes to hunt for. Anyways, this script is fun to read with a small group and although confusing a quite enjoyable read if you know how to play the parts.

View 2 comments. This is F. Of course, I loved it. I would have given it five stars, but stories like "Tarquin of Cheapside" and "Jemina" make that impossible. Still, it's a good collection of Fitzgerald's Jazz Age stories. It was entertaining to read how he felt about his own work looking back on it years later.

Over all, I loved this collection because I love Fitzgerald's work. His writing is beautiful, his stories are well-conceived, and his characters are funny, interesting, weird, and unique like people should be. I highly recommend this book for a snapshot of life in a different time, for entertaining and thought-provoking reading, and for the experience of reading strong literature. That might be unfair, in that these stories are his early works, but they were published, so they do stand as a part of his body of work.

The titled story is pretty good, especially in concept. And the arc of the main character gives an interesting look at what would happen if we really were audiobook read by Grover Gardiner - I'd like to be more positive about these stories, but as the collection progressed, a single, sad thought kept coming to my mind - Fitzgerald really was a one hit wonder.

And the arc of the main character gives an interesting look at what would happen if we really were more mature when we were younger rather than older. But the story never goes too deep, and the supporting characters are more like backstops, there to bounce dialog and action off of, but never adding structure. The stories are all surface, glitzy and wordy and overwritten, and if you try to look deeper, you'll discover Fitzgerald didn't go any deeper. I suppose that's a good portrait of the era he was writing in, but beyond their historical significance, I'd have a hard time recommending this collection to anyone.

Like others who reviewed this edition, the stories were great but the editing was terrible. Actually bad enough to be distracting. They really only share an alike concept of a man aging backward, and the similarities end there! I never loved The Great Gatsby in high school I seem to recall thinking Gatsby was a buttface and Daisy was an idiot. Maybe I should read it again, because I really enjoyed this collection of short stories. Yes, there were some I didn't like, but my favorites more than make up for those that I didn't like.

Justice for the unfavored girl! Henry's "The gift". I just read an article in April '09s Vanity Fair that made me think of this story. Oh, the things we will do to protect ourselves and our fortunes! I don't know that any politician today could have a past like Dalyrimple, but if Dalyrimple is the only one that knows his dirty past then it's possible that he could get away with it Sadly I dropped it in the bath with me last night, it immediately swelled to the size of a loaf of bread.

I only got to 'May Day. Save that, normally I can get to the end of a book before it comes apart in my hands. Second book I've dropped in the bath, which is not bad, co Sadly I dropped it in the bath with me last night, it immediately swelled to the size of a loaf of bread. Second book I've dropped in the bath, which is not bad, considering how frequently I read in the bath.

And considering I only read books in the bath I am not too attached to, I'm surprised it doesn't more often happen. When I lived in Budapest I was starved for books to read. Every month I would make a circuit of all the used-book stores that had a small 'English' section. Since I've been back in Canada I've amassed a collection of novels that will take me the next few years to read. But it's still a kind of shame to lose a book this way, I suppose I could read it, but now it smells of wet newsprint, which is not so nice.

I had been planning to read The Great Gatsby for years and picked up a copy when I was browsing a soon-to-close local Borders. This book was next to it, so I scooped up a copy of this as well. I'm probably the last person on the planet to fall in love with F. What a writer! His sentences are so finely crafted and the stories are jewels to treasure.

He so captures the era in which he wrote -- at least as far as I can tell. These stories need a historical context in order to be understood entirely. Also, you have to read Scott's footnotes and explanations in order to get the meaning.

I enjoyed the stories, I love how they show both the luxury and the moral decadence of the 20s. Classical Fitzgerald, however, as I always mention, his novels are better than his short stories, in my opinion. The only story that truly interested me was the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

I read a few of the others but they seemed to end without ever stating a plot. This was much shorter than I was expecting. Wonderful short story collection. The Jelly-Bean: 1. It didn't really appeal to me at all. I'm awarding it an extra 0. This was a poor story in my opinion and it's a real shame that it's the first one in the anthology. After reading this one, I must admit that I dreaded the other 10 stories.

However, they did thankfully improve. The Camel's Back: 2. As I was reading, I couldn't help but wonder where on earth Fitzgerald got this idea from. It was a lot better than The Jelly-Bean, but I found it quite inconsistent. The beginning didn't really grab me. The middle with the party was very, very good. During those scenes, I was very optimistic and expected to give this 3. However, the ending didn't really do it for me. It was too much, too ridiculous. The idea of the wedding was too silly for my tastes.

The rest of the story was funny in a subtle way, but the ending was too much. It's a shame because this story had the potential to be excellent. May Day: 4 stars This was a vast improvement on the first two. It was more poignant than funny, which is good because I established over the course of this anthology that Fitzgerald is very inconsistent with his humour.

I was keeping notes as I read through the stories so that I'd remember what to write in this review and on this note I wrote 'chapter 4 was everything'. That's true. Chapter 4 in this story was probably the single most beautiful piece of writing in this entire anthology. I was swept away by it. Unfortunately, not all of the rest of the story lived up to the beauty of Chapter 4. Some bits felt rushed or overdramatic. I wish that there had been more focus on Edith and Gordon because the most interesting parts of the story centred on them.

Then came the ending. The ending of this story was so dark and poignant and I loved it. I'd say that this was one of the best stories in the anthology overall. Porcelain and Pink: 4. It's a playscript rather than a short story and I really do love the playscript format. I really must read more plays in future. This story was very humorous. I think I laughed more at this one than any other story in the collection.

The idea was so stylish and the writing was so pretty, I absolutely couldn't resist it. I couldn't give it 5 because it lacked a little bit of substance for me, but it was one of my favourites. I think I'd enjoy actually seeing it performed on a stage, although it would be an extremely short production. To summarise this story: completely charming. The Diamond as Big as the Ritz: 4 stars This is obviously one of the more famous stories from this anthology and I can see why.

The idea itself is excellent. It's all about an excess of luxury and it was absolutely compelling to read. It was humorous but it also had a seriousness. The joke about Hades was overused, but it was funny in the first instance.

I sort of wish that this story had been longer because I feel as tough Fitzgerald could have developed it beautifully. I would have liked to have seen more of Percy and to watch John and Kismine's relationship develop more. However, as a whole, this was a very impressive story. If you're looking for one single Fitzgerald story to read, this one would be a good option.

I decided to do a project on short stories at school which is absolutely killing me and kind of making me hate the term 'short story' and this was one that I chose, so I kind of had to read it and I thought 'hey, why not read the others while we're at it? This was one of my absolute favourites in the whole collection. The idea itself is wonderful and it was beautifully executed.

It reminded me of a novel that I read a while ago named Elsewhere. I didn't enjoy that novel because I thought the idea wasn't executed as well as it could have been. Benjamin Button was the opposite. This was a joy to read.

It had humour and it also had seriousness. The ending is very sad indeed. I'm really glad that I read this, although I can't say I'm looking forward to my project on it. Tarquin of Cheapside: 2. The writing was nice, yeah, but I didn't really see where Fitzgerald was going with it.

The ending was far stronger than the beginning. However, the poetic style of writing was lovely to read and that's why my rating is as high as it is. I'm afraid that I just didn't care for the storyline very much. Cronicile din Narnia:Nepotul magicianul vol 1 de C. Seria predestinati de Josephine Angelini. Nu mi-am omorat barbatul de Liu Zhenyun. De vorba cu criminalii in serie de Christopher Berry-Dee. Comorile dragostei Sale de Mesu Andrews. Seria Copii in deriva de Seanan McGuire.

Destine Modelate de Elisabeth Mittelstadt. Jurnalul unei iubiri de Nicholas Sparks. O plimbare de neuitat de Nicholas Sparks. Portretul lui Dorian Grey de Oscar Wilde. Frankenstein de Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. Poveste din Ferentari Adrian Schiop. Cronicile casterilor de Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl. Colectionara de parfumuri interzise de Kathleen Tessaro. In urma cu o zi - Micol Ostow. Viata pe care am visat-o de Kerry Lonsdale. Misterul ceasului din perete de John Bellairs.

Florile inghetate din martie de Ismail Kadare. Romanul adolescentului miop de Mircea Eliade. Strania poveste a lui Benjamin Button de Scott F. Maritata cu forta de Leila, Marie-Therese Cuny. Caietul cu nume pierdute de Sofia Lundberg.

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